Miss Mercenary Chapter 22

Chapter 22

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Underground black market.

The sky outside the window was pitch-dark, and the colorful neon lights flickered, illuminating the sky. For those who live at night, this was just the beginning!

Di Ge called someone to bring his clothes. Still dressed in an exaggerated dark red, with a sinister smile hanging on the corner of his mouth; he was like a blood lotus in the h*ll river, very charming.

He got out of the car door, pulled Leng Yihan’s hand and entered Charming Paradise. The smile on his lips showed his happy mood. Even if it was h*ll, he would be willing to enter at this moment.

Leng Yihan wanted to break free of his hand, but he was holding on to her tightly. She could have used other methods to break free, but she would inevitably hurt him. Di Ge’s palm was very thick and he held her hand tightly. Inside, it was warm, the calluses on his palm rubbed the back of her hand; it was a little itchy, but not uncomfortable.

She didn’t know why she suddenly wanted to come with him, but the words had already been said and there was no way to take it back, so she followed.

Charming Paradise, Leng Yihan had come here once. Di Ge took her down to the underground level, and as soon as he opened the door, the loud music made the people’s ears numb. It can accommodate thousands of people, and at this moment, they were all dancing wildly, driven by the music, screaming from time to time.

The noise did not affect them at all. They walked along the side and entered a room. Di Ge threw some card to the thug guarding inside; the man immediately opened another door, revealing an elevator. Di Ge led Leng Yihan in and pressed the 20 key.

From the outside, Charming Paradise looked like it was 108 floors, and only a few people knew that it had actually 108 floors above and 108 floors below, adding up to 216 floors. People outside can only go 20 floors underground, while the headquarters of the largest gang in Y city, Life Death Door, was also under its feet. No matter how others looked for it, they would never think of it.

All the way down, the people of Life Death Door also appeared. Along with the advanced security system, there were countless high-level thugs patrolling back and forth in the corridor, and everyone who entered the door would be checked. Besides the people of Life Death Door, no weapons were allowed.

The underground of the Life Death Door was more magnificent than the levels above. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was an underground palace. The huge Swarovski crystal lights overhead illuminated the entire corridor as if it were daytime. The wide corridor could allow three cars to drive side by side; the red carpet laid on the ground was made of special materials, and the walls on both sides were painted with famous paintings of ancient Europe.

The two stopped in front of a door, inserted a magnetic card in their hands, and the door opened, revealing a luxuriously decorated room!

There were already people waiting inside, and there seemed to be more than one. Seven men, all in their thirties, were sitting on the sofa across the large crystal table; four were still holding women in their arms. The women were all stunners in the world and they were indescribably beautiful; but if you think of them as ordinary women that would be a big mistake, they were all poisonous roses.

Three of them, Leng Yihan, had never seen them before, but she knew of them. One was called Black Mandala, the second killer under the ‘Ghost Sword. Her charm was unstoppable and her body flexible, breaking the limit of assassins. Her bed skills were also top notched, making men willing to offer everything.

The other two were twins, named Qile and Shuanghua, the third-ranked mercenary group. With cute baby faces, but a hot body, the two were partners on missions, and their reputation in the underworld was not worse than ‘Chonghua’ by much.

There was another one she really couldn’t recognize, but she was definitely not a simple person!

Two of the other three people, Leng Yihan already knew. One was Pei Yan, the manager who had met her, and the other was someone she never thought of… Leng Lingfeng, her nominal brother!

Seeing Leng Yihan, the manager nodded politely to her, which made everyone present look over. Everyone here knows his identity, even they may not get much face from him, let alone a greeting.

Leng Lingfeng looked at Leng Yihan in a complicated way. A person who can come here as a female companion was not simple. It seems that he has to get to know his sister again!

Di Ge naturally felt the gazes of everyone and went all the way to his seat. He pulled Leng Yihan to sit down, and then raised his head and looked around at everyone present; the corner of his mouth hung a sinister smile and his body was as soft as if he was boneless on the sofa. He placed a hand on Leng Yihan’s waist; the big palm on her waist made her a little uncomfortable, but she didn’t erupt.

“What a rare sight! Young Di can also be late?” A man with a square face raised his eyebrows and looked at Di Ge, his eyes cold and dangerous.

Covering his eyes so that he couldn’t see his expression clearly, he smiled and said, “When did the Left Envoy start to care about this young master?” Left Envoy of Life Death Door… Huang Chongyuan!

“Haha! Young Di has just turned around from the edge of life and death and was a little frightened, it’s reasonable to be late. After all, as members of the same family, we should care about each other, don’t you think?” Huang Chongyuan smiled, but his eyes remained the same. a cold light, without the slightest smile.

“The news of the Left Envoy is well-informed!” Di Ge said with a half-smile. The news of his injury was blocked by him, so how did they get it? If there is a traitor under his command, then he would be unable to throw away his relation with the mastermind, his eyes turned a little colder.

“Okay, Left Envoy and Lord Silver, today’s meeting is not for talking about this!” The man holding the unknown woman said angrily. The mysterious man… Long Cheng.

“I’m curious, why did Miss Leng appear here?” Another man who didn’t hold a woman asked, his eyes were a little contemptuous. After all, Leng Yihan’s identity was transparent to them, and there was nothing special, so she would not be eligible to appear here. The North Sect Master of the Life Death Door… Lu Wenguang.

Leng Yihan crossed her legs, imitating Di Ge’s appearance and leaning on the sofa leisurely. Ignoring other people’s eyes, she didn’t need to explain it and Di Ge pulled her into his arms! Without turning his head, he said, “Tell me what happened this time!”

“It’s not a big deal, I just feel that we haven’t been together for a long time, so I had everyone get together, so as not to be forgotten.” The other person also had a face of a seductress, but Leng Yihan just looked at it with disgust. Although Di Ge was also feminine in appearance, he had the masculinity of a man, while that person was completely a yin person, exuding a gloomy atmosphere, making people uncomfortable. Holding a baby-faced stunner in his arms, it made the person look a little disgusting. The South Sect Master of the Life Death Door… Ji Nian.

“I have prepared a gift for Young Di, I believe Young Di will be pleasantly surprised!” Huang Chongyuan laughed.

Di Ge raised his eyebrows. He also thought it would be a surprise. They hadn’t been together for three years. Everyone smelled something unusual this time. The grievances between them should be cleared up.

As soon as his voice fell, a man in black walked in, and everyone present recognized the person, the number one killer ‘Ghost Sword’!

The smile on Di Ge’s face was deep and his eyes became colder, looking at Huang Chongyuan: “What does the Left Envoy mean?”

“Young Master Di doesn’t know him?” Huang Chongyuan pretended to be surprised, and then laughed: “This is ‘Ghost Sword’, the most famous killer in the assassin world. As long as he is sent, he has never failed in his mission; but this record was broken not long ago, and the person to break this was actually Young Di! How admirable!”

The others just stared at the two of them with cold eyes and never even interrupted. Today, someone must die here. This was their common understanding.

Di Ge still looked nonchalant, but the hand on Leng Yihan’s waist trembled slightly, betraying his restlessness; the name of ‘Ghost Sword’ was not for nothing, he will never forget that assassination. He will never forget that feeling of death approaching and he didn’t want to have a second time! But today, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to leave. He regretted bringing Leng Yihan.

In this neutral position, Ghost Sword on the side pulled out his samurai sword from nowhere, turned into an afterimage and attacked Di Ge.

“Keng!” The sound of swords colliding sounded and Ghost Sword was forced back to his original place, and everyone looked at the scene in horror.

The two people in their original position had already stood up. To be precise, Leng Yihan stood up holding Di Ge’s waist, and Leng Yihan was holding a short knife in her hand. The voice just now was that and Ghost Sword’s knife colliding!

She was actually able to receive an attack from Ghost Sword? The most powerful thing about Ghost Sword was his swordsmanship, even those present may not dare to fight him recklessly. Di Ge could be considered very lucky. Although he almost died, he was able to save his life, and she actually forced Ghost Sword back. And how did she bring the weapon in? The system here was definitely the world’s top, so how did she escape the system’s monitoring?

Di Ge was not too surprised. After she helped bandage him, he knew that she was not simpler than him, and her swordsmanship was also excellent.

A trace of liquid leaked from the corner of the mouth. You didn’t even need to think about it to know what it was. The reputation of Ghost Sword was true! With a faint smile, she took off her windbreaker and handed it to Di Ge: “Put it on!”

Di Ge touched the windbreaker made of special material, and felt warm in his heart. Without asking, he put it on directly.

Wiping the blood from the corners of her mouth, she drew a katana from nowhere! Everyone was shocked, she still had weapons? She threw the short knife in her hand to Di Ge, took out the sword, held it in one hand and stood still, looking at Ghost Sword with some contempt: “The samurai sword is the second soul of a samurai, but you use it as a tool for killing, it’s simply an insult to this sword!”

Ghost Sword looked at her coldly, exuding a terrifying murderous aura. It went straight to Leng Yihan, but it was resolved in front of Leng Yihan, without any lethality!

Holding the sword in both hands, the two moved at the same time, and the two afterimages collided in the air, making a “clanging” sound, so fast that people couldn’t even grasp their shadows. Fortunately, this room was big enough, otherwise it would definitely hurt them.

From beginning to end, there was one person who did not show a surprised look. There was only deep admiration in their eyes of Leng Yihan, and those eyes became more determined after seeing Leng Yihan’s swordsmanship!

“Keng!” After a heavy blow, the two separated. Ghost Sword was repelled again and slammed into the door 20 meters away, barely stabilizing their figure; while Leng Yihan landed steadily after turning over. A mouthful of blood spilled out of her mouth. She took the water on the table, swallowed it with the blood, and then put away the sword in her hand.

They also saw the blood on the sword, so they didn’t need to think about who it was from! The number one killer in the world was actually defeated by a little-known woman, surprising those who had seen a lot!

“Boom!” The sound of a heavy object falling to the ground sounded. It was a little soft on the thick carpet, but it was still heard by them. The number one killer was probably done!

Her hands were a little numb. She threw the sword to Di Ge, and calmly sat on the sofa rubbing her wrists.

Di Ge reluctantly took the sword in his hand and sighed in his heart: She is so powerful, it makes him feel inferior! He almost felt that he was not worthy of her! The future is bleak!

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