Monster Resurgence Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Lou Yan had left the Seize Life Phone in his backpack and hadn’t taken it out since last night.

Lou Yan searched everywhere but couldn’t find his backpack. He called out to Li Sanxin, “Li Sanxin, where’s my bag?”

“I washed it for you,” Li Sanxin poked his head from outside the door and pointed to the bedside table, “I organized the things inside and put them in the drawer for you.”

Lou Yan opened the drawer and saw the dead phone with a black screen inside. Li Sanxin had wiped it clean and even put a suitable protective film on the broken screen of the dead phone, and covered the ominous black shell of the dead phone with a phone case depicting a rabbit gnawing on pork belly. The dead phone didn’t look completely new, but it had changed drastically from its miserable appearance last night. If it weren’t for the cracks on the screen, Lou Yan almost didn’t recognize it.

Lou Yan picked up the phone and sneered, “Still playing dead?”

The Seize Life Phone lit up its screen miserably.

Lou Yan sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the Seize Life Phone inexplicably, and finally took off the phone case with the rabbit gnawing on the pork belly, carefully observing the black outer shell of the Seize Life Phone.

Compared to the pure black outer shell when he first got it yesterday, the Seize Life Phone was no longer so black now, but rather reddish-black, with a reddish hue to it. The change in color indicated that the Seize Life Phone was slowly reviving. Even though the Seize Life Phone had voluntarily answered the two questions “What is the most suitable anomaly for Lou Yan to assimilate” and “How to assimilate the anomaly” under Lou Yan’s threat, these two questions were not answered for nothing.

When the Seize Life Phone turned red as blood, it would revive and take away Lou Yan’s life.

To be honest, Lou Yan’s fear of the Seize Life Phone ran deep. His intuition told him that he absolutely couldn’t let the Seize Life Phone revive successfully. Otherwise, even if he used all means, he would die under the curse of the Seize Life Phone, and the ending of being violently killed was unavoidable.

He really wanted to destroy the Seize Life Phone, but because of the Seize Life Phone’s ability, he couldn’t bear to destroy it directly.

Lou Yan took out a cigarette from the cigarette box, lit it, and half-leaning on the bedside, smoked. He was dressed simply today, wearing Li Sanxin’s clothes, which were slightly larger than his size. The loose white casual shirt revealed his slender neck and a small piece of collarbone. Lou Yan tilted his head back and exhaled a puff of smoke, his lazy figure resembling a painting in motion.

“Seize Life Phone,” but as soon as the figure in the painting opened his mouth, it was enveloped in a terrifying murderous aura, “Help me kill someone.”

The Seize Life Phone blinked a few times, looking excited.

Lou Yan smiled, and Fu Xuezhou’s face flashed through his mind. His smile gradually turned dark, “Call Fu Xuezhou.”

Lou Yan met Fu Xuezhou late in his past life. When they met, the world had already become chaotic, full of anomalies. He didn’t know anything about Fu Xuezhou’s experiences and information during the initial stage of anomaly resurgence. Although he now knew that Fu Xuezhou was a student at Chengjiang University, he didn’t know anything else. But it didn’t matter. The Seize Life Phone was an anomaly creature. Lou Yan didn’t need to provide a phone number. As long as Lou Yan said who to kill, it could call that person.

The shell of the Seize Life Phone visibly turned redder, and its screen suddenly jumped to the call page, the phone was dialing.

“Ring… Ring…”

Lou Yan’s hand holding the cigarette unconsciously tightened, leaving two nail marks on the cigarette butt. He listened quietly to this urgent ringtone, thinking that with Fu Xuezhou’s rich experience of reincarnation, he wouldn’t answer a strange call. But after about ten seconds of ringing, the call was unexpectedly answered.

A strange yet familiar voice came through the waves and exploded in Lou Yan’s ear, low, hoarse, and cold, “Who.”

Like a demon whisper.

Lou Yan suddenly sat up, his nerves and body instantly tense. He stared at the Seize Life Phone tightly, as if he could see Fu Xuezhou’s hateful face through the call screen. Fu Xuezhou’s single word awakened all his unpleasant memories. Lou Yan’s fists clenched tightly, making a creaking sound, his gaze extremely cold and disgusted.

Fu Xuezhou didn’t know what he was doing, and there was still a faint cry of ghosts and wolves in the background. After a few seconds, Fu Xuezhou spoke again, his voice calm and without any fluctuations, “Seize Life Phone?”

As if the Seize Life Phone had been frightened, the screen started flashing crazily, and with a “ding,” it hung up the phone by itself and turned black, trembling like mad.

“??? Useless.”

Lou Yan’s face was ugly. What the h*ll didn’t this cunning and treacherous Seize Life Phone understand? It was obviously afraid of Fu Xuezhou, chickening out and blacking out the screen directly! Could this thing really kill Fu Xuezhou?!


The Seize Life Phone rang again, but this time it was an incoming call from someone else.

Lou Yan subconsciously looked over, only to see the screen of the Seize Life Phone filled with a trembling sentence: 【He called! He called! He called!!!】

Lou Yan’s gaze darkened. He calmly answered the call and put it to his ear, wanting to see what Fu Xuezhou would say.

Fu Xuezhou’s voice came through the current, with a hint of inorganic eeriness. He said lightly, “The Seize Life Phone can’t kill me.”

“I will find you.”

Such a voice seemed to come from hell, echoing in Lou Yan’s ear. Lou Yan’s heart skipped a beat, and he saw the Seize Life Phone in his hand shaking madly. When he looked at the call screen, he saw a row of blood-red words flashing past.

【He’s getting closer! He’s getting closer! He’s getting closer!!!】

【5.8 kilometers, 5.7 kilometers, 5.6 kilometers…】

Lou Yan’s mind tensed, and he gritted his teeth, once again using his anomaly power.

【Mental Power: 30/50】

A scorching heat sensation, like being roasted by fire, swept over him, and time rewound to a minute ago.

Lou Yan was sweating all over. He looked down and saw that the cigarette in his hand hadn’t been lit yet, and the call from the Seize Life Phone hadn’t been dialed out. Lou Yan grinned ferociously, threw away the cigarette, and picked up the Seize Life Phone, which he didn’t know what else to do with, and smashed it hard against the wall corner, cursing, “Garbage! Can’t even kill a person! Are you f*cking useless?!”

Seize Life Phone: 【???】

Are you sick!

Lou Yan was extremely angry. He paced around the room, then took out his own phone and changed the SIM card, dialing a number of an old friend.

Since the anomaly power couldn’t kill him, he would use physical force to kill him.

He didn’t believe how twisted Fu Xuezhou could be at this time.

After a full minute of dialing, someone finally answered the call.

Amidst panting and ambiguous moans, a man’s voice with a hint of affection and a foreign accent sounded, “Darling, why did you reluctantly call me? The last time you called me was a year ago.”

“Heming,” Lou Yan wiped off the sweat dripping from his chin, calmly said, “Get me something.”

Heming was a friend of Lou Yan’s who mingled in the southwest. He had a wide network of contacts and could get anything. After negotiating the item and the price with Heming, Heming promised to deliver it to him in seven days.

Lou Yan hung up the phone, and the slightly chilly breeze blew away the remaining heat from his body. He looked at the busy road outside for a while, then dialed another number.

Qin Feng quickly answered, “Boss?”

“Secretary Qin, “Lou Yan said, “Find me a private detective. I want to check the information of a person.”

“Who does the boss want to check?” Qin Feng asked.

Lou Yan said coldly, “A student named Fu Xuezhou from Chengjiang University. Money is not an issue, and I need the information urgently.”

Qin Feng responded crisply, “Understood.”


Li Sanxin and a few others spent the whole day browsing forums. Regardless of whether it was true or false, they recorded everything they saw in a memo and submitted it to Lou Yan for review.

Lou Yan crossed out several overly absurd stories, such as “Farting Ghost,” “Sh*t-Eating Ghost,” “Only Loves to Hear Cold Jokes Ghost,” etc. He emphasized some information about anomaly occurrences that were confirmed to occur in the past life. He marked other suspicious information that was not confirmed as true or false with the phrase “Further investigation.” Today’s work came to a temporary end.

Upon hearing that they could stop, Lu Haixiu and Li Sanxin immediately collapsed on the sofa, too tired to lift their necks.

Compared to the two of them, Duan Zege was still full of energy. He even suggested, “Do you want to go to the supermarket?”

Lu Haixiu suddenly became energetic, “Yes, yes, I also want to buy some household items.”

When he escaped yesterday, Lu Haixiu only brought a wallet with him. There were only a few hundred yuan in the wallet, but fortunately, his ID card and bank card were inside. His cards were all supplementary cards of his parents’, so as long as there was a bank card, Lu Haixiu could spend the money his parents left in the card. Lu Haixiu’s family, who lived in the same community as Lou Yan, was also wealthy. The funds left by Lu Haixiu’s parents in the card were enough for Lu Haixiu to live a good life for a lifetime.

Last night, when he saw his wallet, Lu Haixiu started crying.

Li Sanxin lazily leaned on the sofa, “We also need to stock up on food in the kitchen. Yanzi, since anomaly revivals have begun, shouldn’t we stock up on groceries at home?”

Lou Yan raised his head from behind the computer and nodded, “Yes, we should stock up. Although anomaly revivals are not a big deal in the early stages, as more and more anomalies revive, society will become unstable, and there will be fluctuations in the supply of daily necessities such as rice, flour, oil, and salt.”

Anomaly resurgence was different from disasters like floods, extreme heat, or extreme cold. They only erupted in certain areas and wouldn’t immediately plunge the world into a situation where various resources couldn’t be produced. But the horror brought by the anomaly resurgence was no less than any other disaster. Stockpiling wasn’t a prerequisite for survival, but it was something that must be done.

Li Sanxin exclaimed and quickly got up from the sofa to prepare to change clothes, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and go shopping.”

Lou Yan remained calm, “There’s no need to rush too much.”

Li Sanxin changed his clothes quickly, grabbed his wallet and car keys, and urged Duan Zege and Lu Haixiu to get moving. He said without looking back, “We can’t afford not to rush at this time. We need to solve it sooner for peace of mind. I’m going to rent a few warehouses.”

Lou Yan said lightly, “I’ve already arranged for people to purchase goods from the department stores. In Chengjiang City alone, I’ve bought three large supermarkets.”

Li Sanxin, who was in a hurry to change shoes: “…”

Lu Haoxiu, with a shocked wide-open mouth: “…”

After a few seconds of silence, Duan Zege actively applauded Lou Yan and praised him a lot more visibly, acting much more enthusiastically: “As expected of the person I decided to follow based on the Tarot cards. Reliable and admirable!”

Author’s note:

Come on, this is Brother Lou’s financial ability,

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