Monster Resurgence Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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But even though Lou has financial ability, they still need to go to the supermarket tonight.

There’s still some rice, flour, and oil at home, but they need to restock vegetables and seasonings. Li Sanxin didn’t provide household items for Duan Zege and Lu Haoxiu, so they also needed to buy towels, pajamas, underwear, and some outdoor clothes.

Li Sanxin directly drove a spacious SUV. Before heading straight to the supermarket with a group of people, he first took them to a clean and bright barber shop and turned to Duan Zege, suggesting, “Brother Duan, how about getting a haircut first?”

Duan Zege was slouched in his seat like a salted fish, with a half-eaten sausage in his mouth. His messy hair was even smudged with sausage, but he didn’t care. He ate the remaining sausage without changing his expression and then refused, “No need, my hairstyle is fine.”

Li Sanxin furrowed his brows tightly, his mouth twitching. He almost wanted to take a pair of scissors and shave Duan Zege’s hair right now. He tried to suggest tactfully, “It’s going to be summer soon. Isn’t your hairstyle too hot?”

Duan Zege didn’t mind, “It’s okay, not hot, I can endure it.”

Li Sanxin sincerely said, “I think you’re pretty hot.”

Duan Zege said, “I think you’re wrong.”

Li Sanxin revealed a pained expression.

Li Sanxin and Duan Zege were truly two extremes. One was very disciplined and had OCD, wearing clothes that were ironed the day before to avoid wrinkles, and couldn’t stand anything dirty or messy. The other, to put it nicely, was carefree and whimsical, but to put it bluntly, was sloppy and unkempt. When Duan Zege first met Lou Yan, the clothes he wore had no idea how long they had been worn, already starting to smell sour with various stains on them. Duan Zege could still wear them without changing his expression. He even wanted to continue sleeping in the same clothes after taking a shower.

Li Sanxin, who witnessed this scene last night, almost couldn’t stand it. He forced Duan Zege to take a second shower and gave him a set of brand-new pajamas he had never worn. Fortunately, their heights and body sizes were similar, and although Duan Zege wasn’t particular, he wouldn’t refuse more comfortable and cleaner clothes, which finally relieved Li Sanxin.

Li Sanxin tried again, “Really don’t want to change your hairstyle? Believe me, a new hairstyle would suit you better.”

Lu Haoxiu whispered in Lou Yan’s ear as he leaned on the back of the chair, “No wonder Brother Li has been glancing at Brother Duan from time to time since last night. Turns out he wants Brother Duan to change his hairstyle.”

Lou Yan chuckled, watching the scene calmly.

“No need,” Duan Zege lazily refused, then lifted his hair to reveal his scarred face, and smiled slightly, “I keep my hair because I don’t want to scare people.”

Li Sanxin and Lu Haoxiu finally got a clear view of Duan Zege’s face. They both resisted showing a shocked and sympathetic expression. This reason was too invincible. Li Sanxin fell silent for a few seconds, unable to say anything. He surrendered directly, stepped on the gas pedal, and took the group to the supermarket.

This large supermarket was the closest and most well-stocked supermarket to Li Sanxin’s community. From air conditioners and TVs to black pepper, Sichuan pepper, and baking soda, they had everything. Although Li Sanxin knew that Lou Yan had already bought the supermarket, he still bought two bags of rice, one bag of noodles, and complete seasonings, stocking up on several extra bags of salt. After all, there were four big men at home, and these things would be consumed quickly. It was necessary to buy these items for immediate consumption.

Each of them pushed a small cart, and when they checked out, all four carts were full. Li Sanxin then took a few people to a clothing store, bought two sets of spare clothes for each person, and then carried the bags to the car, cramming the trunk full.

After finishing up, Li Sanxin wiped his hands and felt quite satisfied, “It’ll be almost done after tidying up at home. Everyone’s tired today. What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll cook something special for you.”

“Can we order food?” Lu Haoxiu was greatly shocked and tentatively asked, “How about hot pot?”

Li Sanxin generously said, “No problem.”

Lu Haoxiu raised his hands in excitement, “Brother, you’re awesome!”

Li Sanxin smiled and took out a black string from his pocket, “Here, take out the two gold rings you’ve been hiding in your pocket.”

Lu Haoxiu was stunned, took out the gold rings from his pocket, and handed them to him. Li Sanxin took them and put them on the string, then tied a knot on the rings to prevent them from slipping off the rope and getting lost. “Wear this around your neck so you won’t lose them, and you won’t have to take them out to peek at them from time to time.”

Li Sanxin handed the black string ring to Lu Haoxiu, who held it dumbfoundedly for a while before grasping it tightly. “…Thank you, I forgot to buy a black string.”

“No problem,” Li Sanxin said, then looked at Duan Zege, his eyelids couldn’t help but twitch, “What do you want to eat?”

Duan Zege said sincerely, “As long as it can make me full, I won’t be picky about anything.”

Li Sanxin: “…Easy to please. Yanzi, what about you?”

Lou Yan thought for a moment, realizing he actually wanted to eat quite a few things.

In the previous life, when anomaly surgence reached the mid-late stage, the world was in chaos, with a bottle of mineral water selling for an astronomical price of two million. Various resources were greatly reduced, making it difficult to find even some simple food items.

Thinking back like this, he hadn’t eaten one of the sumptuous meals Li Sanxin cooked for a long time.

“Dumplings,” Lou Yan softened his expression a bit, “I feel like having dumplings.”

After some consideration, Li Sanxin realized they had all the ingredients for these dishes. So, he waved his hand, “Let’s go home and cook!”

Lou Yan sat in the passenger seat, and the car slowly drove onto the road from the crowded supermarket entrance. Lou Yan glanced out the window. It was a little after five in the afternoon, the busiest time at the supermarket. People were coming and going, many of them elderly people holding children to buy things. The children were bouncing around, laughing and playing.

He watched for a while, then withdrew his gaze and took out his phone to check if there were any new messages in his email.

【Mental Power: 25/50】

Just as his fingers touched the inbox, a sharp sense of danger suddenly emanated, causing Lou Yan to bend over, clutching his chest tightly. The intense pain caused by fear gripped his heart again, making him break out in a cold sweat on his forehead. His senses were frantically warning him of danger. This was extremely familiar to him, the intensity of crisis he felt when he first encountered Fu Xuezhou in his previous life—

Fu Xuezhou.

Fu Xuezhou was within a hundred meters of him!

Lou Yan gasped for breath, his hands gripping the car dashboard tightly, his knuckles turning slightly white. Beads of sweat the size of soybeans dripped from his forehead. He raised his head and looked out the window fiercely.

The crowd was bustling, and various figures brushed past the car. In the instant Lou Yan looked out, he saw a thin figure less than a meter away from him.

Lou Yan’s pupils dilated suddenly.

The figure was wearing a black hoodie and simple washed-out jeans. The hood of the hoodie was pulled up, with only a few strands of silver hair hidden underneath. The figure was tall, slender, and erect. In his right hand, he held a white plastic bag with “Welcome to XYZ Supermarket” printed on it. His hand looked clean and slender, with distinct knuckles and bulging blue veins on the pale back of his hand, like the hand of an ordinary college student, not the bloody and anomaly hand of a murderer.

As the vehicle moved forward, people moved backward. In the moment they passed each other, Fu Xuezhou seemed to sense something and turned his head to glance at the car.

The car window was covered with protective film, allowing visibility from the inside but not from the outside. Lou Yan stared at Fu Xuezhou through the car window, clearly seeing his face. He knew that Fu Xuezhou couldn’t see him, but he still felt a suffocation in his breath, his hands clenching suddenly, his nails even digging into his flesh, as if grasping the neck of the person outside.

The next second, the car and Fu Xuezhou completely separated.

Li Sanxin, who was driving, caught a glimpse of Lou Yan and was immediately startled by his condition. “Yanzi, what’s wrong?”

Lu Haoxiu in the backseat was also nervous. “Brother Lou, what’s wrong with you!”

“Lou Yan? Lou Yan!”

It took Lou Yan two or three calls to snap out of it. He let go of his chest and said expressionlessly, “It’s nothing.”


“I’m really fine,” Lou Yan closed his eyes and leaned back in his seat, “Just focus on driving.”

His rapid heartbeat gradually returned to normal, but his thoughts in his mind became more and more intense.

Why did Fu Xuezhou appear there?

When he used the Seize Life Phone to call Fu Xuezhou, Fu Xuezhou chased after him and came to a location 5.6 kilometers away from Lou Yan. And this supermarket was just 5 kilometers away from Li Sanxin’s community. Was this really a coincidence?

According to reason, after he used time reversal, everyone’s time should have gone back one minute. So Fu Xuezhou shouldn’t have the memory of receiving the Seize Life Phone. However, Lou Yan dared not guarantee that his time reversal would definitely affect Fu Xuezhou. After all, Fu Xuezhou was someone who destroyed the world time and time again and returned to the starting point with memories intact… Fu Xuezhou might also have control over time and space. Would Fu Xuezhou, who had this power, really not remember the one minute of his time reversal?

If Fu Xuezhou really had that one minute of memory, then his appearance here must be to find “him”… Lou Yan thought calmly, but he timed his time reversal just right, so if Fu Xuezhou was really looking for “him”, he could only find this supermarket.

But it couldn’t be ruled out that Fu Xuezhou didn’t remember that memory and came here just to shop, as evidenced by the bag he was carrying.

Lou Yan tapped his thigh thoughtfully. The fact of whether Fu Xuezhou had that memory still needed to be verified, but what could be confirmed was that Fu Xuezhou would also be affected by his time reversal. Even if not psychologically, his body’s condition would return to one minute ago.

This was a good thing.

But rewinding one minute was still too short. Lou Yan thought he needed to think carefully about how to extend the time of his time reversal…

Fu Xuezhou watched the black car drive away and calmly retracted his gaze.

He pushed the sugar cube in his mouth to the right cheek, adjusted his hat slightly, lowered his head slightly, and calmly mingled into the crowd, gradually disappearing.

Author’s note:

I have to say, Fu Xuezhou gives me a little bit of psychological pressure qaq

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