Monster Resurgence Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Sure enough, Li Sanxin made a big meal in the evening.

The hot pot was steaming, and there was also a large plate of dumplings. After eating and drinking, and after a few glasses of wine, they completely let go. Li Sanxin leaned on Lu Haoxiu’s shoulder and gave him psychological therapy. He was skilled in this, and in just a few words, he made Lu Haoxiu burst into tears holding his beer.

The house was hot and noisy. Lou Yan knew what it was like to lose a loved one. He quietly listened to Lu Haoxiu cry for a while before going to the balcony to smoke.

As he pulled the glass door, the warm and lively atmosphere of the house was shut behind him.

Lou Yan’s clothes were also filled with the smell of hot pot. He lit a cigarette and remembered a question he had previously ignored but now had to consider.

After swallowing the anomaly, his mental power directly increased by 30 points, which meant that merging with the anomaly could enhance a person’s mental power.

But the anomaly he swallowed had the terrifying power to destroy the world. This anomaly had also swallowed other anomalies, so such a powerful anomaly should have increased his mental power by more than just 30 points.

Lou Yan thought with a hint of thoughtfulness as he squeezed his hand.

Unless the increase in his mental power was also related to the number of anomalies in his body after the anomaly’s resurrection… Perhaps when other anomalies’ powers in his body awakened, his mental power would rise again. But this conclusion couldn’t be confirmed now, so he could only wait to prove it later.

Lou Yan flicked the ash off his cigarette and looked down at the dim streetlight below.

His good eyesight allowed him to see clearly the small insects flying around the light under the streetlamp.

Lou Yan had always thought that after returning to the starting point, Fu Xuezhou’s strength would also return to the original point, and today’s experience confirmed that this speculation was correct.

If Fu Xuezhou possessed the strength of the mid-to-late stage of the anomaly resurgence, after he called Fu Xuezhou with the Seize Life Phone, he wouldn’t be able to escape Fu Xuezhou’s pursuit today.

But even so, when he saw Fu Xuezhou today, Lou Yan still felt a daunting and even somewhat creepy pressure emanating from him.

It was only the second day of the Anomaly Resurgence, and Fu Xuezhou was able to find his location through the Seize Life Phone and scare it into submission, and he could move quickly… Fu Xuezhou’s rate of growth was terrifying.

Lou Yan didn’t know before that people could merge with the anomaly, so in his previous life, he thought that Fu Xuezhou’s strength was just a result of his talent. But after he learned that people could merge with the anomaly, he could be sure that Fu Xuezhou had definitely merged with the anomaly, and it was very likely that Fu Xuezhou had merged with more than one anomaly.

Because in the memories of the two previous lives and dreams he had, Fu Xuezhou would relentlessly destroy anomalies every time he was reborn, and after each time he killed those anomalies, Fu Xuezhou would become even more terrifying.

This man definitely carried memories of reincarnation, so he could quickly and skillfully devour anomalies and use their power to strengthen himself.

How many anomalies had Fu Xuezhou swallowed now? How high was his mental power? What kind of power did he possess?

Lou Yan had no idea.

Just the thought that he hadn’t figured out what kind of anomaly he had swallowed made his enemy start to grow stronger at the speed of a rocket, and Lou Yan couldn’t help but feel a little anxious and irritable. He took a deep drag of his cigarette, biting the butt of it and saying, “D*mn it…”

In his previous life, Lou Yan had always maintained a distant relationship with Fu Xuezhou, which meant he didn’t really understand him. But fortunately, since he didn’t understand Fu Xuezhou, and Fu Xuezhou didn’t understand him either, neither of them had the upper hand in this regard.

His phone vibrated, and Lou Yan opened it, raising an eyebrow involuntarily.

Secretary Qin: [Boss, the urgent investigation results have been sent to your email]

Lou Yan squinted in the smoke and opened the email, immediately seeing a photo.

It was a standard one-inch photo of a college student for ID, with a white background, and the person on it was Fu Xuezhou wearing casual clothes. His black hair was messy, slightly covering his eyebrows. The corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, with a faint smile. Fu Xuezhou’s facial features were superior, and with that smile, he exuded a handsome charm that could make young girls blush. D*mn, he was handsome. A single glance made your heart skip a beat.

Lou Yan said, “So he had black hair…”

Fu Xuezhou’s strange, unlike-normal-silver hair was one of his trademarks. Lou Yan was quite surprised to murmur, Fu Xuezhou had such a period?

Although he looked a bit cold and difficult to approach, at least he still looked like a normal college student. He smiled when he should, with a youthful appearance.

However, Fu Xuezhou now, even though he had the same youthful face as the one in the photo, his temperament was completely different.

“The previous appearance looks quite harmless,” Lou Yan mocked, smiling, and used the cigarette butt to burn the face in the photo, “You’re really good at pretending, Fu Xuezhou.”

If it weren’t for the Anomaly Resurgence, Fu Xuezhou probably wouldn’t have had the chance to reveal his true nature of destroying the world.

What good could come from someone who could smile as they burned the entire world with fire?

Lou Yan moved his gaze away from the photo, quickly skimmed through the investigation results from the private detective below.

The things before the Anomaly Resurgence were easy to investigate. Fu Xuezhou came from a well-off family, was very smart from a young age, and apart from his good grades and being overly handsome, there wasn’t much else to note. But after the Anomaly Resurgence, there were few pieces of information that could be found, and the private detective couldn’t even take a single private photo of Fu Xuezhou.

And Fu Xuezhou’s parents, like evaporating, disappeared after March 12.

March 12, Lou Yan’s gaze rested on this date, which happened to be the night of the Anomaly Resurgence.

He looked thoughtful for a moment, then lifted his eyes and fixed them on Fu Xuezhou’s address.

“Jinxiu Haoyuan…”


Although the anomalies had started to resurge, life still had to go on little by little. Lou Yan not only planned to acquire supermarkets in Chengjiang City but also planned to acquire some large supermarkets in other cities as material reserves.

Li Sanxin had a very formal and luxurious pet hospital shop, where there were still many sick “little guests” that needed care. Even if he wanted to close the shop, he needed to cure the pets brought in first before he could close. So after resting at home for two days, Li Sanxin went back to work.

Lu Haoxiu took a leave of absence from school and diligently collected information and researched his own talents at home. Lou Yan didn’t waste time either, trying to increase the duration of his time reversal, but the anomaly power in his body was too large and too chaotic, which resulted in little progress for Lou Yan.

But fortunately, his innate talent ability, Crisis Perception, was something Lou Yan was familiar with. As the days went by, Lou Yan successfully expanded the range of his Crisis Perception from 100 meters to 200 meters.

A week later, Lou Yan called the idle Duan Zege out.

The car shuttled through the traffic, the shopping mall building was bustling, and the pretty girls on the roadside were holding hands and laughing. The stalls selling candied haws and cotton candy were surrounded by drooling children.

Duan Zege sat in the car, watching the scenery outside, enjoying it as he leaned back in his seat. “Where are we going?”

Lou Yan’s lips curled up mysteriously. “Just follow me, I’ll show you something today.”

Half an hour later, Lou Yan stopped at a secluded bridge with Duan Zege. He asked Duan Zege to stand guard by the car while he got out and walked under the bridge.

Lou Yan flicked the ash off his cigarette and looked down at the dim streetlight below.

His good eyesight allowed him to see clearly the small insects flying around the light under the streetlamp.

Less than two minutes later, Lou Yan walked up carrying a long wooden box. 

The wooden box was at least one meter fifty cm long, likely containing some musical instrument. Duan Zege lifted his hat and looked up and down. “What’s this?” 

Lou Yan smiled and didn’t say anything. He casually placed the wooden box on the back seat and sat back in the driver’s seat. “Let’s go.” 

Duan Zege’s curiosity peaked. He quietly got into the car, wanting to see where Lou Yan would take him. But Duan Zege never expected that Lou Yan would bring him to a noisy and smoky internet café. 

Duan Zege exaggeratedly exclaimed, “Wow… is this what you meant by opening my eyes?” 

Lou Yan took the wooden box from the back seat and put it back on himself, then boldly led Duan Zege into the internet café. “Come on, you haven’t been to an internet café in a while?” 

“That’s true,” Duan Zege sighed, pulling down the brim of his hat, feeling sorry for himself. “The last time I had money to go to an internet café was… well, the last time.” 

This internet café was an old one, but it was quite large, and there were many people inside. The computers on the first floor were all occupied, and the air was filled with smoke and the smell of instant noodles, with the clattering of keyboards and cursing voices intertwining, giving headaches even to the elderly. 

Lou Yan, however, paid no attention to the poor environment. He asked the manager for a private room on the second floor by the window and took Duan Zege upstairs. 

The second floor was also crowded, with a lot of noise. A few private rooms were tucked away in the corner, near the toilets and water heaters.

Inside one of the private rooms were two computers. Lou Yan opened one and played a foreign movie with no manners, blaring the sound. But he didn’t watch the computer; instead, he walked to the window and looked outside. 

Duan Zege looked around and then walked to his side, also looking out the window. This internet café had a prime location, with many residential buildings and a snack street nearby, ensuring a considerable flow of people. The window of this private room was directly opposite a gate of a residential complex about two to three hundred meters away. 

Lou Yan whispered softly, “Do you see that residential complex?”

Duan Zege looked at the four characters written on the residential complex, “Jinxiu Haoyuan,” and asked, “What’s up with this residential complex?” 

“The other day, I hired a private detective to track down an old friend of mine, and the investigation led to here,” Lou Yan’s eyes seemed to be burning with something, he smiled, but there was a hint of excitement and coldness in his tone, “You go play games, I’ll keep an eye on him here. When he shows up, no matter what I do, I hope you’ll cooperate with me.” 

Lou Yan turned his head back, leaned against the window frame, and smiled at Duan Zege. 

The sunlight behind him shone on him, making him look particularly handsome. His slightly messy short hair fluttered in the wind, exuding a kind of unique, charming, and arrogant vitality that belonged to Lou Yan. 

“Duan Zege, do you know why I only brought you out?” 

Duan Zege couldn’t help but laugh, his voice hoarse, “Why?” 

“Because you are more knowledgeable than Li Sanxin, and more mature and quick-witted than Lu Haoxiu,” Lou Yan patted Duan Zege’s shoulder, hinting at something, “I hope that later, you can perform well.” 

Duan Zege narrowed his eyes, “You’re making me nervous with all that talk.” 

For the next three hours, Duan Zege played games while Lou Yan patiently sat by the window, keeping an eye on the residential complex. The two of them even indulged in the environment and had a lunch of instant noodles with ham, surprisingly finding it more delicious in the atmosphere of the internet café. 

As the time ticked away to four o’clock in the afternoon, the spring sunlight became exceptionally radiant. The crowd flowed back and forth on the street, and suddenly, a person walked out of Jinxiu Haoyuan. 

The slender figure of a young man was dressed in plain black clothes and pants, with the hood of a black coat pulled up to conceal his face. But Lou Yan still recognized him. Like a slow-motion scene, Lou Yan could see Fu Xuezhou’s pale and rigid jawline and thin lips clearly even though he was so far away, all hidden beneath the hood. 

This was the second time Lou Yan had seen Fu Xuezhou since his rebirth. But Lou Yan was even calmer than he had imagined. He turned around, pulled the long box in front of him, and swiftly opened the lock on the box. 

Duan Zege, curious, walked over to look into the wooden box and was instantly shocked, sucking in a breath of cold air. 

Inside was actually a sniper rifle! 

Lou Yan calmly assembled the sniper rifle, set up the bipod on the window sill, and leaned against it. With one long leg on the ground and the other leg kneeling on the chair, he bent his back and aimed the rifle with precision. 

The butt of the rifle had a non-slip texture and was equipped with a compact and efficient suppressor, which didn’t affect much accuracy. 

Through the scope, Fu Xuezhou’s figure was magnified. Lou Yan closed one eye and aimed the dark barrel directly at Fu Xuezhou’s brain. 

His breath was light, and his heartbeat unexpectedly steady. From his arm to his leg, his posture formed a smooth and perfect arc, looking like a hunting cheetah in the wilderness, elegant yet dangerous. 

At the next moment, Lou Yan’s finger pulled the trigger.

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