Monster Resurgence Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Li Sanxin’s mouth opened, but not a single word came out.

The water droplets falling from the woman’s body slid to the floor in front of Li Sanxin. The moment Li Sanxin stepped on these water droplets, a chilling sensation surged up his spine. He stood up abruptly, the chair making a harsh scraping sound against the floor due to his sudden movement.

Li Sanxin’s smile stiffened, barely maintaining a calm expression on his face. “Ma’am, I need to use the restroom urgently.”

The woman in the raincoat remained silent. Li Sanxin leaned against the wall, watching her, move to the door step by step, then opened it and quickly backed out.

Luckily, the door wasn’t locked!

Li Sanxin breathed a sigh of relief, wondering if he had made himself too sensitive by searching for various strange stories these days. He hurried to the bathroom and called Lou Yan.

“… That’s the situation,” Li Sanxin said, “I don’t know if I’ve encountered something strange, but the feeling that woman in the black raincoat gives me is creepy. I suspect there’s no pet under her raincoat. What kind of pet could stay so quiet and still under a raincoat? Unless it’s a dead pet.”

Lou Yan exploded with a curse. “Get the h*ll out of there, don’t stay in the pet hospital. I’m coming to find you now!”

Saying that, Lou Yan grabbed his car keys and rushed out the door.

Li Sanxin’s expression became serious. “Did I really encounter an anomaly?”

“The anomaly you encountered is called a ‘ghost story’,” Lou Yan’s voice and the sound of the wind whistled over. “D*mn it, how could you encounter ‘ghost story’? It shouldn’t have happened… ‘Ghost stories’ shouldn’t appear here… It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have let you gather information related to supernatural events.”

“Li Sanxin!!!” Lou Yan shouted, “You must stay alive for me! Ten minutes, at most ten minutes, and I’ll be there!”

Ghost stories, C-level terrifying supernatural beings, can cause readers who see them to die like the protagonists in the stories. During the early stages of the resurgence of anomalies, when humans were unprepared for anomalies, ghost stories used this method to kill tens of thousands of people nationwide.

Li Sanxin clearly hadn’t encountered “ghost stories” in his previous life!

And Lou Yan clearly remembered that “ghost stories” shouldn’t have appeared in Chengjiang City!

Lou Yan got into the car, flooring the accelerator, the car drifting out of the garage and onto the road.

Ignoring the speed limit, disregarding traffic lights, a fierce look flashed across Lou Yan’s face as he headed straight for Li Sanxin’s pet hospital.

Li Sanxin was about to ask Lou Yan to slow down and be safe when he heard someone outside calling his name: “Doctor Li?”

Li Sanxin immediately hung up the phone and listened quietly to the commotion outside.

“Doctor Li?” Nurse Xiao An said, “Are you okay? The patient is getting impatient.”

Li Sanxin coughed and said, “I have diarrhea. Let the guest wait a moment… Forget it, you don’t have to say it, I’ll be out soon. It’s almost time to get off work. You and Xiao Liu can go first.”

But Nurse Xiao An said, “Let me stay and help you. It’s not good for you to treat the pets alone.”

Li Sanxin was about to refuse when he suddenly remembered the fake nurse in the ghost story. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Was this Xiao An, the real Xiao An or the fake Xiao An?

Li Sanxin suddenly remembered that a nurse had messaged him yesterday evening to ask for leave…


Li Sanxin shivered and quickly opened his phone to find the chat records from last night.

He didn’t have to scroll far before he found it. Seeing that it was Nurse Xiao Ya who had requested leave, Li Sanxin breathed a long sigh of relief. Thank goodness, it wasn’t Xiao An who had requested leave.

So, was the person outside really a human?

Li Sanxin said, “You don’t need to help. You should leave now. If you don’t leave, I’ll deduct your salary.”

Nurse Xiao An muttered a few words and eventually left. Listening to the sound of her footsteps gradually fading away, Li Sanxin also felt somewhat relieved. These nurses had been his colleagues for a long time, and he didn’t want to see them harmed by anything strange.

After everything outside quieted down, Li Sanxin quietly opened the door and tiptoed out. He didn’t dare to take the elevator, instead, he rushed straight to the staircase. But before he reached the staircase, he ran into Nurse Xiao An.

Seeing him, Nurse Xiao An also seemed surprised. “Doctor Li, why did you come this way? The office is over there.”

Li Sanxin felt a headache coming on. “Didn’t I tell you to leave?”

Nurse Xiao An patted her bag strangely. “I was just finishing packing to leave. Doctor Li, are you leaving too?”

“I’m going downstairs to get something,” Li Sanxin made up an excuse, “I’ll come back up later.”

Nurse Xiao An nodded and started to head towards the elevator. Li Sanxin didn’t dare to let her take the elevator. He grabbed her and hurried towards the staircase. “The elevator is slow and we’re just on the second floor, take the stairs!”

“Hey…,” Nurse Xiao An stumbled as he pulled her along, “Doctor Li, you’re acting strange today.”

Li Sanxin forced a smile. “I’m just…”

The staircase on the first floor was dark and emitted a chilling sensation. Li Sanxin suddenly stopped in his tracks, a horrible realization hitting him.

He suddenly remembered a terrifying fact.

In the ghost stories, the doctor dragged the nurse into the elevator to escape. In reality, he was dragging the nurse down the stairs to escape.

Unconsciously, he was following the plot of the ghost story.

More importantly…

Li Sanxin’s hand holding the nurse’s hand turned cold and stiff. He suddenly realized that there were only two nurses in his hospital.

Nurse Xiao Ya was on leave, and the other nurse, Xiao Liu, had left. So who was the nurse he was holding onto…?

A ghost!

A ghost!!!

Li Sanxin abruptly let go of Nurse Xiao An’s hand and turned to run upstairs!

He dared not go downstairs anymore because in the ghost story, the doctor who stepped out of the elevator saw the morgue directly and was dragged in by a fierce ghost to be skinned alive! Li Sanxin’s intuition told him that if he stepped out of the staircase, he would also walk into the morgue!

Run, run quickly!

Li Sanxin used all his strength to run as fast as he could. In a few moments, he returned to the second floor. But before he could leave the staircase, he saw the woman in the raincoat standing at the staircase on the second floor.

There were even more water droplets on the woman’s body now, flowing down her raincoat like a winding stream. She stood motionless, looking at Li Sanxin and said, “Doctor, do you still want to see my pet?”

Li Sanxin breathed heavily, cautiously taking two steps back.

A pair of pale hands, resembling those of a corpse, reached from behind to Li Sanxin’s chest. Nurse Xiao An’s face was pressed against Li Sanxin’s shoulder, showing a sinister smile. “Doctor Li, why are you running so fast?”

Li Sanxin: “…”

Nurse Xiao An gradually pulled him downwards, and Li Sanxin found himself unable to exert any strength at all. His feet dragged slowly on the stairs, while the woman in the raincoat followed them down the stairs.

Li Sanxin was dragged to the first floor, and the previously pet-filled first floor had turned into a cold, pale morgue.

Nurse Xiao An placed Li Sanxin on the iron bed in the center of the morgue, pinched his face to make him turn his head, and said with a malicious smile, “Doctor Li, why don’t you take a look at our customer’s pet?”

The woman in the raincoat took off her raincoat…


Lou Yan rushed all the way to the bottom of the building, not even bothering to take out his car keys, and ran straight upstairs.

“Li Sanxin!”

There was no one inside the building, and Li Sanxin’s office was empty too. Lou Yan breathed heavily, his fist hitting the desk hard. “D*mn it… Li Sanxin!”

Li Sanxin’s computer was still buzzing, displaying the content of the strange story. Lou Yan tried to calm down and quickly read through the story. “Woman in a raincoat, fake nurse, first-floor morgue…”

But he hadn’t seen a morgue on the first floor when he came up.

Lou Yan quickly checked the office and soon found traces of water on the ground, which were almost dry. He followed the water marks and eventually reached the staircase. Lou Yan’s face changed, and he rushed downstairs, stepping out of the first floor and into the morgue.

A strong smell of blood hit him.

Lou Yan saw Li Sanxin, a bloody mess, with half of his skin peeled off.

A pretty nurse stood beside the bed, grinning, while another monster with no skin or facial features was sticking Li Sanxin’s skin onto its own body.

Li Sanxin’s blood flowed from the bed to the ground, his life hanging by a thread.

“Another one, another one,” the nurse looked at Lou Yan and giggled, “Sir, do you need treatment?”



Lou Yan trembled all over, whispering softly, “Li Sanxin…?”

Li Sanxin didn’t answer.

Lou Yan opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

Did his rebirth result in Li Sanxin’s death…? Made Li Sanxin die…

Why, why did it have to be like this?

…He couldn’t accept this ending!

A surge of power and heat spread throughout Lou Yan’s body. His entire skin turned red, as if being roasted in a fire. His eyes turned bloodshot, staring at the anomaly in front of him, which seemed more like an evil spirit crawling out of h*ll than the anomaly in front of him.

[Spiritual power: 40/50]

Time reverses!

The scene in front of him instantly rewound, going back one minute, two minutes, three minutes… Countless images flashed before Lou Yan’s eyes, finally settling five minutes ago.

Time reversal had reached its limit.

Lou Yan’s body was burning hot. He returned to the bottom of Li Sanxin’s hospital.

The next moment, he dashed into the pet hospital at the fastest speed possible. Such speed even left afterimages, clearly not a speed that a human could achieve. Lou Yan took a few seconds to stride up to the second floor. This time, he didn’t waste any time searching for Li Sanxin’s whereabouts. Instead, he dashed down from the second floor like a gust of wind and entered the cold morgue. 

Inside the morgue. 

The raincoat woman took off her raincoat, revealing a featureless body. She reached out and grabbed Li Sanxin’s arm, while Nurse Xiao An touched Li Sanxin’s body with a surgical knife… Li Sanxin’s arm was tensed tightly, veins bulging. Just as he was about to resist and close his eyes, he saw Lou Yan’s figure. 

Lou Yan’s expression was emotionless, emanating high temperature heat all over his body. He raised his hand and quickly walked over, raising his hand towards the anomaly scene in front of him. 

As if there were something alive rolling in his palm, skin suddenly cracked open, falling apart like dry bark. From the cracks, white bone spurs brutishly and forcefully pierced through the flesh, growing out of Lou Yan’s palm.

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