Monster Resurgence Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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The white bone spurs were clearly visible, gleaming with a cold gleam. Each one curved inward, like a cluster of bone flowers growing in Lou Yan’s palm, emitting a terrifying and grim atmosphere. 

【Mental Power 30/50】 

As soon as the bone spurs appeared, the raincoat woman and the nurse were stiffened by the terrifying atmosphere. They stared fixedly at the bone spurs in Lou Yan’s palm, showing expressions of fear and dread.

Lou Yan’s blood-red eyes stared at the anomaly, taking a step forward. The closer he got to the raincoat woman, the slower the bone flowers closed and the more terrifying the atmosphere became. The raincoat woman, with no facial features, let out a scream, wanting to escape but was rooted in place. When the bone flowers touched the raincoat woman, it was like a starving beast encountering delicious prey. The bone flowers suddenly opened to their maximum, voraciously devouring the raincoat woman’s body. 

It was like a mouth growing in the palm of Lou Yan’s hand. Lou Yan could even hear the continuous swallowing and sucking sounds. At first glance, the bone spurs seemed to possess some beauty, but in this moment, they were utterly chilling.

 Although these were his bone spurs, Lou Yan could feel that the strange power being consumed did not enter his body but became nourishment for the bone spurs. He didn’t know what would happen if the bone spurs continued to devour the anomaly, nor did he want to think about it now. He just looked coldly at Nurse Xiao An, who had peeled Li Sanxin’s skin, and as the bone flowers finished devouring the raincoat woman, he gradually approached Nurse Xiao An. 

Nurse Xiao An let out a terrified scream, but soon this piercing scream was also devoured by the bone flowers. 

In less than a minute, the two anomaly beings disappeared without a trace. 

With no anomaly aura remaining, the bone flowers quickly retracted into Lou Yan’s palm. Lou Yan’s shattered skin visibly healed and merged at an eye-catching speed. In the blink of an eye, everything returned to normal, as if the crushing scene just now was just an illusion. 

Li Sanxin watched in astonishment. He had thought he was about to die just a moment ago, but the crisis was resolved in the next moment. He was still a bit stunned. “Yanzi, no, how did you get here so quickly? It’s only been five or six minutes… And how did you suddenly appear here just now, d*mn, it’s like you’re Superman, incredible…” 

Before he could finish his sentence, Lou Yan hugged him tightly. Li Sanxin instinctively hugged Lou Yan back and felt the heat emanating from him through their clothes. “Why are you so hot?” 

Li Sanxin remembered that Lou Yan would have this condition when he used his anomaly power before, and he had some realization. “Did you use time reversal?” 

And if Lou Yan had used time reversal, it meant that something happened to him… 

Li Sanxin didn’t know what would happen to him in the future, but he didn’t care now. He was just concerned about Lou Yan’s condition. “How are you now? I’m really fine, don’t worry.” 

Lou Yan hugged him tightly for a dozen seconds before letting go. His expression was calm, but his eyes were slightly red. “Are you really fine? Stand up and walk around for me to see.”

Li Sanxin felt both distressed and amused, but ultimately, the distress won out. He sighed and stood up, turning around in front of Lou Yan. He reassured, “Luckily, you came in time. I haven’t been injured.” 

Lou Yan carefully examined him, and Li Sanxin appeared uninjured, with no obvious scars. Lou Yan’s heart, filled with anger and restlessness, finally calmed down. “Let’s go.” 

Li Sanxin packed up his things, closed the shop door, and walked downstairs with Lou Yan to the car. “What was that bone spur in your hand just now?” 

“It’s another anomaly power that suddenly awakened,” Lou Yan explained simply. “We’ll talk about it when we get back. Have you awakened any talents?” 

Li Sanxin shrugged. “No, I haven’t felt anything different.” 

Lou Yan pondered for a moment. “Probably because these two anomaly powers are too weak to awaken any talents in you yet.” 

Li Sanxin sighed. “These two anomaly abilities are weak?” 

“Yeah,” Lou Yan nodded faintly. “The ability to show you that horror story and then die like the protagonist in a ghost story is the ‘ghost story’ ability. And ‘ghost stories’ don’t just have one horror story; each ghost or monster in every story is a servant of the ‘ghost story.’ Although I killed those two anomalies, it doesn’t mean I killed the ‘ghost story.'” 

Li Sanxin frowned. “So, will this ‘ghost story’ come back to find me?” 

Lou Yan replied coldly, “One comes, one dies. Let’s see how many horror stories it can endure!” 

Li Sanxin laughed, “Lou, you’re so domineering.” 

But as he laughed, Li Sanxin suddenly felt a tingling sensation on his arm where the sleeve had brushed against it. He rolled up his sleeve and saw a palm-sized patch of skin on his forearm that was an unusual pale color, completely different from the rest of his skin. It was as if a patch had abruptly appeared on his clothes, and the presence of this patch of skin was extremely odd. 

“…What’s this?” Li Sanxin felt uneasy.

Lou Yan’s face turned extremely ugly at the sight, and he grabbed Li Sanxin’s arm, pulling it up to his face, with a hint of anger burning in his eyes.

Li Sanxin felt a headache. “Is there something wrong with the skin?”

“This is the skin of the woman in the raincoat,” Lou Yan’s brows furrowed, “She actually sewed her skin onto yours.”

“What do you mean?”

Lou Yan didn’t speak, his fingers continuously probing around the pale skin as if trying to tear it off.

“It means that even though the woman in the raincoat, this anomaly, was killed by Mr. Lou, you haven’t escaped the curse of the ‘ghost story.’ As long as the ‘ghost story’ is not killed, this piece of skin will continue to grow all over your body until you also become like the woman in the raincoat.”

Suddenly, a soft and charming voice rang out, the end of the voice elegantly drawn out, with a hint of a seductive laugh.

Lou Yan squinted his eyes towards the darkness in the corner. “Who’s there?”

A few seconds later, a graceful figure emerged from the darkness, slowly stepping into the moonlight.

The woman was wearing a black, figure-hugging fish-scale dress, the dress winding down to her ankles, revealing her graceful figure. She wore a loose white fur coat over it, draped over her elbows, the end hanging down in front of her waist. Soft and expensive fur nestled against her face, adding a touch of elegance and nobility to her delicate features.

The woman held an ivory fan of Western nobility in her hand, gently covering her smiling lips. Her golden hair was casually piled up, a few strands falling from the side of her ear, yet still retaining its beauty.

Lou Yan frowned, surprised for a moment, then said without hesitation, “Light Hider”

The person who came was none other than one of the infamous leaders of the cultists after the Anomaly Resurgence in the previous life – a woman known as “Light Hider,” Wen Yian.

Li Sanxin also recognized the woman, “The famous star Wen Yian?”

Even though Li Sanxin didn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, he had heard of Wen Yian’s name. With her beautiful mixed-race face, elegant temperament, mysterious foreign background, and unique acting skills, she was hailed by the domestic media as the leader of the new generation of young actors.

Wen Yian had millions of fans, just like her equally handsome singer brother, Wen Jiu. Both of them were highly sought after in the entertainment industry.

How could such a big star appear here? Li Sanxin’s expression remained unchanged as he looked at Wen Yian with a hint of scrutiny.

And why would this big star say such a thing?

It was as if she knew what Li Sanxin had just experienced…

The woman’s slender eyebrows raised slightly. “Light Hider? It seems Mr. Lou already knows about my talent.”

Her talent was to silently blend into the darkness. As long as there was darkness, she existed. Such a talent could be described as leaving no trace of murder, possessing both attack power and hiding ability.

Wen Yian had not been given the nickname “Light Hider” in this life yet, but the name matched her talent extremely well. It was rare indeed, her talent just awakened and she was just getting familiar, so how did Lou Yan know so much about it?

Facing such a beautiful woman, Lou Yan showed impatience, not understanding her mockery at all, “Why is the dog of the cultists barking here?”

The cultists were one of the evil cults that Lou Yan despised the most after the Anomaly Resurgence, without a doubt.

These cultists worshipped anomalies fanatically. In their eyes, anomalies were not disasters that destroyed the world, but gods that descended upon this world. They viewed the Anomaly Resurgence as a kind of evolution against humanity, and they believed that supporting the Anomaly Resurgence meant supporting evolution. In order to obtain the power of the anomaly, they willingly became accomplices of the anomalies to harm their compatriots, and they would also regularly seek out a group of compatriots as sacrifices to offer to the anomalies, trying their best to help the anomalies become stronger and bigger.

When humanity was struggling against the Anomaly Resurgence, these cultists were nothing short of traitors, or rather, they were ball thieves. Lou Yan was disgusted by them, without a doubt.

To put it bluntly, he thought the cultists were a bunch of brainless idiots.

“Mr. Lou knows quite a bit,” Wen Yian chuckled softly, her slender fingers, painted with red nail polish, gently fanning the ivory fan, selectively ignoring the malice in Lou Yan’s words, “Mr. Lou doesn’t need to be so nervous. I’m here just to make a deal with Mr. Lou.”

“First, I’m not nervous,” Lou Yan’s lips curved into a graceful arc, smiling but not smiling, “Second, I don’t do business with cultists.”

Wen Yian said leisurely, “Then, Mr. Lou can rest assured, I’m not here to make a deal as a cultist.”

Lou Yan pointed to Li Sanxin behind him, “Is the deal you’re talking about related to him?”

“Exactly,” Wen Yian’s eyes flickered, “If not stopped, Mr. Li will sooner or later be controlled by the ‘ghost story’ and become like the woman in the raincoat, continuing to be a member of the ‘ghost story’ as an accomplice. But Mr. Li certainly doesn’t have to die… I have a way to save Mr. Li’s life.”

“No need,” unexpectedly, Lou Yan coldly refused, “I know what method you’re going to suggest.”

Wen Yian was slightly stunned, then smiled ironically, “Mr. Lou, the method I’m talking about is not some stupid way to kill the ‘ghost story’…”

“And merge with the anomaly,” Lou Yan cut off Wen Yian’s words directly, his sharp eyes filled with ridicule, “That’s what you want to say.”

Wen Yian’s smile slowly faded, and she fell silent for a few seconds. “Right, that’s what I want to say.”

Lou Yan said expressionlessly, “Get lost, I don’t need to make a deal with you.”

Wen Yian lifted her hand, tucking the stray hair behind her ear, and smiled charmingly, “What if I told you I know a way to slow down the revival of the anomaly within Mr. Lou’s body?”

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