Monster Resurgence Chapter 22

Chapter 22

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Lou Yan’s eyelids twitched.

He slightly clenched his fists.

After the awakening of the bone spur’s power, Lou Yan could clearly feel that the anomaly within his body was undergoing a further revival.

The bone in the palm seems to have recovered, but it was actually still stirring. Lou Yan used his fingertips to probe the palm, feeling the slightly protruding bone beneath the layer of flesh.

This white anomaly bone was eager to awaken again under his skin and flesh.

Lou Yan needed a way to slow down the Anomaly Resurgence, and he needed it urgently. But he doubted if Wen Yian really knew this method.

Before, Duan Zege had divined for him, but he didn’t divine a way to slow down the Anomaly Resurgence. Lou Yan had also considered asking the Seize Life Phone again, but the Seize Life Phone was ultimately an anomaly, and its ability seemed useless. He didn’t trust the Seize Life Phone to tell him the truth.

Was Wen Yian telling the truth or lying?

Cultists had an intimate connection with the anomaly, and the people who knew the anomaly best was undoubtedly the cultist…

Lou Yan reassessed Wen Yian, “What do you want to trade with me?”

Wen Yian closed the fan in her hand, her eyes turning cold, “Help me kill a cultist.”

Lou Yan raised an eyebrow, unexpectedly, Wen Yian aimed her sharp knife at her own kind, giving him a sense of pleasure at seeing dogs biting dogs, “Isn’t it more convenient for you to use your own talent to kill?”

“Because the person I want to kill is also a cultist, so I can’t use my own talent to kill. My talent is not a secret among the cultists. Once I kill someone, they will trace it back to me from the victim’s death, which is not good for me. Mr. Lou should understand?” Wen Yian smiled again.

Lou Yan sneered, “Did you intentionally let Li Sanxin encounter the ‘ghost story’?”

His words were filled with killing intent, making Wen Yian involuntarily grip the fan slightly.

When Wen Yian accurately called out “Mr. Li” without asking for Li Sanxin’s name beforehand, Lou Yan knew that tonight’s encounter was arranged by Wen Yian intentionally. Li Sanxin in the previous life had also collected many supernatural events with him, but had not encountered the anomaly at this time. The fact that it appeared with such a huge deviation from the previous life was because Lou Yan’s changes undoubtedly attracted Wen Yian’s attention. Unable to grasp Lou Yan, Wen Yian targeted Li Sanxin, leading to tonight’s ambush.

If it were in the business world, Lou Yan would appreciate such a vicious woman. But Wen Yian absolutely should not have used her methods on Li Sanxin… Lou Yan’s eyes darkened.

Li Sanxin’s life and the method to slow down the Anomaly Resurgence, with these two cards, Wen Yian was sure that Lou Yan would not refuse.

Lou Yan indeed would not refuse, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to retaliate against Wen Yian.

If he had been a little slower, if he didn’t have the ability to rewind time… Thinking of Li Sanxin being skinned, Lou Yan felt a surge of murderous intent.

Wen Yian admitted frankly, “Yes, I did this. But I didn’t want to harm Mr. Li. If Mr. Lou hadn’t appeared in time, I would have saved Mr. Li too.”

Lou Yan sneered, “Is that so?”

Your idea of saving, is it to watch Li Sanxin be skinned alive?

Li Sanxin laughed bitterly, “Miss Wen, you have great methods.”

Wen Yian smiled apologetically at him.

Wen Yian indeed had good patience. Even though she could see the hostility from Lou Yan and Li Sanxin, her expression remained unchanged, smiling nobly and elegantly. With her fair skin and golden hair, coupled with her light-colored eyes, she looked like a doll.

“Mr. Lou, what do you think? This deal is a win-win for both of us,” Wen Yian smiled satisfactorily.

Lou Yan took a few steps forward and looked down at Wen Yian from a high vantage point. There were still traces of bloodshot in his eyes. Wen Yian lifted her head to meet Lou Yan’s gaze, almost feeling as if Lou Yan would immediately strike her. 

But after a moment, Lou Yan smiled. The corners of his mouth lifted as he softly uttered the words: “Pleasant cooperation.” 

Lou Yan’s suit jacket was thrown on the car, and he himself was now wearing a slim-fit black shirt, perfectly accentuating his good physique. Despite the recent hustle and bustle, his clothes had become slightly wrinkled, but it only added a touch of charm to him. 

The scent of men’s perfume was elegant and refined, his long legs were straight, and the belt around his waist highlighted his slender and enticing figure. There was no doubt that Lou Yan was a charming man. 

Even though Wen Yian had encountered many outstanding men in the entertainment industry, Lou Yan could definitely rank among the top. Because all kinds of men existed in the circle, but there was a lack of such flamboyant, arrogant, and dominant men, especially ones whose arrogance and dominance were not repulsive but rather captivating, like a blazing fire that made it impossible not to notice. 

Wen Yian smiled satisfactorily. “Pleasant cooperation, Mr. Lou. In light of your charm, I’ll generously give you a piece of information.” 

Lou Yan narrowed his eyes slightly. “What is it?”

“Whatever you do, don’t let my little brother see you,” Wen Yian flashed a seductive smile. Her fair-as-jade hand caressed Lou Yan’s chest, then ambiguously trailed along his chest, gradually moving upwards, finally lightly resting on Lou Yan’s neck, her fingers teasing his Adam’s apple as if barely touching it.

Li Sanxin next to them grunted, his face dark, wanting to pull Wen Yian’s hand away.

Lou Yan remained motionless, his expression unchanged, and asked again, “Why?”

Wen Yian tiptoed, smiling by Lou Yan’s ear, “Because he, he loves to ruin proud sons of heaven like you the most.”

A flash appeared in Lou Yan’s eyes.

Wen Yian flirtatiously left a crimson and sexy lip print on Lou Yan’s ear, then smiled and stepped back, “Mr. Lou, the cultist I want to kill is called Cai Mo. You can find him in Liushu Village. When you successfully kill him, I will come to you.”

Liushu Village, again it was Liushu Village.

Lou Yan’s expression was indifferent, “How do I know you’re not playing me?”

Wen Yian smiled gently, “You’ve recorded our entire conversation, haven’t you?”

With that, she slowly retreated into the shadows, then flew a kiss to Lou Yan, her scarlet lips shrouded in darkness, “Hope you like my goodnight kiss, wish you a peaceful sleep tonight. Mr. Lou, until next time.”

The moonlight poured down, and Wen Yian, who had hidden in the shadows, had disappeared.

Lou Yan’s collar was disheveled, and a bright red lip print was blatantly printed near his earlobe, making him look like he had just experienced an intimate encounter.

Lou Yan stood silently for a few seconds before chuckling. He took out his recording phone from his pocket and pressed pause, then returned to the car with Li Sanxin.

Li Sanxin had been staring at him and handed him a tissue, “Quickly wipe off the lipstick mark.”

Lou Yan responded and took the tissue to casually wipe off the lipstick mark on the side of his face. The red lip print was instantly wiped into a messy, a luxurious mess.

Li Sanxin chuckled coldly, seeing through everything, “She’s trying to use her charms to seduce you, Yanzi, don’t fall for it.”

“Charms?” Lou Yan chuckled, “She’s clearly threatening me.”

Li Sanxin: “…How did you come to the conclusion that she’s threatening you?”

“A woman who can silently kill in the dark wishes me sweet dreams tonight,” Lou Yan mocked, “What kind of sweet dreams? Dreams of being killed by her without even noticing? To me, that sentence sounds like a threat, not a blessing.”

“….” Li Sanxin couldn’t say anything and simply gave Lou Yan a thumbs up, showing admiration.

Lou Yan didn’t like Wen Yian very much. He lit a cigarette and said lightly, “I will get revenge for you.”

Li Sanxin also asked for a cigarette and bit it in his mouth for Lou Yan to light. He chuckled at Lou Yan’s words, and the fire reflected on his angular face, making him look much calmer than Lou Yan, “Alright, I remember, but I prefer to take revenge myself.”

The two sat side by side in the front seats, each leaning against the backrest, puffing out clouds of smoke. Li Sanxin sighed deeply, “Ah, talent. When will mine awaken?” 

“Don’t worry,” Lou Yan said leisurely, “It’s just a matter of time for you.” 

Li Sanxin was puzzled, “How can you be so sure?” 

Lou Yan grinned mischievously, “Wanna bet?” 

“No thanks,” Li Sanxin declined decisively, then chuckled suddenly. Under the smoke, he seemed to be filled with emotion. “Yanzi…..”

Lou Yan responded with a sound.

Li Sanxin sighed, “I feel like you’ve changed a bit these days.” 

Lou Yan flicked away some ash without speaking. 

Li Sanxin continued, “You’ve become more considerate, formidable, protective, and mature. Actually, it’s a good change. Sometimes I’m glad to see you improving, but sometimes I worry.” 

“Worry?” Lou Yan asked. 

Li Sanxin opened the car window for some fresh air, squinting as he watched the smoke drift out through the crack. After taking a few deep drags on his cigarette, he said, “Worried that you might have committed some crime without me knowing.” 

Lou Yan paused for a moment, couldn’t help but smile, “No, but you’re in for a rough ride.” 

Li Sanxin turned to look at him, “What do you mean?” 

“You’re in the midst of an anomaly resurgence. There are only two ways to deal with your anomaly. The most realistic one is to find an anomaly for you to merge with,” Lou Yan raised an eyebrow at Li Sanxin, teasingly saying, “Congratulations, didn’t you want to go to Liushu Village? Now you can come with us.” 

Li Sanxin, who had just experienced a life-threatening situation, twitched at the corner of his mouth, “…D*mn.”

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