Monster Resurgence Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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Obviously, the woman outside the door was also an anomaly. Judging from her words, there was more than one woman outside the door.

Lou Yan felt like he had fallen into a spider’s nest.

He raised his hand and pinched his brow.

The woman outside the door gave him the same feeling as the four eerie beings who carried the coffin. If he refused them, Lou Yan felt he might die.

Clearly, this door could easily be pushed open by the woman outside, but she didn’t push it directly; instead, she waited for Lou Yan to speak before entering. However, if this woman really wanted to come in but couldn’t, she wouldn’t have made the terrifying and guarded move of peeking through the crack in the door, because the first reaction of ordinary people to such an action would be to refuse entry.

And refusing entry to eerie beings was likely what the eerie beings outside the door wanted to achieve.

Lou Yan spoke, “Come in.”

The woman outside the door fell silent for a moment, then said discontentedly, “Why didn’t the new bride open the door for us?”

Lou Yan coldly chuckled, his tone more aggressive than the woman outside, “What? The door isn’t locked. Can’t you push it open yourselves?”

It seemed the woman outside the door didn’t expect Lou Yan to respond like this. Reluctantly, she pushed open the door and entered the bedroom.

Two beautiful women walked in. Not only were they beautiful, but they were also very sexy. They wore only red bras on their upper bodies, exposing large areas of fair arms, necks, and backs, and wore loose black coarse pants on their lower bodies. Their black and shiny braids hung on both shoulders, their beautiful faces wore identical smiles, neither more nor less, yet their eyes and eyebrows didn’t match the smiles at all, making their smiles seem out of place, as if someone else’s smiling mouth had been moved to their faces.

Although these two women didn’t look alike, their expressions and attire were identical, making them look almost identical.

Just by looking at their appearance, they didn’t seem like terrifying anomalies. However, the more alluring and seductive they looked, the deeper Lou Yan’s guard became.

Lou Yan kept his eyes down, not looking directly at the two women, only using his peripheral vision to track their movements, always paying attention to their expressions and body language.

The two women gracefully approached Lou Yan, bringing a faint scent of powder with them. Their voices were softer than outside, “New bride, let us serve you, it’s almost the auspicious time.”

Lou Yan didn’t look away, adhering to the principle of speaking less to avoid mistakes, and responded lightly.

The two women stood on either side, the woman on the left giggled twice, her delicate and boneless arms resting on Lou Yan’s shoulders, “New bride, I’m Little Flower, and she’s Little Ling. Why don’t you take a look at us?”

Lou Yan glanced at the hand on his shoulder. This hand was undoubtedly beautiful, with slender fingers and round nails, but the skin of this hand had a faintly cold bluish-white color.

Here we go again.

One danger after another.

Without waiting for Lou Yan to speak, Little Flower directly giggled and sat in Lou Yan’s lap, her arms around Lou Yan’s neck, so light as if she had no weight at all, her flirtatious eyes and fragrant breath, “New bride, why aren’t you speaking? Don’t you like us?”

Fortunately, this anomaly wasn’t heavy, so it didn’t aggravate Lou Yan’s injuries further. Lou Yan maintained his sitting position, trying not to let his injured foot bear any weight. Faced with the question from the eerie being, Lou Yan chose to change the subject, as if he hadn’t seen Little Flower’s actions, “Didn’t you say you were going to bathe me?”

Little Flower giggled, her hand meaningfully hooking onto Lou Yan’s collar, “Yes, we’re going to bathe you. The new bride’s clothes should be taken off and changed.”

Another equally beautiful and ghastly pale pair of hands reached from behind and explored Lou Yan’s shoulder, then ambiguously slid down to his chest. Little Ling also smiled softly and gently, “Yes, new bride, don’t you like us?”

Another question, these two eerie beings really liked to ask questions… Lou Yan had a sudden insight and seized upon this detail.

These two anomalies had been asking various questions since before they entered the room. Was this their method of killing?

Because of caution and temperament issues, Lou Yan hadn’t directly answered their questions. Lou Yan quickly reviewed the conversation in his mind and found that he had also asked the eerie beings two questions during the conversation, and after he asked, the eerie beings either remained silent or answered his questions honestly.

So that’s it.

Lou Yan narrowed his eyes, intending to test if his guess was correct, and asked the anomalies, “When is the auspicious time?”

Little Ling frowned slightly, somewhat displeased, “The auspicious time is at three o’clock in the night.”

Lou Yan glanced at his watch; it was already half past two in the morning.

There was only half an hour left until the auspicious time.

But was the time in the red coffin world synchronized with the real world outside?

Without waiting for the two anomalies to speak, Lou Yan asked again, “What time is it now?”

The beautiful faces of the two women twisted slightly, their gazes at Lou Yan becoming somewhat cold, and Little Flower’s smile became sinister, “New bride, it’s half past two in the middle of the night.”

The time was consistent.

Lou Yan pondered, paying no attention to their ugly faces, and continued, “Who is the ‘groom’?”

When this question was asked, the faces of the two anomalies darkened completely. They looked at Lou Yan maliciously, their eyes emitting a green light, sharp teeth momentarily protruding from their smiling mouths, and their beautiful faces became frighteningly hideous.

Their fingernails suddenly elongated and sharpened like fox claws, their nails turning from transparent to crimson. Little Ling placed her hand on Lou Yan’s chest, while Little Flower grabbed Lou Yan’s chin, threateningly baring her teeth and sneering, “The groom is the groom. The new bride has so many questions. We’ve answered so many questions for the new bride. Why doesn’t the new bride answer our questions? Tell us, which one of us looks better?”

Little Ling also leaned in close to Lou Yan’s ear, her voice swallowing loudly, “Yeah, new bride, it’s time for you to answer our questions. Tell us, who do you think is more beautiful?”

They stared straight at Lou Yan, asking in unison, “Quick, answer!”

“Quickly answer!!!”

Lou Yan knew that these two anomalies were angered by his attitude and intended to confront him.

If he answered this question, there was a ninety percent chance he would be killed by them on the spot; if he didn’t answer, Lou Yan estimated he would be tortured by the enraged anomalies until he wished for death.

Lou Yan’s foot bones were already broken, and even though his recovery ability was not like that of an ordinary person, he couldn’t regain mobility in a short time. He was already half crippled, and if he were further tortured by these two anomalies, Lou Yan would have no chance of walking out of the red coffin alive.

The priority now was to stabilize these two anomalies in front of him…

Lou Yan’s eyes flashed, and his demeanor instantly changed.

A casual smile hung on his lips, his eyes slightly raised, the coldness and arrogance in his eyes turning into a charming warmth in an instant. Lou Yan no longer sat so defensively, but rather relaxed his posture, stretched his long legs, and displayed the perfect proportions of his body, not appearing decadent at all, but rather handsome and charming, making people blush and heart race.

Lou Yan had a bad temper, but he knew exactly what kind of power his appearance held. He didn’t like to please people, nor had he ever deliberately used his appearance to seduce anyone, but that didn’t mean Lou Yan didn’t understand what made him most attractive and irresistible to others.

He calmly took Little Flower’s hand and kissed it lightly on the lips, his eyes meeting Little Flower’s, he smiled faintly, “Sisters, you won’t be angry with me for my rudeness, will you?”

Little Flower stared at him blankly, the sharp teeth in her mouth and the green light in her eyes slowly dissipating.

Lou Yan then took hold of Little Ling’s hand on his chest and gently placed it on the side of his face. Tilting his head, he glanced up at Little Ling standing behind him, his eyes filled with a teasing and ambiguous smile, “Don’t make things difficult for me, okay?”

Little Ling’s Adam’s apple rolled, swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

“New bride…” Little Flower looked at him foolishly, leaning closer to Lou Yan, her pale hand touching Lou Yan’s handsome face, giggling, “New bride, you are even more good looking than the groom.”

This meant they had already seen the “groom”, indicating that the “groom” had arrived here before him.

Lou Yan couldn’t help but think of Fu Xuezhou.

Because Fu Xuezhou had entered the coffin before him.

If the identities of the “groom” and “bride” were assigned according to the order of entry, then it was understandable and reasonable for Fu Xuezhou to enter the red coffin first and take the identity of the groom, as he was a man.

Suppressing the discomfort in his heart, Lou Yan began to think about whether he could seize this opportunity to ask some questions he wanted to know.

Such as what exactly the “groom” and “bride” were, what the red coffin was, and how to leave the red coffin.

But the answers these two anomalies gave to questions were very flexible. Even when they were angry, phrases like “the groom is the groom” counted as answers. Lou Yan wasn’t sure if he would receive a bunch of nonsense if he asked questions, or if his questions would offend them and anger them again.


Something was wrong.

There was something he had forgotten… which made him feel somewhat inexplicably annoyed.

What was it…

Little Flower and Little Ling’s hands had reached his neck and collarbone, and even removed Lou Yan’s coat. Their movements were slow, not like they were going to help Lou Yan bathe, but rather like they were flirting with him leisurely.

Leisurely… that’s right, time!

Lou Yan immediately looked at his watch.

02:45, there were still 15 minutes until three o’clock auspicious time.

These two anomalies were talking about not delaying the auspicious time, but every action they made since appearing was delaying Lou Yan’s time. Did they want Lou Yan to miss the auspicious time?

Lou Yan’s gaze sharpened, and he casually lifted his head, reaching out to stop Little Flower’s hand trying to slip into his collar. A faint smile appeared on his lips, “What will happen if I miss the auspicious time?”

Little Flower said, “Of course, you will die.”

Hearing this, the smile on Lou Yan’s face instantly disappeared, his expression turning blank. He shook off the hands of the two anomalies and stood up, saying, “I want to bathe and change clothes.”

Little Flower and Little Ling covered their mouths and laughed, “New bride, don’t be in such a hurry…”

“Aren’t you afraid of delaying the auspicious time?” Lou Yan said slowly, “Since you are here to serve me, I say, I want to bathe and change clothes now.”

The two anomalies exchanged glances, reluctantly got up, and said coldly, “Come.”

They led Lou Yan to a door beside the wooden bed. Lou Yan limped over, frowning at the sight of the tightly closed door.

It was strange, when did this door appear here?

The anomalies opened the door, revealing a layout inside like a bathroom. There was a wooden tub filled with hot water, a deep red chair with clothes and towels, and dim yellow lights filled the room.

The two anomalies said to Lou Yan with a strange tone, “New bride, you must hurry up, or you’ll be in trouble after the auspicious time.”

Lou Yan didn’t say anything, simply walked past them into the bathroom and closed the door.

The two anomalies stared at the door for a while, then slinked away.

Inside the bathroom.

Lou Yan checked the time again; there were still 13 minutes left.

He straightened his lips nonchalantly, not anxious, but first inspected the entire bathroom.

There didn’t seem to be any anomalies here; the only place they could hide would be inside the wooden tub. There was only a white soap and a set of simple red robes on the chair.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a traditional wedding dress; otherwise, Lou Yan wouldn’t have enough time to put it on.

After observing, Lou Yan didn’t waste any time and went straight into the wooden tub to bathe. He quickly and carefully washed himself with a soap from head to toe.

The mud and fishy smell from rolling on the riverbank were washed away by the flowing water.

Ten minutes later, Lou Yan emerged from the wooden tub, completely clean. His foot injuries delayed his speed, making everything inconvenient for Lou Yan, but he still took two minutes to walk to the chair and calmly changed his clothes, put on his boots. Then, in just over ten seconds, he swiftly opened the bathroom door with his broken bone foot and walked into the bedroom.

He even took the time to straighten out the slight wrinkles on his sleeves. Lou Yan glanced at his watch, good, there was still half a minute.

Lou Yan relaxed his eyebrows and lifted his head, only to see a man sitting on the square wooden bed draped with yellow and white curtains, his back facing him, wearing a red shirt just like Lou Yan.

The man sat upright, his silver hair hanging wet and loose behind his shoulders. He was playing with a red veil in his hand, and upon hearing the movement behind him, the silver-haired man turned his head and revealed a faint smile to Lou Yan.

“You’re here.”

Fu Xuezhou chuckled lightly and softly said, “Lou Yan.”

The author’s note:

Chief Lou: (angry) (calm) (flirty) (wronged) For the sake of livelihood, selling male charm

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