Monster Resurgence Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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Lou Yan pinched the bugs on his pants leg to death and wiped his hands slowly with tissue, his lips pressed down as he pondered this question.

Fu Xuezhou was so familiar with Liushu Village; it was impossible for him not to know that it was a nightmare’s dream. Under this premise, as long as Fu Xuezhou wanted to wake up, he could wake up at any time.

But the Red Coffin was a real anomaly. Nightmares hiding behind the Red Coffin killed people, proving that the nightmare’s ability was no match for the Red Coffin. The Red Coffin and the Nightmares existed independently. Fu Xuezhou didn’t encounter danger in the nightmare’s dream but in the internal world of the Red Coffin. Logically speaking, as long as Fu Xuezhou died inside the Red Coffin, then he should be really dead.

He’d better be dead.

A deep murderous intent flashed in Lou Yan’s eyes.

If he’s not dead, then I’ll kill him again.

Lou Yan stuffed the tissue into his pocket but didn’t find the five syringes and the old-fashioned keypad phone from the cultist in his pocket. His hand paused, and his brow furrowed immediately.

D*mn it, everything he got from the cultist in the dream was gone now.

“What’s wrong?” Duan Zege immediately asked when he saw Lou Yan’s expression change.

“I lost the good stuff I got from the cultist,” Lou Yan quickly calmed down, “But since those fanatic cultists died in the dream, it means they died in reality too. They followed the route given by ‘Furniture Boss’ to enter Liushu Village, proving that the location of their deaths are not far from ours.”

As he spoke, Lou Yan began to concentrate and sniff the scent of blood in the air.

Soon, he smelled the scent of blood coming from the southeast direction.

Lou Yan’s lips curled up, preparing to call everyone to head in the southeast direction together. Suddenly, Li Sanxin groaned, clutching his head and lying down on the ground. Lou Yan couldn’t see his expression, but Li Sanxin’s neck veins bulged, showing signs of a splitting headache.

Lou Yan was surprised and quickly walked to Li Sanxin’s side. After taking a careful look at Li Sanxin’s condition, he breathed a sigh of relief. His tense face relaxed a lot, and he even smiled, “Li Sanxin, looks like you’re awakening your talent.”

Li Sanxin’s head was throbbing, and Lou Yan’s voice intermittently entered his mind. He gritted his teeth, gasping for air, and tried to reply with a relaxed tone, his words trembling slightly, “You said before… awakening talent… d*mn it, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Lou Yan squatted down with a smile, casually flicking Li Sanxin’s short hair, “So are you pleasantly surprised now? Don’t worry, it’ll only hurt for a minute.”

While sweating profusely, Li Sanxin also felt that his childhood friend was quite annoying. He stubbornly raised a middle finger to Lou Yan.

Duan Zege coughed and walked over, suggesting, “I’ll stay here and watch over Li Sanxin. Lou Yan, you and Little Lu go find those fanatical cultists. If nothing unexpected happens, Little Yu should be there too. We don’t know if there will be other fanatical cultists coming, so we can’t waste time.”

Lou Yan knew that Duan Zege was right. He patted Li Sanxin’s shoulder, stood up, and said to Duan Zege, “I’ll leave it to you,” then he took Lu Haoxiu and went into the woods to the southeast.

Watching their figures disappear into the forest, Duan Zege lowered his head and focused his gaze on Li Sanxin. Li Sanxin’s body was already covered in fallen leaves and dirt, his forehead bulging, lips tightly pressed together as he persisted. After observing Li Sanxin for a while, Duan Zege sat down next to him, casually picking off the leaves and weeds from his body.

“Li Sanxin, why are you called Li Sanxin?” Duan Zege asked casually, “That name is quite perfunctory.”

Sweat dripped from Li Sanxin’s forehead onto his sharply defined face. He wiped away the sweat and replied reluctantly, “It sounds better than your name.”

Duan Zege smiled and muttered to himself, “Well, my name sounds better.”

Lou Yan and Lu Haoxiu hadn’t walked fifty meters to the southeast before they saw a group of corpses.

Lou Yan gestured to Lu Haoxiu, and the two of them wore hats and masks, hiding any distinctive features on their bodies in the woods, then quietly approached the bodies.

As they got closer, the strong smell of blood invaded their senses. Lou Yan recognized the corpses of Cai Mo and three other fanatical cultists among them.

Two of the fanatical cultists had been killed by Fu Xuezhou in the dream, their deaths were extremely horrifying. One had his limbs chopped off, his eyes wide open with a long tongue sticking out, while the other was covered in oil and burnt to a black charcoal corpse by a fire, and Cai Mo had a gunshot wound in his forehead, but his abdomen was torn open with intestines spilling out.

Their bodies had turned into this not only because of Fu Xuezhou but also because of the anomalies inside their bodies resurrecting.

Flies and insects crawled all over them. These fanatical cultists had been dead for quite some time, with even some insect eggs densely packed on their bodies.

As soon as Lu Haoxiu saw this scene, he felt nauseous and couldn’t hold it in, running into the woods to vomit while holding onto a tree.

Lou Yan’s expression was complex. He had seen many corpses, so he didn’t feel disgusted at the moment.

But he couldn’t help but think, if he didn’t find a way to delay the revival of the anomalies in his body, would he end up like Cai Mo and the others? Dead without a complete corpse.

Lou Yan checked the three interns again and found that besides the two dead interns, one of them still had faint signs of life and hadn’t truly died yet.

He immediately moved this intern to a cool place nearby, preparing to call an ambulance later.

The two folders of the fanatical cultists were held in Cai Mo’s hand. Lou Yan put on gloves and easily took the syringes and phone from the folders, then shouted, “Lu Haoxiu?”

Lu Haoxiu wiped his mouth and came out of the woods, looking wilted, trying hard not to look at the bodies, “Brother Lou, I’m fine. Where’s Little Yu?”

“I didn’t see her…” Lou Yan’s gaze suddenly stopped, looking towards a tree nearby, a smile spreading across his face, “She’s hiding over there.”

Lu Haoxiu followed his gaze and exclaimed in surprise, “Little Yu, why are you up in the tree? Come down quickly, big brother will catch you!”

Little Yu stuck her head out from the branches and, seeing it was Lu Haoxiu and Lou Yan, without saying a word, reached out and jumped into Lu Haoxiu’s arms. Lu Haoxiu was startled and quickly caught her, “Be careful!”

With everyone and everything gathered, it was time for them to leave. Lou Yan went to the living intern, took out a phone from the intern’s clothes, called an ambulance to report the address, and then put the phone back in the intern’s pocket.

“Brother Lou, he’s not dead yet?!” Lu Haoxiu’s eyes lit up, unable to hide his joy for the living intern.

Lou Yan nodded and took their things, saying, “Let’s go. The ambulance will arrive in about 20 minutes, and once the ambulance moves, the relevant agencies in Liushu Village will be alerted, and it won’t be easy for us to leave by then.”

Lu Haoxiu hurriedly nodded and followed him back to find Duan Zege and Li Sanxin.

Li Sanxin’s headache had subsided, and he was looking at his hands with a curious expression. Seeing them return, he was about to excitedly tell them about his awakened talent, but Lou Yan didn’t even ask and urged, “Let’s go, people will be here soon.”

The four adults with one child hurriedly retraced their steps, fortunately, their car was parked nearby. After getting in the car, Duan Zege stepped on the gas pedal and they returned to the main road.

Back on the main road, they looked back and saw people hurrying in the blockade area, as if something had happened. A few minutes later, several fire trucks and ambulances whizzed past them on the road, heading straight for Liushu Village with their lights flashing.

“It must be the villagers of Liushu Village coming out.” Lou Yan guessed.

Duan Zege glanced back and said, “I seem to have seen Teacher Lin’s figure. It’s a good thing they woke up.”

Little Yu took off her shoes and stood on the back seat, looking back through the rear window. Her eyes were as clear as water, quietly watching the lively scene behind.

Lu Haoxiu began rummaging through the snack bag, “Little Yu, want some candy?”

Little Yu turned her head and nodded obediently, carefully sitting down herself, watching Lu Haoxiu search for candy. Her feet dangled, showing that she was in a good mood.

Lou Yan glanced at the child and saw that the scene of just seeing the bodies of Cai Mo and others didn’t cause her any psychological trauma. He couldn’t help but reach out and ruffle her hair.

She’s quite adaptable.

Lu Haoxiu searched through the snack bag several times but couldn’t find the lollipop he had brought specifically. He was completely baffled, “Hey, where’s the candy?!”

Lou Yan glanced at him and the snack bag, “Lost?”

“It’s impossible,…” Lu Haoxiu leaned forward and yelled at the driver, “Brother Li, didn’t I put the candy in a plastic bag? I remember you saw it too, right? I really put it in, bro, do you know where my candy went?”

Li Sanxin chuckled, “I just awakened my talent a moment ago, and nobody came to ask me what talent I awakened. Now you think of me? Asking me where the candy is? Ha, it’s in your mind.”

Lu Haoxiu smiled awkwardly and dryly asked, “Bro, what talent did you awaken then?”

Li Sanxin smirked, “I don’t feel like telling you now.”

Lou Yan chuckled, and Li Sanxin immediately turned to glare at him, “Kid, wipe that smirk off your face.”

Lu Haoxiu was scared and hugged Little Yu, shrinking into the corner. He could tell now that Li Sanxin was like a powder keg at the moment, ready to explode at anyone, completely unreasonable.

The usually gentlemanly and considerate elder brother, once angry, was completely unbearable for Lu Haoxiu to handle.

But Lou Yan wasn’t afraid at all. Not only was he not afraid, he even lowered the car window with a smile. The cool breeze at noon blew into the car, scattering his black hair. Lou Yan leaned lazily against the window, smiling provocatively, “Can’t even laugh now?”

He wanted to say a few more words to tease Li Sanxin, but his arm was suddenly patted by Little Yu. Lou Yan turned to look at Little Yu and saw her holding up a colorful transparent candy wrapper, offering it to him.

Lou Yan took the candy wrapper inexplicably and looked at it. He could still smell the faint sweetness on the wrapper. “What’s with this candy wrapper?”

Little Yu gestured with sign language, and Duan Zege translated from the rearview mirror, “Little Yu said she found this candy wrapper in the corner.”

Little Yu nodded, staring at the candy wrapper, licking her lips, wanting to come over to lick the sweetness on the wrapper, but Lou Yan stopped her in time. Lou Yan pressed her head, crying and laughing, “We’re not so poor that we need to lick candy wrappers.”

“Huh,” Lu Haoxiu leaned over curiously and suddenly pointed excitedly at the candy wrapper in Lou Yan’s hand, “This is the candy I brought! I knew I definitely brought candy, isn’t this evidence?! But it’s so strange, where did the candy go? Who ate this candy?”

Lu Haoxiu searched the car with Little Yu several times, but not only did they not find the candy, they didn’t even find a second candy wrapper.

Little Yu sat tiredly in the back seat, her eyes vacant.

Lu Haoxiu’s hair was all messed up like a chicken’s nest. He smiled embarrassedly at Little Yu, took out a bottle of yogurt for her, “Little Yu, there’s no candy left, would you like some yogurt instead?”

Little Yu took a sip of yogurt and gave Lu Haoxiu a thumbs up, earnestly drinking it sip by sip.

“Could someone have stolen something from the car? But would they only steal candy?” Lu Haoxiu muttered to himself, puzzled. The others didn’t pay attention, except for Lou Yan, who held the candy wrapper in his hand, feeling a strange feeling flash through his heart.

But the feeling passed too quickly, and he didn’t catch anything in the end. He casually stuffed the candy wrapper into the trash bag.

The author has something to say:

The ten great mysteries – where the candy went

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