Monster Resurgence Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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Lou Yan’s expression changed slightly, then he pondered for a moment before saying, “Alright. If I don’t have a gun on me, then the officer should apologize to me properly and tell me who you really are. If I do have a gun on me, then I fully accept being dealt with according to the rules. How about that?”

The traffic policeman sneered lightly, indifferent to the suggestion.

Only then did Lou Yan release the traffic policeman’s arm, indicating for him to continue. When the traffic policeman wasn’t paying attention, Lou Yan glanced at the car and locked eyes with Lu Haoxiu, who was leaning against the window in the back seat.

He indeed had a gun on him, and the traffic policeman also had a gun in his hand. Once Lu Haoxiu used his ability, there was a possibility that he would take away the gun from him or even take away the gun from the traffic policeman’s hand.

With a fifty percent chance, Lou Yan was also gambling because he himself didn’t know the final outcome.

Lou Yan felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Such emotions made him enjoy the situation, even becoming somewhat addicted to it.

A fifty percent chance of winning was already quite high. Who would the result lean towards?

Lou Yan closely watched as the traffic policeman lifted his coat, revealing an empty space where the gun should have been placed. There was nothing there.

He won.

Lou Yan couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He eagerly looked at the traffic policeman, hoping to see disappointment, reluctance, and astonishment on the face of this fake policeman. Unfortunately, the expression on the man’s face remained unchanged. He just stared at Lou Yan’s waist for a few seconds before letting go of his coat and saying lightly, “You win.”

“… ” Lou Yan felt quite bored. He said expressionlessly, “Who are you?”

The traffic policeman took out a wallet from his pocket, wearing white gloves as he flipped through it. Then he pulled out a white business card and handed it to Lou Yan.

Lou Yan took it and saw that there was only one line of black text on the white card: Peace Boxing Club.

After Lou Yan finished reading the card and looked up, the traffic policeman had already turned and walked towards the motorcycle.

Lou Yan hurried after him, smiling ambiguously, “Mr. Fake Policeman, did you forget that you need to apologize to me?”

Without looking back, the man continued walking, asking indifferently, “How do you want me to apologize?”

“Bow or kowtow, you choose,” Lou Yan said, “If you can’t decide, I don’t mind both.”

But the fake traffic policeman acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, continuing to walk without any intention of apologizing to Lou Yan.

Lou Yan stopped in his tracks, squinting at the man’s back, then raised his hand to touch the back of his neck. He pulled out the Spinal Whip from his body, then with a swift motion, he lashed out at the man without any mercy.

The Spinal Whip made a cracking sound as it struck the man’s back with a gust of wind. But as the “traffic policeman” was hit by the Spinal Whip, he disappeared completely into thin air, as if he were a bubble being shattered.

Lou Yan’s pupils dilated, then he remembered something and immediately turned around to raise his voice towards the direction of the car, “This person is fake! This is the nightmare’s dream! Wake up!”

The next second, Lou Yan abruptly opened his eyes and sat up straight.

The car was still moving, and the wind blew on Lou Yan’s face from the window, making him drowsy.

Li Sanxin, who was driving, was drinking water. After seeing Lou Yan’s movement in the rearview mirror, he casually asked, “Awake? Do you want to sleep a bit more?”

Lou Yan blinked slowly and then looked around.

Lu Haoxiu and Little Yu were sleeping soundly next to him, their faces flushed from sleep. Snacks were scattered all over the place, and the air was filled with the smell of fruit juice and yogurt. Lou Yan looked further ahead and saw that Duan Zege, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was also asleep, with only Li Sanxin the driver still awake.

Lou Yan hesitated and looked at the sky outside. He could already see the toll station belonging to Chengjiang City in the distance. “… How long did I sleep?”

“About an hour,” Li Sanxin glanced at him, “What’s wrong, had a nightmare?”

Li Sanxin’s conversation with Lou Yan woke up Duan Zege in the passenger seat. Duan Zege opened his eyes lazily, yawned, and turned his head to ask, “Who had a nightmare? Lou Yan?”

Lou Yan pinched his eyebrows, his eyes darkening. He casually grunted in agreement, activating his Crisis Perception.

[Mental power: 55/70]

There was no danger present, indicating that he was now in the real world.

Lou Yan exhaled a warm breath, feeling a sense of loss, reminiscent of Zhuangzi’s dream of being a butterfly and the butterfly’s dream of being Zhuangzi.

Before encountering that “traffic policeman,” Li Sanxin had just taken over driving from Duan Zege, and Li Sanxin had let them sleep for a while. Lou Yan did sleep, but it was only for a short while. He thought he hadn’t really fallen asleep, but he had actually been pulled into a nightmare without realizing it.

Lou Yan’s action of pinching his eyebrows suddenly stopped, and he pushed Lu Haoxiu and Little Yu, saying, “Lu Haoxiu, Little Yu, wake up.”

The two children were awakened by Lou Yan. Lu Haoxiu rubbed his eyes and asked sleepily, “Are we home?”

Little Yu also yawned, looking a bit groggy.

Lou Yan could tell from their reactions that they hadn’t been pulled into the nightmare, so the nightmare was targeting only him.

That traffic policeman… was it the nightmare itself or an illusion?

The reactions of everyone in the dream were too natural and too correct, completely in line with all the logical responses Lou Yan imagined. Whether it was Li Sanxin or Lu Haoxiu, Lou Yan thought that the whole car was once again pulled into the nightmare, but unexpectedly, it was only him in the end.

He really didn’t realize it at all—Lou Yan furrowed his brows. If it weren’t for that last lash, he wouldn’t have thought that the nightmare had caught up to him.

Well, it made sense. Besides humans, even anomalies like nightmares knew that Lou Yan had the ability to destroy the Red Coffin. The nightmare’s first reaction should have been to avoid Lou Yan. It shouldn’t have been so straightforward in declaring its malice towards Lou Yan, otherwise, wasn’t it deliberately provoking Lou Yan and making an enemy out of him?

Like today, clearly being exposed by Lou Yan not long ago, yet unwillingly catching up, unknowingly leading Lou Yan into the dream, impersonating a policeman in the dream to humiliate and oppress Lou Yan, displaying clear malice and hostility in the dream, and even betting with Lou Yan in the dream… this was completely unlike the style of an anomaly; instead, it seemed more like the style of a “person.”

Lou Yan’s eyes flickered as he muttered to himself, “Peace Boxing Club.”

Since the dream was dominated by the nightmare, the fact that the fake policeman lost to him was quite significant. Looking at it this way, it seemed more like this “policeman” intentionally led Lou Yan to investigate his own identity…

“Peace Boxing Club?” Li Sanxin exclaimed, “The name of this club sounds familiar.”

Lou Yan leaned back, “It does sound familiar to me too. Have we been to this club before?”

Li Sanxin thought for a moment and shook his head, “I don’t remember, let me check.”

While waiting in line to pay the highway toll, Li Sanxin quickly entered the destination “Peace Boxing Club” on the navigation. He found that the club was located in Chengjiang City, some distance from the city center but still within a commercial area.

With the location known, Lou Yan recalled, “I remember now, I passed by this place a few times before when commuting. Peace Boxing Club… I remember someone recommended it to me.”

Lou Yan thought for a moment, then clicked his tongue, squinting his eyes, “It seems like this place is also a venue for underground boxing matches.”

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