Monster Resurgence Chapter 52

Chapter 52

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As soon as this statement came out, the atmosphere in the car instantly became tense.

Lou Yan didn’t move, but dark currents surged in his eyes like a deep sea.

Li Sanxin clenched the steering wheel instantly, while Lu Haoxiu restrained himself from turning his head to look at Lou Yan’s reaction. Except for Duan Zege whose face was partly covered by hair, the other people in the car struggled to suppress their unusual expressions.

Lou Yan had never specifically mentioned to them about carrying a gun, but he hadn’t hidden it from them either. All of them knew about Lou Yan carrying a firearm, and that firearm was currently on Lou Yan.

Who reported it? How did they know that Lou Yan had a gun on him?

What should they do now?

Li Sanxin pretended to smile as if nothing was wrong, blocking the traffic policeman’s gaze towards Lou Yan. “This must be someone playing a joke on you, Officer. How could ordinary civilians like us have access to firearms? Officer, reports like these, which are unrealistic, are usually just pranks and nonsense.”

“Concealing firearms is not a trivial matter,” the traffic policeman turned his head to look at Li Sanxin, his jawbone cold and firm. “Whether the report is true or false, it must be thoroughly investigated. How about it, don’t want to cooperate?”

“I…” Li Sanxin began.

But the traffic policeman ignored his words and walked directly to the window where Lou Yan was. With white gloves on his hands, he tapped the window with two fingers. Each tap seemed to strike the hearts of the people inside the car. The traffic policeman looked down at Lou Yan from outside, saying from a high vantage point, “I’ll say it one last time. Step out for inspection.”

The gray glass window cast a chilling oppressive feeling on the traffic policeman’s face.

Lu Haoxiu nervously swallowed, his palms sweaty, “Brother Lou…”

He felt that this traffic policeman was terrifying, even scarier than the anomalies surrounding the ancestral hall in Liushu Village.

Lou Yan raised his leg and stepped out of the car against the traffic policeman’s command, then turned to the people in the car and said, “Don’t get out.”

He closed the car door after saying that. With a smile on his face, he faced the traffic policeman, tilting his head slightly in an unusual manner, his black hair brushing against his neck. “Officer, how do you want to inspect?”

The traffic policeman glanced up and down at him, the smile at the corner of his mouth almost disappearing, which was chilling to see. He adjusted the white gloves on his hands, each finger fitting snugly around his long joints. This simple gesture exuded a somewhat tantalizing sensuality, yet the policeman’s tone was cold and chilling, “Raise your hands and submit to a search.” 


On the side of a remote road stood a black sedan, and twenty meters away from the car, Lou Yan stood still, being searched by the traffic policeman. 

The others remained in the car, watching Lou Yan with worry in their eyes. 

Lou Yan stood upright, hands loosely raised, feet planted apart. The midday sun was dazzling, and Lou Yan’s eyelids were half-closed, giving him a lazy and drowsy appearance. However, his gaze discreetly observed the traffic policeman in front of him, with an icy coldness in his eyes. 

Finally, Lou Yan’s gaze settled on the half-exposed face of the traffic policeman. 

He was certain he had never seen this person before, but the peculiar feeling the traffic policeman gave him made him feel… subtly uneasy. 

An unsettling subtlety that irked him. 

The traffic policeman’s hand touched Lou Yan’s neck and shoulder, then moved down his arm. Although he wore gloves, Lou Yan felt a chilling sensation, reminiscent of a corpse. 

The hands moved from top to bottom with considerable force. Lou Yan couldn’t help but furrow his brow.

Malicious intent. 

Such force was undoubtedly deliberate. 

“Officer,” Lou Yan deliberately moved his arm, avoiding the policeman’s search on his forearm, and asked with a smile, “May I ask, if you don’t find any firearms on me, will you apologize?” 

The traffic policeman straightened up and looked at him. He was half a head taller than Lou Yan, with a high nose bridge firmly supporting his sunglasses. Lou Yan couldn’t see his eyes clearly, but he could feel that the man’s gaze was far from friendly. The corners of the traffic policeman’s lips lifted slightly, with a hint of coldness, as he forcefully grabbed Lou Yan’s escaping arm from the elbow and exerted even greater force as he moved down to the cuff, making the bones crackle, “If nothing is found, then congratulations on your lucky escape.”


“Is there no compensation for catching the wrong person?” Lou Yan’s lips still held a smile, but there was no amusement in his eyes. “Officer, behaving like this makes me very tempted to file a complaint against you.”

The traffic policeman suddenly tightened his grip on Lou Yan’s wrist, causing Lou Yan to grunt in pain, his wrist starting to tremble involuntarily.

“Shut up,” the traffic policeman pinched Lou Yan’s chin, lifting his face to his own, his tone as cold as if he were about to drag Lou Yan into h*ll and slaughter him the next second. “Don’t interfere with my work.”

Lou Yan smelled the icy fragrance emanating from this person and heard his cold warning. Lou Yan could now be one hundred percent sure that this person was targeting him, with intense malice towards him. That malice was as sharp as a needle, not even bothering to hide it. Lou Yan almost thought he had offended this person before.

Who exactly was this person?

Lou Yan had offended many people, with the most recent being the cultists. Could this person in front of him be one of the cultists?

Unlikely. They had just left Liushu Village, and Lou Yan was sure the cultists wouldn’t come to him so boldly and quickly.

Only a few people knew that Lou Yan carried a gun with him: Duan Zege, Li Sanxin, Lu Haoxiu, Little Yu, Cai Mo (who Lou Yan killed), Fu Xuezhou, and the person who provided the gun, He Ming.

Duan Zege and the others were unlikely suspects. Little Yu had always been with him and never had the opportunity to report him. He Ming was not in the country. Cai Mo was dead, and Fu Xuezhou had been swallowed by an anomaly… Lou Yan had never used firearms in front of the villagers in Liushu Village, so even if the villagers came out, they had no way to report him.

Rather than being reported by someone else, Lou Yan leaned more towards the idea that the “traffic policeman” in front of him, who was unknown whether he was human or an anomaly, was deliberately causing trouble. It was highly likely that he wasn’t a real traffic policeman.

After the traffic policeman warned Lou Yan, he released Lou Yan’s chin indifferently. After checking Lou Yan’s arms, his hands continued downwards, moving along Lou Yan’s chest.

Lou Yan’s patience was wearing thin. He placed his still trembling hands behind him, paying no heed to the warning. Lou Yan continued, his smile ambiguous, “Officer, I’m curious who reported me for hiding firearms. As an innocent citizen wrongfully accused, do I not have the right to know?” 

The traffic policeman paused, his voice cold, “I said, shut up.” 

Lou Yan’s patience was completely exhausted. In an instant, all expressions vanished from his face, replaced by a displeased and annoyed look. With a slight raise of his chin, Lou Yan smirked, “Who do you think you are? You tell me to shut up, and I should just listen? I’ll say whatever I want to say. What gives you the right to tell me otherwise?” 

The arrogance of the wealthy was evident, and if Lou Yan didn’t want to know the identity of the person in front of him, he would have already drawn his spinal whip and lashed out at the individual. 

The traffic policeman’s hand had already checked Lou Yan’s chest and was moving downward towards his waist. 

After Lou Yan spoke, one of the hands forcefully gripped Lou Yan’s waist. The loose casual clothes were tightly grasped by the large hand, revealing Lou Yan’s slender waist. Lou Yan felt uncomfortable in this position, and his mood soured. He glanced at the uniformed traffic policeman and said with a forced smile, “Officer, why don’t you have a badge on your uniform? Compared to me, shouldn’t you be the one undergoing inspection?” 

The traffic policeman smirked coldly, still holding Lou Yan’s waist with one hand while swiftly drawing a handgun from his holster with the other. He single-handedly loaded the gun, forcefully pressing the muzzle against Lou Yan’s lips, even hitting his teeth. “If you say one more word, I won’t hesitate to put a hole in you.” 

His movements were too fast. Lou Yan furrowed his brow and reluctantly raised his hands in surrender, gesturing for the traffic policeman to continue. 

The traffic policeman didn’t rush to proceed. He looked deeply at Lou Yan for a moment, pressing the gun further into Lou Yan’s mouth. Lou Yan almost felt nauseous, his lips turning slightly pale. His warm breath hit the cold metal of the gun, forming a thin layer of mist on the black exterior. 

A flicker of annoyance crossed Lou Yan’s eyes. He struggled to swallow, trying not to let his saliva touch the muzzle. 

The traffic policeman enjoyed Lou Yan’s discomfort, his lips slightly curled. “You’d better not try anything funny.” 

Lou Yan frowned, obediently remaining still. 

As the traffic policeman continued to hold the gun against Lou Yan’s mouth, his other hand continued the inspection. When his hand was about to reach the area behind Lou Yan’s waist, concealed by his loose jacket, Lou Yan suddenly grabbed the traffic policeman’s wrist. 

The traffic policeman straightened up, commanding, “Let go.” 

Instead of releasing his grip, Lou Yan raised an eyebrow at the traffic policeman, then daringly used his tongue to push the muzzle out of his mouth. His lips felt numb from being stretched, and Lou Yan provocatively pressed his tongue against his teeth, smiling, “Officer, how about we make a bet? Are you sure there’s a gun on me?” 

The traffic policeman looked at him for a few seconds, seeming intrigued, and asked, “What kind of bet?” 

Lou Yan asked, “You answer my question first. Are you sure there’s a gun on me?” 

The traffic policeman’s gaze swept over Lou Yan’s waist, where his jacket concealed the area. Because the jacket was loose, it was impossible to see if there was anything hidden underneath. However, the traffic policeman noticed a slight bulge near Lou Yan’s right arm, a subtle shape that resembled a handgun. 

Moreover, during the recent body search, he had already confirmed that there was indeed a handgun hidden there. 

The traffic policeman’s lips curled slightly, his smile chilling. “I’m sure.”

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