Monster Resurgence Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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A minute quickly passed, and the intense pain in Lu Haoxiu’s brain gradually subsided.

He gasped for breath, stopping his curled-up posture, his expression blank.

Lou Yan squatted beside him, looking down at Lu Haoxiu. The slightly curled hair scattered on the side of his ears. “How does it feel?”

In his previous life, when Lou Yan first awakened his talent, it took quite some time to accept the fact of the talent and the changes in the world. He even left two hours later than this time. The Lu Haoxiu in front of him probably would have been eaten by those supernatural parents long ago. So, in his previous life, he had never heard the name Lu Haoxiu. Lu Haoxiu, of course, couldn’t have awakened his talent after escaping like this.

This was the first change brought about by Lou Yan’s rebirth. It felt strange, and Lou Yan found it both pleasant and curious.

“It’s strange,” Lu Haoxiu murmured. “Suddenly, there’s something like a panel in my mind, with information about the talent. This talent… it’s like the recessive genes in my DNA have become dominant. I feel this power has become a part of my body. Brother Lou, did I turn into a superhero?”

Lou Yan was amused by his words. “Superhero. Don’t delve into your talent for now. The situation is urgent. You spent a minute awakening your talent, and we need to leave here quickly.”

Lu Haoxiu nodded repeatedly and followed Lou Yan.

Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened next. The two of them successfully left the residential area, escaping the range of the dense fog.

As they exited, it was as if they had walked from a deathly dangerous illusory world into the vibrant and safe reality. Various colorful lights rushed into view, and the noisy sounds of the city filled their ears one after another. A breeze with a dusty smell hit their faces, accompanied by the city’s roar, distant store promotion announcements, and the chirping of birds… The breath of life enveloped them.

Lu Haoxiu deeply inhaled, as if starving for it. How beautiful!

Really, Lu Haoxiu had never felt, like he did now, that this chaotic world was so beautiful. Beautiful enough to make him want to find a place to sleep soundly, and he couldn’t help but greedily look at every human he could see, wishing to run up and say, “Hello! Take care and be healthy!”

What a wonderful peace.

Before Lou Yan, a few people should have escaped as well. As soon as they came out, they saw the security guards and some people gathered not far away, looking uncertainly at the residential area, probably having noticed the abnormality.

Lou Yan led Lu Haoxiu discreetly to a side and, turning around, took a glance at the Lishui residential area.

Under the cover of the night, the dense fog inside the residential area, which looked extremely eerie from the inside, seemed much more normal from the outside. However, even if it seemed more normal, when dense fog gathered only in one residential area, it was undoubtedly abnormal, causing anxiety.

So this is the level of strength during the initial revival of monsters – they can’t even manage to conceal their external appearance.

Lou Yan chuckled lightly, a good piece of news.

He brought Lu Haoxiu to a more distant place and casually borrowed a phone from a stranger to call the police. To Lu Haoxiu’s astonishment, Lou Yan calmly informed the fully armed police about the release of biochemical weapons in the Lishui residential area, causing a large amount of lingering fog within the area. Lou Yan’s excuse was enough to prompt the police to come and block the residential area.

Until the good Samaritan who lent him the phone left, Lu Haoxiu manually closed his dropped jaw, shocked and admiring. “Brother Lou, can you really do this?!”

“Why not?” Lou Yan raised an eyebrow, exuding the charm of a seasoned veteran. “In extraordinary times, use extraordinary methods. Telling the truth wouldn’t make anyone believe it, kid. This way, at least, we can ensure they will take the supernatural situation in our residential area seriously and won’t be negligent. Moreover, they will quickly discover that something is wrong.”

Lu Haoxiu wore a pensive expression of “I’ve learned something.”

Lou Yan looked at his limp arms and said directly, “I’ll call you a cab. Go to the hospital and check your arm.”

Lu Haoxiu raised a confused look, his watery puppy eyes looking at Lou Yan anxiously. “Brother Lou, aren’t you coming with me?”

“I have something to do,” Lou Yan felt the urge to smoke, lowered his head, took out a pack of cigarettes from his bag, tore off the transparent plastic film on top, took out a cigarette, and lit it. “You’re safer without me.”

He still wants to go find the anomaly to fuse with, what’s the matter with bringing a child along?

The flickering flames danced on Lou Yan’s face, casting shadows from his long lashes, revealing a hint of indifference and sharpness. The intense light of the fire broke through the darkness, with a golden halo shimmering faintly. Smoke billowed from his breath, carrying a dangerous and enchanting aura as if a cold blade was being unsheathed, all of which highlighted Lou Yan’s decisive demeanor, from expression to speech, indicating that he had already decided on the outcome.

Lu Haoxiu fell silent for a moment, drooping his head, his hair also sagging down softly. “But I want to follow you, Brother Lou…”

He couldn’t help but depend on Lou Yan. After the relief of just surviving faded away, what followed was confusion. He didn’t know what to do in the future, nor did he know where he would go tonight or tomorrow. Lu Haoxiu subconsciously leaned on Lou Yan like a life-saving straw, wanting to follow him.

Before Lou Yan could speak, Lu Haoxiu suddenly remembered something, lifting his head abruptly, his eyes sparkling brightly. “Brother Lou, I won’t drag you down. I’ve awakened a talent, I can help you!”

Lou Yan, holding a cigarette, turned his head slightly. “What talent have you awakened?”

“Telekinesis!” Lu Haoxiu’s eyes were brighter than street lamps, filled with the pride of a small animal seeking favor. “I can move objects with my mind!”


Lu Haoxiu nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes, as long as I think about the qualities of the object in my mind, then expend five points of mental energy, and if the object is within the range of my talent, there’s a possibility that I can get it!”

Lou Yan narrowed his eyes, emphasizing his words, “A possibility?”

Lu Haoxiu revealed a somewhat embarrassed smile. “Because the panel attributes say ‘Space-time is unstable, and the range of talent varies with spatial changes.’ I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, but it should mean that there’s a possibility of failure.”

Lou Yan pondered for a moment, until the cigarette was halfway smoked, before he slowly said, “I’ve never heard of your talent before, and I rarely see anyone awaken talents related to space… To be honest, I’m also puzzled by your talent, but if you can use it well, it should be quite remarkable. I guess this ‘space change’ probably refers to the Ghost Domain. This means that when you enter the Ghost Domain, the range of your talent may change. For example, outside the Ghost Domain, your telekinetic range may only be a hundred meters, but once you enter the Ghost Domain, it may expand to two hundred meters, or maybe shrink to fifty meters… All of these require repeated experiments to research and confirm.”

Lu Haoxiu understood, nodding repeatedly. “I don’t even know how big the range of my talent is now. Shall I try using it first? Brother Lou, is there anything you want?”

Lou Yan didn’t bother to be polite with him, directly stating, “Yes, my car in the garage.”

Lu Haoxiu awkwardly exclaimed, “Um, please spare me, Brother Lou. I don’t think I can handle something that big.”

Lou Yan chuckled amidst the smoke of his cigarette, leisurely changing his words, “Then find a sledgehammer, or some other sturdy iron object.”

Lu Haoxiu nodded, closing his eyes to use his talent.

His fingers spread out, while he thought in his mind, “Iron and sturdy things… Iron objects…”

The air around his hand began to distort into a palm-sized black hole. Lu Haoxiu’s hand reached into the black hole, expecting to feel the shape of a sledgehammer, but to his surprise, he touched something entirely different from a sledgehammer… a chain.

Lu Haoxiu was stunned. Subconsciously, he gave it a gentle tug. “Clang, clang.” The heavy sound of the chains clashing seemed to echo through distant time and space into his ears.

The chain felt as cold as ice in his hand, even giving a sensation akin to touching iron bones, sending chills down his spine, and a sense of eerie gloominess. Lu Haoxiu’s heart skipped a beat, instinctively letting go of the chain.

What was that?

Was it really just a chain?

As he turned to say something to Lou Yan, he caught sight of a golden meteor streaking across the sky.

“D*mn,” Lu Haoxiu instantly forgot what had just happened, “Brother Lou, look, a shooting star!”

Lou Yan didn’t care whether these wishes were effective or not. He arrogantly believed that as long as he made a wish, it must be received by them. Regardless of what wishes he made, he was determined to make them come true. The purpose of his wish was not so much to entrust it to others for fulfillment, but more like a boastful notification: telling them that he had a wish, and he would turn it into reality sooner or later, so they better remember it. 

“Bless me to successfully kill Fu Xuezhou.” 

After repeating this sentence in his mind three times, Lou Yan opened his eyes. 

The shooting star had long disappeared from the sky, and the city lights at night covered the stars and the moon. 

The distant sky returned to a dim darkness. If it weren’t for seeing it with his own eyes, one might think that the flash of gold just now was just an illusion. 

Lou Yan’s mood improved slightly, and he turned to ask Lu Haoxiu, “How is it? Did it work?”

“No,” Lu Haoxiu sighed, “I wanted to grab a sledgehammer, but I ended up with a chain. I couldn’t move the chain, so I let go.”

Lou Yan casually remarked, “That’s how talents are, you’ll get used to it after using it a few times.”

Lu Haoxiu wanted to say something more, but he saw a sedan rushing straight toward them. The headlights were blinding, making it hard to see.

“Lou Yan?!” a man’s voice came from behind the headlights.

Lou Yan squinted in the direction of the headlights, raised his hand to shield his eyes, then walked towards the car. “Li Sanxin? Didn’t I tell you to stay at home?”

A man wearing a white shirt and suit pants, tall and handsome, got out of the car with a serious face. “Why did you call me like that? How can I stay put? If I hadn’t come to see you, I would’ve been worried you’d do something foolish.”

He walked to Lou Yan’s side, his expression improving only after confirming Lou Yan was okay. “I just went to your neighborhood and saw it was surrounded by police, with yellow lines preventing people from approaching. What happened? And about your call, what’s going on?”

“The police arrived so quickly?” Lu Haoxiu was amazed. “Brother Lou, it hasn’t been ten minutes since you made that call.”

Li Sanxin looked at Lu Haoxiu. “And who might you be? Oh, right, you’re Lou Yan’s neighbor downstairs.”

Lu Haoxiu was pleasantly surprised. “You know me?”

“I’ve seen you a few times under Yanzi’s building,” Li Sanxin smirked and extended his hand toward Lu Haoxiu. “Each time, you were squatting in the corner, anxiously clutching your backpack to do your homework.”

Lu Haoxiu: “…”


But before he could explain his dislocated arm, Li Sanxin retracted his hand and looked at Lu Haoxiu’s arm. “Young man, your arm looks a bit unnatural. Is it dislocated?”

Lu Haoxiu felt embarrassed and wanted to scratch his cheek, but couldn’t lift his arm. “Um, yeah, it’s dislocated.”

Li Sanxin rubbed his chin, then suddenly showed a warm smile. “Come, let me take a look. I’m a professional doctor.”

Lu Haoxiu exclaimed in awe and respectfully allowed Li Sanxin to help him with his arm.

Lou Yan hadn’t told Lu Haoxiu that Li Sanxin was a veterinarian. He asked the professional veterinarian, “How is it?”

Li Sanxin replied, “He needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible; the joint is already starting to swell. After it’s reset, he’ll need to rest for half a month. It’s not a big problem.”

Lu Haoxiu breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then take him to the hospital,” Lou Yan said. “Use your car; I have something to do. The car I called for him is about to arrive. Take a taxi there. After seeing the doctor, take him directly to your place to rest.”

Li Sanxin frowned, disapprovingly staring at Lou Yan. “Where are you planning to go at this hour?”

Without saying a word, Lou Yan simply extended his finger and gestured.

Helplessly, Li Sanxin handed over the car keys to him, sighed, and said, “Come back soon.”

Lu Haoxiu also understood that Lou Yan was determined not to take him along. If he followed now, he would only be a burden. He didn’t insist anymore and obediently said, “Brother Lou, take care.”

As the taxi arrived, Lou Yan nodded. “Got it. The car is here. You guys go.”

Watching the two people drive away, Lou Yan stood still for a moment, then slowly walked to Li Sanxin’s car, but instead of getting into the driver’s seat, he opened the trunk.

Li Sanxin was a perfectionist with OCD, so the trunk was very clean. Lou Yan directly lifted the bottom of the trunk.

The emergency repair tools for vehicle configuration were basically stored under the bottom of the trunk, which was not unexpected for Li Sanxin’s car. Lou Yan found the most suitable wrench in the toolbox and swung it in the air. The heavy feeling made his eyebrows rise slightly.

“Found the tool, now…”

With a wicked smile in his eyes, Lou Yan took out his Seize Life Phone from his pocket, showing a meaningful smile at it.

“It’s time to destroy you.”

Author’s note:

Seize Life Phone: Are you polite?

Brother Lou’s image in junior high school and high school was very arrogant and domineering. He wore sportswear to play basketball, sneered and smashed anyone he didn’t like, skipped classes, climbed walls, and got into fights. He was a very flashy but arrogant and despicable handsome dude. Now he’s matured a lot.

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