Monster Resurgence Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Late at night.

There weren’t many people on the road, and the streetlights emitted a warm yellow light, embellishing the mysterious and quiet night like fireflies.

On a spring night, the cold wind blew, colder than during the day, making people shiver with goosebumps.

Under the streetlight, Lou Yan squatted on the ground. After several perilous adventures, his casual suit had many wrinkles. The texture of this suit was different from a traditional suit, lacking the same stiffness and heaviness, but it was lightweight and comfortable, giving Lou Yan a more casual and unruly look.

But what Lou Yan was doing at the moment completely defied the word “casual.”

Lou Yan didn’t even bother to exchange useless words with the Seize Life Phone; he simply wielded the wrench and smashed the Seize Life Phone on the ground.

The whistling wind carried a destructive force, and the Seize Life Phone, which had been black-screened all along, seemed to sense danger. Its screen suddenly lit up and buzzed.

The wrench almost stopped, and Lou Yan squinted, reading the sudden message on the phone screen: “Don’t kill me, I can help you…”

Lou Yan chuckled coldly, the ghostly light shining in his eyes, devoid of any hint of sentimentality. “Too bad, I don’t need it.”

He knew the Seize Life Phone had the power to seduce people’s hearts, so from the beginning, he had devoted all his energy to being vigilant against every word it said. This sentence was also within his expectations, but Lou Yan didn’t intend to give the Seize Life Phone another chance to speak. The Seize Life Phone was too uncanny; who knew if its next sentence would shake Lou Yan’s heart?

But as if sensing his thoughts, the Seize Life Phone vibrated again, and the words on the screen quickly changed to another sentence: “I can help you find the most suitable anomaly to fuse with!”

D*mn it, this thing really had the power to see through people’s hearts.

Lou Yan cursed inwardly, inevitably feeling a slight temptation, but he kept a straight face. He raised the wrench again.

The Seize Life Phone emitted a piercing ring, as if screaming. The words on the screen changed again: “Your method of fusing with the anomaly is wrong! Without my help, you will only be devoured by the anomaly!”


The wrench passed over the Seize Life Phone and smashed it to the ground, kicking up dust.

Lou Yan’s expression fluctuated, his eyes fixed on the Seize Life Phone, waves of shock and horror rising in his heart.

His method is wrong?!

The Seize Life Phone’s two sentences hit his vital points. Even if Lou Yan wanted to destroy the Seize Life Phone now, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

If Lou Yan relied solely on himself, he would only have a one percent chance of finding an anomaly suitable for fusion. But if even the method of fusing with the anomaly was wrong, that one percent chance would be nonexistent.

What should he do? Should he believe the Seize Life Phone’s words?

What if the Seize Life Phone was deceiving him? What if his method of fusing with the anomaly was originally correct, but the Seize Life Phone deliberately gave him a wrong method?

But what if the Seize Life Phone was telling the truth?

Lou Yan’s mind was in turmoil, torn between two sides of reason. One side said he couldn’t be lured by the Seize Life Phone and should stick to his own ideas, while the other side suggested he should see what the Seize Life Phone had to say, as it might be a lifeline. Lou Yan’s forehead broke out in cold sweat, but soon, he knew his current state wasn’t working.

He needed to stay calm.

Lou Yan took a deep breath and calmly re-examined the Seize Life Phone.

Dangerous. This thing was even more dangerous than he had imagined. The Seize Life Phone was too adept at controlling people’s hearts. Lou Yan thought he was vigilant enough, but he still underestimated the Seize Life Phone’s abilities.

No wonder so many people died from the tricks of the Seize Life Phone in their past lives. The Seize Life Phone could continue to harm people, and he had never heard of anyone destroying the Seize Life Phone.

It wasn’t because the Seize Life Phone itself was extremely difficult to destroy, but because the terrifying power of seeing through people’s hearts.

Lou Yan steadied his mind, becoming more certain that the Seize Life Phone really couldn’t be kept.

But now, he needed to know what the true method of fusing with the anomaly in the Seize Life Phone’s mouth was.

However, Lou Yan’s face didn’t show whether he believed it or not. The wrench in his hand continued to lightly and heavily tap the Seize Life Phone. Each tap contained a threat, and he didn’t know which one would actually smash the Seize Life Phone. “What is the method of fusing with the anomaly?”

The screen of the Seize Life Phone flashed a few times: [To fuse with an anomaly, you need to find an anomaly and be devoured by it. When you are about to be devoured, reverse the process and devour the flesh of the anomaly.]

Lou Yan looked at the text expressionlessly. “Flesh. What if the anomaly doesn’t have a physical body?”

The Seize Life Phone replied: [Powerful anomalies will have a physical body.]

The method given by the Seize Life Phone was completely different from what Lou Yan had heard. He didn’t know which one was true and which was false, but he knew the Seize Life Phone wouldn’t easily tell a person who wanted to destroy it the real method of fusing with the anomaly.

If he regarded the Seize Life Phone as a cunning and sly human, this sentence was probably a half-truth, half-lie trap.

Lou Yan sneered coldly. “You’re trying to deceive me, aren’t you?”

He raised the wrench again, this time without any mercy, and it fell on the Seize Life Phone. With a “crack,” a corner of the Seize Life Phone’s screen cracked like spiderwebs. Unlike ordinary phones, the cracked spiderweb revealed a thick, blood-like red. It seemed that with one more hit, blood would ooze out from the cracks.

The deadly phone flashed frantically a few times. Before it could say anything, the wrench fell on it again, making a moderate but crisp sound. 

The deadly phone, now afraid, once again emitted a high-pitched “ring ring” of its alarm.

Lou Yan’s gaze was icy, illuminated by the faint light of the phone. He looked more terrifying than a ghost, even revealing a menacing smile. “Seize Life Phone, don’t play tricks with me. If I want to destroy you, you’ll be smashed into a pile of scrap iron immediately. I don’t know if simply smashing you will kill you, but rest assured, I’ll throw you into the furnace and burn you. If you don’t melt, I’ll divide you into several piles of parts and scatter them into the sea. Tell me, what’s the probability of a pile of broken parts being washed together by the sea in different locations?”

The frequency of the Seize Life Phone’s vibrations decreased, as if signaling its submission. Soon, the words on the screen changed again: [To fuse with an anomaly, you need to find an anomaly and be devoured by it. When you are about to be devoured, reverse the process and devour the heart of the anomaly.]

In these two sentences, the Seize Life Phone changed “flesh” from the previous sentence to “heart.” It was indeed hiding something. Lou Yan sneered inwardly. If he had really believed the Seize Life Phone’s words and went to find an anomaly to fuse with, he would probably have died without knowing how.

But Lou Yan didn’t completely believe this sentence either.

Lou Yan stood up with the Seize Life Phone in his hand, his threatening tone almost materializing. “You’d better understand, if I dare to find an anomaly to fuse with, it means I’m not afraid of death. If you dare to deceive me, I’ll destroy you before I die, and we’ll both perish together!”

Lou Yan said this, and he thought so too. The Seize Life Phone could see through people’s hearts, and the screen flashed twice more, but this time, the words on the phone’s screen finally stopped changing.

Lou Yan sneered, a hint of pressure in his tone as he asked, “Where is the most suitable anomaly for me to fuse with?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of a telephone ringing “ding-ding” came from not far away.

Lou Yan followed the sound and found that it was coming from a closed shop.

After looking over, the ringing of “ding-ding” also came from another shop farther away.

The Seize Life Phone was guiding him.

Lou Yan got into the car and followed the sound of the Seize Life Phone’s ringtone. Around him, the scenery gradually changed from tall buildings to small houses, and the smooth cement road turned into a bumpy stone road. Bumping along, with weeds growing by the roadside illuminated by the car lights, electricity poles stood alone, supporting wires. Unknowingly, Lou Yan had walked from the city to the wilderness.

The cold moon moved to the east, and when Lou Yan arrived at his destination, forty minutes had passed.

The destination was an abandoned factory, a gray cement building standing in the midst of a wilderness of weeds. It not only looked lifeless but also a bit eerie.

In the quiet and dangerous late night, the headlights were the only source of light. However, even with the car headlights turned on, the dark interior of the abandoned building could not be illuminated clearly. Lou Yan got out of the car and looked at the abandoned factory, his expression unusually serious.

This place was sparsely populated, as evidenced by the surrounding environment and the dilapidated iron gate, indicating that no one had entered the abandoned factory recently.

In such a deserted place, could there really be powerful anomalies reviving here?

Anomalies like to kill people, but there were no people here.

Lou Yan frowned. He had been in Chengjiang City for so many years and didn’t even know about the existence of this abandoned factory.

In his previous life, he had never heard or found any news of anomalies reviving here.

Lou Yan began to suspect whether the Seize Life Phone was playing tricks on him.

The sense of crisis perception did not activate, indicating that there was no danger within a hundred meters — but the Seize Life Phone wouldn’t tell such an obvious lie.

Lou Yan brought the Seize Life Phone and toolbox, turned on the flashlight, and stepped into the abandoned factory.

The abandoned factory was quite large. Lou Yan swept the flashlight around and roughly estimated it to be about the size of a middle school.

The tallest and largest building near the door was the main office building of the factory. There were several other buildings behind it, but they were far apart, and the tallest was only three stories high.

Lou Yan chose the nearest office building as the target and walked to the entrance of the building.

The gray walls of the building were falling apart, revealing the gray cement color underneath. Moss and climbing plants densely covered the corners of the walls, and some weeds were yellowing at the top, emitting a rotten smell from inside to outside.

The entrance was pitch black, indicating that the door had been removed and sold, leaving only a square opening. The musty wind blew into Lou Yan’s face, carrying a dry and damp odor.

Lou Yan couldn’t hear the sounds of birds and insects, perhaps because it was late at night and the animals were asleep, or perhaps because there was originally no life in this abandoned factory.

Lou Yan put on a mask and used the flashlight to scan inside the building.

The ground on the first floor was cluttered with miscellaneous items: yellowed and messy papers, various sizes of wood, and cardboard boxes piled up in the corners. Lou Yan didn’t see anything unusual with just his eyes.

He took out the fruit knife from his body and held it in his hand, assuming a defensive posture, and cautiously stepped into the building.

Almost the moment his feet stepped into the building, the light of the flashlight went out suddenly, and Lou Yan was plunged into pitch darkness.

【Spiritual Power: 10/20】

Lou Yan’s pupils trembled suddenly.

The sense of crisis perception sent out a startling warning in his brain.


Extreme danger!!!

Escape quickly!!!

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