Monster Resurgence Chapter 61

Chapter 61

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With such a huge anomaly, and such a difficult life-or-death situation, Fu Xuezhou surprisingly didn’t die.

How did he survive? How did he escape from the coffin?

Lou Yan didn’t know, but at this moment, he wasn’t interested in knowing anymore. He silently sneered, and suddenly, his previous doubts became clear.

Fu Xuezhou left Liushu Village alive and swallowed the Nightmare, then rapidly absorbed its abilities, catching up to Lou Yan using those powers and pulling him into the dream.

The traffic officer was someone disguised by Fu Xuezhou. No wonder he found it strange how the officer seemed to be targeting him with such hostility and malice. It was like he had offended him before. Well, hadn’t he just betrayed and almost killed Fu Xuezhou a few hours ago?

The police officer, impersonated by Fu Xuezhou, gave him the location of the Peace Boxing Club. He intentionally led Lou Yan here. Was Fu Xuezhou expecting to see Lou Yan’s astonished expression when he found out he was still alive?

Was he expecting Lou Yan to show a mixture of shock and panic to add some excitement to Fu Xuezhou’s amusement?

Thinking of this, Lou Yan sneered again.

The next moment, he met Fu Xuezhou’s gaze.

In the dim and smoky underground boxing arena, besides the dark crowd surrounding the ring, Lou Yan’s group stood out the most.

Fu Xuezhou almost immediately spotted Lou Yan behind the crowd.

Their gazes intertwined in the air, like lava colliding with an iceberg. Either one would engulf the other, or they would both end up wounded.

A terrifying smile suddenly appeared on Fu Xuezhou’s expressionless face. He grabbed Lou Yan’s gaze, took a few steps toward the edge of the ring, and stared at Lou Yan, his hands resting on the ropes. The surrounding voices became confused because of his strange actions.

“Old A’s smile gives me chills in my heart. What’s wrong with him? Who is he looking at?”

“As long as he doesn’t look at me, I’m fine. Let me tell you, I’m a bit scared even when our eyes meet.”

“Why isn’t anyone challenging him again? I haven’t had enough yet!”

“Who dares to go up? Old A has become even scarier than before, d*mn it! I remember the last time he came, although he was fierce, he couldn’t withstand the all-night battle.”

“Wasn’t the last time a few months ago? He didn’t even dye his hair then. It’s true that young people have many tricks. But, this silver hair looks pretty good. I want to dye mine too. Having long hair makes one look a bit girlish.”

“How much prize money do you think Old A can earn tonight? Tens of thousands for sure. I envy him.”

Amidst the noisy and foul-mouthed voices, many people followed Fu Xuezhou’s gaze, trying to figure out who had attracted Old A’s attention.

Lou Yan stood with his hands in his pockets, straight and unwavering, not yielding an inch in his gaze with Fu Xuezhou. He was no longer the person who, upon just being reborn, had his alarm bells ringing at the mere glance from Fu Xuezhou.

“This is our undefeated general here, Old A,” Cui Ansheng glanced at Fu Xuezhou on the stage, then looked at the various people around him, explaining with a smile, “Don’t be fooled by Old A’s young appearance; he’s been fighting here on and off for about four years. Old A can really fight. I don’t know what happened, but he’s become even better this time he came. Normally, at this hour, the underground boxing ring would be deserted, but because Old A has been fighting since last night until now, these people are all about to go crazy; not a single one is willing to leave.” 

Just as Cui Ansheng finished speaking, Fu Xuezhou on the stage suddenly made a move. The silver-haired youth released one hand from the rope, smirked, and beckoned in Lou Yan’s direction with a crooked finger. 

The crowd of people, fueled by violent and bloody desires, suddenly boiled up because of this one action from Fu Xuezhou. 

“Who else wants some?!” 

“Come up and get beaten! Don’t be a coward hiding in the shadows!” 

Lou Yan remained motionless, still standing straight outside the crowd, seemingly ignoring Fu Xuezhou, but there was a slight darkness in his eyes. 

Lu Haoxiu swallowed saliva, whispering to Li Sanxin beside him, “Is that Fu Xuezhou? Is he trying to get Brother Lou to fight him on the stage?” 

Li Sanxin frowned heavily and nodded, “This guy looks hard to deal with. We all thought he was dead, but who knew he was still alive…” 

Apart from Lou Yan and Duan Zege, this was also the first official meeting between Lu Haoxiu, Li Sanxin, and Fu Xuezhou. This person gave them a bad feeling, whether it was the person himself or his ruthless beating of the muscular man just now, it made them feel a strong sense of dread.

“I’m a bit scared looking at him, even though this person doesn’t look much older than me,” Lu Haoxi shivered. “No wonder he’s the one who can destroy the world… Will Brother Liu go up and fight him?”

Li Sanxin shook his head slightly, expressing uncertainty, his worried gaze falling on Lou Yan.

Lou Yan’s face carried a faint smile, as if he wasn’t angered at all by the provocation. He spoke to Cui Ansheng in a barely audible voice, “Boss Cui, are you familiar with Fu Xuezhou?”

Hearing Lou Yan mention Old A’s name, Cui Ansheng was momentarily stunned, then quickly reacted, saying surprisingly, “Yes, I’ve known Ah Zhou for over four years. We’re good friends. I didn’t expect Mr. Lou to know him too.”

“Friends?” Lou Yan smiled oddly. “So, he still has friends.”

In his previous life, Lou Yan had never seen Cui Ansheng with Fu Xuezhou. He really hadn’t expected someone like Fu Xuezhou to have friends.

The silver-haired youth, seeing Lou Yan’s lack of response, narrowed his eerie eyes displeasedly. He wiped the sweat dripping down his face with the hem of his white T-shirt, then directly swung down from the ring’s fixed column and entered the crowd.

The already boiling crowd surrounded Fu Xuezhou like a fire ignited by oil. Those who profited from Fu Xuezhou shouted loudly, “Old A is awesome!” “Let’s have another exciting match!” Those who lost money because of Fu Xuezhou were filled with hatred, their eyes red with anger. They were so angry that they surrounded him, though they didn’t dare to lay hands on him, cursing loudly, saying things like “b*stard” “piece of sh*t” “d*mn your whole family,” the insults were harsh.

Fu Xuezhou, being both praised and criticized, felt nothing. He pushed aside those blocking his way and walked straight toward Lou Yan.

Lou Yan stood on the outskirts of the crowd, waiting for Fu Xuezhou to come closer, seemingly smiling but not smiling.

Cui Ansheng glanced around, took a cigarette out of his pocket, put it in his mouth, and smiled, “Every time Old A comes, there’s always some excitement. He either gets loved to death by gamblers or hated to death. The things these people are cursing, I can’t stand to listen to, but Old A never cares. That’s the demeanor of a master. Mr. Lou, you seem to be experienced. Do you want to have a match with Old A?”

Even in the late stage of the monster resurgence when order collapsed, Fu Xuezhou had never killed people who cursed him. Lou Yan originally thought it was just a mask Fu Xuezhou put on to deceive people. Now he knew that this guy had probably heard more offensive words than those in the apocalypse and was immune to them.

Lou Yan remained unchanged, only slightly moving his lips as he spoke to Cui Ansheng, “Has Fu Xuezhou never lost?”

“Of course, he’s lost before,” Cui Ansheng laughed heartily. “When I first met Ah Zhou, he was only in his sophomore year of high school. Ah Zhou was a good student in school, and his family was well-off. We shouldn’t have had any interaction, but I saw him fight once. Oh boy, that fierce determination to kill the opponent without stopping once he started beating him shocked me. I admired Ah Zhou a lot and knew he needed money, so I invited him to come and fight in the underground boxing matches. A sophomore kid, no matter how good he was, couldn’t beat professional boxers. When he first started boxing, Ah Zhou lost miserably. In the world of underground boxing, there are no rules. As long as the opponent doesn’t give up, it’s possible to kill or maim them. Ah Zhou was stubborn and refused to admit defeat. The more stubborn he was, the more others wanted to beat him. But as time went on, Ah Zhou became stronger.”

Cui Ansheng looked at Fu Xuezhou, who was only about ten meters away from him now, with a gleam in his eyes. “Ah Zhou is a student, and I suggested he give himself a nickname for safety. He told me to call him A in the future. I asked him why, and he said he wanted to be the best. I mocked him for being too ambitious at the time, but I didn’t expect him to lose less and win more later on. Mr. Lou, it’s best not to call Old A by his real name in front of outsiders. Just call him Old A. Mr. Lou, don’t blame me for being nosy. I really need to remind you, it’s best not to fight Old A. He’s an old hand, a professional. Fighting him would be asking for trouble.”

Having said that, Cui Ansheng regretfully shook his head, wearing a fake expression of sympathy. “But seeing Old A like this, Mr. Lou, you’ve already offended him. Alright, I won’t say much more. I wish Mr. Lou good luck.”

With that, Cui Ansheng stepped back a few steps and left Lou Yan’s side.

At this moment, Fu Xuezhou had cleared a path and arrived in front of Lou Yan.

The silver-haired youth was tall, standing among a group of burly men like a crane among chickens. When he approached Lou Yan, he was even taller than Lou Yan, who was already quite tall, by half a head.

He smiled with a hint of chill at the corners of his mouth, his sweat and the scent of blood on his body intertwined, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that set the heart racing and the blood boiling.

Li Sanxin’s eyelids twitched, and he directly stood in front of Lou Yan, smiling faintly, “Excuse me, what do you want to do?”

Fu Xuezhou glanced at Li Sanxin, then pushed him aside and continued walking towards Lou Yan.

His strength was great, even though Li Sanxin was on guard, he still stumbled backward. Li Sanxin turned his head with a black face, unable to believe how strong Fu Xuezhou’s strength was.

Seeing Li Sanxin pushed aside, Lu Haoxi immediately stood in front of Lou Yan, his anger burning as he opened his arms aggressively, “With me here, you won’t get close to my Brother Lou!”

Fu Xuezhou stopped his steps and coldly glanced at him. Lu Haoxi suddenly felt weak like a deflated balloon, his eyes wandering. At this critical moment, Duan Zege also approached, solidly blocking Lou Yan’s figure with Lu Haoxi. He lazily said, “This isn’t good, Old A. If you want to fight, go up to the ring. Why come down?”

The atmosphere in the underground boxing arena stimulated Fu Xuezhou’s fierce side in his blood. His eyes were bloodshot, whether from the all-night battle or the heat, as he lifted his eyelids. Just like when he pushed Li Sanxin, he pushed the last two obstructing men aside mercilessly, “Get lost.”

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