Monster Resurgence Chapter 62

Chapter 62

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No one could stop Fu Xuezhou.

With no one obstructing him, Fu Xuezhou finally stood in front of Lou Yan. The distance between the two was only half an arm’s length. Fu Xuezhou lowered his head slightly, his silver hair scattered over his forehead, damp. He looked at Lou Yan’s face, the face that had betrayed him not long ago, and easily recalled the scene where the person in front of him, smiling, cut off his hair and pushed him into the anomaly’s mouth under the murky waters.

Fu Xuezhou didn’t expect Lou Yan to betray him.

Because in countless memories of his past, Lou Yan had never betrayed him.

Even a dog that bites doesn’t bark, and a desperate mouse will kill.

The emotions in Fu Xuezhou’s eyes were unpredictable, and the hostility surrounding him had not dissipated until now. Suddenly, he tugged at Lou Yan’s collar, pulling him closer, and asked with lowered eyelids, “Are you happy to see that I’m not dead?”

The heat and smell emanating from him hit Lou Yan’s face. Lou Yan was pulled forward, his body leaning in, and his face was close to Fu Xuezhou’s. He could see the shadows cast by Fu Xuezhou’s eyelashes and the beads of sweat sliding down his face.

Lou Yan glanced down and saw Fu Xuezhou’s fist, stained with the blood of who knows how many people, and the veins bulging on the back of his hand.

A smirk flashed in Lou Yan’s eyes. He raised his eyes from Fu Xuezhou’s face to look behind at Li Sanxin and the others who were trying to intervene, signaling them with his eyes to stand down.

Only when Li Sanxin and the others stopped in their tracks did Lou Yan refocus his gaze on Fu Xuezhou’s face.

He certainly wasn’t happy, and he was very unhappy, but Lou Yan suppressed his impatience and found enough details in his displeasure to make him happy.

And these details were enough to excite him, to then use his high and mighty attitude to ruthlessly poke at Fu Xuezhou’s sore spot.

Lou Yan chuckled softly, his eyes full of provocation and mockery as he stared at Fu Xuezhou, his lips curling arrogantly as he asked in a soft tone, “Fu Xuezhou, were you happy when I betrayed you?”

Fu Xuezhou’s gaze darkened.

Lou Yan’s smile grew wider, and he felt great at this moment.

He was wrong. Killing Fu Xuezhou was great, but seeing Fu Xuezhou suppressing his rage and hostility at being betrayed by him at this moment was even greater. No one understood the feeling of betrayal better than Lou Yan, and at this moment, Fu Xuezhou finally tasted the bitterness of being betrayed by him.

Anger? Fury? The more Fu Xuezhou felt these emotions, the more satisfying it was for Lou Yan.

He shouldn’t have let Fu Xuezhou die so easily. Lou Yan thought, why should Fu Xuezhou be able to die so easily without experiencing the despair and anger that he had caused Lou Yan?

Fu Xuezhou tightened his grip on Lou Yan’s collar. “I’m certainly not happier than you are.”

Lou Yan nodded solemnly, affirming Fu Xuezhou’s words, “Seeing you so angry, I am indeed quite happy.”

After a pause, Lou Yan leaned in and laughed in Fu Xuezhou’s ear twice. “Fu Xuezhou, it’s not easy for you to escape alive. When you used nightmares to deceive me, I felt that the danger you posed to me had decreased significantly. Did I become stronger, or… did you become weaker… due to severe injuries?”

Fu Xuezhou lowered his head coldly to look at him, his breath carrying a cruel air. “Is that amusing to you?”

Shadows flitted across Lou Yan’s eyes, and he smiled ambiguously. “Amusing. It’s my honor to see you on the verge of death.”

Fu Xuezhou glanced at him, his eyes almost devouring Lou Yan with aggression and hostility.

The surrounding people stared at them intently, their gazes full of curiosity, excitement, or inquiry, as if anticipating an impending bloodbath. The noisy clamor quieted down slightly.

“Who is this person? Old A’s enemy?”

“He doesn’t look like he can fight very well. I bet on Old A winning.”

“D*mn it, he can’t fight at all. If I bet on Old A, I won’t make any money!”

Lou Yan furrowed his brows. He didn’t like the feeling of being pointed at by others, nor did he appreciate being grabbed by the collar and controlled by Fu Xuezhou.

Lou Yan raised his hand to grasp Fu Xuezhou’s wrist, his eyes and corners of his mouth filled with mocking and insincere goodwill. “Old A? Number one? Huh, this suit of mine, you can’t afford to pay for it even after a night of fighting.”

“Let go,” Lou Yan said lazily, arrogantly. “You pauper.”

Fu Xuezhou squinted his eyes, looking at him with an inscrutable expression for a moment. He actually released Lou Yan’s collar in the next moment, but then grabbed the back of Lou Yan’s neck. With a gentle force, Lou Yan’s head was forced downwards by the gravity.

… Forced to bow.

This was an action that Lou Yan found even more disgusting than being grabbed by the collar.

The onlookers burst into laughter, ridiculing Lou Yan loudly, applauding and cheering for Old A to teach Lou Yan a lesson. Lou Yan’s anger surged, and he, unlike Fu Xuezhou, who remained calm even when insulted, coldly smiled. Suddenly, he made a beautiful move, breaking free from Fu Xuezhou’s grip and swiftly stepping back two steps.

Because of the sudden exertion, a button on his shirt popped off, landing on the floor littered with rubbish, eventually colliding with a white plastic bag containing oily takeout.

Lou Yan, with an expressionless face, elegantly undid the buttons of his coat, then tossed his suit jacket to Li Sanxin standing nearby and rolled up his sleeves.

Rolling up his sleeves to his elbows, Lou Yan strode forward directly and threw a punch at Fu Xuezhou’s face. 

“Wow, that’s awesome!” 

Screams instantly erupted, and the onlookers began cheering wildly again. Lou Yan’s fierce punch exceeded the expectations of the spectators; both its strength and speed were completely different from his pretty-boy appearance. 

Fu Xuezhou tilted his head to dodge and swiftly raised his arm to block Lou Yan’s attack. 

Both of them had physical abilities far beyond those of ordinary people. Lou Yan wasn’t always young and hot-blooded, causing trouble and fighting everywhere. He had also studied professional combat and boxing, not just putting up a pretty show. 

Every move he made was ruthless and frightening. 

“D*mn! This pretty boy can fight even better than that muscular guy from earlier!” 

“He can actually hold his own against Old A. Amazing! Will he overpower him?” 

Li Sanxin draped Lou Yan’s suit jacket over his arm, frowning as he watched the actions between Lou Yan and Fu Xuezhou. After hearing the discussions and cheers from the crowd, his lips straightened, and he turned to Cui Ansheng, “Boss Cui, can you please clear the scene?”

Cui Ansheng understood his meaning; he was not someone who didn’t know the importance of things. If Lou Yan really lost here, it would definitely be embarrassing to be seen by so many people. If Lou Yan got angry later, his club wouldn’t be able to withstand his wrath. Cui Ansheng smiled and agreed, then hurriedly ushered people out. “No more betting. He’s not fighting in the arena anyway, so what are you betting on? Go back and eat and sleep, come back later at night.”

He pushed and urged the crowd out, and many people grumbled discontentedly. Cui Ansheng paid no attention to them. In just five minutes, there were only a few people left in the underground arena.

Cui Ansheng walked over to Li Sanxin’s side and watched the two fiercely fighting. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “This momentum is really intimidating… Mr. Lou really surprised me.”

Li Sanxin casually responded with an “mm.”

Cui Ansheng glanced around, deliberately pretending to inquire casually, “You guys actually know Ah Zhou’s name. Are you friends of Ah Zhou? Do you know why Ah Zhou turned out like this?”

Li Sanxin raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “Like what?”

“With long hair, this color of long hair,” Cui Ansheng pointed to the silver hair that Fu Xuezhou occasionally flicked, “Last time Ah Zhou came to me, he still had short black hair. Now he has turned it into white long hair. I examined it closely. This hair doesn’t look like extensions, nor does it show any signs of dyeing… Clearly, it’s only been a month or two since I last saw him, and Ah Zhou’s personality has changed a lot. Sometimes it even scares me. Do you guys know what Ah Zhou has been through?”

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