Monster Resurgence Chapter 64

Chapter 64

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At the edge of the stage, a man in a suit and white shirt, with a beautiful yet domineering face, had an icy expression. He tightly grasped the silver-haired man’s hair in front of him, the silver strands cascading between his fingers like a raised silver curtain. 

Lou Yan felt intense anger welling up inside him. 

It was as if the most shameful secret he didn’t want anyone to know had been discovered by the last person who should know. Lou Yan felt as if his face had been torn off and thrown away in front of Fu Xuezhou. 

Especially with others nearby, Lou Yan’s anger was mixed with a hint of murderous intent. 

Deep down, he thought that he not only wanted to disable Fu Xuezhou’s hands but also to blind his eyes. 

Absolutely, he would definitely do it. 

Lou Yan pulled even harder on Fu Xuezhou’s hair, lifting his head from the side of his shoulder, and asked coldly and sinisterly, “Are you done looking?” 


Fu Xuezhou responded, but instead of leaving, he kept his hand on the back of Lou Yan’s neck and moved it downward, as if wanting to touch Lou Yan’s ghost marriage contract tattoo.

Lou Yan’s temple veins bulged, and a hint of redness appeared in his eyes.

After glancing at the expression on Lou Yan’s face, Fu Xuezhou once again confirmed that Lou Yan disliked and resisted his closeness and touch.

The more Lou Yan disliked it, the more Fu Xuezhou enjoyed doing it.

Fu Xuezhou’s lips curled slightly, and the silver-haired man leaned down next to Lou Yan’s ear— the two of them looked like they were embracing harmoniously, intimate and close.

The air in the underground boxing arena was not pleasant, even though the crowd had dispersed, there were still various smells lingering— the stench of leftover food, tobacco, sweat, and blood…

The lighting here was also dim and dull, the floor and walls were gray and devoid of any beauty. But the bystanders not far away, who witnessed this scene, widened their eyes in shock, forcibly extracting a sense of beauty and subtle strangeness from the two people standing by the ring, as if they were looking at a picture-perfect magazine.

Knowing Lou Yan extremely well, Li Sanxin’s eyelids twitched as he looked at Lou Yan’s expression, knowing that Lou Yan was in a state of extreme rage at the moment.


Li Sanxin rarely got angry, but this time he directly threw Lou Yan’s suit jacket on Lu Haoxiu’s arms, and strode towards Lou Yan, his handsome face cold and expressionless.

“Brother Li!” Lu Haoxiu hurriedly followed.

Fu Xuezhou paused, turning his head to look at Lou Yan, who happened to turn his head as well, meeting his gaze. Their eyes locked, and Lou Yan suddenly smiled. His lips, tinged with red, lifted high as if in great joy. Lou Yan intentionally lowered his voice, giving it a slightly hoarse and captivating tone unique to mature men. “Fu Xuezhou, I’ve discovered a secret of yours.” 

Fu Xuezhou furrowed his brows slightly. “What secret?” 

“Are you…” Lou Yan dragged out his words. 

The attention of the silver-haired youth was partially diverted by Lou Yan’s words. He didn’t notice that Lou Yan had silently released his grip on his silver hair, instead reaching for his own neck. 

In the blink of an eye, Lou Yan swiftly pulled out the spinal whip and wrapped it around Fu Xuezhou’s neck. The spinal whip was extremely sharp, accompanied by a cold breath. Lou Yan firmly held both ends of the whip and forcefully pulled it, forcing Fu Xuezhou to lower his head. Lou Yan asked with a smile, neither laughing nor crying, “Are you an idiot?” 

The sharp bone spikes on the sides of the spine pierced the flesh of Fu Xuezhou’s neck, and dots of blood immediately appeared. 

Fu Xuezhou lowered his gaze to the spinal whip around his neck and said indifferently, “No.” 

He paused for a moment, then said somewhat displeased, “You’re cheating.” 

Lou Yan suddenly understood. Fu Xuezhou was accusing him of using anomaly powers. Lou Yan was almost amused by this realization. He tightened the spinal whip, intending to give Fu Xuezhou a taste of his power. But just as he was about to act, Cui Ansheng shouted anxiously, “Wait! Mr. Lou, don’t act rashly!” 

Cui Ansheng quickly ran over with Li Sanxin and others, who had rushed to the front of Lou Yan and Fu Xuezhou. He wore a warm smile on his face as he said, “Haha, Mr. Lou, Ah Zhou is still young and ignorant. Please forgive him this time. Let me apologize to you on his behalf! This thing around your neck seems a bit dangerous. Mr. Lou, how about letting it go? Shall we put it away?”

Li Sanxin also hurried to Lou Yan’s side, and upon hearing this, he laughed in anger, staring at Fu Xuezhou with hostility. His eyebrows raised sharply as he said, “Boss Cui, he’s right here. Do you still need to apologize for him?” 

Cui Ansheng smiled bitterly, patting Fu Xuezhou’s shoulder. “Ah Zhou, let go of Mr. Lou. Apologize properly. Boxing is just boxing. Why are you blocking him here?” 

Unexpectedly, when he patted Fu Xuezhou, it caused the spinal whip to sink even deeper into Fu Xuezhou’s neck. Cui Ansheng was startled, but Fu Xuezhou merely glanced at him indifferently, avoiding the sharp parts of the whip and grabbing onto it. He seemed intent on forcibly breaking the whip. 

Lou Yan’s expression remained unchanged, but his heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t sure if Fu Xuezhou’s strength could break the whip. If Fu Xuezhou really managed to break it, Lou Yan would be in a difficult situation. However, if Lou Yan suddenly put away the whip and let Fu Xuezhou go, wouldn’t that be showing weakness in public? 

The situation became tense for a moment. Lou Yan glanced at the people around him and made eye contact with Duan Zege. 

Li Sanxin’s attention was all on Fu Xuezhou. He didn’t see any signs of apology on Fu Xuezhou’s face. He took a step forward, his fist clenched. “You…” 

Duan Zege grabbed him, smiling to defuse the situation. “Let’s not make a big deal out of this. It’s our first time meeting Boss Cui today, and Boss Cui is so sincere. Let’s just let it go for Boss Cui’s sake. It wouldn’t be good to hurt someone at Boss Cui’s place.” 

Given a way out, Cui Ansheng quickly pulled out a cigarette, bent over, and handed one to Lou Yan with a smile. “Mr. Lou, let’s call it a day. Next time you come here, I’ll treat you to a meal.” 

Lou Yan touched the spinal whip. “Boss Cui is a straightforward person. Let’s forget about what happened today for his sake.” 

He said it was forgotten, but there was a hint of gloom in his eyes. Lou Yan withdrew his gaze from Fu Xuezhou and moved his left hand, still held by Fu Xuezhou, subtly. He said with a smirk, “Can you let go now?” 

Fu Xuezhou released his hand. 

Taking advantage of Fu Xuezhou’s body blocking him, Lou Yan quickly buttoned up the button on his shirt. His movements were light and inconspicuous, not drawing anyone’s attention. Fu Xuezhou looked down at Lou Yan’s hand buttoning the button, then shifted his gaze away. 

After buttoning up, Lou Yan reluctantly withdrew the spinal whip. 

As soon as the whip left Fu Xuezhou’s neck, Cui Ansheng grabbed Fu Xuezhou’s arm and pulled him forcefully behind him. “Thank you, Mr. Lou. This kid doesn’t know any better. I’ll make sure to discipline him properly after you leave.”

Cui Ansheng’s attitude was very amiable, but Fu Xuezhou was not cooperative. Fu Xuezhou directly shrugged off Cui Ansheng’s hand and walked straight towards the bathroom. Sweat had soaked his clothes, sticking to his body. After a few steps, Fu Xuezhou frowned and directly took off his dirty white T-shirt.

His pale and beautiful upper body was exposed, the muscular lines on his back were perfect, each one containing immense and perverse power. Fu Xuezhou’s silver hair swayed behind him, resembling a person sculpted from ice and snow.

Lou Yan’s gaze firmly fixed on Fu Xuezhou’s back. Amidst the swaying silver hair, a bright red tattoo near his neck became faintly visible.

Ghost Marriage Contract.

Fu Xuezhou indeed had a ghost marriage contract.

Lou Yan closed his eyes. Although he already knew the result, his heart sank to the bottom at this moment.

How could things in this world be so bizarre and unreasonable? He and Fu Xuezhou actually had such a connection—d*mn it.

Fu Xuezhou took a few steps, then suddenly turned his head to look at Lou Yan. His pitch-black eyes seemed to carry a piercing power. Lou Yan sensibly lifted his eyelids and met his gaze.

Fu Xuezhou curled his lips slightly. The dim light in the underground boxing arena fell on him, making his silver hair seem to emit a radiant glow. This Fu Xuezhou, with such appearance, was not like a pervert who would destroy the world time and time again but more like a god untouched by worldly affairs. However, when he spoke, the facade of divinity was completely shattered, “If you want to live, you have to come to me…to make love.”

Fu Xuezhou calmly uttered this bombshell of a statement in front of everyone.


D*mn it?!

Everyone’s faces changed drastically, and they immediately turned to look at Lou Yan, only to see his face as dark as ink.

Seeing Lou Yan remain silent, Fu Xuezhou raised an eyebrow slightly, his voice cold and unquestionable, “I’ll give you a week to come to me. If you don’t come, I will use force against you.”

“Lou Yan,” Fu Xuezhou’s tone was calm, but the undertone contained coercion, “You know my temper. You don’t want to die, and I want to live. If you can’t figure it out within a week, no matter where you hide, I will find you.”

He balled up the white T-shirt he had taken off, casually wiping the bloodstains on his fists and the blood between his neck. Slightly leaning to the side, sweat dripped from his clavicle to his abdomen, his silver hair hung down, blocking Fu Xuezhou’s profile. He calmly finished his last sentence, “When I actively come to find you, I won’t consider your feelings anymore. You won’t want that scene to happen. I advise you, either come to me voluntarily within a week, or hide somewhere until I can’t find you—until I die.”

With that, Fu Xuezhou turned and left, his silver hair fluttering in the air before disappearing quickly outside the door.

The underground boxing arena fell into a suffocating silence.

Cui Ansheng narrowed his eyes and discreetly scrutinized Lou Yan for a few moments without speaking. While the others, except for Duan Zege, were still shocked by Fu Xuezhou’s words, their hearts were in turmoil, unable to believe what they had heard.

“Yanzi…” Li Sanxin licked his dry, chapped lips. “What did he mean by those words? What does he mean by saying you have to find him if you want to live…” 

Lou Yan pressed his lips tightly together, his fists clenched, his fingers trembling slightly with anger. 

The matter of the ghost marriage contract was something he hadn’t planned to tell his childhood friend and Lu Haoxiu. He had also warned Duan Zege not to mention it. Because to Lou Yan, this was not something to be proud of but rather evidence of being coerced by an anomaly. 

But then along came Fu Xuezhou, who in just a few words brought to light the extremely shameful thing Lou Yan had wanted to keep hidden. 

What made Lou Yan even more furious than the exposure of the ghost marriage contract was the firmness implied in Fu Xuezhou’s words. 

What did he mean by giving him only a week? 

What did he mean by saying he would resort to coercion if Lou Yan didn’t come to him voluntarily? 

Li Sanxin took a deep breath, his heart pounding, far from calm. His head throbbed, feeling a bit confused. “Lou Yan, how much have you been hiding from me? Why did he say that? Is there something wrong with your health?” 

“Stop asking,” Duan Zege interrupted the questions coldly. “We’ll talk about it when we get back.”

Lu Haoxiu was in a daze, his brain blank. He nodded foolishly, echoing, “Yes, yes, let’s talk about it later.”

Is… is making love something a high schooler who has just come of age should be hearing about?

Cui Ansheng’s eyes flickered like a fox’s, smiling, “Let’s go, let’s go upstairs. The air down here is too bad. After going upstairs, I’ll treat you all to some coffee. It’s just instant coffee that costs three yuan a cup, hahaha.”

The group of people headed upstairs. When they came out, there wasn’t a single person in the boxing club, not even the two or three people who were just exercising.

Cui Ansheng wanted to make coffee, but Lou Yan stopped him, “No need, Boss Cui.”

At this moment, Lou Yan’s face showed no expression, he raised his hand to stop Cui Ansheng, then said directly, “We still have things to do, so let’s go back first.”

Cui Ansheng nodded understandingly, smiling, “I won’t keep Mr. Lou. See you next time, Mr. Lou. If you have time, come over to play!”

Lou Yan and his group nodded to him and walked out. But as they just reached the door, they saw a tall and sturdy, dark-skinned but baby-faced teenager rushing into the Peace Boxing Club with a schoolbag on his back.

Seeing this teenager, Cui Ansheng, who was a few steps behind, suddenly changed his expression drastically. He hurriedly stepped forward to intercept the person, frowning and carefully examining the teenager. Although his tone seemed severe, under the severity was all worry and nervousness, “Little Bao, why are you back? Isn’t it time for class now?”

The tall teenager, called Little Bao, shrank his neck, looking a bit scared as he glanced at Cui Ansheng, stuttering, “Brother, I…I wet my pants. The teacher asked me to come back and change clothes.”

Cui Ansheng lowered his head and indeed saw that Cui Xiaobao’s pants were wet. He sighed, a hint of weariness crossing his face, and patted Cui Xiaobao’s shoulder, “Hurry back to the room and change your clothes, then take a shower.”

Cui Xiaobao hesitated for a moment, then lowered his head, clutching the straps of his schoolbag and muttered, “Brother, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Cui Ansheng ruffled his brother’s hair gently, his expression gentle, “Did anyone laugh at you after wetting your pants?”

Cui Xiaobao nodded sadly, “They all laughed at me. They said I’m dumb, that I’m an idiot.”

Cui Ansheng’s expression darkened, “Xiaobao, you’re not dumb at all. Brother will take the day off for you today. How about resting at home? You can go to school tomorrow.”

Cui Xiaobao hesitated for a moment before nodding, urged by Cui Ansheng, he went inside. After his brother left, Cui Ansheng reluctantly smiled at Lou Yan and the others, “Sorry for letting you see a joke.”

Lou Yan and the others could tell at a glance that Cui Ansheng’s brother was somewhat intellectually impaired, seeming to be only five or six years old. Every family has its difficulties, and having a mentally disabled younger brother is a testament to how far Cui Ansheng has come.

They shook their heads, with Lu Haixiu trying his best not to show any sympathetic expression, afraid that Cui Ansheng would overthink, “Boss Cui, is your brother’s name really Xiaobao? That’s such a cute name.”

“Yes, he’s called Cui Xiaobao,” Cui Ansheng smiled and casually lit a cigarette, “He had a high fever when he was young, and afterwards, he became like this. It’s not a big deal. I won’t delay your business. Farewell, see you next time, and I’ll treat you to coffee next time!”

The group of people nodded in agreement, leaving the Peace Boxing Club.

Watching their car fade away, Cui Ansheng finished smoking and extinguished the cigarette, then went upstairs to his home.

As soon as he entered, he heard Cui Xiaobao’s voice coming from the bathroom, intermittent and somewhat incoherent, “The frog heard what the rabbit said, so it jumped into the water… Our teacher told us this story today.”

Cui Ansheng walked in and saw Cui Xiaobao soaking in the bathtub, playing with a yellow rubber duck while earnestly chatting with Fu Xuezhou, who was sitting on a small stool next to him. Fu Xuezhou had just finished showering, his hair still dripping wet, soaking a large area of his back. He had a faint expression as he chatted with Cui Xiaobao, washing the clothes he had just taken off in a red plastic basin in front of him, “What else did your teacher teach you?”

Cui Xiaobao frowned and thought for a moment, “We also memorized the multiplication table…”

Fu Xuezhou said, “Recite it to me.”

“Quack!” The little yellow duck was pinched by Cui Xiaobao in surprise, emitting a sharp scream.

Cui Xiaobao struggled to start reciting the multiplication table.

Cui Ansheng leaned against the door and watched the scene, his lips curled up slightly, smiling faintly.

Author’s note:

Fu Xuezhou: Just a week, it’s up to you (aloof) (casually waving hand) (feeling very generous)

Lou Yan: …

When I wrote about Lou asking Little Fu if he was an idiot, and Little Fu sincerely answering that he wasn’t, I suddenly understood what sincerity as a killer move meant (facepalm)

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