Monster Resurgence Chapter 63

Chapter 63

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Li Sanxin was not Fu Xuezhou’s friend, so he naturally didn’t know what had happened to Fu Xuezhou. 

But he had seen the scene where Fu Xuezhou, with his silver long hair flying, dragged Lou Yan into the red coffin. He speculated that this Fu Xuezhou might have undergone something during the anomaly resurgence and fusion, hence the strange silver long hair and the change in personality.

Li Sanxin intentionally inquired about Fu Xuezhou’s affairs and struck up a conversation with Cui Ansheng. But Cui Ansheng was smoother than Li Sanxin had expected, smiling and seeming to say a lot, but in fact, he didn’t reveal anything crucial.

“To be honest, I rarely see someone who can go head-to-head with Ah Zhou,” Cui Ansheng sighed as he watched Lou Yan and Fu Xuezhou, unwilling to take his eyes off the intense confrontation between the two. “Mr. Lou is so wealthy and skilled, it really impresses me. With such strength in the underground arena, he’s like a king.”

Lu Haoxiu stared at Lou Yan intently, worry evident in his puppy-like eyes, scratching his head anxiously. “Brother Lou, will he get hurt?”

Cui Ansheng smiled and said, “Why don’t we place a bet too, to see who will win?”

Lu Haoxiu immediately put away his worried expression, putting on a confident look and proudly said, “Do we even need to ask? It’s definitely my Brother Lou who will win.”

Li Sanxin smiled faintly, also unhesitatingly supporting Lou Yan. “Yanzi has been training in martial arts with the teacher since he was young. I believe he will win.”

“You guys have a good relationship,” Cui Ansheng said with a grin, lighting a cigarette and putting it in his mouth, amused, “Since both of you are betting on Mr. Lou to win, then I’ll bet on Old A. To be honest, Old A is the king here. Mr. Duan, what do you think? Who will win?”

Cui Ansheng looked at Duan Zege. He was quite curious about this man, whether it was the half-long hair covering his face or the hat on his head, everything about him seemed mysterious and full of stories.

Duan Zege watched the two fighters for a while before saying impartially, “Lou Yan is more professional than Old A, but Old A’s moves are much fiercer than Lou Yan’s. Old A has been in the underground boxing for so long, with a lot of experience, and his moves are all unexpected, not easy to deal with.”

He shrugged, looking helplessly at Lu Haoxiu and Li Sanxin. “Although I don’t want to say this, I think Old A will win.”

Cui Ansheng patted Duan Zege’s shoulder and laughed heartily, “Thanks to Mr. Duan for the compliment to Old A.”

As they were talking, there was a muffled sound, Lou Yan’s leg heavily hit the bottom of the ring, and he was pressed against the ropes surrounding the ring by Fu Xuezhou.

The long ropes tightly wrapped around Lou Yan’s back, the uneven force causing a momentary stiffness in Lou Yan’s expression.

Just as he was about to retaliate, Fu Xuezhou pressed down on him.

Although the silver-haired man still had the slender figure of a young man, he was already able to envelop Lou Yan’s body within his own. He reached out with pale arms, grabbing the ropes on both sides of Lou Yan’s body, controlling Lou Yan within a small space.

Fu Xuezhou lowered his head, and the silver hair fell from the sides of his neck to the front, with a few strands even hanging on Lou Yan’s body.

His scent lingered at the tip of Lou Yan’s nose. It was actually very faint, but Lou Yan felt it was particularly strong and uncomfortable. He frowned, slightly lifted his head to meet Fu Xuezhou’s gaze, leaning back against the elasticity of the ropes to create distance, and frowned unhappily, “What do you want? Get off.”

Under the intense and merciless attack just now, they were already sweating profusely. Lou Yan could feel his shirt sticking to his back. Similarly, Fu Xuezhou, with an expressionless face, had a layer of mist-like sweat on his handsome face, and his white T-shirt had been soaked with sweat, turning into a different color.

Transparent water droplets stuck to Fu Xuezhou’s eyebrows and high nose. As Fu Xuezhou lowered his head, they dripped onto Lou Yan’s clothes like the silver hair.

Breathing became slightly rapid and heavy due to the intense movement and the pain in the body, and the speed of the rise and fall of the chest became much faster than usual. The hot breath intertwined unknowingly between breaths, and the small space became hot due to the high body temperature of the two, further igniting the anger in their hearts.

Fu Xuezhou’s eyes seemed to be even darker and more obscure, infected by the hot air. Not only did he not get off, he even lowered his head towards Lou Yan’s neck. The cold, silken silver hair brushed against Lou Yan’s arm and neck, and in an instant, Fu Xuezhou’s face was close to Lou Yan’s shoulder.

The hot breath between their breaths blew, and Lou Yan suddenly felt a layer of goosebumps. This close proximity made him feel nauseous and uncomfortable. Lou Yan frowned, unceremoniously clenched his fist and was about to punch Fu Xuezhou’s abdomen, but his hand was caught by Fu Xuezhou. He thought about kicking, but Fu Xuezhou, with his rich experience, firmly restricted the range of Lou Yan’s legs just by his stance.

With one hand held by Fu Xuezhou, Fu Xuezhou’s other hand began unbuttoning Lou Yan’s shirt.

Lou Yan: “… What are you doing?”

Lou Yan’s face darkened as he repeated the question. He couldn’t believe it. Lou Yan took a deep breath, staring at Fu Xuezhou intently, gritting his teeth and warning in a low voice, “What the h*ll are you doing.”

If it were in the past, Lou Yan wouldn’t have thought much about it, at most, he would have thought that it was Fu Xuezhou’s new move to embarrass him. But he had just learned that there was a ghost marriage contract tattoo on his and Fu Xuezhou’s bodies, and to remove the ghost marriage contract tattoo, they needed to have sexual intercourse.

The words “sexual intercourse” hit Lou Yan hard, especially given the close proximity and Fu Xuezhou’s outrageous actions, it was hard not to think in that direction.

Lou Yan’s face turned purple with anger. Fu Xuezhou’s actions struck a sensitive nerve, making Lou Yan’s struggling movements extremely violent, making it difficult for Fu Xuezhou to control him. Fu Xuezhou frowned, having to exert more effort to restrain Lou Yan. “Don’t move.”

Don’t move?

Lou Yan almost laughed out of anger, his anger burning, the veins on his neck bulging with the effort. “Do you want me to stop moving after seeing what you’re doing? If you want to fight, then fight, Fu Xuezhou, don’t disgust me.”

His anger, on the contrary, amused Fu Xuezhou.

Fu Xuezhou’s finger paused, his eyes narrowed slightly, as if thinking, deliberately unbuttoning another button on Lou Yan’s shirt.

Lou Yan’s emotions became even more agitated. The anger was almost enough to burn everything down. The waves of anger in his eyes were terrifying, dark and terrifying. He said word by word, “Fu Xuezhou, if you move again, I will definitely chop off your hand.”

Fu Xuezhou, under his terrifying warning, chuckled lightly.

He felt like he had found Lou Yan’s weakness.

With fingers carrying a hint of coldness, Fu Xuezhou once again moved downwards, deftly unbuttoning another button on Lou Yan’s shirt. Adding to the one that had previously broken, four silver buttons on Lou Yan’s shirt were now defenseless, revealing a tight and beautiful collarbone and chest.

“You once said my hands were dirty,” Fu Xuezhou’s voice was neither light nor slow, carrying a chilling undertone that seemed to penetrate the bones, with a strong hint of sarcasm, “these dirty hands are now undressing you.”

It was a naked mockery and provocation.

Lou Yan’s heart was filled with killing intent. His lips were tightly pressed together, and his eyes were full of the fierce determination to swallow the person in front of him alive. 

His shirt had become wrinkled from the fight, and a loose button revealed a thread. Lou Yan’s black hair was also disheveled, making him look disheveled and angry. However, his dark and suppressed eyes made him appear superior even in his disheveled state, sending chills down people’s spines. 

In fact, Lou Yan knew that if he called out to Li Sanxin or Duan Zege, his friends would rush up to stop Fu Xuezhou. But Lou Yan’s pride was particularly strong; he didn’t want to call for help after his defeat, nor did he want his friends to see him in such a sorry state because of Fu Xuezhou. So even though his friends were just twenty meters away, he remained silent, keeping his mouth tightly shut. 

Various thoughts flashed through Lou Yan’s mind as he contemplated countless ways to kill Fu Xuezhou. The humiliation he had never experienced before made him grit his teeth, and waves of bloody taste surged in his throat. At this moment, Fu Xuezhou stopped undoing his buttons and instead placed his hand on the back of Lou Yan’s neck, lifting the collar of his expensive and intimate shirt. 

As the collar moved away from his back, the space that could be glimpsed gradually increased. With his eyes lowered and his back slightly bent, Fu Xuezhou leaned forward slightly toward Lou Yan’s back.

In that moment of movement, Lou Yan seized the opportunity with sharp intuition. Almost instantly, he used all the strength he had secretly accumulated to forcefully pull his right hand out of Fu Xuezhou’s grasp, then immediately reached up and viciously grabbed Fu Xuezhou’s silver hair from behind. Fu Xuezhou paused in his movements, halted by the pulling force on his head. 

Lou Yan tugged at his lips, gripping the man’s hair tightly and pulling it backward, causing undeniable pain. But after just a moment, Fu Xuezhou ignored the hair being pulled in Lou Yan’s hand and forcibly continued to lean forward. 

The loose collar revealed the shoulder blades on Lou Yan’s back. 

Fu Xuezhou lightly swept downwards and saw the crimson coffin tattoo in the middle of the shoulder blades. 

“Sure enough,” Fu Xuezhou said lightly, “you have a ghost marriage contract tattooed on you.”

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