Monster Resurgence Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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Likes nothing more than ruining arrogant geniuses like him?

A touch of coldness appeared in Lou Yan’s eyes and brows.

How dare such trash have the audacity to think of ruining him?

He calmly moved his gaze away from Wen Jiu and strode over to the person in charge to discuss advertising and poster matters. However, he did not notice that Wen Jiu in front of the curtain had been watching him all along, as if seeing through a mystery.

“Is that Chief Lou from your company?”

Not far away, Lou Yan was surrounded by a crowd, standing in the center like the center of the universe. He was impeccably dressed in a sharp suit, exuding a commanding and fierce aura with every move, filled with the dignity of someone in a high position. Coupled with his stunningly handsome appearance, he shone like a dazzling gem.

“Yes, that’s Chief Lou. He’s here today to inspect the work,” the makeup artist couldn’t help but glance back at Lou Yan.

Wen Jiu’s gaze swept over Lou Yan from head to toe, a faint excitement flickering in his eyes. He lowered his head to sniff the fragrance of the rose, and the vivid pattern of the black tattoo on his neck unfolded, resembling the skin of a poisonous snake on his pale skin, emitting a dangerous yet beautiful aura. Wen Jiu’s voice was deep as he smiled at the makeup artist, his golden eyes contracting with pleasure. “He’s really charming, isn’t he?”

The makeup artist blushed under his gaze, showing a foolish expression, nodding repeatedly in agreement.

Once the official shooting started, Lou Yan also watched for a while. Wen Jiu, as expected of a top celebrity hired at a high price, had an outstanding performance that ignited the inspiration of the photographer, and the flashes never stopped.

The endorsed product was a black bottled men’s perfume, perfectly packaged in a bottle resembling an ancient amphora, but with sharp and angular features, adding a touch of ruggedness and futuristic sense.

Lou Yan watched as the sexy and handsome blond man in front of the camera kissed the black perfume bottle, his gaze fixed on the camera, and couldn’t help but admire Wen Jiu’s popularity.

The man’s eyes were truly mesmerizing, as if there were streams of dark gold flowing in the depths of his eyes. Once you made eye contact with him, you would feel like there were hooks hidden in his eyes. These hooks were not just shallow temptations; they contained intimidation and ruthlessness, like staring into the eyes of an animal in the wild without any human emotions, giving a stimulating sensation of being swallowed and suffocated at any moment.

In short, they were fish, and Wen Jiu was the fishhook. The fish couldn’t help but be attracted by the delicious bait on the hook, but once they bit, they would end up becoming a meal on the plate.

The person in charge looked at the excellent photos taken by the photographer, smiling with satisfaction, rubbing his hands with satisfaction. “Chief Lou, the person we hired this time is indeed right. What do you think of the results?”

Lou Yan commented nonchalantly, “The results are quite eye-catching.”

The person in charge smirked, about to modestly say a few words, but then Lou Yan continued, “But what’s eye-catching is his face. Everyone’s looking at his face, who cares about the product?”

The person in charge’s half-smile froze on his face, turning into a helpless expression.

Someone in the team chuckled softly.

Lou Yan didn’t criticize him further. As a qualified businessman, he didn’t like to dwell on past mistakes but preferred to focus on remedying them in the future. “These photos will do for now. Remember to highlight the product in the remaining shots. Remember, don’t repeat the mistakes made in the posters during the advertisement shoot.”

The person in charge wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, feeling that Chief Lou today was even more imposing than before. “Yes, yes.”

Lou Yan patted his shoulder. “Do well.”

With just three simple words, the person in charge immediately felt revitalized. “I won’t disappoint you, Chief Lou!”

Lou Yan nodded and left the studio with the team without any attachment.

“Assistant Qin,” after each member of the team returned to their respective positions, Lou Yan’s expression relaxed, and he turned to Qin Feng with a smile, “Can I leave now?”

Assistant Qin pushed his glasses helplessly and nodded. “You can leave now, boss. But are you leaving now?”

Lou Yan casually loosened his overly tight tie and took it off, “What’s up? Is there something else I need to deal with?” 

“Do you remember the employee you arranged to be placed in the publicity department, Song Yuran?” Assistant Qin asked, “Do you want to go see her?” 

Lou Yan stopped in his tracks, furrowing his brow as if slightly displeased, “Miss Song and I don’t have that kind of relationship. Her father owns a private kitchen, and I just thought their restaurant had good food, so I helped Miss Song find an internship.” 

At this moment, Lou Yan felt there were too many things to handle during this visit to the company. He decided that he wouldn’t come to the company for a second time within the next month after returning.

Assistant Qin noticed his misunderstanding and patiently explained, “I didn’t misunderstand your relationship with Miss Song. It’s just that her situation is somewhat special. I think you need to go and take a look… mainly to advise Miss Song. People should prioritize their health. If she’s not feeling well, she can take a leave of absence.”

Lou Yan raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

Assistant Qin sighed. “I suspect Miss Song Yuran has some mental issues because she repeatedly said today that the plastic mannequins in our company can move.”

Lou Yan: “… Plastic mannequins can move?”

His expression changed, and he glanced at the time on his watch. There was still an hour and a half until six o’clock. Lou Yan decisively said, “I’ll go to the office. You bring Song Yuran over. I want to see her.”

Song Yuran was a minor internet celebrity. Because her family owned a private restaurant, she had loved eating since she was a child, and as a result, she was a bit chubby. However, she wasn’t excessively overweight, and with a good foundation and a cheerful and generous personality, she had made many friends online and offline, and her online fans had reached over two hundred thousand.

Usually, online, Song Yuran did food broadcasts, or she did interesting things around her, or she tempted innocent netizens with the dishes from her family’s private restaurant. She didn’t have a regular job, but being a small internet celebrity earned her enough money for her daily expenses. If it weren’t for the school’s rigid requirement to complete social practice as a necessary condition for graduation, she wouldn’t have come to Lou Yan’s company as a struggling worker.

But whether Song Yuran was lucky or unlucky, she had just started working at Lou Yan’s company yesterday. In order to give the supervisors a diligent and hardworking impression, when the video editing work she had arranged yesterday wasn’t finished, Song Yuran took the initiative to stay and work overtime. After leisurely working and snacking last night, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.

At this moment, there was no one left in the company, and most of the lights had been turned off. When Song Yuran left the company with her bag, she passed by the clothing design department.

In the open space opposite the clothing department, there was a pile of white plastic mannequins, next to the bathroom. Song Yuran casually glanced at the group of plastic mannequins and strolled into the bathroom to use the toilet.

After she finished using the toilet and came out to wash her hands in front of the mirror, she happened to notice through the mirror that a plastic mannequin’s finger was protruding from the left door frame of the bathroom.

At first, Song Yuran didn’t pay much attention, thinking that the plastic mannequin was originally there. But when she lowered her head to wash her face with cold water and then raised her head again, she found that the finger protruding from the door frame had turned into the entire hand of the plastic mannequin!

The plastic mannequin was approaching her!

Song Yuran’s heart raced, and she suddenly rushed out of the bathroom to look left and right, but she didn’t see anyone. If no one was playing a prank, how could the plastic mannequin move?

Rubbing the goosebumps on her arms, Song Yuran carefully examined the plastic mannequin at the door frame of the bathroom. It had no facial features, a strong plastic feel, visible seams at the joints, pure white all over, just an ordinary plastic mannequin.

Song Yuran shivered, feeling that the plastic mannequin was a bit terrifying. But after becoming accustomed to being an internet celebrity, her first reaction to anything was to make a video. She lowered her head to take out her phone and opened the camera. When the camera was aimed at the plastic mannequin, Song Yuran felt her whole body go numb, and her blood turned cold in an instant.

—The plastic mannequin had actually changed its posture without her noticing, taking a step with its right leg toward her direction, and the hand that was originally resting on the bathroom door frame was raised and stretched toward her, its featureless head facing directly towards Song Yuran.

Song Yuran immediately screamed and panicked, running out of the company.

“So, after you went back, you posted this incident in the company group chat. However, no one took it seriously and thought you were joking. So, after you came to work today, you repeatedly told them that you weren’t joking. To prove that what you said was true, you even went to the clothing department with someone?”

Lou Yan lightly tapped the table, pondered for a moment, and asked Song Yuran in front of him.

Song Yuran, with panda eyes hanging, nodded with a lack of energy. She looked somewhat restrained and listless. “Mr. Lou, I really didn’t lie. I really saw the plastic mannequin move.”

Lou Yan didn’t refute her. “So, did you see any moving plastic mannequins after you went to the clothing department today?”

As soon as this was mentioned, Song Yuran looked even more dispirited, her face full of dullness. “No… the colleagues in the clothing department usually bring the plastic mannequins into the studio to try on clothes during the day. They said they didn’t notice anything wrong. I squatted in the clothing department all day and didn’t see a single moving plastic mannequin.”

Lou Yan asked, “Do you think you misjudged what you saw last night, or is there another reason?”

“They all say I misjudged it…”

Song Yuran said reluctantly, looking at Lou Yan’s encouraging eyes, she wiped her face, affirmed her thoughts, and slapped the table with determination. Her eyes burned with the fire of seeking truth.

“But I’m sure I didn’t misjudge! Although I didn’t find any evidence of them moving all day today, I think it’s because it’s daytime now, so they dare not move. I asked the sisters in the clothing department, and they told me that every time after work, because the office space is limited, they put the plastic mannequins outside the door. The cleaning auntie in the company also told me that you don’t allow employees to work overtime in the company until late at night this month, so there were no people in the company at ten o’clock last night. At that time, only I, the newcomer, was left in the company, so I found out that something was wrong with the plastic mannequins—I think this is the key condition for discovering the movement of the plastic mannequins!”

Prohibiting employees from working overtime until dark was a rule Lou Yan set after his rebirth. The reason was simple: the supernatural had begun to revive, and the later you stayed at work and returned home, the more dangerous it would be.

“At midnight, in an empty company, isn’t this the standard background for supernatural events?” Song Yuran was nervous and excited, banging on the table incessantly, her breath quick and her face flushed. “Mr. Lou, I still want to stay in the company and work overtime tonight. I must prove that the plastic mannequins really moved. I’m not joking!”

She also wanted to do a live broadcast throughout the process, telling everyone that there really are supernatural phenomena in this world!

Oh my god, the first real supernatural event in human history was discovered by her, a small food blogger! Wouldn’t she become famous?

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