Monster Resurgence Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Escape quickly!

A strong sense of crisis struck Lou Yan’s heart. He fiercely pinched his own palm meat, barely stabilizing his mind amidst the intense trembling of his talent.

In both his previous and current lives, Lou Yan’s “sense of crisis perception” had only reacted so intensely once — that was when he first met Fu Xuezhou.

This time, the crisis perceived was almost as intense as the first meeting with Fu Xuezhou!

This meant that the anomaly hidden in this building had at least the same power as Fu Xuezhou, enough to destroy the world.

This was not something Lou Yan could deal with!

Lou Yan took two steps back, decisively turned around, and prepared to leave the building. However, in the darkness, the steps that had just been behind him suddenly disappeared.

Lou Yan walked for more than ten steps but couldn’t find the way. Slowly, he stopped.

He opened his eyes wide, trying to see around in the infinite darkness, but he couldn’t see anything.

Lou Yan was plunged into pure darkness.

This kind of darkness was probably even purer than the darkest night, and Lou Yan even had a feeling that his eyes had gone blind. The function of his eyes was ruthlessly taken away by the darkness, and Lou Yan had no idea where the road under his feet was or whether there was anything around him.

Soon, Lou Yan realized once again that he hadn’t just lost his vision.

He couldn’t hear any sound, and the musty night wind that had blown earlier disappeared as if it had never existed.

Hearing and touch, along with vision, sank into the darkness. Lou Yan even had a momentary feeling that the darkness was not an intangible thing but was slowly devouring him like a tide.

In such a state of losing perception, it was even impossible to tell whether he was dead or alive.

Lou Yan tried to make a sound, “Hello.”

Fortunately, Lou Yan heard his own voice, which meant he was still alive. It was just that he had entered a dark and intangible space.

“This is the anomaly…” Lou Yan’s heart sank to the bottom, and he couldn’t help but believe it even though he didn’t want to, “There’s actually a strange domain here!”

Obviously, in his previous life, the conclusion drawn by the public was that the anomalies in the early stages of revival did not have the ability to form a Domain!

How could this be possible!

How could there be a domain with such a large range formed by an anomaly on the night of the resurgence!

Lou Yan felt as if he had fallen into an iceberg, with coldness spreading all over his body. He didn’t know what terrifying anomaly’s domain he had entered, but he knew that once he stepped into the domain of the anomaly, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he wanted to.

Thinking of the nonsense the Seize Life Phone said, Lou Yan was burning with anger. He gritted his teeth and took out the Seize Life Phone from his pocket, sneering repeatedly, “Is this the anomaly you said is suitable for me to fuse with?”

The screen of the Seize Life Phone lit up, and Lou Yan wanted to use the light from the phone to dispel the darkness around him, but he was disappointed. The light from the Seize Life Phone only illuminated the words on the screen, and the scattered light was swallowed by the darkness outside, still leaving Lou Yan in pitch darkness.

The Seize Life Phone shook frantically, as if trembling: [This is the most suitable anomaly for you to fuse with!]

After speaking, the screen of the Seize Life Phone flashed a few times as if it were malfunctioning. The previously cracked seams deepened in color, and the battery indicator in the top right corner went from full to a bright red light in an instant. Before Lou Yan could react, the Seize Life Phone shut down abruptly, its screen going black.

The only source of light disappeared once again.

Lou Yan furrowed his brow, not thinking that the Seize Life Phone was playing tricks on him. The Seize Life Phone was in his hands now and should know that there was a risk of being destroyed by Lou Yan if it shut down without warning. Rather than playing games, Lou Yan leaned towards the possibility that the Seize Life Phone was suppressed in the Domain of the anomaly, unable to use its anomaly abilities, hence it “had to” shut down to play dead.

Lou Yan put away the Seize Life Phone, took a few deep breaths to calm down his rapidly beating heart, and began to contemplate what to do next.

As far as Lou Yan knew, there were only two ways to leave a Domain of the anomaly once entered. One was for the anomaly to leave voluntarily, causing the Domain to follow its master. The other was to eliminate the anomaly who owned the Domain.

The former was safer, but Lou Yan wouldn’t bet on the possibility of the anomaly leaving voluntarily. He was at risk of dying in the Domain at any time. Even if he wasn’t killed by the anomaly, he would be trapped alive by the Domain. The only way for Lou Yan to survive was the latter: attempting to deal with the anomaly here.

But Lou Yan knew that compared to a world-ending anomaly, he was like a duckweed compared to a giant ship, an ant compared to an elephant. Trying to deal with such an anomaly was nothing short of wishful thinking, but Lou Yan was not entirely without hope.

The Seize Life Phone said that this anomaly was the most suitable for him to fuse with, so Lou Yan could only tentatively believe it. If he could fuse with this anomaly at the last moment, Lou Yan would have a chance of survival.

“I hope I won’t lose my sanity to the anomaly…” Lou Yan muttered to himself, clutching the fruit knife in his hand self-mockingly, “World-ending terror. If I can survive, this is worth writing a memoir about.”

Lou Yan closed his eyes and actively used his innate ability.

【Spiritual Power: 5/20】

Crisis perception activated!

Lou Yan needed to determine where the master of the Domain was, but soon, he opened his eyes with a solemn expression.

No perception.

This Domain isolated his innate ability.

Lou Yan’s last resort was unexpectedly unusable.

“No way…”

Lou Yan’s face became serious as he recalled the appearance of the building he had seen before in his mind. He carefully moved forward in the darkness following the route in his mind.

The darkness enveloped Lou Yan as if it had no end. Lou Yan didn’t know how long he had been walking, maybe an hour, or perhaps two. He tried to see the numbers on his watch, but he couldn’t see anything even if the watch was right in front of him. The darkness around him remained, and Lou Yan’s consciousness gradually began to blur.

Where was the path? Where was the anomaly? How much time had passed? Was I still alive?

The anomaly power continued to corrupt Lou Yan’s mind, making his steps heavier and heavier. He even began to doubt himself, “Can I really get out of this Domain?”

The silent space offered no answers to his questions.

Lou Yan cut his finger with the fruit knife, and the pain woke him up. With sheer willpower, he continued to walk in the darkness for a long time.

This time, he counted his heartbeats. After about two hours, Lou Yan stopped in exhaustion.

He sat down where he was, preparing to rest and recover from the constantly draining spiritual power. If he continued walking, Lou Yan felt he would lose himself in the darkness.

Fortunately, he had food and water in his bag. Because he didn’t know how long he would be stranded in the Domain, Lou Yan didn’t dare to eat too much. After eating a few bites of compressed biscuits and drinking some water, Lou Yan leaned against his backpack and closed his eyes to rest.

Spiritual power could only be restored through rest. Due to the contamination of spiritual power in the Domain, Lou Yan’s spiritual power had dropped from 5 to 2. The lower the spiritual power, the more susceptible he was to the influence of anomaly power. Lou Yan had to wait until his spiritual power recovered to at least 10 before he dared to continue walking in the darkness.

In the Domain, even when resting, Lou Yan dared not relax his vigilance. Therefore, the recovery of spiritual power was slow. After about an hour and a half, Lou Yan’s spiritual power slowly rose to 10.

Lou Yan got up from the ground, shouldered his bag, and continued walking in the void of darkness.

With the previous experience, Lou Yan directly brought various things this time. He recited textbooks and theorems first, then moved on to recall the planning cases in the company after memorizing simple things. Lou Yan tried to maintain his sanity and clarity in this way, and fortunately, it worked quite well. His mind remained stable amidst the recitation.

“Manager Liu seems to have mentioned a new marketing strategy to me…” Lou Yan was in the midst of recollection when he suddenly heard other faint sounds.

Lou Yan’s voice stopped instantly, his whole body tense, listening carefully to everything around him.

When eyes couldn’t see, hearing became especially sensitive. Soon, Lou Yan heard the subtle sound again.


It was the sound of footsteps!

After identifying the direction, Lou Yan didn’t hesitate to run towards the sound of footsteps!

Regardless of whether the footsteps were dangerous or not, at this moment, they sounded extremely pleasant to Lou Yan’s ears. Lou Yan ran fast, his ears constantly catching the faint sound.

Closer, getting closer.

Just as Lou Yan was about to approach the footsteps, his feet suddenly stumbled, and he staggered to stabilize himself. Feeling around with his feet, he couldn’t help but laugh.

It was a staircase.

He had finally found something different in this unchanging darkness.

Lou Yan suppressed his laughter, heightened his vigilance, and stepped onto the stairs. Almost at the same moment he stepped on the stairs, the footsteps suddenly disappeared.

Frowning, Lou Yan became even more cautious. As the corridor rose, the darkness in front of him gradually became thinner, like diluted ink. Lou Yan’s eyes began to see blurry outlines, and by the time he stepped onto level ground again, the darkness had turned into the darkness of a typical night.

Moonlight streamed in through the windows, gently casting on the ground.

The musty wind blew onto Lou Yan’s face once again, but besides the musty smell, Lou Yan also smelled a strong damp and fishy odor.

Lou Yan’s mind tightened, and he took out a flashlight from his bag.

The light turned on, and the flashlight resumed its function. However, Lou Yan, who hadn’t seen light for a long time, instinctively turned his head away from the glare. It wasn’t until his eyes adjusted to the brightness that Lou Yan turned his head and looked at what was in front of him.

His breath hitched, and the light in his hand shook violently.

His brain suddenly throbbed with pain and dizziness, and Lou Yan’s vision blurred. He struggled to widen his eyes to look ahead, but the intense mental shock caused his mental strength to plummet.

【Spiritual Power: 10/20… Spiritual Power: 8/20… Spiritual Power: 5/20】

【Spiritual Power: 3/20】

【Spiritual Power: 0/20】

… What is… What is that?

In the center of the light was a huge monster.

In the deserted and dilapidated floor, the pitch-black tumor-like monster seemed to sit motionless against the wall like a sculpture. Damp black water dripped from its body, forming puddles on the ground. The heavy roof pressed down on the monster’s figure, its back bent against the ceiling, occupying half of the floor like a lump of flesh.

Several huge tentacles climbed the walls and floor like arms, and numerous white bone spurs grew all over the black tumor-like monster’s body, densely covering every part of it, turning this place into a complete nest for the monster.

Lou Yan stood in front of it, like a fragile bird standing in front of an elephant.

This was a thoroughly anomaly, anomaly.

Author’s Note:

“Ghost Domain” has been changed to “anomaly domain” because it fits better~

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