My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Wisteria Flowers

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An Bu cleaned the room inside and out, added new ingredients, and everything was ready. Jian Ningxuan also arrived as scheduled.

“Congratulations on your recovery.” Jian Ningxuan handed a bouquet and skincare products to An Bu, his gaze falling on her face with some surprise. Normally, cosmetic treatments could only make healing wounds closely resemble the skin color, and upon close inspection, some traces could still be seen. However, An Bu’s skin was flawless, as if she had never been injured.

“Thank you.” An Bu smiled as she accepted the gifts and welcomed him into the house. “Please come in, make yourself comfortable.”

Just as she was about to close the door, she noticed another figure in the corridor—a delivery person in a uniform, struggling to carry a large box.

“Are you Miss An Bu?” the delivery person politely asked.

“Yes.” An Bu’s gaze swept over the package slip.

“Here’s your delivery, please sign for it.”

An Bu took the electronic pen and quickly signed her name on the delivery person’s card.

Jian Ningxuan had just changed his shoes when he saw the delivery person bring in a large box. He casually took it and helped An Bu move it inside.

“Thank you.” An Bu had him place the box on the coffee table and then took out a small knife to start unwrapping it.

Sitting on the sofa, Jian Ningxuan watched silently.

“Sorry, these are ceramic tableware I made in a pottery workshop some time ago,” An Bu explained as she unpacked the items. 

Four bowls, eight plates, two soup spoons, and two tea cups—two sets in total, each with a different style. One set featured “Siamese Cats” as the theme, and the other set featured “Butterflies,” with various shapes, vivid colors, and unique personalities.

An Bu picked up a Siamese Cat bowl, saying, “Let’s use the new tableware for lunch today.” Cat masters should use cat utensils~

Jian Ningxuan, looking at her sparkling eyes, felt that her smile held a deep meaning.

After cleaning and disinfecting the tableware, An Bu poured a cup of tea into the Siamese Cat teacup for Jian Ningxuan. Then, she happily started cooking.

Accustomed to the rich colors around him, Jian Ningxuan, for the first time, seriously observed An Bu’s living space. Aside from the magical color combinations, he noticed many exquisite small decorations, such as fabric, weaving, wood carvings, shells, and knitted ornaments—all clearly handmade.

An Bu’s life was as vibrant as her aesthetics. For Jian Ningxuan, who was used to a simple life, it was hard to imagine how someone could have the energy and enthusiasm to learn various crafts.

“Come and eat~~” An Bu, wearing a bear apron, carried a plate of dishes out of the kitchen.

Jian Ningxuan walked over, and at first glance, he saw the assorted seafood dish. A small smile involuntarily appeared on his lips.

Sitting at the dining table, enjoying the air conditioning and delicious food, Jian Ningxuan had the thought of moving in with her. However, considering their short acquaintance and both being unmarried, cohabitation seemed inappropriate.

As An Bu casually sipped soup, she admired the sparkling colors, contemplating the possibility of inviting the cat master to “move in.” Would it be too forward to directly ask him to live with her?

Both of them were trying to find reasons for “cohabitation,” one for colour, the other for feeling refreshed, motives very ‘uncommon’.

After finishing the meal, An Bu brewed a cup of tea for Jian Ningxuan and casually asked, “Mr. Jian, did you buy the house you’re currently living in?”


“How much did you spend?”

“Including renovations, a total of 3.79 million.”

“That’s nice. I wonder when I’ll be able to afford a house.” An Bu began to fabricate, “This apartment is rented, and the monthly rent is over two thousand. Recently, the treatments cost a significant portion of my savings, and things are a bit tight. I’m thinking of finding someone to share the rent.”

Jian Ningxuan had never discussed such down-to-earth topics with others, but upon hearing that she wanted a roommate, a glimmer of light immediately flashed in his eyes. In his mind, he thought, “If you don’t mind, you can move in with me, or I can move in with you!”

“Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a roommate these days,” An Bu said, skillfully slicing fruits with her fingers, her long eyelashes trembling slightly.

Why is it not easy? There’s one right in front of you. Jian Ningxuan stared at her, almost writing on his face: One available roommate, please claim quickly.

An Bu turned the fruits into a flower, but didn’t get the ideal response. She chuckled to herself, realizing that it wasn’t easy to lure a mentally sound man into her bowl with just a sentence or two.

“Have some fruit.” An Bu didn’t dwell on it too long; matters of this kind required mutual agreement and couldn’t be forced.

Jian Ningxuan’s gaze followed An Bu’s hand to the fruit plate and was surprised to find that, in the blink of an eye, she had carved a bunch of wisteria flowers out of a fruit.

Carved so beautifully, how could he bear to eat it?

Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu, hesitated, and after a long pause, he finally said, “I pay you a salary on time, two or three times a month. It should be enough for you to cover the rent. If you need anything else, you can always ask me for an advance.”

An Bu: Finally found an excuse to invite the “cat” into the room, only to have it easily shattered by someone’s generosity. That’s why, cat masters shouldn’t be too wealthy; otherwise, there won’t even be a chance to provide for them.

In fact, after saying those words, Jian Ningxuan regretted it. An Bu happened to need a roommate, and he also wanted to live with her. Why should he be concerned about identity and hesitate? Even if he was rejected, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

In the end, even until he bid farewell, Jian Ningxuan couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

Driving home in silence, Jian Ningxuan unbuttoned his shirt, set the air conditioning temperature to 16 degrees, poured a glass of ice water, sat on the sofa, opened his computer, and suddenly remembered something he forgot to tell An Bu.

An Bu’s credit for saving a person was claimed by a female star named “Bei Mengla,” and Jian Ningxuan had collected evidence. Even if An Bu didn’t step forward, he could ruin Bei Mengla’s reputation. But this matter was related to An Bu, so he wanted to consult her opinion and not act on his own.

However, upon seeing An Bu, Jian Ningxuan felt relieved, completely pushing these troublesome matters out of his mind.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Jian Ningxuan’s assistant, Little Liu, arrived.

Jian Ningxuan opened the door with a gloomy expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Cheng asked me to deliver this invitation to you.” The assistant endured the waves of heat coming from Jian Ningxuan, carefully handing over an invitation wrapped in an envelope.

“What invitation?” Jian Ningxuan didn’t even glance at it, his face showing no emotion.

“It’s Miss Yang Qianqian’s birthday party, precious daughter of Mr. Yang Huaiqing.”

“I’m not going.” Jian Ningxuan was about to close the door.

“Wait.” Little Liu blocked the door and, with a distressed expression, said, “Mr. Cheng said if you don’t go, he will send Weiwei over to live with you.”

“Every time he uses Weiwei to threaten me, is she really his granddaughter?” Jian Ningxuan expressed extreme dissatisfaction with his uncle’s behavior.

Muttering softly, Little Liu said, “Only Weiwei can threaten you…”

Jian Ningxuan glared at him, snatched the envelope from his hand, and pulled out the invitation inside. Glancing at it, he suddenly noticed a corner of the invitation was stamped with a wisteria flower.

“Wisteria flower?” Jian Ningxuan murmured.

Little Liu, seeing his apparent interest, said, “The Yang family’s invitations always have a wisteria flower on them. It is said that the wisteria flower signifies ‘invitation’ and ‘welcome.'”

“What did you say?” Jian Ningxuan looked sharply at Little Liu, and his gaze was intimidating. 

Little Liu’s little heart suddenly pounded, nervously saying, “I, I said… the Yang family’s invitations always have wisteria flowers printed on them…” 

“Does wisteria symbolize ‘invitation’ or ‘welcome’?” Jian Ningxuan asked him seriously. 


Jian Ningxuan immediately turned back to the room, grabbed the keys from the coffee table, put on shoes, walked past the bewildered Little Liu, and strode towards the garage.

After a dozen minutes, An Bu opened the door, looked at the returning Jian Ningxuan, and asked strangely, “What’s going on?”

Jian Ningxuan said, “Is the wisteria flower you carved still there? I suddenly feel like eating it.”

An Bu: Did you rush back just to eat it?

“Come in.” An Bu stepped aside.

Jian Ningxuan walked straight to the living room, picked up the wisteria flowers from the fruit plate, turned to An Bu, and said seriously, “I accept your invitation.”

An Bu: “…”

“Let’s live (co-rent) together.”

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