My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Lipstick

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After confirming the cohabitation, Jian Ningxuan packed up and moved into An Bu’s little nest on the same evening, prepaying a year’s rent.

Before going to bed, Jian Ningxuan took the most comfortable bath of his life. When he emerged from the bathroom with a misty glow, An Bu saw a gentle radiance encircling him—a genuine joy that, through his vigorous vitality, transformed into a vivid array of colors.

An Bu’s eyes were filled with a radiant smile, and the once gloomy world seemed to come alive with his presence.

“So late, aren’t you going to sleep?” Jian Ningxuan stood at the bedroom door, looking at An Bu in the living room.

“Sleep!” An Bu rolled off the couch, holding a strangely shaped pillow, walked to the entrance of the master bedroom, and said with a smile, “Good night.”

“Good night.”

With one on the left and the other on the right, they walked into their respective rooms.

In an unfamiliar environment, Jian Ningxuan thought he would have trouble sleeping. However, to his surprise, he peacefully fell asleep within minutes and slept until around eight the next morning.

When he woke up, there were no annoying sweat stains, no irritating heat that troubled his mind, just a refreshing and unbelievably comfortable feeling.

Jian Ningxuan got out of bed, walked out of the room, and immediately smelled the fragrant aroma of corn porridge. Turning around, he saw a pink figure busy behind the glass door of the kitchen.

Jian Ningxuan’s eyes slightly brightened, and he walked into the bathroom. Seeing two sets of toiletries—a set with flower and butterfly patterns, and another with Siamese cat patterns—the former belonged to An Bu, and the latter was evidently prepared for him.

An Bu seemed to have a special fondness for cats, and all the items she provided for him were adorned with cat patterns.

After Jian Ningxuan finished his morning routine, An Bu had already prepared breakfast.

Corn porridge, purple sweet potato toast, a fruit platter with strawberries, pineapple, and kiwi, plus a bottle of blueberry jam—all neatly arranged on the marble dining table bathed in the morning light, creating a beautiful and warm atmosphere that made one’s appetite soar.

“After breakfast, I’m going to class at ‘New Chong Foreign Language.’ The spare key to the house is on the second level of the shoe cabinet. If you’re going out, remember to take the key.” An Bu, sipping porridge, reminded him.

“Class?” Jian Ningxuan asked with curiosity, “Did you enroll in a foreign language training course?”

“No,” An Bu laughed, “I’m going to substitute teach for someone.”

An Bu’s current identity is proficient in three foreign languages, with her main job being translation, and occasionally taking on some part-time work. 

She was mixed with various professional groups and certification forums throughout the year, including teachers, drivers, arts, crafts, culinary, nurses, automotive repair, gaming, leisure, cultural relics, news, legal, beauty and wellness, as well as babysitting, cleaning, and pet grooming. Many of these part-time opportunities come through recommendations from acquaintances in these circles.

New Chong Foreign Language was a well-known training center in the city. An Bu had met a teacher of Y language in a group, and since they were somewhat familiar with each other, An Bu agreed to help cover classes for a week due to the teacher’s temporary absence.

An Bu agreed without hesitation.

After breakfast, An Bu changed into a smart professional outfit, tied up her long hair, applied some makeup, and even wore a pair of non-prescription glasses.

Jian Ningxuan stared at her without blinking, finding her changing appearance quite fascinating.

Seeing her ready to leave, Jian Ningxuan couldn’t help but call her back, “Aren’t you going to reconsider?”

“Consider what?” An Bu was puzzled.

“Your lipstick…” Jian Ningxuan hesitated. “Is it okay to use purple?” 

An Bu remained silent: “…” 

She was using Purple Rose, which should be a subtle purple-red color. Did it have an unexpectedly peculiar effect? 

Returning to the room, An Bu took out seven lipsticks and laid them out in front of Jian Ningxuan, seeking opinions. “Which color do you think is better?” 

Jian Ningxuan’s slender fingers swept across the lipsticks, then pulled out one of them. “This one is good.” 

An Bu took a look. It was Firework Red. 

“Ok, let’s go with this one.” After saying that, she turned and went to the bathroom to change her lipstick. 

When she came out, the elegant and cool purple-red had been replaced by the bright and full Firework Red. Paired with a professional suit, it was both knowledgeable and extremely feminine.

“How is it?” An Bu slightly tilted her head and asked. 

Jian Ningxuan’s deep gaze lingered on her lips for a moment, nodded, and said, “Very good.” 

An Bu smiled, said “Goodbye,” and then walked away gracefully in her high heels. 

As An Bu left, Jian Ningxuan immediately felt the surrounding temperature rise sharply, the unbearable heat engulfing him again. 

Jian Ningxuan pursed his lips, feeling low in spirits. He turned the air conditioner to 16 degrees, took out his notebook, and began to immerse himself in work without distraction. 

He forgot to tell An Bu to “go early and come back early” just now… 

At the New Chong Foreign Language Training Center, Y Language Intermediate Class, a total of 45 students ranging in age from 12 to 28, classes were held every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, with two lessons each. Students could arrange their schedules freely based on their personal situations. 

An Bu parked her car in the parking lot outside the training center, picked up her bag with one hand, and pushed open the car door with the other. 

Just then, a muffled “bang” sound was heard as her hand pushing the door was heavily bumped. Her knuckles were cut, and her death points immediately increased by 3 points. 

An Bu looked up and saw a silver-gray Haux beside her. It seemed that when the car was parking just now, it accidentally hit her partially open car door. 

Not long after, a middle-aged driver got out of the driver’s seat, walked to the front of An Bu’s car, and politely said, “Sorry, I didn’t notice there was someone in the car just now. Here is my business card. We will take care of your repair fee.” 

An Bu, seeing his good attitude, naturally wouldn’t nitpick. She took the business card and said, “Okay, I’ll contact you when needed.”

Glancing at the business card, An Bu remembered the person’s name and phone number, while also noting the words “Jinhai Group” above.

Putting away the business card, An Bu opened the car door and was about to enter the training center when she noticed two people getting out of the Haux parked next to her.

A man in his thirties, with handsome features and a gentle gaze, his phoenix eyes slightly raised, sporting a retro-style haircut, wearing an expensive and exquisite casual suit without a tie, shirt collar slightly open, one hand in his pocket, displaying a mature demeanor.

Beside him stood a boy around twelve or thirteen, with a handsome face, welcoming eyes, and a likable demeanor.

“Mr. Shen, do you plan to personally escort the young master up?” The middle-aged driver asked respectfully.

“Yes.” The man addressed as “Mr. Shen” glanced at An Bu and then walked leisurely towards the entrance of the training center.

Without thinking much, An Bu followed them into the training center.

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