My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Teacher An

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An Bu found Director Liang of the training center. They had previously conducted a brief video interview online. Although it was just substitute teaching, it couldn’t be taken lightly.

“This is Teacher Fang’s desk. You’ll be preparing here for the week.” Director Liang led An Bu to a desk and said, “In the red folder are Teacher Fang’s course schedule and progress. The green folder contains profiles of students from several classes. Take a look. There’s a class at 10:30 AM. Are you ready to teach, or do you need more time for preparation?”

“I’m ready.” An Bu nodded. “I’ve already prepared my lesson.”

“Great. I’ll leave it to you, then.” After giving some instructions, Director Liang returned to his office.

An Bu sat at the desk, casually picking up the folder containing student profiles. When she opened it, an electronic screen appeared, storing student photos, names, basic information, and a quick search function arranged by class.

As An Bu reviewed the profiles, many teachers in the office discreetly observed her. Not only did she appear very young, but her outstanding appearance instantly elevated the overall aesthetics of the office.

At this moment, the bell for class rang over the loudspeakers. An Bu stood up, attracting the attention of others, and walked towards her classroom.

As she entered the classroom, the initially noisy students fell silent instantly. Soon, a few whistles and unclear wolf howls were heard.

Ignoring the teasing from the students, An Bu calmly introduced herself, “Hello, everyone. My name is An Bu. You can call me Teacher An. Due to some family matters, Teacher Fang’s classes will be taught by me for the next week.”

Then, she repeated it fluently in Y language.

Just as An Bu was about to start the class, a student loudly said, “Teacher An, how can you just introduce yourself? We want to introduce ourselves too!”

“Yeah, yeah, for the first meeting, we should introduce ourselves to each other.” Other students also echoed.

Raising an eyebrow, An Bu slowly closed the lesson plan in her hand, walked to the edge of the podium, and said in Y language, “Alright, let’s start with the first row. Everyone will introduce themselves in order, but only in Y language.”

This class was an intermediate Y language class, so daily conversations were no problem.

“I’ll go first!” A young man sitting in the first row, around seventeen or eighteen years old, stood up generously and introduced himself, “ILMionomee\\\\\\\’Alberto, quest\\\\\\\’anno,all\\\\\\\’etàdi18Anni……(My name is Alberto, I’m 18 years old this year……)”

The first introduction finished, followed by the second, the third… Some took a couple of minutes, while others only spoke for about ten seconds. In a short time, the dozen or so students present completed their introductions.

An Bu listened attentively to everyone’s introductions, unaware that there were several people standing outside the classroom wanting to see how the new teacher would teach. Surprisingly, they witnessed a conventional and dull self-introduction, a method not only outdated but also time-consuming. This made them feel a bit disdainful, thinking that young people indeed lacked experience. However, An Bu’s actions immediately stunned everyone.

Walking to the teaching screen, An Bu picked up the stylus, and in Y language, she said, “Everyone’s foundation in Y language is excellent. Let’s start with the first student, explaining grammar usage and how to present a lively self-introduction.”

In the bewildered eyes of everyone, An Bu quickly wrote down the first student’s introduction on the screen, while circling several grammatical errors.

Next was the second, the third… An Bu memorized and accurately transcribed the self-introductions of all the students, correcting every grammar mistake.

Everyone stared in astonishment.

What kind of memory was this? Not only did she remember everyone’s introductions, but she also recalled all the errors in detail! It was simply incredible!

An Bu continued, “Your self-introduction is like table manners—proper and standard. Name, age, hobbies, specialties. While these are perhaps necessary during job interviews, they won’t leave a lasting impression on the interviewer because these details are already in your resume. To better showcase yourself, I’ll introduce a simple ‘MTV’ rule. The so-called MTV rule stands for Me, Task, Value.”

“Allow me to reintroduce myself. Hello, everyone. I’m An Bu. As you can tell from my name, I’m a modest person. At the age of 19, I passed E language level eight. At 20, I obtained the Y language C1CILS certificate. At 21, I self-studied business D language, reaching B2 proficiency. However, I never brag; I let my abilities speak for themselves…”

The entire class was left dumbfounded: “…” Wasn’t this still considered “bragging”!

After finishing her self-introduction, An Bu continued, “Although the patterns of self-introduction are mostly similar, different language styles can showcase distinct personality traits. You can choose an appropriate way to introduce yourself based on the target audience….”

Subsequently, An Bu simulated various scenarios, demonstrating different styles of introductions—some humorous, some artistic, some concise and condensed—eliciting laughter from time to time.

The atmosphere in the classroom was lively, and everyone was attentively listening. Time passed unnoticed until the bell rang, and the enthusiasm lingered even after the class ended.

In just one class, An Bu left a lasting impression on everyone.

“Brother, I’m choosing this class.” Outside the classroom, a boy around twelve or thirteen said to the man beside him.

“Sure.” The man had no objections. Two focused gazes were fixed on the figure at the podium.

This person was Mr. Shen, whom An Bu encountered in the parking lot earlier. He stood outside the classroom for a full thirty minutes, attentively listening to half a class, almost like a student. Even he couldn’t believe it, but undeniably, this teacher was indeed outstanding. When she taught, she held everyone’s attention completely.

Inside the classroom, An Bu was surrounded by a group of students, bombarding her with various questions.

It took An Bu some effort to break free from the crowd, holding her lesson plan, and leaving the classroom.

In fact, the lesson plan she had prepared was based on Teacher Fang’s course, but when she got to the podium, she changed the plan on the spot. Judging by the situation, the effect seemed quite good.

“Teacher An.” Just as she was about to return to the office, someone behind her called.

An Bu turned around and recognized the person as the owner of the Haux that bumped into her in the parking lot—Mr. Shen.

“Hello, is there something you need?” An Bu stood still, waiting for him to approach.

Mr. Shen patted the boy next to him and said, “This is my younger brother, Gule. Starting from tomorrow, he’ll be Teacher An’s student. I hope you can take care of him.”

“No problem, welcome to my class.” An Bu reached out her hand to Gule.

Just as Gule was about to shake hands, Mr. Shen took An Bu’s hand before him. The touch was smooth and refreshing, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Gule: “…” Brother, do you have no shame?

An Bu: “…”

“Let’s exchange numbers.” Mr. Shen calmly retracted his hand. “It’ll be convenient to contact each other if there’s anything in the future.”

An Bu smiled, “We have a class group. If you have any questions, you can communicate in the group.” She then gave him the class group number.

Mr. Shen, who had just taken out his phone: “…”

Gule couldn’t help but chuckle, witnessing his brother, who was usually successful with women, encountering a tough opponent.

“Sorry, it’s almost lunchtime. We can talk next time.” An Bu looked at Gule, “Gule, welcome to my class again.”

After saying that, An Bu smiled at them and left.

“Brother.” Gule nudged Mr. Shen’s waist with his elbow, teasingly saying, “Why not invite her for a meal?”

Mr. Shen, with seasoned experience, replied, “She’s not the type to casually have a meal with a stranger.”

Gule: “Hehe…”

With the morning class leading the way, An Bu’s afternoon classes also went smoothly. Someone posted a recording of her class in the group, instantly attracting a group of fans. An Bu’s pronunciation in spoken language was accurate, her teaching style was humorous, and the content was practical. What impressed people even more was her memory. She memorized the self-introductions of over a dozen students in Y language, pinpointing every grammar mistake, leaving everyone in awe.

In just two classes, she became the star teacher of the New Chong Training Center.

After completing her teaching tasks, An Bu took her car to the auto repair center for maintenance and walked back home. Passing by the supermarket, she bought quite a few ingredients.

When she opened the door and saw Jian Ningxuan standing behind it, she couldn’t help but ask, “Are you going out?”

“No.” A flicker of excitement flashed in Jian Ningxuan’s eyes, quickly disappearing. He walked into the living room with a calm expression and adjusted the air conditioner temperature to 25 degrees.

An Bu didn’t pay much attention, carrying the ingredients into the kitchen.

Jian Ningxuan buttoned up the half-undone buttons on his shirt, seemingly casual, and asked, “Did the first day of class go smoothly?”

“Very smoothly.” An Bu took off her glasses and placed them on the shelf, then let her hair down and walked towards the bedroom.

Shortly after, she changed into a comfortable home outfit and said to Jian Ningxuan, “After dinner, how about making cookies together?”

Jian Ningxuan: Why do you suddenly want to make cookies and drag him into it?

“Life is like making cookies, you can shape it however you want.” An Bu was full of spirit and high morale. “I am the mountain, I am the water, I am the stars in the sky, and the pits on the ground…”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

“Mr. Jian is the flower, the bird, the 3D dynamic Flashman, and the colorful lights in the red light district.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

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