My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Giving You a Watch

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“What do you want me to help with?” Jian Ningxuan took out his notebook, ready to showcase his skills.

Sitting next to him, An Bu said, “Can you find out what time Shen Muran’s flight to F Country is tomorrow?”

Jian Ningxuan paused: “Shen Muran? The Deputy General Manager of Jinhai Group? The man we met at a birthday party?”

“Yes, do you know him?”

“What’s your relationship with him, and why do you want to check his whereabouts?” Jian Ningxuan felt that his skills were not top-notch. He couldn’t find any information related to An Bu’s outside men and he didn’t want to! He had promised to help before, but now he felt like he was giving himself a slap in the face.

“It’s like this.” An Bu began to improvise, “His woman hurt my fragile heart, so I want to retaliate against him, make him miss tomorrow’s flight, and waste a few thousand yuan on the plane ticket!”

Jian Ningxuan: This retaliation method is quite creative…

“How did his woman hurt you?” Why did his woman hurt you, and why do you want to retaliate against him instead of that woman? Jian Ningxuan was angry that someone dared to hurt An Bu, but at the same time, he felt uneasy like a husband worried about his wife’s affair.

“I came back early today, right? That’s because I went out to dinner with Shen Muran…” 

Jian Ningxuan was interrupted, “You went out to dinner with him.”

“That’s not the point.”

Jian Ningxuan: No, that’s the point!

Ignoring his inquisitive little eyes, An Bu continued, “Before we even started eating, his girlfriend showed up, pointed at my nose, and called me a ‘mistress.’ Can you imagine how infuriating that is?”

Too d*mn infuriating!

Jian Ningxuan sternly asked, “Who is that woman? Is it the celebrity we met last time?”

“Yes, it’s her.” An Bu nodded, “After thinking about it, I felt that it was all Shen Muran’s fault. Before inviting me to dinner, he didn’t communicate well with his girlfriend. His usual style may not be very upright, causing his girlfriend to misunderstand and curse me for no reason.”

Jian Ningxuan: I feel that there’s something wrong with this logic?

An Bu sighed, “Of course, I didn’t finish that meal. I quit my job in the afternoon, and my pay naturally went down the drain, more than 2,000. It’s just right to use his plane ticket money as compensation.”

Jian Ningxuan: Here’s 200,000. Can we not mention that man anymore?

“What method do you plan to use to delay his flight?” Jian Ningxuan asked while tapping the keyboard, his slender fingers leaving a trail of afterimages on the dark keys.

An Bu already had a plan, “After finding out the specific time, send him an anonymous message two hours in advance, telling him that someone is planning to kidnap him. Let him change his schedule or cancel the flight at the last minute.”

Jian Ningxuan’s fingers paused for half a second, then continued to click and clack.

After a moment, he stopped, revealing the results: “10:35 in the morning.”

“So fast!” An Bu had just thought of preparing a drink for him while he slowly searched.

“Ah, it’s very simple,” Jian Ningxuan replied modestly, completely unaware that he had missed a cup of vitality drink personally prepared by An Bu.

“The remaining task is to buy a disposable phone and send an anonymous message to him around 9 am tomorrow.” For someone with Shen Muran’s status, whether the message is true or false, he would likely approach it with a better-safe-than-sorry mindset and make temporary changes to his plans.

These were the things An Bu could do. If he were lucky enough, perhaps he could avoid a disaster. If not, there was nothing she could do. After all, she could only predict the approximate time of death but couldn’t foresee the specific cause of death. Unless she gave up all vitality points and became a pure ghost, then she could see the death visions of everyone.

“No need for a disposable phone,” Jian Ningxuan said, “I’ll help you send it, ensuring he can’t trace the message source.”

“Thank you then.” An Bu flashed him a bright smile, then sat up straight and asked, “So, what reward do you want?”

Jian Ningxuan’s deep gaze lingered on her smiling face for a moment and said, “In a few days, let’s go swimming at the beach together.”

“The beach? Are you sure?”

Jian Ningxuan nodded.

“Okay, you arrange it, just let me know when the time comes.” An Bu stood up, “I’ll go back to my room now. I’ll wait for your news tomorrow.” Walking to the door, just about to close it, she suddenly seemed to remember something, raised her hand, and knocked on the door three times, smiling, “Making up for the missed knock just now. Goodnight, Mr. Jian, have a good sleep.”

The door gently closed, and the cool air drifted away, returning the room to a warm and quiet atmosphere.

Jian Ningxuan closed his notebook, feeling that An Bu’s actions against Shen Muran this time were not as simple as she claimed. However, out of trust, he didn’t plan to dig deeper. He considered it a prank, harmless, as long as she had no other interest in that man.

Lying down, he unconsciously gazed at the empty space next to him, feeling for the first time that a 2-meter bed for one person seemed a bit wasteful…

In the early morning, Shen Muran packed his luggage, ready to depart. Just as he reached the door, his phone suddenly beeped with a message notification. He didn’t check it immediately but took it out after getting into the car.

A casual glance caused his pupils to contract suddenly. His expression became serious, and he immediately called back, only to receive a “this number is out of service” prompt.

At this moment, the car had already driven halfway. Shen Muran pondered for a moment and finally spoke, “Old Xiao, cancel today’s itinerary. Let’s go back.”

Although the driver, Old Xiao, found it strange, he didn’t ask too many questions. He turned the steering wheel at the intersection and drove back.

After driving just a hundred meters, there was a sudden loud crash behind them, accompanied by the screeching of brakes and alarm sounds, creating chaos on the street.

Shen Muran turned his head to look through the rear car window. Not far away, at the intersection, six or seven cars were tangled together, with two in the middle especially mangled, like crumpled paper balls, completely distorted. The people inside those cars had little chance of survival.

A chain reaction car accident?

Shen Muran withdrew his gaze, originally not paying much attention, but then he heard Old Xiao, who was still somewhat shaken, say, “That was close. Fortunately, Mr. Shen changed direction at the last minute; otherwise, we would have been in trouble.”

Shen Muran’s face changed suddenly. He turned abruptly, calculating his original route and time. If he hadn’t changed direction suddenly, the people involved in this accident would undoubtedly have included him!

Thinking of this, even with his composure, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of fear. Subconsciously, he reached into his pocket, tightly gripping his phone. Regardless of who sent it, that text message had saved his life.

On the other side, An Bu received 295 vitality points. Not only Shen Muran but also his driver had escaped disaster. The number of people killed in this accident had reduced from 7 to 5.

Three days later, An Bu and Jian Ningxuan boarded a plane bound for Yinya.

Yinya was a tropical coastal city, a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Jian Ningxuan planned a three-day, two-night itinerary, temporarily putting aside work to accompany An Bu and relax.

He had long noticed that An Bu was constantly learning and working, leading to a fulfilling but sometimes seemingly exhausting life. Jian Ningxuan was also a workaholic, but since meeting An Bu, he had decided to change his lifestyle, creating enough leisure time for her.

When they checked into the hotel, it was already past 10 pm. Jian Ningxuan had reserved a duplex luxury room, meeting both the requirement for sharing and maintaining necessary privacy. After all, she was a girl, and he couldn’t appear too ungentlemanly.

An Bu slept upstairs, browsing web pages and sending a message to Jian Ningxuan: [Today, “Unrivaled Everywhere” has been updated. Let’s watch it together!]

Jian Ningxuan silently opened the latest episode of “Unrivaled Everywhere.”

An: [Isn’t the Wangye inside handsome~~ (≧v≦)]

Jian: […..] Where’s the handsomeness? He’s not as tall, and his physique is not as good.

An: [The second female lead is so foolish, betraying her own family for a man who doesn’t love her.]

Jian: [Love can lower the IQ of normal people.]

An: [If Mr. Jian falls in love, will he turn into a silly cat? ^ω^]

Jian: [Impossible. If I fall in love, I will increase emotional intelligence while maintaining IQ.]

An: [Then let me test you. If one day, the girl you love impulsively wants to break up with you, what would you do?]

Jian: [Give her a broken watch.]

An: “[Is this about to turn into a complete disaster in a matter of minutes?!] Giving a watch is one thing, but it’s a broken watch!

Jian: [Set the time to 5:20, date April 1st (April Fools’ Day). Nothing said on this day counts, only the pointers remain unchanged.]

While replying to the message, Jian Ningxuan naturally envisioned scenes of being with An Bu.

After reading the message, An Bu didn’t feel much at first, but then suddenly realized that a mechanical watch that could display the date cost at least ten thousand or more. Jian Ningxuan, who looked like a perennial bachelor, unexpectedly had the talent for romance when it came to falling in love!

The next day, after having lunch, the two of them prepared to go swimming at the beach.

Jian Ningxuan changed into swim trunks and was about to put on a shirt when An Bu suddenly ran over, holding two large bottles in her hands.

“What’s that?” Jian Ningxuan asked curiously.

An Bu handed one of them to him, saying, “This is sunscreen! To prevent you from turning into a pancake under the sun, I’m going to apply sunscreen all over your body.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

Apply sunscreen all over… What kind of expectant yet rippling feeling is this…

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