My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Want to be Your Boyfriend

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Jian Ningxuan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window wearing only swim trunks, showcasing his well-built physique with a jade-like sheen under the sunlight. Behind him, a pair of delicate hands were busy applying sunscreen to his skin – shoulders, arms, back, waist… wherever touched, it felt cool and refreshing, like being treated with a cold compress.

Originally, An Bu only intended to apply sunscreen to his back and let him handle the rest. However, as she touched his skin, her vitality points started rising rapidly, and the increase varied depending on the area she applied.

When she applied it to his shoulders, it maintained at 2 or 3; for the lower back, it immediately jumped to 4 or 6; moving to the thighs, it skyrocketed to 12!

An Bu secretly speculated that these areas might be Mr. Jian’s sensitive spots. If she applied a bit more, would there be a sudden critical hit?

An Bu squeezed a large blob of sunscreen into her palm, glanced over his body, and then mischievously reached out, circling around his waist, her hand moving to his abdomen, forming a semi-circular embrace. At the same time, she tiptoed and whispered in his ear, “Mr. Jian, the back is done. Do you want to do the rest yourself, or should I help?”

Jian Ningxuan only felt a cool sensation on his back, but a fiery flame surged within him, sweeping through his entire body and converging at a particular point. His swim trunks suddenly tightened, as if they would burst out in the next second.

Jian Ningxuan grabbed the hand placed on his waist and pulled it forward, immediately feeling two soft masses pressing against his back. Through the thin silk, he sensed a touch that almost made him lose control.

A warm breath slowly infiltrated An Bu’s cold skin, and at that moment, her vitality points miraculously exceeded 30.

However, their current posture seemed a bit too intimately close, looking as if An Bu was hugging Jian Ningxuan from behind.

“Mr. Jian, it’s not convenient to apply sunscreen like this,” An Bu felt like she had teased her cat until its fur was raised.

At this point, Jian Ningxuan wasn’t interested in applying sunscreen anymore; he just wanted to pin down the woman behind him.

As he was about to unleash his fiery desire, a ringtone suddenly interrupted the moment: “The loneliest story is that I am alive while you are dead; the saddest ending is that I am dead while you are still alive…”

“Ah, my phone is ringing.” An Bu struggled a few times, and Jian Ningxuan reluctantly let go. Two sharp gazes shot straight towards the wicked phone.

While answering the call, An Bu handed the sunscreen to Jian Ningxuan, indicating that he should apply it himself.

“Yu Hao, hello.”

Hearing this unfamiliar man’s name, Jian Ningxuan’s gaze darkened.

“Dinner? Sorry, I’m currently on vacation in Yinya… Hmm, with a friend… Is that so? ‘Unrivaled Everywhere’ has finished filming? Congratulations… Alright, I will definitely… when I get back…”

Before the sentence finished, a shadow enveloped them, lips were sealed, and her waist was enveloped by a strong arm.

An Bu tilted her head up, meeting a pair of deep, gray-blue eyes. Strands of hair fell gently over her eyelashes as the room fell silent, with only the questioning voice from the phone: “Hello? An Bu, are you still there?”

A big hand reached over, gently taking the phone from An Bu’s hand, ending the call, and throwing it onto the sofa. Leaning forward, they engaged in a more lingering deep kiss.

An Bu strained to lean backward, creating a graceful arc with her body. Her hands hovered in mid-air, and her entire waist was deeply embedded in the man’s embrace.

Jian Ningxuan’s body temperature gradually rose, and the hot breath on An Bu’s cheek stained it with a faint pink color. In the blend of cold and heat, a transparent mist appeared around them.

After an unknown period, Jian Ningxuan slightly pulled back, gazing at those two moist red lips, focused and bright, like sparkling stars.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Jian Ningxuan whispered, “I can’t wait to become your boyfriend.”

An Bu was petrified: “…”

“Do you want to, Bu Bu?” The last two words, smooth as cream, lingered on the tip of the tongue.

An Bu slightly opened her mouth, unsure how to react for the first time.

Jian Ningxuan smiled gently, “Let’s decide it like this.”

As he spoke, a burst of colorful light suddenly appeared, reflecting An Bu’s eyes in a dazzling array, as if fireworks were blooming, shining brilliantly.

“…Aren’t we going to swim at the beach?” After a long while, An Bu finally found her voice, “Shall we go now?”

“Sure.” Jian Ningxuan casually put on a shirt and then took An Bu’s hand, leaving the room and heading towards the beach.

Looking at his back, An Bu’s eyes were lifeless. No matter how passionate she pretended to be, it couldn’t change the fact that she was a corpse. To conceal her identity, she wouldn’t stay in the same place for more than ten years. When the time was up, even if she was reluctant, she would leave. So, before she left, should she selfishly keep him by her side, monopolizing his precious ten years?

“What are you staring at?” Jian Ningxuan lightly tapped her forehead with his finger, “Aren’t we going swimming?”

“Swimming!” An Bu threw off her beach skirt and dashed towards the rolling waves of the sea.

The skirt was thrown over Jian Ningxuan’s head. When he took it off, he only saw a graceful figure, wearing a bikini, heading straight into the sea.

Jian Ningxuan: She’s actually wearing a bikini…

When the two had intimate contact earlier, Jian Ningxuan had a brief but tangible “grasp” of An Bu’s figure. Now, seeing her in a bikini is even more alluring.

An Bu swam underwater for a while. When she emerged from the water, she immediately noticed Jian Ningxuan splashing around not far away. His choice of a conspicuous lifebuoy, with a peculiar shape resembling a Q-version monster with three heads, caught her eye.

Amused, An Bu quietly swam over and couldn’t resist poking his abdominal muscles.

Jian Ningxuan’s body stiffened as he quickly buried his face in the water. Just as two beautiful legs disappeared from his view, swimming towards his back, a “splash” was heard, and a figure emerged right beside him.

Swiftly, Jian Ningxuan reached out, embracing her waist.

An Bu tapped the lifebuoy and asked, “Can’t you swim?”

“I can.”

“Then why are you holding a lifebuoy? And why such a… creative one?”

Jian Ningxuan replied, “I hold the lifebuoy, and you’ll swim over to me. I chose a conspicuous one so I wouldn’t worry about you not finding me.” Since An Bu couldn’t see colors, he used shapes to attract her.

An Bu remarked, “…You don’t care about your image at all?”

“Image is only valuable in front of someone you care about.”

“Am I someone you care about?”


“Your image is already ruined in front of me. In my mind, Mr. Jian is a cold and elite person who would never swim with a monster (lifebuoy) in public.”

Holding An Bu, Jian Ningxuan, “…”

“So,” An Bu said with a serious face, “let’s break up.”

Mr. Jian, who had been in a relationship for just an hour, being broken up with: “…”

Having rejected Jian Ningxuan with a pretext, An Bu didn’t feel relieved. Instead, there was an indescribable sense of oppression.

At this moment, Jian Ningxuan suddenly asked, “After breaking up, will you still let me stay with you?”

An Bu nodded.

“Will you still cook for me?”

An Bu nodded.

“Will you still accompany me in workouts?”

An Bu nodded.

“Will you still flirt with me?”

An Bu nodded… Huh?

“I understand,” Jian Ningxuan patted her head. “I’ll wait for you.” Wait for her confession, and then officially start dating. If he had known she cared so much, he would have endured a bit longer…

An Bu looked at him: What exactly do you understand???

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