My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 30

Chapter 30: A Big Loss!

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After returning from the beach, the two took a shower separately and then went to a seaside restaurant for a seafood dinner. Jian Ningxuan covered most of the shrimp, crab, abalone, and scallops, while An Bu only ate vermicelli tofu, giant panda rice balls, and seaweed vegetable salad rolls. She wasn’t completely vegetarian but preferred dishes with easy digestion, avoiding meat that was less natural. 

Jian Ningxuan, having lived with her for so long, naturally knew her eating habits. Before this, he also primarily ate light vegetarian dishes due to his physical condition. High-calorie foods would make him very uncomfortable. It wasn’t until he met An Bu that he could eat whatever he wanted without dietary restrictions, contributing to the reason for his weight gain.

After dinner, the two strolled around the city, taking photos and watching shows without a fixed route. Along the way, An Bu bought many small accessories, covering her whole body like a mobile display shelf. If she encountered cute children, she would casually give them a piece. By the time they returned to the hotel, only about… fifty or so accessories were left on her body.

An Bu packed the accessories into a box and mentally assigned owners to each one, deciding which one to give to whom. She even allocated one to the neighbor’s pet—a festive dog leash. The remaining accessories were put up for a lottery on Weibo, randomly distributed.

“An Bu, I’ve cut some fruit. Do you want to eat?” Jian Ningxuan’s voice came from downstairs.

“I’ll be right there.” An Bu wouldn’t refuse to eat fruit. She tidied up a bit, put on slippers, and hurried downstairs.

Jian Ningxuan’s fruit-cutting skills were definitely at a programmer’s level—full of “code” in pits and bumps. Fortunately, most fruits didn’t need peeling, avoiding harm.

An Bu picked up a piece of fruit, put it in her mouth, then sat on the sofa, turned on the TV, and ate while watching.

A cup of milk was gently placed on the coffee table in front of her. She said “thank you” and glanced at the man beside her, who was only wearing a bath towel. Water droplets adorned his agile muscles, exuding a kind of “honey-like” sexiness.

An Bu was about to avert her gaze when suddenly, she looked back at him.

“What’s wrong?” Jian Ningxuan picked up his bathrobe, just halfway through wearing it, but An Bu, semi-kneeling on the sofa back, gestured for him to take off the robe.

Jian Ningxuan put the robe aside and showcased his body without changing his expression. However, he wondered if she had noticed some fat gain again. Subconsciously, he glanced at his abdomen—strong and muscular, perfect!

“Turn around a bit.” An Bu spoke.

Jian Ningxuan turned half a step, facing An Bu’s side.

An Bu supported herself on the sofa, leaned forward, scrutinized his body for a while, and then burst into laughter, saying, “Hahaha… So it wasn’t just my imagination. Hahaha…”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” What are you laughing at? Come on, let’s laugh together…

An Bu flipped off the sofa, pushing Jian Ningxuan in front of the dressing mirror. “Take a look, do you notice anything different about yourself today?”

Jian Ningxuan looked at himself in the mirror, still tall and handsome as usual, standing beside An Bu with the distinctive aura of a boyfriend… Huh? His gaze froze slightly, and he turned slightly, looking back at himself. It was only then that he noticed the discrepancy in skin tone between the front and back. The front was noticeably darker, while the back was relatively lighter, with the waist as the dividing line, making the contrast quite obvious.

“Mr. Jian, did you not bother to apply sunscreen properly?” An Bu had taken care of Jian Ningxuan’s back, but he was left to handle the front himself. Unfortunately, due to a phone call, he neglected the task and came to kiss her without proper sun protection. Now, it turned out to be a tragedy; he spent the whole day under the sun, turning into a two-toned person.

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

An Bu added, “I can bet your buttocks are now the whitest part of your body.”

Jian Ningxuan, with a wooden expression, looked at her with a hint of resentment in his eyes.

“Alright, don’t be upset. It’ll be fine after some time. I have various whitening and skincare remedies. I guarantee that after using them, you’ll be ready to star in skincare product advertisements directly.” An Bu comforted him with a smile.

Jian Ningxuan’s gaze swept over her fair skin, quite approving in his heart.

The next day, their main activity was mountain climbing. Each carrying a large backpack, they took a bus to Tiger Back Mountain. The mountain was densely wooded, with overlapping rocks and mysterious valleys, stretching for 20 kilometers. It would take two to three days to complete the hike. Generally, tourists would choose a few main peaks for sightseeing, climb to the summit, and then descend by cable car.

This time, Jian Ningxuan conscientiously applied sunscreen. The UV rays at the mountain peak were strong, and careless exposure could result in sunburn.

Accompanied by groups of tourists, they entered Tiger Back Mountain, taking breaks along the way, exercising, and enjoying the natural scenery.

Midway through, Jian Ningxuan went to the restroom, and An Bu sat in a pavilion to rest.

As a corpse, the greatest advantage was probably the absence of metabolic troubles. The food she ate would be broken down into nutrients by the body’s energy, and the remaining impurities would turn into death energy. Therefore, she had to consume green, uncontaminated food as much as possible. Otherwise, along with increasing the vitality value, the death value would also rise.

At that moment, several tourists passed by her, and one of them emitted a strong aura of dead energy. It seemed that the person would likely die within the next five minutes.

An Bu stood up, quickly sent a text message to Jian Ningxuan, and then followed them.

By the time Jian Ningxuan came out of the restroom, he saw the message she left: [Had to leave temporarily due to something. Meet at the summit.] He furrowed his brow and walked briskly towards the summit.

The person An Bu was tracking was a young man in his early twenties, with an ordinary appearance but an outgoing personality. He was lively throughout the journey, chatting and laughing with his companions. Unconsciously, they arrived at the rugged Polang Corner, where a few people excitedly shouted into the valley. The young man was particularly excited, and the death energy around him became more intense.

By now, An Bu had already guessed the cause of his death, which was…

“Be careful!” An Bu issued a warning and quickly rushed forward, reaching out to grab the young man’s arm.

The young man, who had climbed onto the railing for a photo, slipped and fell towards the valley below. His companion only managed to turn his head and saw a girl leaning half of her body over the railing, grabbing the young man’s arm. However, due to the dual effects of gravity and inertia, she was pulled out of the railing.

“Ah—” Several screams echoed.

Just as Jian Ningxuan climbed up, he witnessed a scene that made his heart stop. When he rushed over, An Bu and the young man had already fallen into the valley.

“An Bu—” The valley was covered with overlapping branches and leaves, making it difficult to see. Jian Ningxuan quickly took out his phone, dialed the rescue number, and continued calling An Bu’s name. The companion of the young man was anxiously shouting at the railing, and surrounding tourists were gathered, discussing and whispering. Many expressed quietly that those two were probably beyond saving. Hearing this, Jian Ningxuan felt a sharp pain in his heart, and the veins on his hands holding the railing were exposed.

Calls from above reached An Bu, although she wanted to respond, her throat was pierced by a branch, making it impossible to produce any sound. Besides, her right leg was broken, and two ribs were fractured. Her skin was scarred from the branches.

As for the young man, except for some scratches, he had a wound in his head caused by the impact, but there were no other fatal injuries.

He groggily opened his eyes, glimpsing a girl sitting beside him, covered in scars, with her right leg twisted into a strange shape, and a branch stuck in her throat.

This wasn’t the scariest part; the scariest part was that she was still alive, not only alive but also remarkably calm!

The young man felt he might have a concussion, causing him to see such a bizarre scene.

However, an even more horrifying scene unfolded. The girl reached out, grabbed the branch in her throat, and pulled it out abruptly. In an instant, blood splattered like an exaggerated artistic effect, creating a bloody and terrifying visual impact.

The scene was too stimulating, far beyond what the young man’s small heart could endure. He rolled his eyes and blissfully fainted.

An Bu did it on purpose this time. To save this guy, she had indeed taken a big loss! Just repairing the injuries on her body would probably consume several hundred points of vitality. And saving this guy would yield at most around a hundred points. Moreover, she had to speed up repairing the fatal injuries on her body before the rescue team arrived; otherwise, it would be hard to explain.

Supporting her broken right leg, a crisp sound echoed as she quickly reset it, efficiently managing her own injuries. If other people saw this, they would undoubtedly faint, just like that young man… It was too wild.

After a brief pause, An Bu took out water and a towel from her backpack. She dampened the towel and wiped away the fresh blood on her throat. Because she had consumed a significant amount of vitality, her wounds were healing rapidly. Her right leg had also recovered, leaving only some scratches on her body. Falling from a height without any scars was impossible. The trouble now was how to avoid the scrutiny of the doctors later.

Thinking about this, An Bu turned to look at the young man who had fainted nearby. The death energy around him had disappeared, but she still hadn’t received the expected vitality. Strange… this guy couldn’t possibly not give her any vitality at all, right? She almost wanted him to go die again!

At that moment, Jian Ningxuan’s voice came from above, “An Bu—”

He had been calling since a while ago, and his voice was becoming hoarse.

“Mr. Jian, I’m fine,” An Bu tilted her head back, cupping her hands around her mouth to amplify her response.

There was a moment of silence from above, followed by Jian Ningxuan’s delighted voice, “An Bu, are you okay? Are you seriously injured?”

“I’m fine, it’s like I played a round of off-the-rails bungee jumping.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” You didn’t play bungee jumping; you played with my heartbeat!

But since she could still joke, it seemed that she was indeed okay.

Jian Ningxuan sighed and looked up to the sky, taking a deep breath. “Thank goodness, she’s still alive…”

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