My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The First “∞”

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When the rescue team arrived half an hour later, Jian Ningxuan found An Bu sitting under a tree, playing with her phone. Her clothes were tattered, stained with scattered blood, and her ponytail was loosely tied behind her head. Her face and hands were covered with scratches of varying depths. She had her legs crossed, and her toes rhythmically swayed. She looked relaxed and carefree, displaying a style reminiscent of a wandering martial artist.

Jian Ningxuan quickly walked up to her, staring at the scars on her body with a gloomy expression, brewing a storm in his eyes.

An Bu stood up, spreading her arms. “I got scared. I urgently need a hot hug to soothe my frightened soul.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” You don’t look scared at all. The one who got scared is him!

With a sigh, Jian Ningxuan took a step forward and gently embraced her, feeling the softness in his arms. Only then did the heavy burden in his heart finally lift.

“I’m fine, and you worried too much,” An Bu leaned against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, while also replenishing her vitality.

“You’re just too reckless!” Jian Ningxuan suppressed his voice, “Did you ever think that you might not be able to pull a big man before rushing out to save someone?”

“En, en.” An Bu nodded repeatedly, accepting his lesson while in his arms.

Jian Ningxuan really couldn’t deal with her. He was both angry and reluctant to scold her. More than anything, he was relieved to see her unharmed.

“Come here; let the rescue team check your injuries.” Jian Ningxuan held her hand and started walking towards the location of the rescue team.

“I just have some external injuries; no need to check. The rescue team is busy, and I don’t want to cause trouble,” An Bu hastily replied.

“How is this causing trouble?” Jian Ningxuan looked at her disapprovingly.

“I have medicine in my backpack. Help me apply it,” An Bu freed her hand, opened her backpack on the ground, and took out a bottle.

Jian Ningxuan glimpsed a piece of yellow fabric peeking out of the open backpack. It was An Bu’s sunscreen clothing; he remembered she was wearing it when she fell.

“Here, apply this medicine for me,” An Bu handed him the bottle and sat on the ground, extending her arm.

Jian Ningxuan looked at the bottle in his hand, his gaze frozen. “Is this medicine?” What kind of medicine would be in a bottle like a toner? It looked like a fake and shoddy product with no quality control!

“Don’t worry; it works great. My face was healed with this medicine.” An Bu provided a powerful endorsement.

Jian Ningxuan suspiciously opened the bottle and sniffed it. An aloe scent… he became even more uncertain. “Let’s go to the hospital and let the doctor prescribe the medicine.”

“If you use this medicine, my wounds will look much better tomorrow. If you send me to the hospital, my injuries will be all over the news,” An Bu confidently declared. Seeing Jian Ningxuan about to say something, she threatened, “Say one more word, and I’ll sweep you out of the door.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…” This threat was too effective. He finally compromised, picked up a cotton swab, and started applying the “medicine” carefully.

In fact, Jian Ningxuan’s suspicion was not wrong. The bottle did not contain any medicine; it was An Bu’s homemade moisturizing water. Regular medicine for living people had no effect on her, and natural plant juices were what maintained her skin.

During the break when Jian Ningxuan was applying the “medicine,” An Bu seized the opportunity to glance at the young man who had fainted. By now, he had been lifted onto a stretcher and was ready to be taken to the hospital. His companion was by his side, so she didn’t need to worry about him not being taken care of. However, An Bu still hadn’t received the vitality she deserved.

Although saving a person only yielded one or two hundred points of vitality at most, she still put in a lot of effort to save them. Only the vitality gained from saving lives could offset the death energy in her body. Vitality obtained from other sources could only be used to preserve and repair her body.

An Bu didn’t understand why she hadn’t received any vitality this time when saving someone.

“Does it hurt?” In the midst of contemplation, Jian Ningxuan’s voice suddenly came.

An Bu snapped out of her thoughts, looking at the wound now coated with moisturizing water. “It doesn’t hurt.”

“Later, I’ll take you to the hospital,” Jian Ningxuan said while applying the medicine, “Let the doctor take an X-ray to check for any joint dislocation or fractures.”

Still need to go to the hospital!

An Bu’s head tilted, weakly resting on Jian Ningxuan’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Jian Ningxuan slightly turned his head, whispering softly in her ear.

“Whenever I hear the word ‘hospital,’ I feel like I’m about to die,” An Bu’s voice was filled with weariness.

“…Then let’s not go to the hospital.” An Bu hadn’t even had a chance to be relieved when Jian Ningxuan added, “I’ll call a doctor to make a house call.”

An Bu clutched her chest in agony. “…I have a fear of doctors.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

“How about we don’t go to the hospital and not see a doctor, okay?” An Bu pitifully suggested, “If we really must, I’ll go find the doctor friend who treated my facial injury before.”

Jian Ningxuan initially wanted to insist on a hospital visit, but upon hearing the last statement, he remained silent. He knew An Bu usually took good care of her health and wouldn’t joke about her well-being.

“Alright, let’s go back to the hotel first, change clothes, and then book a flight home.” After this unexpected incident, Jian Ningxuan only wanted to spend a few days at home with An Bu. As for the rescue team, he had left his contact information, and they would notify him of any issues.

Back at the hotel, An Bu immediately grabbed her change of clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Jian Ningxuan packed their belongings in the room, casually glancing at An Bu’s backpack. The zipper was wide open, and the jacket that had been inside was missing.

He casually scanned the room, and finally, his gaze fell on the trash bin in the corner. He walked over, pulled out a bulging plastic bag, and upon opening it, indeed found the yellow jacket. Through the semi-transparent fabric, a vivid crimson color seeped through.

Jian Ningxuan’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly unfolded the clothes, discovering a large area of dried red stains, splattering from the collar to the front like someone had spat a mouthful of blood on it.

An Bu said she only suffered a minor injury. How did these bloodstains come about?

Jian Ningxuan stared at the dried, fishy-smelling red stains, his heart throbbing in pain….

After finishing cleaning up, An Bu changed into clean clothes and just walked out of the bathroom when she saw Jian Ningxuan sitting on the couch like a statue.

“Is everything packed?” An Bu asked.

“Yeah.” Jian Ningxuan stood up, “I booked a flight at 4 pm. We can leave now.”

“Okay, wait for me.” An Bu said and was about to go upstairs.

Jian Ningxuan reached out, pulled her back, helped her to sit on the couch, and said in an unyielding tone, “Rest here. I’ll go get your luggage.”

After saying that, he turned and went upstairs. In just a few minutes, he came down with An Bu’s suitcase, slung her backpack over his shoulder, placed his own travel bag on top of her suitcase, and freed up a hand to hold An Bu.

An Bu: “…”

Checking out and leaving the hotel, the two got into a taxi. Jian Ningxuan told the driver, “Go to the central hospital.”

An Bu: “!!!”

Jian Ningxuan kept a cold face, looking straight ahead, completely ignoring An Bu’s astonished gaze.

“I’m not going!” An Bu said, “Go straight to the airport.”

The driver glanced at the two in the rearview mirror.

“Go to the hospital.” Jian Ningxuan’s tone was firm.

“I want to go home!” An Bu patted the driver’s seat, “Stop the car, I want to get off.”

“Keep going.” Two sharp gazes shot toward the driver.

The driver suddenly felt hot all over, sweating on his forehead, not daring to be the slightest bit negligent.

“Driver, you can’t stand by and watch someone die. This man wants to take me to the hospital to donate bone marrow!” An Bu argued, “With my frail body, how can I donate bone marrow? I’ll definitely die!”

Jian Ningxuan remained unmoved. “…” Say whatever you want. I won’t change my mind.

“Uh, sir, donating bone marrow should be a personal choice. Forcing a girl like this isn’t very good, right?” The driver cautiously interjected.

Jian Ningxuan glanced at him, and the driver immediately fell silent.

“Driver, look, he’s using his gaze to intimidate you!” An Bu complained, “You can’t submit to his tyranny. You should resist all injustice like the taxi industry’s big shots!”

Driver: “…” Being a taxi driver for over a decade, it’s the first time I’ve heard that there are big shots in the taxi world…

Jian Ningxuan: “…” Getting more into it, huh?

“Mr. Jian…” An Bu looked at Jian Ningxuan pitifully.

Jian Ningxuan resisted the urge to look at her. He was genuinely worried about An Bu’s health. If there were no issues, how did those bloodstains come about? And why did she hide it?

Seeing that she couldn’t change Jian Ningxuan’s decision, An Bu stopped struggling and silently leaned against the cushion, looking out at the bustling traffic.

The taxi arrived at the central hospital. Jian Ningxuan got out first, then opened the car door for An Bu and retrieved their luggage from the trunk.

At this moment, An Bu suddenly snatched her backpack from him and ran away.

“An Bu!” Jian Ningxuan angrily shouted, quickly catching up.

Her agile movements were well-practiced. She ran like a rabbit, and in the blink of an eye, she had shaken off Jian Ningxuan.

She didn’t go to the airport but detoured to the high-speed rail station and took the high-speed train back home.

Four hours later, An Bu walked out of the high-speed rail station, crossed the bustling crowd, and in the dim surroundings, suddenly saw a faint color, a familiar figure standing quietly at the exit, holding a phone in hand.

A few text message notification sounds came, and An Bu took out her phone to check.

[Cat Master: I’m sorry.]

[Cat Master: I was wrong.]

(Cat Master): Go home.

An Bu: I’m not going to the hospital.

(Cat Master): I understand.

An Bu: And don’t secretly find a doctor for me.

(Cat Master): Okay.

An Bu: Will you keep your word?

(Cat Master): I won’t lie to you.

An Bu put away her phone, walked to Jian Ningxuan, leaned her head against his chest, and took a deep breath to keep her anger down before speaking.

Jian Ningxuan gently embraced her shoulders, his eyes filled with concern.

An Bu seemed to sense his thoughts, remained silent for a moment, and explained, “I have a reason for not going to the hospital, but it’s definitely not what you’re worried about. Don’t worry, I don’t have a terminal illness, and there’s no contagious disease that I need to hide.”

Jian Ningxuan stared into her eyes for a long time and finally nodded, “Mmm, I believe you.”

Although there were still many doubts, he could reluctantly accept this answer. He just didn’t expect her to resist the hospital so much. If he had known, he wouldn’t have pressured her…

After returning from the trip, the two of them resumed their normal daily routine. Seeing An Bu’s injuries healing well, Jian Ningxuan no longer brought up the topic of seeing a doctor.

One day, a month later, An Bu suddenly received 120 vitality points. Checking the Book of Life and Death, she found that these vitality points came from someone named “Fang Cun.” An Bu had no recollection of this person until she went through her diary and remembered encountering a reckless young man on Tiger Back Mountain. She had saved him at that time but didn’t receive any vitality points. Now, after a month, they were delivered.

What puzzled her even more was that after the vitality points “120,” there was an infinite symbol “∞” for the first time. She didn’t understand what it meant.

A few days later, she received a call from a stranger who identified himself as “Fang Cun.”

“Miss An, thank you for saving me. I’m sorry it took me so long to reach out to you.” The other person’s voice sounded a bit weak, but the tone was sincere. “I don’t remember much about that day, but I am certain that I survived because of you. You took on a significant amount of the damage for me. Moreover, this incident led the doctors to discover a tumor in my brain. Thanks to the timely discovery, it turned out to be benign, and they were able to successfully remove it. I owe it all to you. I don’t know how to repay you, but anytime you need help in the future, I will be there for you with all my might. Although I’m just an ordinary medical student for now, I believe I will become an excellent doctor in the future. This experience has taught me a lot, and I won’t be reckless again. Cherish life, cherish oneself. Lastly, allow me to say ‘thank you’ once again.”

“A doctor…” An Bu muttered to herself, a conjecture flashing in her mind.

Could the infinite symbol be related to his profession? Because she saved him, would he, as a doctor in the future, bring her vitality points from all the patients he saved?

She had saved people from various professions before, but none of them had the “∞” symbol. If her speculation was correct, it meant that the person’s profession must be related to saving lives, such as firefighters, lifeguards, military personnel, police, and so on, and they must be elites in their respective fields.

An Bu felt that her guess was likely correct. If so, she had found another way to continuously gain vitality points…

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