My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 32

Chapter 32: An Bu’s Arch-nemesis

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An Bu prepared a special map for herself, marking important locations in the city such as the police station, hospital, fire department, research lab, armed forces, military district compound, health and epidemic prevention station, etc. She planned to focus on these areas for part-time work and be on standby.

Although accidents leading to death happened every day, it wasn’t easy to encounter them within a fixed social circle. An Bu didn’t have high hopes but increased the possibility of saving someone from 1% to 10%. Of course, if An Bu had Conan’s miraculous ability to attract death wherever he went, that would be a different story.

“Pet Club?” One day, An Bu received a call from the owner of the pet group, asking her to help entertain clients during an upcoming event.

The Pet Club held a pet show every year, featuring pet entertainment performances, as well as pet grooming, intelligence competitions, health consultations, and the promotion of pet-related products. Besides club members, pet enthusiasts from all over the country, including foreigners, were invited. An Bu was proficient in three foreign languages, and her external appearance and communication skills were outstanding, so the group owner immediately thought of her.

An Bu hesitated for a moment but agreed to the invitation. The reason was simple: the Pet Club was located in the northern suburbs, only 1 kilometer away from the armed forces.

“Do you have work?” Jian Ningxuan saw An Bu checking information and figured she was getting busy again.

“Yeah, the day after tomorrow, I’m going to participate in an event in the northern suburbs…” She paused suddenly, looked up at Jian Ningxuan with shining eyes, and asked, “Do you want to come with me?” Wasn’t her cat master a cute pet? Totally qualified to participate!

“…Mm.” Seeing her so excited, Mr. Jian reluctantly agreed, asking what kind of event it was.

“Great! I’ll prepare a beautiful outfit for you.” An Bu started browsing an online shopping site, picking and choosing.

Jian Ningxuan sat beside her and said, “No need to bother. I have many formal outfits. If necessary, I can have one custom-made…”

His voice paused as he saw all the pictures An Bu was browsing were adult versions of “cartoon” costumes.

Jian Ningxuan asked, “What kind of event are you talking about?”

An Bu didn’t lift her head. “The Cute Pet Fashion and Entertainment Festival.”

Jian Ningxuan: “Do people attending the event have to wear these clothes?” He could tolerate T-shirts with cartoon patterns, but what were these panda headgear, rabbit ears, fox tails, and open-toed deer boots?

“Mr. Jian.” An Bu sat up straight, looking at him with a serious expression. “Have you ever noticed a significant flaw in yourself?”

Jian Ningxuan couldn’t help but feel nervous. “…What is it?”

“That is… ” An Bu poked his forehead, “Too… stiff!”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

“Stiff expression, stiff body, stiff personality, stiff gaze, even your temperament is stiff.”

Jian Ningxuan: You missed one key point; that’s the real stiffness.

“This event has many children and pets participating. You can’t be like this. I want to change your image a bit, make you look softer, cuter, and more adorable. Moreover,” An Bu justified herself, “you’ve been wearing branded men’s clothing for decades. Don’t you find it boring?”

Jian Ningxuan: Not at all.

“Don’t worry, I won’t go against your wishes and order on my own.” An Bu pushed her notebook towards him. “These are the items I picked for you. Choose a few that you like.”

Jian Ningxuan: And this is called “not going against your wishes”?

Looking at the dozens of items in the shopping basket, Jian Ningxuan realized for the first time that he had decision-making difficulties.

After spending half an hour, during which An Bu fed him a piece of pineapple, two holy fruits, three kiwis, four orange segments, and several grapes, Jian Ningxuan finally made a decision. He chose a cat T-shirt, a pair of cat sport pants, and a pair of cat-head boots.

An Bu laughed, “I knew you loved cats the most~~”

Jian Ningxuan: That’s because you like them.

“I’ll add a cat hat for you, and you’ll be all set.” An Bu efficiently placed the order and made the payment.

Suddenly, Jian Ningxuan thought of a question, “What are you wearing that day?”

“This.” An Bu opened the uniform picture sent by the group owner. It was a pink bunny set, with a short-sleeved top, fringed shorts, knee-high boots, and a bunny-eared hat, all adorned with the club’s logo… Jian Ningxuan covered his mouth, instantly imagining An Bu wearing this outfit…

On the day of the event, An Bu and Jian Ningxuan woke up early, leaving at six in the morning and arriving at the venue before the official start.

The group owner had already sent the event schedule to An Bu in advance. As a freelance receptionist, she was mainly responsible for communicating with clients, promoting products, and giving away gifts.

During a break when An Bu went to change into her uniform, Jian Ningxuan roughly toured the club’s event venue. The area was divided into two main sections, inside and outside, with each activity area marked for easy selection of entertainment programs. Banners were hung in the air, inflatable columns were set up, and various colorful balloons decorated the place, creating a lively atmosphere. Judging by the scale, it could accommodate thousands of guests and an equal number of pets.

“Mr. Jian~~” An Bu’s voice came from behind, interrupting Jian Ningxuan’s thoughts.

He turned around, and a splash of pink entered his line of sight.

“How do I look?” An Bu spun around, her skirt swaying, bunny ears bobbing, cute and vibrant.

Jian Ningxuan’s eyes darkened, and he took out his phone, clicking several pictures. He selected one as his screensaver.

In return, An Bu complimented, “You look cute too.”

Today, Jian Ningxuan was wearing the cat outfit An Bu bought for him. From behind, he looked like a super-sized adorable creature. However, his face always gave off a sharp, unsheathed sword aura. Only when facing An Bu did that sharp edge slightly soften.

An Bu pulled him to take several photos, the aloof cat and the gentle bunny, creating a perfect couple vibe.

Around eight o’clock, all relevant staff had arrived, tasks were assigned, and guests began to arrive, queuing at the entrance for registration. Even their pets had to leave paw prints. Cats and dogs of different breeds gathered together, and the atmosphere at the venue gradually became lively.

The morning was mainly warm-up activities, with the host giving a speech, energizing the atmosphere, introducing the event organizers and sponsors. This was followed by a dazzling dance performance, and then a small auction featuring items such as a Husky, a Persian cat, a lop-eared rabbit, and various pet food and toys.

An Bu roamed around, answering guests’ questions, introducing related products, while Jian Ningxuan followed not far behind, playing the role of a quiet and well-behaved cat master.

Just then, a small commotion suddenly broke out in the crowd. An Bu followed the sound and saw a military vehicle confidently driving to the entrance of the venue. Five soldiers jumped down from the vehicle, each holding a military dog.

The host, holding a microphone, happily explained, “These are special guests for this event, soldiers from the 31st Squad of the Fifth Military Region, along with their military dogs.”

The arrival of five mighty military dogs exploded the atmosphere at the venue. Other cats and dogs made threatening or timid noises.

An Bu’s complexion changed subconsciously. She instinctively moved towards the crowd, but she was a step too slow. Three of the military dogs headed in her direction, chasing after her with warning barks, attracting the attention of onlookers.

The event planning An Bu received beforehand completely omitted the presence of these military dogs. If she had known earlier, she would never have accepted this job!

As a corpse, she was most afraid of military dogs and police dogs. These well-trained fellows always managed to find her in a crowd. Once, a SWAT team with police dogs was searching for a fugitive in the woods. These police dogs charged straight toward An Bu, who was jogging nearby. Living people couldn’t smell her corpse scent, but many animals could.

Fortunately, the SWAT team didn’t suspect her. After checking her identity, they asked her to leave promptly. An Bu obediently left, but tragically, the direction she left in was the same as the fugitive’s escape route. As a result, the police dogs accurately found her. After several attempts, the SWAT team was on the verge of going crazy, almost treating her as a suspect or arresting her on charges of obstructing official duties.

An Bu expressed her despair too! But what could she do!

From then on, An Bu decided to stay away from animals like military and police dogs that had undergone professional training.

However, despite all precautions, she still unluckily encountered them.

“What’s going on?” Soldier 1, while calming his military dog, looked in the direction of its alertness, only to see a sea of heads.

“Maybe they smelled something unusual,” Soldier 2 said. “Let’s not act recklessly for now, observe the situation.”

The five soldiers walked towards the stage, each with their military dog, vigilantly surveying the surroundings. As they passed by An Bu’s position, all five military dogs looked at her simultaneously, five pairs of dog eyes, fierce and threatening.

An Bu: What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a corpse before? A corpse isn’t some dangerous item worth being so nervous about!

The five military dogs exchanged glances as if sharing some information —

[There’s a corpse over there, should we report it?]

[There are too many civilians around. Until the owner gives the order, don’t act on your own to avoid causing panic.]

[Strange, why can a corpse still move around? It’s simply irrational.]

[Seeing a corpse, baby can’t help but want to bark a few times.]

[Even if you can’t help it, you must endure. You are well-trained military dogs, different from those flashy outside bimbos.]

“What’s wrong?” Jian Ningxuan saw An Bu hiding in the crowd, neglecting her work, and couldn’t help but ask with concern.

“Nothing,” An Bu sighed, “just suddenly feeling a bit worried.”

“Worried about what?”

An Bu looked at the military dogs ascending the stage one by one and said melancholically, “Worried about being dismembered.”

Jian Ningxuan: …

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