My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Attacking Corpse

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In the afternoon, An Bu was finally not harassed by military dogs anymore. With Jian Ningxuan’s constant presence, her personal safety was greatly ensured.

The busy day passed quickly, and after 6 o’clock, the guests participating in the event gradually left. The once lively venue gradually quieted down. The event would last for three days, with more busyness ahead in the next two days.

After changing her clothes, An Bu came out and happened to see five soldiers getting ready to leave with their military dogs.

“Mr. Jian, let’s go.” An Bu declined the host’s dinner invitation, pulled Jian Ningxuan, and hurriedly left the event center, driving her own car closely behind the military vehicle.

Jian Ningxuan sat in the passenger seat, gazing outside for a while, then suddenly asked, “This isn’t the way back home. Where are we going?”

An Bu was as familiar with the surroundings as her own home and replied promptly, “There’s a hot spring resort ahead. I thought we could take a bath first and then head home. What do you think?”

“Okay,” he agreed.

The hot spring resort was about two kilometers from the Armed Forces. An Bu could follow the military vehicle until they safely reached the Armed Forces. Once inside, the likelihood of encountering danger would be minimal.

However, things never went as planned. Ten minutes later, An Bu noticed smoke rising from a building at the end of a small road. In the distance, she could see flickering flames and moving figures.

A fire broke out!

An Bu glanced towards the military vehicle, and as expected, it began to slow down. Then, it suddenly turned its head and drove into the small road, heading straight for the fire.

Without hesitation, An Bu turned her steering wheel and followed.

“What are you going to do?” Jian Ningxuan had a bad premonition.

“Go see if I can help with anything.”

“What can you help with? Are you going to rush into the fire to save people?” Last time it was diving, now firefighting?

“How is that possible?” An Bu rolled her eyes at him. “Am I someone who isn’t afraid of death?”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

A few minutes later, the two cars stopped in an open space near the burning building.

Five soldiers jumped out of the car, each holding their military dogs, and quickly rushed to the front of the burning building. At this point, the fire was out of control, and several adjacent buildings were also at risk. If it continued spreading, the scope of the wildfire would inevitably expand.

According to the discussions among the surrounding residents, there seemed to be people trapped in the burning building. The five soldiers dispersed, circling the building, relying on the dogs’ sense of smell to search for the trapped individuals.

At this moment, Tigerback seemed to have discovered something. It barked continuously at a window on the second floor on the west side of the building. On the other side, Mighty and Big Sword suddenly showed a fierce look, turned, and roared towards the forest opposite the fire. Their movements to chase forward stretched the leash taut.

Soldier 2 and Soldier 3 exchanged glances, keenly sensing something unusual. They immediately turned to their companions and shouted, “Let’s go check over there and meet back here later.”

After saying this, the two and their dogs quickly ran towards the forest.

In the crowd, Jian Ningxuan suddenly felt the chill next to him disappear. He turned his head and indeed found that An Bu was gone.

His eyes filled with anger, he looked around, only seeing a chaotic mass of people…

At this moment, An Bu was trailing behind Soldier 2 and Soldier 3, following the death energy emanating from the military dogs Mighty and Big Sword.

The sun was setting, and the sky gradually darkened. The forest appeared desolate, with only the sounds of soldiers and dogs running and panting. Following them, An Bu moved silently, like a ghost traversing the night.

After an unknown period of chasing, the speed of the military dogs gradually slowed, and they began searching within a certain range.

The two soldiers heightened their alertness, preparing for combat. Judging from the dogs’ reactions, they must have detected a dangerous person, such as an arsonist. If someone deliberately used gasoline to start the fire, the military dogs would easily smell it.

An Bu stopped tens of meters away from them. Mighty and Big Sword simultaneously looked in her direction, their four eyes gleaming with a chilling light in the darkness. However, they didn’t rush over. Compared to a dangerous individual hiding in the dark, a corpse with a history of “friendly” interaction could be temporarily excluded from the suspicious list.

At this moment, a flash of fire appeared deep in the forest. Immediately after, a loud bang echoed, and a tree next to Soldier 2 was hit by a bullet.

“F*ck, there’s a gun!” The two soldiers quickly took cover, their faces showing expressions of disbelief. In a situation where civilian gun control was so strict, it was incredible that someone dared to wield a gun!

Soldier 3 whispered, “Judging by the sound, it seems to be a homemade one.”

“F*ck,” Soldier 2 cursed, “someone secretly made a gun under our noses? That takes guts! Wait until we catch this person; I’ll show him who’s boss.”

“That person probably didn’t expect the pursuers to be soldiers; otherwise, he wouldn’t have easily used a gun.”

“Doesn’t matter. Let’s split up and surround him. We’ll catch this b*stard as soon as possible.”

The two quickly devised a plan, splitting into two groups and releasing the military dogs’ leashes, allowing them to lurk forward.

“Mighty, Big Sword, this is your last mission before retirement. Finish it off beautifully!” Soldier 2 patted Mighty and Big Sword on their backs, and the two large figures immediately shot out, disappearing into the bushes.

An Bu avoided the two soldiers and quietly followed the increasingly dense death energy, slipping into the darkness.

Mighty and Big Sword moved gracefully through the forest, gradually narrowing down the search area until they locked onto a radius of ten meters. During this process, they passed by An Bu hiding in the bushes multiple times. They even used their paws to disdainfully scratch her legs, signaling her to quietly play dead and not disrupt their search.

An Bu: “…” Can’t they show a bit more respect to their future savior!

At this moment, Mighty suddenly picked up a piece of clothing from under a rock, sniffed it carefully, and then exchanged whispers with Big Sword.

An Bu’s pupils contracted. At this moment, the death energy on Mighty and Big Sword became extremely intense. She looked up and saw a short gun coldly pointed downwards. Bang, bang—An Bu swiftly pounced, covering the two military dogs like a cloak and pushing them aside.

One bullet hit her right shoulder, and another grazed her left waist, hitting Mighty’s right hind leg.

Mighty let out a painful howl, but its excellent combat qualities allowed it to quickly hide behind a large tree.

The person in the tree, realizing the two shots didn’t eliminate the military dogs, didn’t dare linger. With a leap, they jumped to another tree and vanished into the forest like an agile ape.

An Bu noticed the person’s skill and immediately confirmed that he wasn’t an ordinary villager; he must have undergone professional training before. The first shot was a threat; ordinary people would stop pursuing upon hearing gunshots. However, things didn’t go as planned, and the pursuers were well-trained soldiers. So, the person decisively aimed at the military dogs. As long as they weren’t tracked by the dogs, he could escape easily.

“Don’t chase.” An Bu sensed the two soldiers approaching quickly and held back Big Sword, whispering, “You stay here to take care of Mighty. I’ll go after that guy.”

Big Sword growled unhappily—how could a qualified military dog let a civilian take risks!

“If you don’t want to die, stay obediently in place.” The death energy on Mighty had disappeared, but Big Sword was still in danger. Clearly, as long as it chased, it would be dead.

Without waiting for Big Sword to protest, An Bu rushed into the forest. Although she was color-blind, the dark night didn’t affect her vision. In her eyes, the grayscale was distinct, and the breath of living beings was as clear as fireflies.

A nimble figure sprinted through the forest. In just a moment, it seemed to hear the footsteps chasing behind. With a swift move, it hid behind a boulder, listened for sound location, aimed in a certain direction, and the next second, a slender figure entered its line of sight. Without hesitation, a gunshot rang out, hitting the person’s thigh. Seeing her fall, the person retracted the short gun, ready to continue fleeing. However, in the corner of their eye, they suddenly saw the figure that had fallen to the ground standing up unsteadily.

Fugitive: “!”

Almost reflexively, they fired another shot, hitting her left leg. Before she could completely fall, the person had turned around rapidly, preparing to flee deeper into the forest.

But after two minutes, the footsteps of pursuit echoed again from behind.

The fugitive nervously turned around, only to find the guy who had taken two shots at him still resiliently trailing behind. 

What the heck?! What’s going on?! 

The fugitive got angry, swiftly turning around and firing a shot at the person’s head. In an instant, the skull shattered, and blood sprayed everywhere. 

I didn’t want to kill, but you brought this upon yourself! The fugitive thought indignantly. 

Stepping up his pace, he continued running. 

Two minutes later, the eerie sound of footsteps reappeared.

The fugitive turned abruptly, surveying the surroundings. Not finding the expected figure, they breathed a sigh of relief. Just as they were about to turn around, they suddenly felt a cold hand gently resting on their shoulder. In the next moment, a chilling voice sounded in their ear, “Are…you…looking…for…me?”

The fugitive stiffly twisted their neck and was shocked to see a face with a cracked skull, covered in blood, and eyes gleaming.

“Ah—” a heart-wrenching scream echoed through the forest.

One minute later, An Bu looked at the unconscious fugitive she had knocked down, plucked out the bullets from her shoulder, leg, and head with her fingers, and then wiped the blood off her face with her own shirt, saying in frustration, “This time I’ve suffered a big loss again. Didn’t expect this guy’s marksmanship to be so accurate, hitting every shot in such a dark environment. Nowadays, it’s not easy to be a qualified corpse.”

After waiting for a while in the same spot, hearing the sounds of the soldiers approaching, An Bu turned and left, swiftly disappearing into the darkness.

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