My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Very, Very Good to You

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An Bu took off her blood-stained jacket, wrapped it around a stone, and threw it into the river. Then, she pulled out her shirt from her waistband, its length just enough to cover the bullet holes on her thigh. Her pants were dark, and at night, bloodstains wouldn’t be visible. The shot to her right shoulder, however, penetrated the scapula, leaving two holes in the front and back of her clothes.

Unbuttoning the top two buttons of her shirt, An Bu widened the collar as much as possible to cover the front holes. Then, she tore the back hole into an irregular shape. Later, she could claim it was scratched by branches. This way, the bloodstains on the shirt also had an explanation. Moreover, Jian Ningxuan might not notice the abnormalities at the back. As long as she could get into the car, she could immediately change out of the torn clothes.

Spending 514 vitality points, An Bu quickly healed the wounds on her head and leg, leaving only a slight trace on her right shoulder to avoid suspicion when discovered.

An Bu had her own set of experiences for covering her tracks, considering post-operation issues each time to minimize leaving too many suspicions. Even if perfection couldn’t be achieved, as long as she wasn’t exposed as a dead person, it was considered a success.

After cleaning herself thoroughly—inside and out—ensuring there were no major flaws, An Bu quickly headed back in the direction she came from.

As she stepped out of the woods, An Bu immediately heard a voice with a local accent shouting excitedly, “Found it! Found it!”

An Bu looked up and saw a middle-aged woman rushing towards her, grabbing her hand. “Oh, girl, where did you run off to? Your boyfriend is going to die from being frantic.”

Before An Bu could speak, several uncles and aunties surrounded her, all talking at once. “Finally found her, everything’s fine. Come, let’s go find your boyfriend.”

The villagers, like a constellation, escorted her to Jian Ningxuan.

Jian Ningxuan stared at her in silence for a moment, then took out his phone and transferred money to each of the villagers, giving them 2000 yuan each without hesitation.

After An Bu sneakily ran off, Jian Ningxuan had searched nearby for a long time but didn’t dare go too far, afraid she might return suddenly. So, he temporarily hired some nimble villagers, paying them 200 yuan per hour to help find her. Once found, he paid them an additional 2000 yuan. The first person to discover An Bu was an auntie, and soon all the villagers rushed over to claim their reward.

Jian Ningxuan didn’t bother arguing with them. 2000 yuan per person, straightforward. Before leaving, the villagers kept praising Jian Ningxuan, “Girl, your boyfriend is really good. Next time, don’t be so willful, running around everywhere.”

Jian Ningxuan grabbed An Bu’s hand, pulled her to the car, and stared at her with a stern expression.

“I can expl—” An Bu’s words were cut off as her lips were sealed.

Jian Ningxuan pressed her against the car window, holding her tightly. Rather than kissing her, it seemed like he was grinding his teeth, punishing her for her reckless actions, without considering his feelings.

Needing to replenish vitality points, An Bu didn’t resist his kiss; instead, she willingly wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing them closer.

As her vitality points gradually increased, An Bu started feeling the warmth and fragrant breath between their lips and teeth, as if someone was breathing for her, reviving the palpitations of being alive.

She slowly opened her eyes, gazing at Jian Ningxuan’s neat and curled eyelashes—focused, pure, without any impurities.

The lashes lightly flickered, and those deep eyes blossomed into a brilliant azure for her.

Jian Ningxuan released her slowly, leaning against her forehead, softly asking, “Why did you run away from me without a word?”

“Can I not answer that?” An Bu had prepared an explanation, but now she didn’t feel like saying it.

Jian Ningxuan changed the question, “Where’s your jacket?”

“It got dirty, so I threw it away.”

“Really?” Jian Ningxuan looked at the open collar, from his angle, he could see the lace edge and sexy curves of her bra. His eyes darkened for a moment, but in the next second, he became sharp. “You smell like blood.”

“That’s…” An Bu replied, “…just my period.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

Her expression was so sincere that he almost believed her.

“Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve ever found your discarded sanitary pads in the toilet at home,” Jian Ningxuan looked like he was ready to explore the topic deeply.

An Bu calmly said, “Because I use tampons—compact, small, leak-proof.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

On women’s issues, Mr. Jian was clearly not An Bu’s match, and she smoothly navigated this topic. However, it didn’t mean Jian Ningxuan had no other thoughts. He could refrain from probing An Bu’s privacy, but if it involved her personal safety, he absolutely couldn’t let her act recklessly.

The two temporarily reached an agreement and didn’t continue delving into this topic, shifting their focus to the situation of the fire.

Shortly after An Bu chased the soldiers and military dogs into the woods, the fire brigade and police arrived. After more than two hours of firefighting, the fire was mostly under control.

The building that caught fire was isolated, and the public was not allowed near.

An Bu had originally planned to leave, but at the moment of getting into the car, she suddenly remembered something. The military dog that she discovered with death energy on its body wasn’t two, but three! In addition to Mighty and Big Sword, there was another military dog named “Red Fang.”

Just then, a muffled explosion sounded from behind. An Bu turned around abruptly, seeing the smoke and dust around the burned building obstructing her view. Something seemed to have exploded, not very powerful, but it still caused a shower of bricks and stones.

“Red Fang!” a mournful cry suddenly came from the smoke.

An Bu inwardly cursed, and Soldier 5 ran out carrying the blood-soaked Red Fang, looking for medical personnel, shouting, “Quick, come take a look at it!”

The medical personnel on the scene were busy treating other casualties and barely spared a glance, shaking their heads to indicate helplessness.

During the moment of the explosion, Red Fang shielded Soldier 5, taking on most of the impact and explosive fragments. One fragment pierced its left ear, a fatal wound.

“Please, save Red Fang!” Soldier 5 knelt on the ground, holding the bloody Red Fang, pleading with a desperate look. However, there were no veterinarians on-site, and given Red Fang’s injuries, there was no time to transport it to a vet.

Red Fang’s eyes half-opened and closed, extending its paw to gently touch Soldier 5’s knee.

Soldier 5 gripped its paw, encouragingly saying, “Hang in there, Red Fang. Once the doctor arrives, everything will be fine. Remember our agreement? When I retire, I’ll apply to adopt you and take you back to my hometown to see it. You promised too, Red Fang. You can’t go back on our word.”

Red Fang’s eyes shimmered with a reluctant whimper, its voice gradually weakening until it fell silent.

“Red Fang—”

An Bu stood not far away, silently watching. Dogs, humble and sensitive, possess a precious quality: unwavering loyalty.

“Let’s go,” she called to Jian Ningxuan, waving and walking towards her car.

Human efforts sometimes run out, and the will of heaven is hard to change. She did everything she could, and accepted what she couldn’t.

Jian Ningxuan looked at her silhouette, and for a moment, he seemed to sense a cold indifference towards the world from her.

He caught up with her, held her hand, and walked side by side with her.

The two got into the car and drove back home in silence.

Upon returning home, An Bu’s first action was to deal with her clothes and then take a bath, changing into clean pajamas.

In the living room, she saw Jian Ningxuan was looking through the photos taken at today’s event. Thinking that she ignored her cat master throughout the journey, he must be unhappy. Several hours had passed, and she hadn’t shown him any attention.

After some thought, she turned back to her room, took out a box, and handed it to him. “A gift for you.”

Jian Ningxuan took the box and opened it, revealing a fishbone-shaped small pillow.

“This is…”

“A scratching pillow specially for the cat, and it makes sounds too.” An Bu poked it a few times, and strange sounds immediately came from the pillow.

Jian Ningxuan: “…” Why did you get me this?”

After a moment of silence, Jian Ningxuan suddenly said, “I have a gift for you too.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a fuzzy… cat teaser.

An Bu looked at the cat teaser, her expression somewhat subtle.

She gave him a pillow for her cat to play with on its own, and he gave herself a cat teaser, clearly wanting her to play with him…

An Bu glanced at Jian Ningxuan: Who would have thought you’re such a cat master?

“Like it?” Jian Ningxuan asked in a presumed aloof manner, as if saying, “I permit you to play with me using the furry cat teaser when you’re extremely bored. Don’t forget to express your gratitude.”

“Yeah, I like it.” An Bu nodded affirmatively, then casually waved the cat teaser in front of him. His eyes immediately involuntarily followed the movement of the cat teaser.

Indeed, he liked it!

An Bu’s eyes were full of “indulgence.” To play with her, he actually took the initiative to buy himself a cat teaser. Her cat at home was truly extraordinary, cute to the extreme.

“Mr. Jian, I’ll be very, very good to you in the future.” So, you must live longer and longer, don’t leave her too early.

“Okay.” I’ll do my best to protect you for a lifetime.

Jian Ningxuan gazed deeply at An Bu, her shadow reflected in his eyes, a soft halo faintly flickering on him.

However, Mr. Jian didn’t know that his lifetime was far from enough for An Bu…

Back in her room, An Bu uploaded the event photos to her computer and saved them one by one.

At this moment, she suddenly saw the group photo she took spontaneously with the five soldiers and five military dogs. An Bu’s thoughts stirred. After saving Mighty and Big Sword yesterday, she gained nearly 500 vitality points, probably related to the numerous military achievements they had earned. She was now quite sure that saving more lives, whether human or animal, could bring her more vitality points.

It seemed that she might consider learning some veterinary knowledge.

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