My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 36

Chapter 36: A Mix of Meat and Vegetables

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The next day, An Bu went to the Pet Club’s event venue as usual. Jian Ningxuan was genuinely worried, so he followed her, intending to unbind after the event ended.

Many people had heard about the events of last night, but most only knew that there was a fire and a military dog sacrificed itself to save its owner. As for the armed assailant, the soldiers caught him without alerting others. One reason was the uncertainty of whether he was the arsonist, and the other was the inexplicable situation during the arrest.

The assailant fired a total of six shots. The first was a scare tactic, and the second and third targeted Mighty and Big Sword. However, the subsequent fourth, fifth, and sixth shots were fired when the soldiers and military dogs weren’t pursuing. Obviously, there was another person chasing the assailant at the time, successfully subduing him, and then quietly leaving.

The soldiers investigated the scene and did find suspicious bloodstains. What made it suspicious was the amount of bleeding; the mysterious person was undoubtedly shot and bleeding heavily, yet they still chased the assailant for a mile, eventually knocking him out. This kind of fearless spirit and relentless perseverance was truly admirable. Moreover, they did a good deed and didn’t even leave a name! Not leaving a name was one thing, but wasn’t the person afraid they might die somewhere due to excessive bleeding and infection? They were shot, and removing a bullet didn’t guarantee safety!

When the assailant regained consciousness, the soldiers and police thought they might get some information, but the first thing he said was, “There are ghosts!”

The identity of the assailant had already been determined; he was a foreign mercenary. Surprisingly, he was scared like this, and nobody knew what he experienced last night. During the interrogation, he claimed to have encountered a terrifying female ghost, fired three shots at her legs and head, but she not only didn’t die but also appeared before him covered in blood.

Naturally, people didn’t believe such statements, but there were indeed many inexplicable aspects. For instance, there were no signs of a struggle on the assailant’s body. Given his skills, who could have subdued him in a situation where he was alert? Moreover, the person also suffered gunshot wounds, and even if it was just one shot, it was unlikely they could catch up and easily knock out a mercenary. Could it be that they carried blood packets that night, decided on a whim to scare the assailant in the midst of gunshots and willingly risked their life? Or perhaps the assailant suffered hallucinations due to mental instability?

“If we want to find this person, why not send Mighty and Big Sword to try?” suggested a commander.

The five soldiers were currently on leave, and the military dogs were about to retire. They had enough free time to search for the mysterious person. As for the police, they were more interested in investigating the arson case and the person who shot and injured people.

Several soldiers discussed and ultimately decided that Soldiers 1, 3, and 4 would go to find the mysterious person, bringing Tigerback, Big Sword, and Bayonet with them. Soldiers 2 and 5, along with their military dogs, were left behind—one sacrificed, and the other injured and inconvenient.

On the second day of the pet festival, the atmosphere became even more lively. Various pets took the stage one after another, displaying quirky looks, cute outfits, and amusing expressions, bringing endless joy to the crowd.

An Bu enthusiastically recommended products to foreign guests. Her knowledge was extensive, and she could answer almost any question with ease. There was a handsome guy in his twenties from Country E who found their conversation so engaging that he confessed to An Bu on the spot.

“What are you talking about?” Jian Ningxuan appeared behind An Bu with an aloof expression, gently embracing her shoulder, and with a 10-centimeter height difference, he looked down on the opponent.

The handsome guy from Country E, unwilling to admit defeat, scrutinized Jian Ningxuan from top to bottom—appearance, height, gaze, and aura. He was completely outmatched!

“Cute girl, it’s a pity we didn’t meet sooner. Goodbye.” The handsome guy from Country E went through 30 seconds of falling in love and breaking up, feeling regretful, and left.

Jian Ningxuan: Even if you had met earlier, you wouldn’t have had a chance!

“It’s getting late; let’s have lunch.” An Bu patted Jian Ningxuan’s back, turned and walked into the dressing room, taking out two lunch boxes. “I brought lunch this time.”

The food bought outside didn’t meet An Bu’s nutrition and hygiene standards, so she got up early today, prepared two lunches, and just needed to heat them up.

An Bu prepared beef sauce omelette rice with vegetables and diced radish for Jian Ningxuan, along with fruit salad and a cup of tomato juice. For herself, she prepared a salad and a cup of fresh orange juice.

“Is this amount enough for you?” Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu’s lunch, raising an eyebrow in disagreement.

“Eating a vegetarian diet is good for health and longevity. You should also eat more vegetables.”

Jian Ningxuan retorted, “You should pay attention to a balanced diet of meat and vegetables for overall nutrition.”

An Bu speared a strawberry and handed it to him, saying, “You take care of strength, and I’ll take care of beauty. Isn’t this a balanced diet?”

Jian Ningxuan bit into the strawberry and asked, “When will you achieve ‘nutritional balance’ with me?”

“How would you like to ‘balance’?” An Bu propped her chin and looked at him with a teasing smile.

Jian Ningxuan replied seriously, “With the goal of biological reproduction, the strategy of human body art, and the result of universal harmony.”

An Bu: “…”

“How does that sound? Any additional suggestions?” He looked serious, his gaze direct.

In the art of seduction, if someone flirts, An Bu would inevitably flirt back. This time, he counterattacked.

“Mr. Jian, look over there! A cat is doing a handstand.” An Bu suddenly pointed in a direction, exclaiming in amazement.

Jian Ningxuan turned his head, only to see a group of joyful cats and silly dogs frolicking around.

When he turned back, he found that An Bu had already packed up the lunch boxes and smiled at him. “I’m done eating, Mr. Jian. Please put the lunch boxes together later, I’ll go back to work first.”

Jian Ningxuan: “…”

He fell for the straightforward topic diversion tactic…

The afternoon’s work progressed smoothly. Besides being snubbed by many cats and dogs, nothing unexpected happened.

Around 6 p.m., An Bu and Jian Ningxuan got into the car to go home.

Just as they left the parking lot, Jian Ningxuan said, “Didn’t we talk about going to the hot springs yesterday? Are we going today?”

“Sure.” An Bu had no objections and nodded immediately.

So, the two drove towards the hot spring resort.

Passing by the Armed Forces Department, An Bu glanced at the gate and couldn’t help but recall the scene of Fire Fang’s death. She couldn’t save it, and she still cared a bit.

However, this emotion was only momentary, and she quickly stopped dwelling on it, starting to recite the “Veterinary Herbal Medicine” she had read last night. Since she decided to learn in this field, she wouldn’t waste time and would accumulate theoretical knowledge first.

The car drove smoothly on the road, and neither of them noticed that in the forest parallel to the highway, three military dogs and three soldiers were following An Bu’s scent, heading towards the location of the hot spring resort.

Upon reaching the destination, Jian Ningxuan parked the car and walked into the hot spring resort with An Bu. They first went to the restaurant, planning to eat their fill before going to the hot springs.

“Do you have a change of clothes?” An Bu suddenly asked.

“No.” Jian Ningxuan casually replied, “They sell them here; no need to worry.”

“I’m not worried.” An Bu looked at him with a half-smile. “But you… Are you going to wear the underwear you buy here?”

Jian Ningxuan’s expression stiffened, finally realizing the serious problem.

“In my observation of you during this time, I guess you have a slight cleanliness obsession.” An Bu began to list them one by one, “Newly bought intimate clothing must be washed three times before you wear it; important personal items like your notebook are absolutely off-limits to others; if someone else wears slippers you’ve worn, you won’t wear them again.”

Jian Ningxuan listened silently, and his originally rigid expression gradually softened. The ice in his eyes melted a bit, gently rippling like waves.

When An Bu finished speaking, he spoke in a warm tone, “Most of what you said is correct, except for one thing.”

“What thing?”

“My things, you can touch them all.” His azure gaze looked directly into An Bu’s eyes.

An Bu lowered her eyelids, sighing inwardly: Her home cat was indeed too good.

“So, will you wear the newly bought underwear?” An Bu’s words plunged him back into the harsh reality.

Then, she watched as his entire person dimmed in an instant.

An Bu chuckled, placed the bag beside her on the table, and said, “I have a habit of preparing a few sets of spare clothes and essential daily necessities in the car. Since you moved into my house, I’ve also prepared a set for you. I bought them myself, and they’ve been washed. Do you mind?”

Jian Ningxuan: “… I don’t mind.”

His tone was unusually calm, but the radiance in his eyes was as brilliant as fireworks.

The Jian Ningxuan in love was the most beautiful scenery An Bu had seen after her death. If possible, she wanted to respond with the same beauty and share the happiness of love with him.

But could she?

After dinner, the two took a stroll near the resort, chatting and enjoying their time.

While preparing to soak in the hot spring, Jian Ningxuan suddenly asked, “Do you know my size?”

“Yeah,” An Bu replied matter-of-factly.

“I mean, for underwear,” Jian Ningxuan asked seemingly casually.

An Bu subconsciously looked down at his waist and abdomen, um…

Jian Ningxuan continued, “If it’s too small, I won’t wear it.”

His tone was as cold as usual, but An Bu could still sense a hint of playfulness.

“I think it shouldn’t be too small.” An Bu suddenly reached out, encircling his waist. “I measured it myself.”

Jian Ningxuan: “!” When did this happen?!

“(^__^) I lied.” An Bu let go, laughing. “If it’s too small, you can either endure it or just not wear it. Tell me your size later, and I’ll buy you a dozen pairs.”

Jian Ningxuan: Actually, I think “measuring it yourself” is not bad; practice makes perfect…

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