My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Mr. Jian in a Rampage

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Three soldiers arrived at the hot spring resort, squatting by a flower bed with three military dogs, discussing what to do next.

“Is that mysterious person really here?” Soldier 4 doubted. “Didn’t she get shot? Why would she be in the mood for a hot spring?”

Soldier 1 said, “Coming to the hot spring resort doesn’t necessarily mean she’s here to soak in the hot spring. Maybe there are people here who can help treat her gunshot wound.”

Soldier 3 looked at the entrance of the hot spring resort several times and suddenly asked, “How long has it been since you guys soaked in a hot spring?”

Soldier 1 and Soldier 4 glanced at each other. “Are you suggesting…”

“Since we’re already here.” Soldier 3 grinned. “Let’s go soak too.”

“But…” Soldier 1 looked at the military dogs beside them. “They can’t go in.”

“I have two options.” Soldier 3 held up two fingers. “One, we take turns going in. Two, temporarily put Big Sword near a nearby farmhouse, tie it with a rope, give them some extra money, and I believe the villagers won’t refuse.”

Going in one by one would obviously waste time and not allow for a proper relaxation. But leaving the military dogs in someone else’s home made them a bit uneasy.

After some contemplation, Soldier 1 suggested, “How about I go find the manager of the resort, ask if we can temporarily tie the military dogs in their yard, find a secluded corner that won’t disturb the guests.”

“That’s a good idea!” Soldier 3 and Soldier 4 both agreed.

So, Soldier 1 went to the resort to find the manager. Ten minutes later, he returned with good news: “No problem, let’s go.”

The three men and three dogs walked into the resort. With the manager’s guidance, they arrived at a courtyard near the staff dormitory. The manager politely said, “Gentlemen, we normally don’t allow pets, but you are soldiers of the people, and they are well-trained military dogs, so I’ll make an exception for you. I hope you have a good time.”

“Thank you.” The three soldiers saluted him.

“Guys, you’ll rest here later. Food and water are ready for you. We’ll be back in about one or two hours.” Soldier 1 patted the military dogs’ heads and instructed carefully.

Tigerback sniffed around, calling out in confusion, “[Not looking for the target anymore? She’s right here.]”

Its barking seemed to remind the soldiers.

“Oh, right. Since we’re here, shouldn’t we look for that mysterious person?” Soldier 4 asked.

“The manager let us in as an exception. It might be not good to cause more trouble for them.” Soldier 3 hesitated.

After some thought, Soldier 1 suggested, “You guys go soak in the hot spring. I’ll take big sword and wander around the resort. If I find the target, I’ll take pictures, trying not to disturb the other party. As long as we have photos, it won’t be difficult to find out her identity.”

Soldier 3 and Soldier 4 nodded, taking one military dog outside. If they were fast enough, they shouldn’t attract too much attention.

With the plan settled, Soldier 3 and Soldier 4 went to soak in the hot spring, while Soldier 1, with the Big Sword, walked out of the courtyard and strolled around the resort.

An Bu soaked in the hot spring, gazing absentmindedly at the nearby mountains.

“What are you looking at?” Jian Ningxuan followed her line of sight, only seeing a dazzling display of lights not far away, decorating the dark and silent valleys with a unique charm.

“Nothing, just feel that the person who designed this resort is very talented.”

“Yeah, it’s not bad.” Jian Ningxuan wasn’t very knowledgeable about architecture and aesthetics, but he also felt that the layout of the resort was quite distinctive. Nestled between mountains and water, it was well-arranged, with buildings blending seamlessly with the environment, presenting a natural and elegant appearance.

However, when An Bu mentioned “having talent,” she wasn’t referring to the exterior of the resort but rather that it was built on an ancient tomb complex. What was magical was that the foundation of the resort perfectly avoided the location of the ancient tombs. All the mountain peaks where the ancient tombs were located were preserved as natural landscapes, intertwining without disturbing each other.

An Bu was able to detect the ancient tombs in the mountains because the death energy within them slowly overflowed to the surface. Although this death energy had no effect on living people, the fact that it had persisted and surfaced indicated a duration of at least 300 years.

Generally, a person’s death energy would dissipate before burial. If someone was buried within seven hours of death or buried alive, their death energy would solidify and not dissipate, preserving until it gradually formed self-awareness. Then, it might attach to the body, leading to the phenomenon of a “zombie.” As long as the ancient tombs remained closed, they wouldn’t have the chance to be active. However, if the ancient tombs were opened, it would be a disaster.

In a sense, An Bu was also like them, absorbing a large amount of death energy after death, eventually becoming a living corpse. The only difference was that she was the inheritor of the Book of Life and Death, possessing a complete self-awareness. Although the Book of Death was activated, the Book of Life still continued to operate. As long as the Book of Life and Death existed, she would be immortal. However, the corpses in the ancient tomb could be destroyed in many ways, and once they left the tomb’s environment, they wouldn’t survive for long.

An Bu believed that the former owner of the resort should have known about the ancient tomb complex, which is why they built the resort, using human vitality to suppress death energy and also preventing anyone from excavating or stealing from the ancient tombs.

However, the death energy from the tombs was now surfacing, indicating that the underlying death energy might have developed consciousness. It was necessary to quickly bring in a Feng Shui master to deal with it; otherwise, something bad might happen soon.

An Bu had no intention of dealing with it because, whenever she came into contact with death energy from the ancient tomb, she would automatically absorb it, causing her death energy value to skyrocket. With hundreds of years of death energy, especially conscious death energy, once absorbed by her, it would increase her undead death energy value by at least 300,000. She had been striving for over eighty years but hadn’t accumulated a life energy value of over 100,000. (Departed Spirit Death Energy Value: Death energy value on a deceased person (excluding injuries, hunger, energy consumption, etc.). Life Energy Value: Life energy value obtained by saving lives.)

Moreover, she seemed to belong to the category of dead, helping living people eliminate their kind seemed somewhat unethical.

The two soaked in the hot spring for about ten minutes, feeling warm and comfortable with steam rising. Of course, An Bu’s “comfort” referred to the improvement in her skin texture; she herself had no sensations. Seeing Jian Ningxuan’s body glowing, she knew that he must be enjoying the hot spring. 

An Bu placed her hand on his waist, attempting to share the comfort with him. Unfortunately, his body could only emit light and heat, unable to share his sensations with her.

Regrettably letting go, she looked up and saw Jian Ningxuan looking at her. It took a while for him to say, “I haven’t gained any weight recently, and my figure is well maintained.”

An Bu glanced at him and agreed, “Indeed.”

“Do you want to try?” His husky voice caressed An Bu’s eardrums.

“Try… what?”

“The feel.” Jian Ningxuan took her hand, placed it on his chest, and then followed the muscle lines down slowly.

The warm sensation passed through her palm, merging with her skin, like sparks falling into the snow, gradually melting the cold. In the midst of the chilling atmosphere, no one could understand her longing for warmth. If this man could provide her with a bit more “enthusiasm,” she might just pounce on him.

Unaware that she was so “fascinated,” An Bu stared at the man’s muscles, almost equivalent to a silent invitation. For the first time in thirty years, Jian Ningxuan was infatuated with someone, wholehearted and unrestrained.

“Do you like me?” Jian Ningxuan asked.

“Like.” Under the temptation of beauty, An Bu answered without hesitation.

A gleam of shining light appeared in Jian Ningxuan’s eyes. “I heard it. You like me.”

Finally, the confession he had been waiting for.

An Bu: “…”

Jian Ningxuan lowered his head, kissing her forehead. “I do too.”

The silent heart seemed to beat once. In An Bu’s black pupils, a different color appeared for the first time.

Jian Ningxuan pressed his lips against hers, letting his breath flow into her. An Bu’s breath began to rise, and her body temperature experienced a faint change, though she was unaware.

The two fell on the bed, one craving warmth, the other brimming with affection. They didn’t resist each other, and it seemed they were about to reach the climax. However, a scratching sound suddenly came from outside the door.

Ignoring the sound, they focused on each other, but the scratching sound continued incessantly, occasionally accompanied by a few barks.


An uneasy premonition rose in An Bu’s heart. She slipped out of Jian Ningxuan’s embrace, turning her head to look towards the door. Jian Ningxuan held her waist, pressed close behind her, lightly nibbling her ear, and his hot breath reddened her skin.

Mr. Jian opening a new territory…

“Woof, woof, woof!”

Mr. Jian waiting for action after accumulating power…

“Woof, woof, woof!”

Mr. Jian: “…”

With a sudden movement, Jian Ningxuan sat up, casually grabbing a towel and swiftly making his way to the door. He forcefully pulled it open, and before he could say anything, a dog quickly darted through the crack in the door. It ran to the side of the bed, grabbed the blanket with its mouth, pulled it to the ground, and then sat down, looking at the almost naked An Bu with its incredibly pure dog eyes. 

Big Sword wagged its tail happily: [Corpse, I’ve found you again!] 

An Bu, holding a pillow with disheveled clothes, “…”

Jian Ningxuan in a frenzy: “…” Why did this dog find its way here?!

Ignoring whether there were others outside, Jian Ningxuan swiftly closed the door, walked over, picked up the blanket from the floor, and tightly wrapped An Bu, who had been left without a thread of privacy. Then, he turned to look at Big Sword, sparks flying in his eyes.

The appearance of Big Sword here indicated that its owner was also nearby and likely coming to find her.

An Bu felt that the whole corpse wasn’t in a good situation.

“It’s okay, I’ll handle this.” Jian Ningxuan stood up, pulled the dog’s leash, and walked towards the exit. Big Sword laid on the ground, refusing to move, firmly resisting.

Jian Ningxuan reached for its collar, but it resisted vigorously, clawing at him and pulling the bath towel from his waist.

Watching Mr. Jian, who usually paid great attention to his appearance, bravely face off with the dog while in the nude, An Bu subconsciously pulled out her phone. Before she could act, a soft voice floated over, “If you want to take pictures, why not join me in shooting something more adventurous, like an intimate film? It seems more daring.” 

An Bu: “…”

She obediently put down the phone, put on a bathrobe, and thought about how to deal with this persistent military dog that kept looking for corpses…

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