My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 38

Chapter 38: An Bu Crashes the Class

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Jian Ningxuan put on his pants and, seeing An Bu heading towards the door, immediately stepped forward to block her, asking, “What do you want to do?”

“The owner of Big Sword should be nearby. I want to go out and take a look.”

“I’ll go.” Jian Ningxuan pushed her back into the room. “You stay here and don’t move.”

An Bu, wearing only a bathrobe, with two smooth long legs exposed, didn’t even wear shoes. Her fair small feet stepped lightly on the carpet, delicate and tender, like a sexy Persian cat. How could Jian Ningxuan let her go out like this to meet people?

With a stern face, Jian Ningxuan opened the door, his sharp gaze scanning left and right in the corridor, but he didn’t find the owner of the stupid dog.

In the room, An Bu sat on the bed, looking at Big Sword beside her and asked, “How did you come here? Where’s your soldier brother?”

Big Sword howled, placing its chin on her lap, and looked up at her with its two eyes. It was grateful for her saving its life.

“You guys always chase after me, which makes it difficult for me.” An Bu coaxed, “Let’s make a deal. Next time you guys have a mission, don’t come after me, okay? I just want to quietly be a ‘person,’ low-key and pretending to be cool, you understand?”

Big Sword tilted its head, indicating that it didn’t understand.

“I heard that military dogs are very smart. To prove this, I want to test it.” An Bu picked a banana from the fruit plate and handed it to its mouth. Then, she pointed to the door. “Now, take this banana and go find your owner.”

While she was speaking, Jian Ningxuan happened to turn back and saw that Big Sword was really holding the banana, running out happily.

Jian Ningxuan closed the door and followed it. However, the dog master seemed to know someone was following. After circling around, he not only didn’t catch up with the person but also lost the dog.

After all, the other party was a well-trained soldier. If he wanted to hide, Jian Ningxuan couldn’t do anything about it.

Back in the room, An Bu, who had already dressed neatly, said, “It’s getting late. Shall we go home?”

Jian Ningxuan: “…Don’t want to stay here for the night?”

“The bed at home is more comfortable.” Just now, she almost became a “corpse.” An Bu felt that this man was dangerous; the intimate contact felt too wonderful, and she had almost no defense. If he accidentally found her abnormality, what would she do? Breathing could still rely on his breath to communicate, but heartbeat and pulse couldn’t be disguised.

Jian Ningxuan held An Bu’s hand and silently walked out of the room, exuding a rising and steaming aura…

Soldier 1 stood at the entrance of the villa, watching the two leave. He was eating a banana while talking to Big Sword beside him, “Are you sure it’s her? She seems to be uninjured. Hmm… well, when the blood test results come out in a few days, we’ll know.”

After the pet festival, An Bu entered the stage of specialized study in animal medicine again. The only difference was that Jian Ningxuan became more and more clingy. Since that night when they opened up to each other, he couldn’t be fed enough no matter how much he was fed. Previously, it was just pulling and hugging, taking the pure route, but now they often enacted an adult version of “romance” at the slightest provocation.

Although his expression was as aloof as ever, there was a glow of love between his brows.

An Bu liked this side of Jian Ningxuan, radiant and full of vitality every day, making her unable to resist wanting to spoil him.

Recently, in order to systematically study veterinary medicine, An Bu specially obtained a library card at the medical university. Following the class schedule, she regularly audited courses related to veterinary medicine. In addition to attending classes, she also self-studied livestock anatomy, pathology, physiology, immunology, veterinary pharmacology, and more. Memorizing theoretical knowledge was easy for her, but it required patience and time for repeated memorization. The rest was accumulating practical experience and clinical knowledge.

Jian Ningxuan was aware of An Bu’s enthusiasm for learning. Her room was filled with books of various kinds, covering a wide range of subjects, and it was not just for decoration; she had indeed read through them.

Jian Ningxuan was always amazed at her vigorous energy, seeming interested in everything and taking action without hesitation, not wasting a single minute.

On the campus, An Bu dressed in a simple student outfit, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, carrying a canvas bag, tying her hair into a ponytail, with a plain face. She blended in with the students, looking inconspicuous and without any sense of dissonance.

After attending classes at the medical university for three weeks, winter vacation was about to begin. An Bu planned to finish today’s class and take a temporary break, returning when the new semester started next year.

Entering the classroom, An Bu chose a secluded seat. Other students gradually entered, and the classroom buzzed with their conversations.

Before long, the bell for the class rang, and the students gradually quieted down. Soon, a professor in his fifties walked into the classroom.

Seeing this person, a low whisper immediately spread through the classroom.

“Oh my god, it’s not Professor Liang’s class. Why did it become Professor Sun’s?”

“Ah, I’m most afraid of this old man!”

“If I knew it was him, I wouldn’t have come.”

“Ah ah ah, Professor Liang, how could you be so cruel to leave us like this…”

Professor Sun seemed oblivious to the students’ comments. He knocked on the table and said, “Today, Professor Liang is absent, so I will substitute for a class. Now, let’s take attendance.”

Attendance! It was an unexpected assault! Those who were absent today would be in trouble.

An Bu, sitting in the corner, leisurely watched the lively expressions of the students. At this moment, she suddenly felt someone tug at her clothes. Turning her head, she saw a sunny-looking boy approaching and whispering, “I’ve seen you a few times. You’re not a student in our major, right?”

An Bu nodded.

“Great!” The boy clasped his hands together, pleading, “My girlfriend is absent today. Can you help answer for her later?”

“What’s your girlfriend’s name?” An Bu asked.

“Zhao Shuyu.”


“Great!” The boy laughed. “Thanks, I’ll treat you to dinner later.”

The short boy next to him chimed in, “Your girlfriend’s problem is solved, but our dorm’s Old Second is in trouble.”

“There’s nothing we can do. That old man has sharp eyes. We can’t help him answer.” The sunny boy looked helpless.

Meanwhile, Professor Sun had started calling names, “Wang Xuewen, Zhao Xin, Fang Keke, Lu Mingxi…”

When he reached “Lu Mingxi,” the sunny boy next to An Bu answered, “Present.”

“…Zhao Shuyu.”

“Present.” An Bu raised her hand.

Professor Sun glanced at her and continued calling names.

A few minutes later, Professor Sun closed the attendance register and calmly said, “Expected attendance was 64, actual attendance is 39. Not bad, not bad at all.”

The students present were both relieved and scared, silently sympathizing with those who were absent.

“Now, let’s get ready for the class.” Professor Sun opened the projector, “Here’s a set of questions on veterinary pharmacology. It’s been sent to your electronic screens. You have 5 minutes. Do as much as you can. Now, begin.”

The students groaned; they were well aware of Professor Sun’s character, and this impromptu quiz was not unusual. If the scores were too low, they would face various suffocating punishments.

With only 5 minutes, everyone buried their heads in the questions, not daring to waste any time.

【Levamisole has ( ): A. Anthelmintic and immunomodulatory effects; B. Anthelmintic effects…】

“A,” An Bu quickly selected.

【Livestock with severe liver dysfunction should not use ( ): A. Hydrocortisone; B…】

“C,” prednisone.

An Bu glanced over effortlessly. She seemed to breeze through the questions, demonstrating her dominance in theoretical knowledge.

Next to her, Lu Mingxi inadvertently glanced and found that she had already completed 39 questions, seemingly without the need for much thought.

He was both surprised and delighted, abandoning the middle questions and keeping up with her answering speed. It didn’t matter if the answers were correct or not; he would copy first.

An Bu proceeded at a rate of one question per second, finishing all the questions in just over two minutes. She didn’t submit her paper immediately, but the answers were uploaded instantly, and they could be modified before submission, with the teacher able to check at any time.

In a classroom with dozens of students, An Bu thought Professor Sun probably wouldn’t check others’ answers before submission, so she didn’t submit immediately. It happened to benefit Lu Mingxi, who happily copied away.

When there were only three major questions left, they suddenly heard Professor Sun shout, “If you’re done, submit your papers!”

The booming voice almost made everyone wet their pants.

An Bu lifted her head and saw the old man on the podium glaring at her.

Uh… was he yelling at her just now?

An Bu was speechless and obediently submitted the paper.

Lu Mingxi watched the screen as the test paper disappeared, feeling a pain so intense it was hard to breathe.

Professor Sun no longer paid attention to them, focusing on the screen. After a while, his expression eased, and he looked at An Bu “kindly.”

An Bu: “…” as if I’ve been marked with some kind of terrifying buff…

The 5 minutes passed in an instant, and everyone submitted their papers with faces like ashes. They were all freshmen, and this subject had just started. Most of them hadn’t had time to review properly, and with time constraints, the accuracy rate was naturally abysmal—only one-fifth barely passed.

Among a group of low-scoring students, An Bu’s perfect score paper stood out. Especially since Professor Sun announced the results: the first place Zhao Shuyu: 100 points, second place Xu Yang: 87 points…

For a moment, “Zhao Shuyu” became the target of the entire class’s hatred.

Lu Mingxi smiled wryly, “Thank you so much. You even had my girlfriend’s name written on the paper while answering…”

An Bu casually replied, “Helping others to the end, acting should be thorough.”

Lu Mingxi covered his face, feeling his heart breaking. Early knowing that she was such a study goddess, he wouldn’t have let her answer for his girlfriend. Professor Sun really “favored” the study gods! If he found out he was deceived, won’t his girlfriend be hacked. What’s more, his girlfriend might hack him first!!!

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