My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 39

Chapter 39: A Neat and Complete Family

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In the next few dozen minutes, Professor Sun did indeed, as expected by Lu Mingxi, frequently “attend” to “Zhao Shuyu” and posed questions at the drop of a hat. 

The more questions he asked, the more desperate Lu Mingxi’s expression became. Seeing his profound suffering, An Bu had half a mind to help him bluff his way through, claiming ignorance. However, the cunning Professor Sun managed to expose the scholarly nature of the straight-A student by firing off a series of tricky questions. 

An Bu remarked that it wasn’t that his ally wasn’t playing fair; it was just that the opponent was too cunning. 

When the bell rang, Professor Sun picked up his lecture notes, leaving “Zhao Shuyu” with a look that said learning is endless and there’s a long road ahead. Then, he confidently walked out of the classroom. 

Lu Mingxi was scared out of his wits by that stern look. His buddy sitting next to him added fuel to the fire, “Look, I recorded Professor Sun’s expression just now. Anyone who dares to talk nonsense with me, I’ll send them this meme and let them experience the terror of being loved by a professor.” 

Lu Mingxi: You are the legendary bad teammate! 

“Ah, how am I going to face my girlfriend now?” Lu Mingxi agonizingly rubbed his head. Given Professor Sun’s personality, he had undoubtedly memorized the name “Zhao Shuyu,” and in future classes, he would surely drag her out to “demonstrate” every time! 

“This trouble is easily resolved,” An Bu’s calm voice drifted into Lu Mingxi’s ears. 

“How do we resolve it?” He suddenly raised his head, looking at her with a hopeful expression.

An Bu picked up her textbook and said in Brother An Liwei’s tone, “Become a true study god.”

Lu Mingxi: “… ” He immediately felt weak.

Just then, Lu Mingxi’s phone received a text message from his girlfriend.

“Sorry, my girlfriend is looking for me. I have to go. I’ll treat you to dinner next time.” After greeting An Bu, he hurriedly left the classroom.

An Bu didn’t mind. She packed up her textbooks, slung her canvas bag over her shoulder, and prepared to go to the library to borrow some books.

On the other side, Lu Mingxi ran out of the teaching building and found his girlfriend, Zhao Shuyu, waiting at the cafeteria entrance. Before he could say anything, Zhao Shuyu spoke first, “I heard that Professor Sun just taught that class?!”


“He called attendance?”


“Ah, why is my luck so bad?” Zhao Shuyu lamented, “I skipped class for the first time and ran into Professor Sun.”

“Uh, I found a girl sitting beside me to answer for you,” Lu Mingxi whispered.

“Really?” Zhao Shuyu looked at him with great joy and praised, “Darling, you’re amazing!”

Don’t be too happy, darling. Lu Mingxi continued, “Professor Sun asked us to complete a set of timed 5-minute test questions before class.”

“And then?”

“Then, that girl wrote your name on the test paper.”

“What’s the problem?” Zhao Shuyu was puzzled. Helping her answer and casually writing her name on the paper didn’t seem wrong. “Is it because she performed poorly? It’s okay; for this impromptu test, at most, she’ll be asked to do more exercises.”

“No…” Lu Mingxi awkwardly said, “She scored too well.”

“How good is it?”

“100 points.”

“How much?”

“100 points. The only 100 points in the whole class, 13 points higher than the second place.” Lu Mingxi summarized reluctantly, “Congratulations, dear, you’ve become a ‘study god’.'”

Zhao Shuyu looked at him quietly. After tens of seconds, her expression changed from blank and confused to shocked and fierce, and finally, uncontrollable rage.

“Ah ah ah ah…” She grabbed her boyfriend’s neck, shouting frantically, “Why don’t you go die!!!”

“Darling, don’t be agitated, don’t be agitated, listen to me.” Lu Mingxi, with a bitter face, gently comforted, “I have an idea. This winter break, let’s travel together. Bring a book on veterinary pharmacology, play during the day, study at night, share happiness and share burdens. We’ll be a romantic and hardworking couple of study gods. What do you think?”

Zhao Shuyu’s angry expression gradually faded, slowly releasing her grip, lowering her head, and softly responding, “Mm…”

Just passing by, An Bu, witnessing this scene, couldn’t help but sigh, “Youth is really good.”

In the afternoon, with no classes, An Bu went to the library to borrow some books and then left the school.

The school was a vibrant place. After a morning, An Bu gained dozens of vitality points. With so many talented individuals in the university, if there was a chance to save a few future pillars, she might even get sustainable destiny life points.

“I’m back.” An Bu changed into slippers and walked into the living room.

Hearing her voice, Jian Ningxuan came out of the room.

“Hmm? Haven’t you eaten yet?” An Bu looked at the time; it was already past 1 pm, and the untouched food in the thermal pot was still there.

“Forgot.” Jian Ningxuan’s voice was hoarse, his eyes squinting, seemingly sensitive to sunlight. It was evident that he had been staring at the computer for too long, overworking his eyes, coupled with excessive internal heat.

An Bu brewed a cup of honey water for him and then brought the food to the table, urging him to wash his hands and eat.

Jian Ningxuan took a few sips of honey water, watching An Bu’s figure fluttering like a butterfly in front of him. Unable to resist, he used his hands to catch her, cupping her lips, giving her a gentle kiss. His tongue slid gently, asking, “Is it sweet?”

An Bu tilted her head up, “I couldn’t taste it just now. Why don’t you try again?”

Jian Ningxuan readily complied, giving her a honey-flavored kiss.

Although An Bu couldn’t taste any flavors, she could smell the sweet fragrance, see the delicious colors, and, in addition, gained 30 vitality points.

“How was your day at school today?” Jian Ningxuan casually asked during the meal.

“Not bad.” An Bu picked up a small knife and started carving patterns on the fruit, a habit of hers.

“With the vacation approaching, do you have any plans?”

An Bu continued her hand movements, replying, “Study, work, research recipes, make handicrafts, and so on.”

After a moment of silence, Jian Ningxuan suddenly said, “Would you… like to go home with me?”

“Hmm?” An Bu raised her head, “Go home with you?”

“Yes.” Jian Ningxuan looked at her seriously. “Spend the New Year with me.”

He knew that An Bu was an orphan, with no family here, so he wanted to take her home to meet his family.

An Bu smiled, “Introduce me to your family first, and then I’ll consider going.”

“Uncle Jian Cheng, cousin Jian Ningze, cousin-in-law Shu Yun, niece Jian Xiaowei, aunt Jian Qiao, uncle Ge Liwei, cousin Ge Sirui, cousin Ge Tingting…” Jian Ningxuan listed more than twenty names in a row, then paused for a moment before adding, “And my father, Jian Xun.” 

Typically, when introducing family members, one would start with the closest relationships, but he placed his own father at the end. 

“As for my mother…” Jian Ningxuan hesitated for a moment and then said, “She passed away when I was born.” 

There was no discernible expression on his face, and his tone remained calm, but An Bu couldn’t shake the feeling that his eyes held a hint of dimness.

“Look.” An Bu placed a pear in front of him, with a wrinkled smiling face carved on it. “Your Uncle Jian Cheng.”

Next, she took out a lemon with a smiling face and a peach with a smiling face. “Cousin-in-law Shu Yun, niece Xiaowei.”

Then came a pomegranate and an orange: Aunt Jian Qiao, Uncle Ge Liwei.

Apple and peach: Cousin Ge Sirui, Cousin Ge Tingting.

“Finally…” An Bu held up a large papaya. “Your father, Jian Xun.” With a snap, it dominated the center.

Jian Ningxuan looked at the neatly arranged family on the table, and the slight melancholy in his heart suddenly disappeared. A hint of a smile unconsciously appeared in his eyes.

“What about me?” Jian Ningxuan asked.

“Here!” How could she forget the master cat? An Bu picked up a bright red dragon fruit with a cat face carved on it. Those aloof little eyes had at least seven points of charm.

Jian Ningxuan stared at it for a long time and said lightly, “One is missing.”

He picked and chose from the fruit plate and finally selected a strawberry. Taking a small knife, he carved a twisted smiley face on it and placed it on top of the dragon fruit.

“Now it’s complete.” He looked very satisfied.

An Bu took out her phone, snapped a few pictures, and then waved her hand. “This table is full of love. Now, let’s eat them all.”

Jian Ningxuan, who had just eaten to the point of being full: “…”

In the end, Mr. Jian reluctantly gave up on the papaya representing his father. He couldn’t eat anymore. This was the first time he truly realized the enormity of his family…

Regarding the proposal to go home together for the New Year, An Bu gladly agreed.

On the morning of the 27th, Jian Ningxuan efficiently packed up An Bu and her luggage and boarded the plane home.

Outside the airport, the Jian family’s car had been waiting for a long time. After picking up the two, it headed straight for the Bijin Garden villa area.

The driver was Uncle Lin, who had followed Jian Cheng for many years. He looked through the rearview mirror, frequently examining An Bu sitting beside Jian Ningxuan.

An Bu, seeing Uncle Lin’s eyeballs almost twitching, couldn’t help but ask, “Did you tell your family in advance that I’m coming with you?”

Jian Ningxuan: “Yes.”

Uncle Lin: No, you didn’t!

“I sent an email to Uncle,” Jian Ningxuan explained.

Uncle Lin: You knew that around the New Year, your uncle doesn’t check emails! Are you doing this on purpose?

An Bu didn’t doubt him. She took out two candies, tossed one to Jian Ningxuan, and put one in her mouth. Then she took out another one and handed it to Uncle Lin. “Uncle Lin, want some candy?”

“Thank you, but I can’t eat candy.” Uncle Lin politely declined, his eyes still twitching as he kept glancing backward. His curiosity about An Bu reached its peak.

Someone in this world could endure Mr. Jian’s abnormal body temperature, sitting next to him without changing her expression. It was winter now, but the car’s air conditioning was still on, alternately hot and cold, making it uncomfortable. Yet, this girl seemed completely unfazed, calm, and composed.

Before this, everyone in the Jian family thought he was destined to be single for life. Even animals like cats and dogs, he wouldn’t be able to find a mate. Unexpectedly, he quietly got out of being single and directly brought someone home!

Uncle Lin could almost foresee the shock the Jian family would experience upon seeing this girl…

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