Not Obedient Chapter 1

Chapter 1 All Men are Pig Feet* 

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* all men aren’t a good thing; used to diss a boy’s change of heart and his words not holding

The lights in the bar were dim and psychedelic and shadows landed on everyone. 

The rhythmic music echoed on the dance floor, and the intoxicated men and women who rocked their bodies indulged in the atmosphere. 

“Please move aside, this beautiful young lady – handsome guy, move your buttocks, don’t shake it, let me pass, thank you.” 

A clear female voice with a strong penetrating power sounded in the crowd and wherever the owner of the voice passed by, everyone would make way, creating a passage. It was like Moses dividing the sea as if welcoming the most radian queen in the audience. 

A tall woman walked over with long curly hair reaching her waist, smooth and shiny, a skirt that outlined “her” graceful figure, a small waist exposed between the top and bottom skirt, and a faintly discernible tattoo on it. 

In the chaos, a salty pig hand touched Lian Yin’s waist. He smiled, grabbed the man’s wrist suddenly, and bent it back fiercely. The man was twisted into a pretzal, showing a painful expression. 

“Take care of your pig’s feet, Big Brother. Do you think you can touch my waist?” Lian Yin smiled, shook off the man, fixed his hair, rolled his eyes, and continued to walk to the booth. 

Until he was thrown to the ground, the man couldn’t figure out why the seemingly slender woman was so strong. 

“Lianlian, this way.”

A woman in her twenties stood up from the booth and waved, smiled at her, and walked over quickly. 

“Sister Jiayu.” Lian Yin sat down with a smile. 

Lin Jiayu was the manager of this bar, but today was her rest day. She was here for a private party and also to make it convenient for Lian Yin to join. 

“You still remember this elder sister?” Lin Jiayu put a glass of wine in front of Lian Yin, then raised her hand to lead out the beautiful woman opposite. 

Lian Yin followed Lin Jiayu’s movements. There was a fashionable girl with long curly hair sitting there. She had just the right makeup and was wearing a casual suit as if she went to the club after work. 

“This is…” Lian Yin hesitated, the woman in front of him was indeed familiar, but he really couldn’t remember the name. 

“Tong Tong.” The woman didn’t keep him in suspense and introduced herself directly. She raised her glass to Lian Yin and said very efficiently, “I won’t waste time making you guess. I came here on Friday to order your wine a few times. I’m a friend of Jiayu’s. Coming this time, I have a job I want to introduce you to do.” 

This made Lian Yin remember. The woman named Tong Tong seemed to be a white-collar worker of a listed company. She had been here several times, accompanied by himself and Sister Jiayu. 

“I know this Jiejie (older sister). What job does this Jiejie wants me to do?” 

As soon as he heard that there was money to be earned, Lian Yin immediately put on a sweet smile. He raised his glass to Tong Tong, then drank the toast. 

He earned his own money to support himself, and naturally, he would not dislike having more money, so he was also very interested in what Tong Tong said about the job. 

Tong Tong put down the wine glass and pointed to herself: “Do me a favour. It will be about half a month to a month. If you complete it, I will give you this much.” 

She stretched out three fingers. Lian Yin’s heart moved, this number was very ingenious; not enough to make him suspect that he was doing something bad, but tempting enough to make him want to take it.

Lian Yin leaned over obediently and asked, “I wonder what Jiejie wants me to do for you?” 

Tong Tong raised her eyes and smiled: “Blind date.”

“Blind…..?” Lian Yin was stunned and almost wasn’t able to support himself, sliding to the ground. 

Seeing him being stupified, the two sisters covered their mouths and snickered. Lian Yin hurriedly sorted out his clothes and sat back in his seat. They can’t blame him for being surprised, after all, as a homosexual, he never thought that one day he would also encounter such a thing as a blind date. 

Tong Tong immediately explained after laughing: “My family introduced a man to me. In the past two years, they have been very anxious and made up their minds to marry me off before I’m 30 years old. However, my career is on the rise, how can I waste my time with men?” 

Lian Yin sweated coldly: “You can refuse.” 

Lin Jiayu covered her mouth and shook her head. Grabbing Lian Yin’s hand, she smiled heartlessly: “She has refused enough to form a football team. Her parents are anxious. They even came to ask about my relationship with her—they thought we were a couple.” 

Tong Tong took over: “So it’s like that. I’m going to agree this time, pretending to be satisfied with him and to get along with him. But, it’ll be a little more troublesome in the middle, how do you say that word… yes, to act up. We’ll have that man retreat due to difficulties. This way, I can use the excuse of a broken heart to have my parents calm down for a while.”

“But I haven’t been in a serious relationship for a long time and I’m not in the same mindset as when I was in my teens. Now if you want me to pretend to worship a man, it’s better to just kill me. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided not to wrong myself.” Tong Tong said. 

Lin Jiayu hurriedly interjected: “So she asked me if there was anyone I could recommend to her to help. I thought about having a girl go, but it may not be so good since I’m afraid of them being taken advantage of, so I thought of you.” 

Lian Yin’s eyes widened, very surprised: “Will I not be taken advantage of?” 

Lin Jiayu patted Lian Yin’s shoulder reassuringly, a little perfunctory: “Of course, you have to pay attention to protecting yourself.” 

Tong Tong knocked on the table and brought the two back on topic: “That’s it, Xiao Yin. You don’t need to do a lot. In the first few days, you just have to chat with the man on WeChat. When it’s about time, make an appointment to meet and try to behave a bit ‘troublesome’. I’ll pay you 3,000 directly to force him back like this.” 

Lian Yin lowered his head. His eyes rolled a few times where the others couldn’t see it and he quickly made a trade-off in his heart. 

If it really was like what Tong Tong said, he could get 3,000 yuan just by showing that he liked the other person very much, making himself troublesome, then forcing the person to back off. This was indeed a very good part-time job. 

He thought about the rent and the lipstick he wanted to buy! 

“Okay!” Lian Yin raised his head, with a kind of tragic and solemn attitude, “I’ll do it!” 

At three o’clock in the morning, Lian Yin, who had just put on a mask and was laying in bed, held his mobile phone and stared at the landscape portrait on the screen for a long time, speechless.

A Gentleman like Jade: Hello, we are already friends, let’s chat! 

This avatar – the sunrise over the vast lake; this screen name – a four-character idiom. 

The taste was a little too heavy. 

Lian Yin was very puzzled. Tong Tong was only a few years away from turning thirty years old, why does her blind date seem like he was fifty years old? 

Lian Yin didn’t care it was the early morning, he just snapped his fingers twice and then typed a paragraph. 

Lillian Lian: Hello~[cute] 

Yes, his screen name was Lillian. This WeChat had added a lot of stinky men he met from work. Most of them thought that Lian Yin was a woman and would buy his seat. Therefore, Lian Yin wanted to maintain this character. 

This time it happened to be used for a blind date, so there was no need to prepare a female number.

 Unexpectedly, the other party responded quickly. 

A Gentleman like Jade: It’s late, you still haven’t slept? 

Lian Yin sat up with his phone in his hands and glanced at the status bar. It was indeed three o’clock in the morning, yet this guy was actually awake? Lian Yin chose to send a message at this time, just to give the other party a bad impression, so he continued. 

Lillian Lian: I just got off work. 

Send, with a smug smile, very confident that he had already started to have points deducted from the other party. After all, when most straight men knew that a woman didn’t get off work until early in the morning, their first reaction would be that she was working as a good-time girl (people who sell their time; think hosts) and they would hate this kind of woman. 

Although it was true that he was selling his time, but it was to make money and it was not like he really sold anything, it was a legitimate business. They just chat with customers. 

The opposite side quickly sent a reply: Go to bed early, staying up late is not good for your health. Even if you have to work late at night, you must ensure enough sleep.

Lian Yin was stunned, is this man caring about himself? 

No, Lian Yin shook his head, patted his brain quickly, then patted himself awake. 

He had just met the other party, so he can still be polite. All this was him having manners, maybe he had already begun to resent him, a hypocritical adult. 

Lillian Lian: But I can’t sleep, can you chat with me? 

This sentence was sent. Because the other party responded twice in a row, Lian Yin subconsciously felt that he would continue to respond in seconds, so he unconsciously held his phone and waited. As a result, there was no response for a long time and Lian Yin had to open another app to look. 

After reading three or four posts on grass planting, there was no movement on WeChat. Lian Yin looked at his last message sent, then suddenly felt like a lonely rogue in the middle of the night, begging someone to chat with him, but the other party was too lazy to deal with it.

The more he looked, the angrier he became. Lian Yin threw the phone, wrapped himself in the quilt, and buried his head in the pillow. 

“No men are a good thing! All of them can go crawl away for this Uncle!” 

After scolding, he secretly ruled out in his heart: Except for this uncle. 

Early the next morning, Lian Yin happened to have only one morning class this semester. The alarm clock rang from 6 to 7, finally noisy enough to wake Lian Yin. 

He reached out his hand from the quilt irritably, pressed the alarm clock off, rolled a few times on the bed, and struggled to get up. 

Still unable to open his eyes, he drifted into the bathroom like a ghost, and mechanically squeezed the toothpaste, brushed his teeth, and washed his face. After the cold water hit his face, he barely woke up. 

Lian Yin raised his head and saw himself in the mirror. Even though his face could present itself confidently without makeup, being still extremely handsome and the dark circles under his eyes looking dark and melancholy, unfortunately, an annoying pimple appeared on his nose because he stayed up late. Lian Yin’s early morning mood went straight down to the bottom.

“I shouldn’t have believed in that whatever late-night essence.” Lian Yin tugged at the dark circles under his lower eyelids and said with disgust. 


Walking out of the bathroom, the phone on the bedside suddenly rang, it was a WeChat prompt. 

Lian Yin was reminded by the sound and remembered that he had added a blind date a few hours ago. He was a gay who was fortunate enough to have a blind date with a man, this was really the society improving. 

Lian Yin complained silently in his heart, walked to the bedside, picked up his mobile phone and looked at it – 

Then he sneered and threw the heavy mobile phone onto the bed. 

The phone deftly turned over between the soft bedding and the screen just turned up, revealing the message just sent by the blind date. 

“Are you still sleeping? I don’t think lazy women are suitable for wives. As your blind date, I hope you can go to bed early and get up early for me after marriage.” 

Oh, men, they are all pig feet. Lian Yin came to the conclusion again.

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