Not Obedient Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Yatou, you managed to get my attention 

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In the second semester of a third-year university, most students had no classes. But Lian Yin took a few courses outside of his specialization, adding up to four days of school a week. 

In the morning class, everyone was very sleepy. Lian Yin slept really late yesterday, so he was sitting on his seat,, fighting with his eyelids. 

In school, Lian Yin wore men’s clothes, a thick turtleneck sweater, making his whole person appear fluffy. 

The heating in the room was hot and a thin layer of red rose on his face. Half of his chin was buried between the high collars, and he slightly lowered his head to write notes in his notebook. 

His eyelashes were very long, his drooping eyes were like half-butterfly wings, and the girls around him have already looked at him several times. Lian Yin was secretly proud. 

This uncle’s charm can get through both men and women. 

His mouth was hidden under the turtleneck sweater, severely laughing. He laughed so grandly that if the girl next to him saw it, they would definitely have their delusion shattered. 

A bubble of triumph appeared all over Lian Yin’s body and the girl beside him hesitated for a long time before finally summoning up the courage and poking Lian Yin’s shoulder.

Huh? Are you going to chat with me? It’s a pity, this Unle likes men, the tall and mighty type. 

Lian Yin turned his head Although girls were not his type, he quickly adjusted his expression, looking cold and dignified: “What’s the matter?” 

“That…” The girl was obviously taken aback by his expression, stuttered, then pointed to the TF lipstick in her hand, a bright red. 

“Is this lipstick yours? I saw it roll out of your school bag.” The girl’s face was red, a little embarrassed. 

Lian Yin’s cold expression suddenly froze. At this moment, he seemed to be stripped naked and placed in a Grand Theater of ten thousand people. 

Lian Yin’s ears suddenly turned red, and he grabbed the lipstick from the girl’s hand rudely, and stumbled, “Ah, um… Thank you.” 

The girl also felt a bit uncomfortable and awkward. After clearing her throat, she tried to help him out: “Actually, it’s nothing, this kind of thing is also very common.” 

Lian Yin wanted to cry without tears. Jiejie, don’t say it, it’s getting more and more embarrassing. 

He unconsciously put his finger into his mouth, took a bite, then quickly realized that his old nervous habit was acting up, and he forced his hand to the table. 

Fortunately, a message alerted his phone at this time and Lian Yin quickly picked it up and looked at it, diverting his attention.

The one who sent the message was the blind date whom he added early this morning. 

A Gentleman like Jade: I saw your Moments and you said you didn’t have breakfast? 

Lian Yin raised his eyebrows, tapped his finger on the screen, and said expressionlessly: “Yes, I’m so hungry~ 

The other party responded very quickly. 

A Gentleman like Jade: Do you know how to cook? 

Lian Yin frowned, staring at the phone screen for a long time, thinking about how to answer. He can cook for himself, otherwise, he would have starved to death by himself for so many years. But if he wanted to be a Zuojing (person who is very pretentious and loves to torment the people around him), it would be better to answer that he couldn’t cook. 

Lillian Lian: I can’t do it~ 

A Gentleman like Jade: As a girl, don’t you know how to cook? Then after you get married, do you want your family to eat takeout every day? Or do you want me to cook? 

When the questioning words came over, Lian Yin took the phone away in confusion, squinted his eyes, and stared at the words for a long time. 

Subway, old man, cell phone. 

What’s the matter with this person, how can he speak as if it was to be expected as a matter of course? When a normal person knows that their blind date had not eaten breakfast, shouldn’t they be polite and concerned? Even if you don’t care, you shouldn’t say such a thing, right? 

And this tone, brother, I’m just your blind date, you don’t even know if I’m a man or a woman, how can you think about things after marriage!?

Lillian Lian: Cnm (F your mother) crawl for this Uncle! 

Lian Yin typed this swear word in the dialogue box and was about to press send, but suddenly thought of the 3,000 yuan promised by Tong Tong. He gritted his teeth –

He can not get along with everyone, but he can’t not get along with money. Isn’t he just a straight man, bear with it! 

Lian Yin quickly deleted the words in the dialogue box and re-entered them. 

Lillian Lian: Woohoo, I will learn to cook well, you don’t have to be so fierce to me. 

After typing this sentence, Lian Yin still felt that it wasn’t pretentious enough, so he chased after the victory—— 

Lillian Lian: Gege (older brother; like saying oppa), you are so manly, I like it~ [Love] 

Sent it in a row. Lian Yin read it again and almost vomited. 

The other party didn’t answer, as if he was hit by his silence skill, even “inputting” no longer appeared. 

It seemed to be very effective. 

Lian Yin proudly put the phone back in his pocket and smiled. Little guy, you want to fight with this Uncle? 

“Writer Lang.” The assistant director came over with the script and leaned into his ear, “Miss He said that this scene is too difficult and the director wants to discuss with you how to change it.” 

Lang Zhuoyu put away his phone and Lian Yin’s sweet sticky coquetry disappeared on the screen. 

He took the script handed over by the assistant director and glanced at the circled part, which was a face-slap scene. 

That Miss He was a little flower (pretty girl/ actress) that became popular last summer. Her name was He Yanfei. Her acting skills were not very good, but she had many fans. She plays a young country girl in the film who gets slapped in the face after an argument with the heroine. 

In order to pursue reality, both Lang Zhuoyu and the director thought that it would be best to actually do it. What He Yanfei was saying was ‘too difficult’ was probably the bitterness of receiving a slap on the face.

Lang Zhuoyu frowned imperceptibly but soon spread a warm smile on his face again.

He was tall and straight and looked full of temperament when sitting in a chair. He had a pair of golden glasses on the bridge of his tall nose, a gentle smile hanging on the corner of his mouth all year round, usually treating people very well. His whole person was like his name, Zhilan Yushu (person with splendid future aspects), a gentleman like jade. 

“This scene doesn’t seem to be important and a slap doesn’t seem to change the essence, but it is actually a turning point in the whole movie.” 

Lang Zhuoyu said warmly. He returned the script to the assistant director, stood up by himself, tidied up his appearance, posture perfectly straight but relaxed. 

“Take me to Miss He, I’ll discuss it with her.” 

The assistant director immediately stood in front and led the way. When passing the center of the studio, the chief director Liu Daxu looked over and exchanged a helpless look with Lang Zhuoyu. 

Don’t look at Liu Daxu being the chief director of the whole movie, in fact, he is a good-natured man, and it was difficult for him to manage so many people. Everyone bullied the weak and feared the strong. If it wasn’t for Lang Zhuoyu helping him hold things down, the whole movie might have been changed beyond recognition by the actors and actresses. 

Lang Zhuoyu suddenly became famous in the past two years. He relied on one book that sold tens of millions of copies. Later, changing because of IP (intellectual property), it was revealed that the scripts of several popular TV series in the past few years were written by him under his pseudonym.     

Coupled with his handsome appearance and good looks, in this face-seeing era, this screenwriter/writer had gained thousands of fans in a short period of time, even more prosperous than many stars.     

The assistant director knocked on the door of the lounge, and a fat girl opened it.     

The assistant director stepped aside. Lang Zhuoyu took the lead and walked in, nodding slightly towards He Yanfei who was playing with her mobile phone inside.     

“Miss He.”     

When He Yanfei saw Lang Zhuoyu, her imposing manner suddenly dropped a bit. She wanted to ignore him and give him a slap in the face, but after seeing his smile that never reached the bottom of his eyes, she gave up this idea automatically.     

She put away her phone, stood up respectfully, and led Lang Zhuoyu to sit down on the sofa.     

“Do you have any opinion on the plot?” Lang Zhuoyu’s tone was very polite, with a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth.

He Yanfei didn’t know why, but she couldn’t raise any objection in front of him. 

Although this person was always smiling, her woman’s intuition let her know that Lang Zhuoyu was actually more difficult to speak with than anyone else. 

That’s why she went to the director. Unexpectedly, Liu Daxu learned and no longer readily agreed to change the details, but brought Lang Zhuoyu here. 

“Haha…No, no, how could I dare?” 

He Yanfei confessed and Lang Zhuoyu’s goal was achieved. The two agreed very happily, reaching the same view and decided to slap or hit. 

He Yanfei wanted to send Lang Zhuoyu away, but Lang Zhuoyu suddenly thought of something. 

“By the way, Miss He.” 

He Yanfei smiled wryly: “Do you have anything else, Writer Lang?” 

“When you were filming the night scene yesterday, you told me about the ‘Wonderful Quotes on Blind Dates by Straight Guys’, are there more releases?” 

Lang Zhuoyu’s expression was very serious as if he was discussing academics with another. 

He Yanfei was confused, and asked with a wry smile, “Haha… What do you want that for?” 

Yesterday, because of the rare rainy day in winter, the crew rushed to shoot the exterior scenes, leaving the indoor scenes until late at night. In addition, He Yanfei had too many NG, so he was still working until the early morning.

At that time, she was really under too much pressure. Taking advantage of the interval when she had no role in the show, she took out her mobile phone and swiped for a while, then swiped to a post on “Wonderful Quotes on Blind Dates by Straight Guys”. She didn’t hold back her laughter, laughing too loud and was discovered by Lang Zhuoyu.

She thought she was going to be mocked by Lang Zhuoyu in innuendo again, but she didn’t expect Lang Zhuoyu to be more interested in the content of the post after seeing it, and asked her to forward it on the spot.     

Today, he specifically asked again, is Writer Lang also a Shadiao (refers to interesting people and funny people) in private? 

He Yanfei glanced at Lang Zhuoyu secretly. The other party looked serious, clothes were proper, and there was no wrinkle; while the hair was also shaped with hairspray, and there was not a single messy hair. Can such a straightforward person be a Shadiao? He probably didn’t even know how to crack a joke.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know what He Yanfei was thinking. He pushed his glasses and answered seriously: “To tell you the truth, there is a character like this in the book I am writing. I saw that post yesterday and it gave me a lot of inspiration, so I wanted to learn more from you.” 

This explanation perfectly fits the character in He Yanfei’s heart. Sure enough, she thought, this kind of person was so boring that he only had work. 

Then she gave a professional smirk: “Yes, yes, let me tell you, there are many such posts on many softwares…” 

Next, He Yanfei showed Lang Zhuoyu how modern women gathered to complain. Lang Zhuoyu was shocked by the various software. 

After reading it, Lang Zhuoyu stood up and prepared to leave, with gratitude in his tone: “Thank you very much, next time you have any comments on the script, please don’t be polite, I will try my best to consider it for you.” 

He Yanfei’s eyelids twitched, sending Lang Zhuoyu out of the lounge. Slandering him in her heart: Yes, if there is a problem with the script, just mention it and you changing it can be considered a loss, right? 

After He Yanfei’s advice, Lang Zhuoyu felt that he now had the confidence to deal with that tricky blind date. 

He went back to his lounge, turned on his phone, and when he saw Lian Yin’s love, he was chilled. 

He recalled it, then chose a more appropriate sentence from “Wonderful Quotes on Blind Dates by Straight Guys”, and went back. 

“Oh, Yatou, are you trying to get my attention? I have to say, you succeeded.”

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