Not Obedient Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Please pay attention to the road and people while walking

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As soon as it was getting dark, a silver Volkswagen car stopped at the parking space on the side of the road opposite the police station. The person in the car seemed to be in a hurry. Before the car could stop, they pushed open the door. 

A leather shoe stepped firmly on the ground and Lang Zhuoyu’s tall figure appeared. He raised his hand to lock the car door, and walked quickly to the police station. 

After Lang Zhuoyu hung up Lian Yin’s phone this afternoon, he felt something was wrong. As his blind date, according to common sense, Lian Yin should not have a boyfriend who he was currently dating. What’s more, the man who called was fierce and angry, it was more likely that he was a lingering ex-boyfriend. 

Considering Lian Yin’s work, Lang Zhuoyu probably guessed that it was an emotional dispute.

After hanging up, he dialed back several times. The first few phone calls made it through, but they were quickly cut off. After several calls, the other party had already turned off the phone. 

At this time, Lang Zhuoyu realized that something might have happened, at least she couldn’t even control her mobile phone. 

In fact, this matter was not necessarily so serious. Lang Zhuoyu still had a thread of hope until he contacted Lin Jiayu. 

Lin Jiayu was introduced to Lang Zhuoyu by the introducer. The introducer said that she was Tong Tong’s best friend and that she could be contacted if there was anything. Originally, Lang Zhuoyu still thought it was strange, how could they introduce her best friend on a blind date. 

Therefore, he didn’t add Lin Jiayu at that time and it was Lin Jiayu who took the initiative to add him later. They didn’t talk again after they said hello. Unexpectedly, it had become the only way for him to contact “Tong Tong”.     

Of course, what Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know was that Lin Jiayu was the double insurance prepared by the real Tong Tong. If something went wrong with Lian Yin, Lin Jiayu would help him deal with the aftermath. The main purpose was to prevent Lian Yin from making things out of control.     

After he told Lin Jiayu that he could not contact “Tong Tong”, Lin Jiayu realized that he was referring to Lian Yin. She first explained that Lian Yin might be working because Tong Tong’s profession was a white-collar worker.     

Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t figure out whether this best friend knew about Lian Yin’s real work, so he tentatively said that he already knew that Lian Yin does not work during the day.

Sure enough, Lin Jiayu immediately changed her attitude. 

She was silent for a while at first, maybe she was trying to contact Lian Yin, but after finding that she couldn’t get in touch, she started to worry. 

Lang Zhuoyu told her that he had received a call from a so-called “boyfriend” who used Lian Yin’s mobile phone, then briefly recounted the matter. 

After hearing this, Lin Jiayu told Lang Zhuoyu that Zhou Xu had tried to entangle with Lian Yin in the bar. 

Both of them realized the seriousness of the matter now. Lang Zhuoyu calmly asked Lin Jiayu if Lian Yin had mentioned anything to her about that boyfriend, especially the address and places he frequented. 

Lin Jiayu recalled some stuff, then from her records, found the ramblings that Lian Yin sent to herself when he first went to Zhou Xu’s villa. 

It was estimated that it was the first time that Lian Yin saw such a large mansion in Beicheng. He was very excited. He talked to Lin Jiayu a lot and secretly took pictures. The address and house number was captured. 

Lin Jiayu told Lang Zhuoyu this, and Lang Zhuoyu called the police and came himself. 

But it was too far from Lang Zhuoyu’s residence, and it took him a long time to get to the police station in this area. 

He was in a hurry to go to the police station to find someone, and raised his hand to check the time, thinking in his mind how long it had been since he lost contact with that person. Therefore, he didn’t notice a person walking towards him, and then the two collided.

“I’m sorry.” Lang Zhuoyu apologized politely, but didn’t give a single glance to the person he bumped into. He quickly regained his focus and strode into the police station. 

It wasn’t until Lang Zhuoyu’s figure entered the police station that the young man who had just been hit by him lowered his head and replied in a low voice, “…It’s okay.” 

Then, the young man turned his head and looked at Lang Zhuoyu going through the glass door of the police station. 

“Fortunately, he didn’t see it!” Lian Yin looked at him for a while, then hurriedly turned his face back, covered the lower half of his face with the collar of his coat, and exhaled. 

After sighing for a while, Lian Yin reacted and said to himself, “But, why is he here?” 

He muttered, walked away, and found a taxi on the side of the road to take him home. 

After getting in the car, he stared at the scene outside the window for a while, then suddenly Lian Yin had a flash of inspiration. He couldn’t believe it: “Could it be that he called the police for me?” 

Lian Yin buried his mouth behind his collar, a little out of sight. He thought: If I had known then I would have let him drive me home, so I would have saved about a hundred dollars in taxi fares. 

After thinking about it and laughing, Lian Yin returned to reality. He knew that he was not wearing women’s clothes now, and appearing in front of Lang Zhuoyu would be the most embarrassing scene of the century, so he quickly put away the thought of letting Lang Zhuoyu send him home. 

Lang Zhuoyu walked to the police station and directly asked the policeman on duty: “Hello, may I ask if there was anyone here who was brought here just now for having their personal freedom restricted?”

The policewoman on duty thought for a while and replied, “You are his……” 

“…friend.” Lang Zhuoyu paused, “Where is he now?” 

The female police officer didn’t seem to know, so she shouted and asked another male police officer. After a brief exchange between the two, they replied to Lang Zhuoyu: “They just left. Because there was no substantial injury and both parties reached an agreement, they left after we criticized and educated them.”

“Really?” Lang Zhuoyu was surprised and asked, “Excuse me. How long has he been gone?” 

“He just left, if you go now, maybe you will encounter him.” 

“Thank you.” Lang Zhuoyu thanked her, turned around and pushed the door. Standing on the steps, there was nothing in sight. 

Lian Yin sat in the taxi and was exhausted. He turned on the mobile phone that had been charged at the police station for a while, and sent a message to Lin Jiayu to ask for leave. 

Unexpectedly, Lin Jiayu called. 

“Xiao Yin, are you alright!” Her tone was concerned. 

Lian Yin was a little surprised: “I’m fine, Sister Jiayu, I’m just a little tired and want to take a leave.” 

“Ai.” Lin Jiayu sighed, “Don’t hide it from me, is Zhou Xu still pestering you? That surname Lang, what’s his name… Anyway, when he contacted me, I knew that you might have been taken away by Zhou Xu.” 

“Ah… it’s really him.” 

“That surnamed Zhou is really not a good thing. You should take a good rest today. In the future, if the surnamed Zhou comes once, I will kick him out once. Don’t worry.” Lin Jiayu was very angry. 

“Thank you, Sister Jiayu. There is no need, he is also a regular in the bar after all, you don’t have to make it difficult for me.” He hesitated for a while, then said, “Lang Zhuoyu… I will thank him, make it clear with him, and finish what Sister Tong Tong asked for. After that, I may not want to work in the bar again, sorry.” 

“…” Lin Jiayu was suddenly silent. 

“Have you really made up your mind?” she asked.

 Lian Yin lowered his eyes and replied calmly, “I thought about it. It’s impossible for me to work part-time here all the time. I’m going for an internship soon. If I have to work day and night, my body will not be able to bear it. Thank you, Sister Jiayu, for the care over the year. I have also saved some money, and life will not be as difficult as it was in my freshman year.”

Lin Jiayu sighed from the receiver, and her tone was more gratified: “Alright, your grades are not bad, there should be better options. You can finish this month, in a few days, I will go to the boss to settle your wages.” 

“Thank you, Sister Jiayu.” 

Hanging up the phone, he looked out the window at the scenery of the suburbs hidden in the darkness of the night. It was murky and unclear, like the fog lingering in Lian Yin’s heart, so that he didn’t know where he was going. 

He was depressed when Lang Zhuoyu’s phone call came. He looked down to see the caller ID, and unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth. 


“Are you alright? Have you gone home, I… Where are you now?” Lang Zhuoyu wanted to say, I was also here at the police station and could have taken you home, but as soon as he said one word, he held back. 

Lian Yin didn’t notice what he didn’t say, and answered honestly: “I’m in the car going home. Today, thank you.” 

The opposite side was quiet for a while. Lian Yin heard Lang Zhuoyu sigh and exhort: “Then okay, go home early.”     

Lian Yin felt that Lang Zhuoyu was about to hang up the phone, and quickly answered: “That! I want to thank you in person, can I come find you these days?” 

After saying these words, Lian Ying didn’t know why but his little heart thumped. It was obviously a very normal sentence, but saying it made him feel solemn. 

Lang Zhuoyu seemed to also be shocked by his solemnity, he was silent for a moment before answering. 

“No need, it’s just a phone call, I didn’t do anything.” 

“Ah…” Lian Yin was a little disappointed. 

“But if you really want to come find me, it’s not impossible. You can come to the studio tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, depending on your convenience.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

“Then I’ll come tomorrow!” Lian Yin was afraid that he would regret it. 

“Then, see you tomorrow.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice softened.

“Well, see you tomorrow.” 

Hanging up the phone, Lian Yin said to the driver with a smile, “Master, can you drive faster, I want to go home early.” 

After returning home, Lian Yin immediately got into the kitchen. He thought about it in the car. He had nothing to repay Lang Zhuoyu. After Mr. Lang stopped teaching, he should have earned a good amount. A coat cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even if Lian Yin sold everything, he couldn’t afford a decent gift for him. 

So Lian Yin decided to do it himself. If it was making something, cooking was the easiest. 

Lian Yin’s cooking skills were not good, but at least he wouldn’t starve to death. It’s definitely not delicious, but he did make one thing very well— 

Special side dishes from Xicheng.

This kind of side dish is nowhere to be found when out of Xicheng. However, basically, every Xicheng housewife can make it. It is the hometown memory of every Xicheng person. 

As long as Lang Zhuoyu was from Xicheng and spent all year outside, it is impossible not to miss this taste. 

It happened that Lian Yin was in middle school and didn’t like to eat very much. He could only eat this pickled side dish as an appetizer. He made it himself for several years. Now he also had pickled stock at home, which can be directly brought to Lang Zhuoyu. 

He’ll also cook some more home-cooked dishes from Xicheng… Lian Yin felt that only pickles were too shabby, so he took his mobile phone and set off to the 24-hour supermarket 7 kilometers away from his rental house to see if he could still buy vegetables. 

The author has something to say: 

Lianlian: I am so virtuous (trait to describe wife)?

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