Not Obedient Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Lian Lian’s Serendipitous Loving Bento 

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Once again, Lian Yin appeared at the entrance of the studio and met the security uncle again. 

Lian Yin took a long breath, clenched the bag and the thermos container in his hand, and walked towards the security uncle as if he were dying. 

“I…” Lian Yin spat out a syllable in front of the Security Uncle.

“Huh? Go in.” The security uncle looked up at him and waved his hand to signal him to enter. 

“!?” Lian Yin looked at the uncle in surprise. 

The uncle was very calm: “Aren’t you that person’s girlfriend? I remember you.” 

Lian Yin was shocked to be remembered like this, how shameful! 

“…Thank you, Uncle.” Lian Yin greeted him and walked into the studio with the thermos container. 

The studio seemed to start very early every day. Lian Yin came here twice, both in the morning, and the studio was already busy. 

The last time Lang Zhuoyu took him to the resting lounge, Lian Yin roughly remembered the way, so he followed the route in his memory. 

This route passed the filming place, and Lian Yin didn’t pay attention to it when he came last time. Now that his mentality was different, he looked at the filming place with leisure and curiosity. 

As he watched, he kept moving his feet and, not paying attention, he bumped into someone. 

F*ck! What’s with this person, he’s tough. Lian Yin’s nose hit the man’s shoulder, and the man looked like he was wearing body armor. If he had something done to his nose, it would have been ruined by now. 

“Sorry.” A young voice sounded. 

Lian Yin covered his nose, looked up at the man, and held his breath: “It’s alright, just look where you’re going!” 

At this look, Lian Yin felt that the person in front of him was a little familiar. He turned around and shouted in a male voice, “Hang Zhenze?” 

The big boy named Hang Zhenze had an indifferent expression, but obviously made an impression to Lian Yin. The two of them both knew Xu Lin. When Lian Yin went to rescue Xu Lin, the three of them had worked together. Hang Zhenze and Xu Lin were both models. 

He didn’t expect this guy to mix in well, coming from Taobao models to a film set. Lian Yin thought. 

“You…” Hang Zhenze looked up and down Lian Yin hesitantly for a moment, this was the first time he saw Lian Yin wearing women’s clothes. To be honest, if Lian Yin hadn’t called out his name in a male voice just now, Hang Zhenze probably wouldn’t have recognized him.

  Lian Yin suddenly realized his attire at the moment, and touched his nose slightly embarrassedly: “It’s a long story, you can treat it as a hobby. I’ll go first.” 

Hang Zhenze was not very interested in his hobbies, so he nodded and left. 

At the end of that episode, Lian Yin no longer dared to walk without looking at the road. He looked ahead and concentrated on finding Lang Zhuoyu’s lounge. Two minutes later, he reached his destination. 

“Knock knock.” Lian Yin knocked on the door. 

Soon, the door was opened from the inside and Lang Zhuoyu’s face appeared. 

“Come in.” Lang Zhuoyu smiled and moved his body halfway to welcome Lian Yin in. 

For some reason, Lian Yin suddenly felt a little embarrassed and cautiously grabbed the handle of the bag and the thermos container with both hands, and walked in with his head down. 

“What do you want to drink? Tea or soft drinks?” Lang Zhuoyu had an outstanding temperament and the clothes all over his body were expensive, which was completely different from the image of a highschool teacher from a small city. Although Lang Zhuoyu’s behavior was not much different from when he used to be a teacher, Lian Yin felt that the teacher wearing the fifty-dollar shirt was more approachable. 

Lian Yin suddenly realized that the so-called gift he brought today was really not something that could be brought to the big stage.

He suddenly didn’t want to gift it. 

“Anything works, hot water’s also good.” Lian Yin put the thermos container beside him, covering it intentionally or unintentionally, then answered Lang Zhuoyu’s question. 

Lang Zhuoyu poured a cup of hot water for Lian Yin. 

“What did you bring?” Lang Zhuoyu asked casually when he saw the thermos container beside Lian Yin. 

Lian Yin’s eyes flickered, he hesitated for a long time, then realized that he was definitely going to give something away today. If Lang Zhuoyu felt that… he didn’t like it, then he could buy him something else to make up for it. Thinking like this, he was no longer embarrassed.

“This is some Xicheng dishes that I made by myself. I, I thought that you are so far away from home and you should miss the taste of your hometown. It just happens that we are from the same hometown… I can also cook it, so, don’t dislike it!” Lian Yin stammered and slammed the thermos container onto the table. 

Lang Zhuoyu was shocked by his reaction and was stunned for a moment. 

Lian Yin immediately thought that he didn’t like it, and took the thermos container back into his arms: “If, if you don’t like it, forget it! I won’t force you to accept it. I, I will give you something else later.” 

He raised his eyes and kept glancing at Lang Zhuoyu’s reaction after. 

“Haha!” Lang Zhuoyu suddenly laughed out loud. 

Lian Yin was distracted by Lang Zhuoyu’s laughter. He stared blankly at Lang Zhuoyu’s smile, and suddenly experienced what it means to feel a spring breeze. 

“Take it out for us to have a look. I really haven’t tasted the taste of Xicheng for a long time.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

His words gave Lian Yin confidence, and the fear and embarrassment in Lian Yin’s heart disappeared. 

Lian Yin put the thermos container back on the table and opened it. Inside were the special home-cooked dishes of Xicheng, which were rarely eaten here in Beicheng. He also had another bag, which contained several boxes of various sizes, all containing different kinds of side dishes. 

After all these things were laid out, the colors, fragrance, and looks made it appear quite rich and hearty. 

Lian Yin packed all the leftover dishes at his house for Lang Zhuoyu. Last night, he went to the 24-hour supermarket to buy some vegetables. He cooked and cooked for almost the entire night. He only slept at 3am for a bit, then rushed to the set. 

He tried his best, but he didn’t know whether Lang Zhuoyu could see it or not. 

“So many?” Lang Zhuoyu was surprised when he watched Lian Yin dig out one box at a time. 

“En… this is kohlrabi!” Lian Yin put the last box on the table, looked up at Lang Zhuoyu sincerely and said, “Thank you very much for helping me call the police yesterday.” 

Lang Zhuoyu was helpless. He looked at Lian Yin in a solemn manner and a little nervous. He said with relief: “I said, it’s not a big deal, you don’t need to be so serious.”

“Anyway, I just want to thank you.” Lian Yin swallowed, then continued, “Also, I want to say sorry to you.” 

Where does this apology come from? Lang Zhuoyu was stunned for a while, then heard Lian Yin continue: “I know you don’t like me, and I’m not your ideal wife, and my personality is not good, so running to your workplace will cause you trouble.” The more Lian Yin said, the lower his head was buried, then finally he whispered, “And I have hidden a lot of things from you, you will definitely hate me later.” 

“So, I’m sorry. You don’t have to worry about my mood. If you really don’t like me… you can tell me, let’s just do it.” 

Lian Yin said, unconsciously touching the phone in his pocket that was recording the entire time. 

Let’s be clear, after clarifying the matter, give Tong Tong an explanation. Lang Zhuoyu doesn’t need to deal with himself anymore and he can go back to his usual life. 

Seeing Lian Yin like this, Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t bear it and didn’t answer for a long time. But according to the real thoughts in his heart, he really didn’t want to continue to be involved with Lian Yin. The other party was a good girl, but he just didn’t like it. 

“That’s it, I’m sorry.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

Lian Yin squeezed her skirt tightly. 

Strange, obviously this was the result that he expected, but why was his heart stifled and sore? 

The sourness in his heart became more and more intense and Lian Yin stood up, a little disoriented, then said unnaturally: “Well, then I’ll go first, you can eat these for lunch. There are chopsticks in the bag, and there is no need to return the cutlery to me. Goodbye!” 

After saying that, Lian Yin smeared oil on the soles of his feet and ran out. 

Lang Zhuoyu followed two steps, originally wanting to invite him to stay on the set to play for a while, then have lunch together. He didn’t expect Lian Yin to run so fast. 

Lang Zhuoyu sighed. His impression of Lian Yin was actually not bad. Although he was a little petty, his nature was good, and he could see it. Moreover, Lian Yin looked a lot like his own student and he was a fellow countryman, wandering alone in a big city. As an elder male, Lang Zhuoyu instinctively developed a desire to protect Lian Yin.

He originally wanted to say that even if they didn’t date as boyfriend and girlfriend, he would still be friends with Lian Yin and take care of him. 

But this was a bit too cruel to Lian Yin. 

Lang Zhuoyu thought, “After all, she likes me. If I propose to be her friend, it would be a kind of torture to her.” 

Thinking of this, Lang Zhuoyu gave up the idea of ​​chasing him, went back to the lounge and sat down and looked at the full table of dishes with a lot of emotion. 

She clearly said she couldn’t cook. He didn’t know how much effort she put into these dishes. Lang Zhuoyu shook his head. 

On a whim, he wanted to try it now. He remembered that she mentioned there were cutlery in the bag, so he turned over the bag, but found that there was nothing in it. 

Lian Yin ran out of Lang Zhuoyu’s lounge almost on a rampage. He didn’t know how he was feeling. Obviously, the purpose of coming here today has been successfully achieved. Lang Zhuoyu clearly expressed his refusal. He can give Tong Tong an explanation, take the money and leave, but… it was just uncomfortable. 

After walking a long way, Lian Yin lowered his eyes and froze in place for a while, before returning to his senses after a long time. He raised his steps to prepare to leave. 

“Lian Yin.” Someone called out to him. 

There was only one person here who knew his real name. Lian Yin turned around and saw Hang Zhenze. 

Hang Zhenze put one hand in his pocket, walking in a very leisurely manner, as if he was dragging himself over. In sharp contrast, he had a clear blush on his face. 

Walking to Lian Yinxi, he shook the cutlery box in his hand and said, “This, you dropped it.” 

Lian Yin raised his eyebrows, took the cutlery box, and said to himself, “How did it fall?” 

“You.” Hang Zhenze said, making Lian Yin look over. He pointed to the end of his eyes. 

He blinked, not understanding what he meant. Hang Zhenze was reluctant to talk much, so he directly wiped the end of Lian Yin’s eyes lightly, and showed Lian Yin the black eyeliner stain on his fingertips. 

Lian Yin suddenly felt embarrassed and quickly took out a small mirror to see the slightly smudged eyeliner at the end of his eyes.

Ahhh! Did I just cry? Lian Yin was mad in his heart, did he actually shed tears for this trivial matter? 

Lian Yin covered his face, feeling embarrassed. Hang Zhenze stood beside him, speechless. 

Neither of them noticed Lang Zhuoyu standing not far behind. 

Lang Zhuoyu just found out that there were no cutlery in the bag, and came out to find someone to get disposable chopsticks, but unexpectedly bumped into Lian Yin standing with a handsome tall boy. 

Lang Zhuoyu recognized that the boy was an unknown model that Liu Dawei had recruited to play the heroine’s son. 

He saw that the two people were very familiar and were saying something, then the guy blushed and touched Lian Yin’s face affectionately. The touched Lian Yin covered his face as if shy. 

Very eye-piercing. 

The author has something to say: 

Brother Lang: I knew she was beautiful, but I didn’t expect her to be so attractive. 

Hang Zhenze is a small Gong from “Opposite Bed” next door. He is obviously a cool guy, but he blushes easily whenever he exercises, which has nothing to do with shyness.

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