Not Obedient Chapter 27

Chapter 27 I finally figured it out, okay? 

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After returning home, Lian Yin received a WeChat friend request. He recognized Zhou Xu at a glance, but he wanted to ignore it, but found that the guy wrote a paragraph in the verification message. 

“I’m sorry, Lian Yin, I won’t come to find you in the future. Just seeing this is fine, no need to accept.” 

Lian Yin raised his eyebrows, wondering what was Zhou Xu’s motive for sending this message. The apology was not sincere at all, and there was no signature. If it wasn’t for Zhou Xu’s previous avatar and screen name, Lian Yin wouldn’t know who this person was. 

This kind of apology really made him angry. After he casually blacklisted this guy, he put away the phone. 

It was not too early now, so he laid down on the bed after taking a shower. 

After lying on the bed, he even remembered that since he had made it clear with Lang Zhuoyu, he should also explain to Tong Tong that this matter was really over. 

He found Tong Tong’s WeChat and sent her a message: Sister Tong, I have broken up with Lang Zhuoyu today and the matter is complete. 

Tong Tong was on vacation recently, and it was morning there. So he soon got a reply, but the content of the reply surprised Lian Yin. 

Tong Tong: Did you just say it today? I thought you had already made it clear to him. The introducer and my parents had already comforted me a few days ago, so I ran out for a vacation on the excuse of a brokenheart.

Lian Yin looked at the message and fell into contemplation. 

Tong Tong: Anyway, it’s fine. I don’t know what’s going on on your side. It’s been hard on you this period of time. 

Tong Tong didn’t care how the matter was resolved. People on vacation didn’t like to think about too many things. 

But Lian Yin had to pay attention to this matter. 

A few days ago, he obviously didn’t get in touch with Lang Zhuoyu, and he didn’t meet him until today to make it clear. How could Tong Tong’s family find out that she was “broken hearted” a few days ago? 

There was only one possibility, that is, Lang Zhuoyu broke up with the other unilaterally without making it clear to “Tong Tong” a few days ago. 

Why did he do this? Lian Yin was a little confused. With Lang Zhuoyu’s style, it was absolutely impossible for him to do such an irresponsible thing as a unilateral breakup. Even if Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t bear the actions of “Tong Tong”, he would definitely break up with himself before notifying others. 

Because after all, the two were introduced by their parents and started dating after a blind date. The relationship between the two was deeply related with their parents. If something went wrong, if they told their parents, both must know. Otherwise, when their parents ask, things will be bad. 

Unless Lang Zhuoyu was certain that after telling his parents about the breakup, there would be no accidents. 

Why was he so sure? 

Thinking of this, Lian Yin’s heart suddenly tightened. 

He had a terrible guess: Lang Zhuoyu knew his true identity. 

He knew that he was not Tong Tong, that he had no connection with Tong Tong’s parents, and he definitely wanted to break up, thus he told his parents about the breakup so decisively. 

Lian Yin was lying flat on the bed, countless pictures surging in his mind. There was everything, but the most important thing was the picture when he and Lang Zhuoyu were together. 

The details of getting along with Lang Zhuoyu in the past came out little by little, and Lian Yin thought about some of the strange words he said when he accidentally met Lang Zhuoyu downstairs that night after reuniting with Lang Zhuoyu in men’s clothing on the set.

At that time, Lang Zhuoyu asked several questions that were close to revealing his true identity, but for some reasons, he didn’t ask any further. 

He asked himself why he appeared downstairs of Tong Tong’s house, why he used the same model of phone as “Tong Tong”, and even reminded himself “kindly” why he was not curious about the reason why he appeared here. 

At that time, because Lian Yin met Lang Zhuoyu in the appearance of men’s clothes downstairs of his own house, it was too sudden. He was unprepared and panicked, so he responded with many mistakes. 

But later Lang Zhuoyu’s reaction was too natural, and even subconsciously, he was reluctant to admit that Lang Zhuoyu had the possibility of knowing his true identity. Thus, he seeked advantages and avoided the disadvantages, the possibility he wanted to believe. 

Lian Yin was convinced that Lang Zhuoyu didn’t recognize him at that time, all because he subconsciously hoped so. But if the presupposition at that time was changed to the fact that Lang Zhuoyu had already recognized himself, then… all the strange words of Lang Zhuoyu that night had a reasonable explanation. 

Why did he ask himself those questions, but didn’t ask the question to the end, instead he took the initiative to say the answer?

Because it was all a probe. Word by word, digging a hole and waiting for him to jump. 

Lian Yin kept his eyes open, looked at the ceiling, then suddenly thought of something. He sat up from the bed. 

He wanted to find out the movie that Lang Zhuoyu mentioned tonight. 

Looking for it, Lian Yin picked up the phone again and started searching the Internet.   

When Lang Zhuoyu was telling the story just now, he forgot to ask the name of the movie, and now he can only search vaguely through the outline of the story he heard. 

Fortunately, the movie was not difficult to find. Lian Yin entered the plot and added information such as the country of release of the movie, and quickly found the original movie. 

The movie lasted for more than two hours, and Lian Yin leaned his pillow behind his back and watched it with real concentration. 

He didn’t know why he cared so much about this movie. He felt that the ending will not be what Lang Zhuoyu said, it shouldn’t be like that, and it can’t be like that. 

Time passed quickly, and at one o’clock in the morning, Lian Yin finished watching the movie. 

The ending was not what Lang Zhuoyu said. The young lady sent the maid to the mental hospital, but the two joined forces to trap the mastermind of the scam, went to another place, and stayed together for a long time. 

Lian Yin put the phone down and exhaled. 

Lang Zhuoyu had seen the movie, but did not tell himself the real ending. 

Because he didn’t think the ending was important, he just wanted to use this movie to express what he wanted to say. 

How did he rate the film? Lian Yin frowned, and soon, he recalled what Lang Zhuoyu said. 

He said: If a relationship begins with deception, no matter how sincere and beautiful the relationship is, the moment you know the truth, you will feel disheartened. 

Yes, he knew, he already knew. 

A great fear spread from the bottom of Lian Yin’s heart, and it quickly swept through his body like a wave. Immediately afterward, there was bitter guilt. 

He lied to Lang Zhuoyu for so long, but after he knew the truth, he didn’t blame himself, nor even directly expose himself. 

Lian Yin put his arms on his knees, supported his forehead weakly, and pulled up his hair. 

Is he waiting for him to confess? 

Once the gates of wishful thinking were opened, the reasons for all Lang Zhuoyu’s actions seemed to be logical.

Why didn’t he directly pierce through his disguise, why did he go out to play with his men’s clothes, why didn’t he take the initiative to contact him for a while? Maybe there was a reason why he couldn’t accept the fact for a while and wanted to be quiet, but was he also waiting for him to take the initiative to find him and confess the matter? 

Even though he was no longer his student and he was no longer his teacher, he was still waiting with the most tolerant attitude for a wrong student to wake up and realize his mistake. 

If he went to him at any time before and explained everything, would he forgive himself? 

But what have he done? 

He threw himself back on the bed like a slack, staring at the white ceiling, at a loss. 

This matter was entangled in Lian Yin’s heart like a nightmare, causing him to barely sleep all night. Fortunately, the next day was Saturday, so he didn’t have to go to work. 

Lian Yin held his mobile phone early in the morning, and Lang Zhuoyu’s chat box was displayed on the screen. He stared at the screen, hesitating whether to send a message to the other party. 

He used the old WeChat account from high school. 

If he wanted to keep in touch with Lang Zhuoyu, Lian Yin thought, he must use his true identity. He can no longer let Teacher Lang think that he is still lying to him. 

Lian Yin thought he should apologize, but he was not sure how to apologize. 

He gritted his teeth and edited a WeChat message to Lang Zhuoyu as if he was going to sacrifice himself. 

“Teacher Lang, I’m Lian Yin. I want to apologize to you for everything I did some time ago.” 

After sending this message, Lian Yin quickly put away his phone, escaping, and didn’t dare to look at it. 

Lian Yin found a part-time job some time ago. It was a job of writing soft articles and copywriting for various places. It didn’t make much money, but there was one thing. It just happened to be best to be worked on over the weekend. 

It just so happened that he also needed some other things to divert his attention at this time, otherwise the whole day would be full of Lang Zhuoyu’s affairs. 

As a result, after forbearing the desire to look at the phone for a day, Lian Yin turned on the phone during dinner and saw that there was no reply from Lang Zhuoyu, he didn’t even know if the other party had read it.

Lian Yin put down the phone in disappointment, his shoulders slumped weakly. 

On Sunday, he was still waiting. Lin Jiayu asked him out for a drink at night, but throughout the night, he would take out his phone every few minutes to check. 

Lin Jiayu paid attention to him several times, but finally couldn’t hold back and asked aloud, “Why are you sitting so uncomfortably and why are you always looking at your phone? Could it be that you are in a relationship?” 

Lian Yin was startled, quickly put away the phone, and denied: “No, I’m not in a relationship. I’m just waiting for a very important message.” 

“From work?” Lin Jiayu picked up a glass of wine and put it to her lips. 

“It’s not really, it’s a private matter.” Lian Yin hesitated for a while, then finally wanted to talk to someone, “Sister Jiayu, I have something to tell you, don’t tell Sister Tong.” 

“Tong Tong is related, could it be the blind date?” Lin Jiayu guessed it at once. 

Lian Yin lowered his eyes and told her the general story of what happened and his thoughts: “He is my high school teacher, and I think he already knows that I wore women’s clothes and lied to him.” 

“So what?” Lin Jiayu put down the wine glass, “Do you want to apologize to him?” 

Lian Yin nodded: “Yes, but he didn’t reply to my apology message.” 

Lin Jiayu patted him in relief: “Maybe the other party is very busy.” 

“Sister Jiayu.” Lian Yin lifted his eyes and looked straight at Lin Jiayu, and asked eagerly, “Do you think I should apologize in person?” 

Lin Jiayu blinked and thought for a while: “Hmm, it would be more sincere to apologize in person. For me, if someone sincerely apologized to me face to face, I think I would feel his sincerity.” 

“But I proposed to meet him, but he ignored me.” 

Lin Jiayu couldn’t help laughing: “Fool, of course. The other party is angry and definitely doesn’t want to see you. But if you really feel that you have to apologize, you can take the initiative to find him. As long as you don’t cause trouble, you can talk about anything after meeting.” 

Take the initiative to find him? ?

Lian Yin quietly clenched the hand on his knee and made up his mind secretly. 

A week later. 

Lang Zhuoyu dragged his suitcase on the road to the airport, and was talking to Liu Dawei with his mobile phone in the other hand. 

“I’ll board the plane right away and I’ll be able to fly to Nancheng this afternoon.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was gentle and low. 

The person on the other side of the phone talked for a long time, and Lang Zhuoyu listened quietly and said, “I know you guys are going to stay there for two months. I am not only supervising, but I also want to write in another place.” 

“Stop talking, I’m at the airport.” 

Lang Zhuoyu hung up the phone and urged a young boy behind him: “Come on, it’s time to check in for the boarding pass.”

Guan Shi had recently taken up the post as Lang Zhuoyu’s assistant. He was in charge of helping Lang Zhuoyu arrange work. He graduated not long ago, is very young and inexperienced. 

There was a big incident with the former assistant’s family and he had to leave immediately, sp Guan Shi only joined the job this week. There was a relatively large gap to be filled, so Lang Zhuoyu could only handle a lot of things by himself. 

After being urged, Guan Shi dragged a large suitcase and accelerated to follow behind Lang Zhuoyu. 

The little assistant wanted to cry but had no tears. Writer Lang was tall and had long legs, and his steps were big and fast. He didn’t think about short people like him at all. 

Half an hour later, the two finally came to the waiting room. Lang Zhuoyu casually asked about the arrangements for going to Nancheng and listened to Guan Shi’s report. 

His ability to work was okay, passable. After listening to Guan Shi’s arrangement, Lang Zhuoyu reluctantly commented in his heart. 

After almost forty minutes, Lang Zhuoyu finally boarded the plane, and the plane took off on time, heading for the warm Nancheng. 

In the middle of May, Nancheng had a vague taste of summer. After getting off the plane, Lang Zhuoyu felt a little stuffy in his long-sleeved shirt. 

When the assistant got off the plane, he called a taxi with his mobile phone. However, something must have went wrong with the car because the two waited in the pick-up area for more than ten minutes, but the car did not arrive. 

After standing for so long, their temples were sweaty. The little assistant was fortunate that he was not exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise his white and tender skin would be sunburned. 

After he sighed in his heart, he secretly raised his eyes to look at his boss. 

Lang Zhuoyu raised his wrist and glanced at his watch, twice. Although his expression was normal, he really startled the guilty assistant Guan, who was afraid that the boss would get angry at any time. 

“Cancel the order, let’s just take any car and leave.” Lang Zhuoyu finally spoke, and the assistant could only nod. 

The two stopped a taxi that was waiting for passengers at the airport, put away their luggage, and got on. 

There were people coming and going at the pick-up port, and the traffic was busy. Lang Zhuoyu and the two did not notice a familiar figure behind them until they got into the car. 

Lian Yin sat on a big suitcase and saw that Lang Zhuoyu got into the car and left, then took off his sunglasses, revealing his beautiful face. 

He hurriedly pulled his suitcase and got into a taxi. 

The driver turned his head and asked him with a strong southern accent, “Where are we going?” 

Lian Yin put away his sunglasses calmly, and gave a brief order: “Catch up with the car in front.” 

The driver raised his eyebrows, probably not expecting that he will also encounter this kind of TV drama. 

Although Lian Yin said it very handsomely and charming, but—— 

“There are so many cars in front of you, which one are you chasing?” The driver wondered. 

“Uh…” Lian Yin, who failed to be charming, had to report the license plate number honestly, and said embarrassedly, “I will have to trouble Sir to hurry up.” 


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