Not Obedient Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Where is Teacher Lang going? 

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The taxi followed the vehicle that Lang Zhuoyu was riding, and drove for a long time. 

While driving, the driver said to Lian Yin in the back seat, “Young man, I’m afraid that car is going out of town.” 

“Out of town?” Lian Yin leaned on the back part of the front passenger seat and asked, “Where is it going?” 

“After entering this ramp, it is in the direction of Yumian Town. Are they taking a trip there?” 

“Where is Yumian Town?” Lian Yin asked. 

The driver said “oh” and introduced enthusiastically: “Yumian Town is a famous ancient town around Nancheng. People from other places love to come here to play. There are also many filmmakers who have also come here.” 

It seemed to be a relatively prosperous town.

Along the way, the driver introduced to Lian Yin the specialties, delicacies and must-see places of Yumian Town. He was like a tour guide. When Lian Yin asked, he found out that the driver was from the village next to Yumian Town. 

Yumian Town was not too close to Nancheng Airport. The driver drove for almost two hours and Lian Yin had to spend 300 yuan to finally reach the destination. 

A business chain hotel.

Yumian Town is named a town, but in fact, due to the development of tourism for many years, it is no different from ordinary cities except that its scale was not comparable to that of a city. Various supporting facilities were quite complete. 

Lian Yin was standing across the street, wearing sunglasses, pretending to be playing with his mobile phone, but in fact observing the whereabouts of Lang Zhuoyu and his assistant. They got off the car in front of the hotel, naturally to check in. 

He couldn’t hold back, glanced at the name of the hotel, and then searched it on a certain software. OMG, book now, and the cheapest room left costs at least 800 yuan a night? 

Now was not the peak tourist season, why is the price so outrageous? Was it because a lot of crew members live here? 

Lian Yin was just an ordinary college student, with an internship salary of two or three thousand, plus the five thousand yuan Tong Tong had previously given, it was impossible to spend eight hundred for a night in a hotel if he had to stay here for several days. 

Helpless, Lian Yin could only open the homestay booking software and try to find the cheapest room nearby. 

An hour later, Lian Yin came to a small courtyard in a dilapidated alley with a suitcase. 

He glanced at the address displayed by the mobile phone navigation, it should be correct. This homestay didn’t even have a signboard, no wonder it was so cheap. 

Lian Yin reached out his hand and knocked on the door, and there was an old voice that answered from inside: “Wait a minute, coming!”

After ten seconds, the courtyard door was slowly opened, and behind the threshold stood a clean-clothed old woman with coarsely tied braids. Behind the old woman was a big golden retriever with a long tongue sticking out. 

The old woman was rickety and looked seventy years old. Lian Yin suddenly felt pressure. 

Did he go the wrong way? Did he go to someone else’s house? 

“Excuse me, is this Grandma Li’s Homestay?” 

The Grandma smiled kindly: “Yes, you are the one who just booked the room?”

“Yes, sorry to bother you.” It was definitely here and Lian Yin breathed a sigh of relief. 

“It’s not a bother, not a bother, come in quickly, carry your luggage yourself, be careful of the steps.” Granny Li hurriedly led the way for Lian Yin, and the golden retriever swayed beside Lian Yin’s feet with his tail wagging. 

The homestay was an old square courtyard, a two-story wooden building with mottled moss on the bluestone road. Granny Li walked in front and opened a room for Lian Yin. 

“My place is relatively cheap because there are few people living here, and many guests dislike that my decoration here is not high-end.” Granny Li’s words were clear and even modern in word choice. At first glance, she must have welcomed many people in here and was open-minded.

Lian Yin walked into the room and saw that it was indeed not very elegant. The room was neat and tidy, but the bed was not decorated like how a young person might like it. There was a large flower bed sheet, and the quilt was also floral. 

Just like an ordinary house. 

“My grandson hasn’t finished school yet. We’ll wait for him to eat. Do you have any opinion?” Granny Li asked, standing at the door, watching Lian Yin put his luggage away. 

Lian Yin hesitated a bit: “Do you still include dinner? I don’t think you said this on the platform announcement.” 

“Hey, it’s just adding a pair of chopsticks. If you don’t want to eat just let me know. I’ll make less rice.” Granny Li was very open-minded

. Lian Yin thought for a while. He was going to go out to find Lang Zhuoyu later, maybe he really didn’t have time to have dinner here, so he declined with a smile. 

Granny Li didn’t ask any more, and went on to talk about some precautions, such as how to use the hot water and to come back as early as possible at night. If he wanted to come back late, take the key. She and her grandson went to bed early and feared no one would open the door. 

Lian Yin responded one by one, took the keys, and went out the door. 

Granny Li’s homestay was a few hundred meters away from the hotel where Lang Zhuoyu was staying. Lian Yin quickly came to the hotel entrance again, found a milk tea shop opposite, sat and sucked milk tea while observing the hotel entrance, like a stalker. 

He hadn’t figured out how to tell Lang Zhuoyu and Lang Zhuoyu didn’t delete his contact information. It’s not like Lian Yin didn’t try to contact the other party a few days ago, but Lang Zhuoyu put it off because he was busy. 

Lian Yin also understood it. Who would want to see a person who has lied to him for so long. 

Suddenly, Lian Yin stopped sucking the milk tea and stood up. 

A familiar figure walked out of the hotel. If he remembered it correctly, it should be the assistant who had been with Lang Zhuoyu today. 

Lian Yin took the milk tea in his hand and walked over.

Guan Shi had just helped the boss to check in, arrange the luggage, and determine the itinerary for tomorrow. Then it was time to get off work, so he ran out to find food. 

He was not tall, a very small figure among men, dressed young and fashionable, and looked clean. 

As he was walking on the road, a person suddenly appeared in front of him blocking the way. Guan Shi was about to flare up, but when he looked up, he was stunned. 

This guy looked really good.     

“Hello.” Lian Yin looked and seemed very embarrassed, “I’m sorry my phone suddenly ran out of power, I wonder if I can borrow your phone to use as a power bank?” 

It was only after Lian Yin finished speaking that he realized that he subconsciously felt that Lian Yin had bad intentions. 

But seeing such a good-looking face… No, sometimes a good-looking person was more likely to be a bad guy! 

He looked at Lian Yin suspiciously and asked softly, “Are you really out of power?” 

As soon as Guan Shi opened his mouth, Lian Yin raised his eyebrows in surprise. 

This guy was gay. 

Lian Yin, who was also gay, had a keen perception of people of the same kind. This seems to be an innate skill between gays. He may not be sure whether the other party is or not, but he must have sensed it. 

Lian Yin didn’t know if Guan Shi had seen through his identity, because he was not very obvious when he dressed as a man, and was often mistaken for a straight man. 

In order to have Assistant Guan Shi lower his guard, Lian Yin took out his mobile phone and leaned closer tentatively: “Look, it’s turned off.” 

Then he pointed to the shared power bank in the milk tea shop: “That shop has it. You can help brush up for me, and I’ll use my phone to brush another after charging, you can feel rest assured.”

“Okay.” Guan Shi finally agreed. 

The two returned to the milk tea shop and Guan Shi gave Lian Yin a power bank. During his operation, Lian Yin wormed his way into being friends by starting a conversation. “I’m a college student and I came here from Beicheng to travel, how about you?”

Guan Shi replied politely, “Ah, I’m also from Beicheng and I just arrived today.” 

“Today?” Lian Yin seemed surprised. Seeing Guan Shi nod, Lian Yin pretended to be surprised and said, “Then maybe we were on the same flight, it’s really fateful.” 

“Yes, yes.” Guan Shi blushed a little, he probably could tell Lian Yin’s orientation. 

He handed the power bank to Lian Yin. After Lian Yin took it, he plugged it in the phone, pressed the power button, and pretended to turn it on, but the phone didn’t respond. 

“Sorry, it may take a while. My phone is really out of power and can’t be turned on.” 

“It’s fine.” Guan Shi waved his hand. 

Lian Yin glanced at Guan Shi, and then at the milk tea shop’s menu, and suggested, “How about I buy you a cup of milk tea?” 

“No, I’ll just stay with you for a while. Anyway, I have nothing to do right now.” Guan Shi said. 

“Thank you.” Lian Yin smiled warmly and started chatting with him, “Did you come here for a trip?” 

“On a business trip. I came with my boss.” Guan Shi answered honestly. 

Having finally come to this point, he smiled proudly, but did not rush to ask, but changed the subject: “It’s good, you can sneak out and play while you have time.”

Guan Shi glanced at him, and then quickly turned his gaze back. He moved away and whispered, “Play with who? This time it’s just me and the boss.” 

“It’s a coincidence, I’m here alone this time.” Lian Yin supported the counter with one hand and looked over sideways, “Let’s be friends.” 


Lian Yin again dominated the topic and chatted with the little assistant about something irrelevant, and then estimated that the time was about right, turned on the phone, and exchanged contact information with the little assistant. 

“Come and play with me when you have time.” Lian Yin said before Guan Shi left. 

After saying goodbye to Guan Shi, Lian Yin immediately returned the charging bank. Under the surprised eyes of the clerk, he hummed a song and returned to Granny Li’s homestay. 

Greeting Granny Li and her grandson, Lian Yin declined their invitation to watch TV together and went back to his room. 

It was not too late and today’s harvest was also a lot. Lian Yin leaned on the bed, dug out Guan Shi’s WeChat account, stared at it for a while, and smiled smugly. 

With the contact information of Lang Zhuoyu’s assistant, would he have to be afraid that he wouldn’t be able to see him? 

For a whole week last week, Lian Yin basically used it to find Lang Zhuoyu. 

Since the night of the breakup, Lian Yin decided to give Lang Zhuoyu a solemn apology after realizing that Lang Zhuoyu had long known that he had been lying to him. 

In fact, according to Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu’s thoughts when they reunited, even if he offended the person, he wouldn’t care, because he may not meet him again in this life. 

But now, without even being aware of it, his mentality has quietly changed. 

He cared, cared about what Lang Zhuoyu thought of himself. 

Lian Yin didn’t know why, he hadn’t figured it out yet, he only knew that if he didn’t apologize, he would regret it for a long time. 

But when Lian Yin made up his mind to apologize, he never saw Lang Zhuoyu again.

It’s not that Lang Zhuoyu deleted his contact information, but when he repeatedly said that he had something important to tell him, he would use “I’m busy at this time, let’s talk when I have time later” to reject Lian Yin’s request to meet. 

Lian Yin thought about posting a small message on WeChat to apologize, but he was afraid that the expression would be unclear, or that Lang Zhuoyu would feel that his attitude was not appropriate. 

He also went to Lang Zhuoyu’s house to look for him twice, but both times were in vain. 

In the end, Lian Yin had no choice but to wear women’s clothes and go to the studio. But Lang Zhuoyu was not on the set either. 

Fortunately, Lang Zhuoyu didn’t tell all the studio staff that they had broken up, and the security uncle recognized him and let him pass. 

Lian Yin cheekily went to Liu Dawei and asked about Lang Zhuoyu’s itinerary. 

Liu Dawei said to him with emotion, fortunately, he arrived in time. The next day the crew will all rush to Nancheng and he would not have been able to find anyone when he arrived. 

Then, also adhering to the mentality of persuading peace and not persuading separation, Liu Dawei told Lian Yin about when Lang Zhuoyu would go to Nancheng. 

Lian Yin begged Liu Dawei not to tell Lang Zhuoyu about this, and Liu Dawei agreed. 

Then Lian Yin took care of the internship, took a few days off, and bought a ticket to Nancheng on the same day as Lang Zhuoyu. 

Now he got the WeChat account of Assistant Lang Zhuoyu, hmph. 

Lang Zhuoyu, let’s see where you can run now! 

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