Not Obedient Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Oops, the identity of the book fan is exposed

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 Lian Yin didn’t think deeply about why Lang Zhuoyu asked himself this. He thought he simply wanted to understand some things, so he explained the situation simply.

Lian Tiancheng was good-looking when he was young, but he was lazy and good-looking. It was useless to look good in a small county. After finishing junior high school, he did not continue his studies. He went to work in the city, but he couldn’t bear the hardship. He went back to the county, lived off his parents and got a job as a cashier in a supermarket.

His job depended on his face more or less. Later, he drank heavily and was getting older. After gaining weight, his figure was out of shape, so he was arranged to sort out the shelves.

After Lian Yin went to college, he received enough money from Lian Yin every month to live off of, and he even lost his job sorting shelves. All day long, he was idle, doing nothing. Lian Yin didn’t know how he spent his time usually.

A middle-aged man who had no serious job and was accustomed to ordinary consumption expenditures, how could he suddenly ask his son for such a large sum of 500,000 dollars?

Lang Zhuoyu frowned, there was a vague guess in his heart, but he was not going to tell Lian Yin now.

Lian Yin’s hair was wrapped around his finger, right to the tip of the hair. The hair slipped down his finger, and his hand also fell on Lian Yin’s head along the hair, and lightly pressed it.

“It’s okay, he can’t threaten you, you don’t need to be afraid.” Lang Zhuoyu comforted him again, and then said, “Let’s stop talking about this, did you go back today and bring everything?”

What Lang Zhuoyu said was reasonable. Lian Yin was messed up by Lian Tiancheng before, but now that he thought about it clearly, he found that the man who didn’t care about him can’t threaten him at all.

As for whether he brought everything, this question… Lian Yin grabbed the corner of his clothes.

He should have brought them all, but when he went back to pick up things in the morning, Lian Tiancheng kept interrupting. He was angry and anxious, so he only brought a change of clothes, important documents. The small items, such as slippers, towels, mouthwash cups, etc., he had forgotten.

Looking at his reaction, Lang Zhuoyu knew that he had missed something. He asked if he forgot something important, and if he needed to get it.

Lian Yin quickly shook his head: “It’s not very important, it’s just I forgot to take some daily necessities. I’ll just go out and buy some next time.”

“Then go buy it later.” Lang Zhuoyu said, “It happens to be the end of the weekend. You have to go to work tomorrow. Buy some today and you can use it right away.”

Saying that, Lang Zhuoyu stood up and actually went to change his clothes. As he walked to the bedroom, he said, “I will accompany you and buy some food along the way.”

Lian Yin froze in place. Even though he had been with Teacher Lang for so long, when the other party suddenly spoke with such lively words, Lian Yin felt full of disobedience.

When he met Teacher Lang before, he was always on the podium, and he never had the chance to see what he was like in his life.

Even a few months ago, when the two met again, they were no longer teachers and students. When Lian Yin saw Lang Zhuoyu at other times, he was either being personable or gentle, but he never showed such a side.

This kind of gesture, which was only shown to close people, was a little nostalgic.

Ten minutes later, Lian Yin sat in the passenger seat of Lang Zhuoyu’s car, and the two drove to a nearby supermarket.

When they entered the supermarket, they went to find the daily necessities area.

Lian Yin was lying on the cart, with one foot on the ground and the other on the cart, gliding away. Lang Zhuoyu shook his head.

“Won’t you trip and fall?”

Lian Yin turned back to look at Lang Zhuoyu, only to realize that he was talking about him playing with a cart by himself, and was immediately a little embarrassed.

He quickly got off the cart, and was honest and practical with the two-handed cart.

He didn’t know why, but he didn’t do this when he went to the supermarket alone to buy things before, and he only played like this when he was a child. Why was it like he took the wrong medicine today and was acting stupid in front of Lang Zhuoyu?

The two pushed the cart and went to choose bath towels, face towels, slippers, etc. In the end, they were short of a mouthwash cup.

There were many styles of mouthwash cups, and at a glance, Lian Yin saw one, a transparent glass with a silver pattern on the edge.

This cup was actually nothing special, but it was very similar to Lang Zhuoyu’s cup. The only difference was that the pattern of Long Zhuoyu’s cup used a touch of gold.

Lian Yin secretly put the cup into the shopping cart while Lang Zhuoyu was looking elsewhere.

But he didn’t expect that Lang Zhuoyu would just turn his eyes and see Lian Yin’s movements.

“You’ve chosen? Is this the cup?”

Lian Yin shook his hand and almost dropped the cup onto the ground. He calmed himself down and explained seriously, “I feel that this cup matches the decoration of your bathroom.”

Lang Zhuoyu stared at Lian Yin, stunned, then couldn’t help laughing.

After buying daily necessities and food for the next few days, the two went home together.

The next day was Monday, and Lian Yin had to go to work, which was also the day Lang Zhuoyu promised to be interviewed.

The door opened. Lian Yin changed his shoes, and Lang Zhuoyu stood at the door to see him off.

Lian Yin got up and put on his bag, and said to Lang Zhuoyu, “The appointment is for an interview at four o’clock, see you in the afternoon.”

“You will also participate in the interview?”

Lian Yin nodded: “I applied with the editor-in-chief.”

“Okay, be careful on the way.”

After saying goodbye to Lang Zhuoyu, Lian Yin set off for work. It was the first time he went to the company from Lang Zhuoyu’s house, and he didn’t know how to get there, so he had to open the navigation software.

When he arrived at the company, Xu Rong asked their group to have a meeting to make final decisions and preparations for the afternoon interview.

After two o’clock in the afternoon, the Lian Yin team was ready to go out for the interview.

Lian Yin also packed up his things and left with the group.

After leaving the company, Lian Yin casually asked Xu Rong next to him, “Sister Rong, I still don’t know where the interview location is today.”

Asked this, Xu Rong suddenly became excited. The corners of her mouth could not be restrained, and she said proudly: “Speaking of this, it’s great. Screenwriter Lang not only agreed to appear in the interview, but even let us interview him at his house. If we can try to shoot more indoor scenes, our interview will definitely be popular.”

“What?” Lian Yin was stunned and he stopped in place.

Xu Rong took a few steps forward, only to realize that Lian Yin had fallen behind. She turned around in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lian Yin came back to his senses and immediately followed: “No, nothing.”

When they arrived at the gate of the neighbourhood, the interview team was stopped by the security uncle at the gate.

“Call Screenwriter Lang.” Xu Rong said to Xiao Zhang in the same group.

“I’ll call.” Lian Yin volunteered.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he made a sound, Security Uncle noticed him. He opened his eyes for a while, and said with uncertainty, “Hey, this guy looks familiar to me.”

Lian Yin was surprised. He didn’t expect Security Uncle to remember people so quickly. He had just lived here for two days.

Next, the security uncle asked them what they were here for. After knowing the origin, they made a simple registration and allowed them in.

Xu Rong couldn’t hold back and looked at Lian Yin several times. Lian Yin felt guilty when he saw her. He kept silent, and pretended to know nothing.

At the door of Lang Zhuoyu’s house, Xu Rong knocked on the door. It was Guan Shi who came to open the door.

Guan Shi smiled and welcomed the interview team into the door, and Lang Zhuoyu also heard the movement and walked out.

“Teacher Lang, hello, sorry for your inconvenience.” Xu Rong greeted with a smile. Looking at the polished floor of the house, she asked, “Do we need to change our shoes or put on shoe covers?”

“Don’t bother, just come in. “

Xu Rong nodded and motioned for her colleagues to come in, but when she turned around, Lian Yin actually untied his shoelaces.

Lian Yin froze in place, feeling a little embarrassed. It wasn’t his fault. Every time he came to Lang Zhuoyu’s house, the first thing to do was to change his shoes, which was a formed conditioned reflex.

But fortunately, he was calm. Re-tying his shoelaces expressionlessly, he straightened up, looked at Xu Rong, and explained, “The shoelaces came off.” 

The interview team was greeted in the living room and sat for a while. Guan Shi finally confirmed the interview process.

This interview took the form of a Vlog, only Lang Zhuoyu appeared on the scene, introducing the whole room and his day. The focus was on his work and how he created the work that was being adapted.

Lang Zhuoyu only promised to reveal the studio, study room, living room and balcony. The photographer needed to follow Lang Zhuoyu. Xu Rong, as a reporter, asked questions in a way similar to a conversation. 

After the confirmation, the interview started quickly. The first part did not take much time. In the last part, the interview team followed to the window of the studio. Lang Zhuoyu and Xu Rong sat opposite each other, and then there were a few more in-depth questions. 

Lian Yin stood behind cameraman Zhang, watching and learning. 

“There is one last question I want to ask Writer Lian. Fans say that even small characters in your book is full of warmth, I wonder how you created so many vivid characters?” 

When she asked this question, Lian Yin covered the lower half of his face. 

He did not expect Xu Rong to adopt this question. This question was raised by him. 

When he wrote it on the paper, but after having it read by Xu Rong, a sense of shame surged up and down Lian Yin’s body immediately. 

Because this question sounds…a bit like flattery. 

Lang Zhuoyu keenly noticed Lian Yin’s abnormal movements. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he guessed who the question came from.

He kept smiling and replied indifferently: “This evaluation is really too much. But I do always think that even small characters have their own flesh and blood, love and hate, and each of my characters actually have an archetype and have a connection with me. Perhaps it is because I have had a process of getting to know them that I can recreate their image.”

“So it turns out, it seems that Writer Lang knows a lot of friends.” Xu Rong teased.

“You can put it that way. Please look forward to my future stories. The book I am writing is the one I am most satisfied with. I believe it will bring you a warmer experience.” 

The last sentence was not what Lang Zhuoyu originally intended. Xu Rong was also very sensitive and immediately asked, “Can Writer Lang reveal it in advance?” 

The corners of Lang Zhuoyu’s mouth rose: “Because since this book has been written in the beginning, there has been a special person beside me.”

“Does he make you feel warm?” Xu Rong continued to ask in a well-trained manner.

Lang Zhuoyu was taken aback, thought for a moment, and nodded.

“En, very warm.”

Lian Yin stared blankly at Lang Zhuoyu’s smile, his heart beating wildly irregularly.

The company had an unwritten rule that when the interview is over, as long as the interview is conducted outside, if the content of the interview does not need to be released in a hurry, then you can leave work when it is over.

The colleagues in the group were very happy with the successful completion of the work, said goodbye to Lang Zhuoyu and Guan Shi, and packed up and prepared to leave.

Lian Yin only then reacted. He also needed to leave.

He subconsciously turned back to find Lang Zhuoyu. He wanted to tell Lang Zhuoyu, in order to prevent his colleagues from gossiping about why he lived in Lang Zhuoyu’s house, he had to go out with them.

Unexpectedly, Lang Zhuoyu already understood the look in his eyes, and answered him with mouth shape: “Go.” 

“Let’s go, Lian Yin.” Just as Xu Rong urged, Lian Yin got up and left with his colleagues.

A few minutes later, the group walked out of the community where Lang Zhuoyu’s house was located.

“Hey! Teacher Lang rejected us so many times before. I thought he was a big-headed person, but I didn’t expect to get along so well.” Xu Rong sighed as she walked away.

Lian Yin agreed: “He’s easy to get along.”   

“That’s right.” Xu Rong said, “We all go to the same subway station right? Let’s go together!”

How can I take the subway together? Lian Yin immediately refused: “No, I need to go to the supermarket over there to buy something.”

Xu Rong asked, “What are you buying? I’ll wait for you and I’ll buy a bottle of water along the way.”

“Don’t wait for me, Sister Rong, you go back first.” Lian Yin was afraid that she would really follow, and when he waved his hand, he saw the cracked tempered protector on the phone, and he had an idea, “I need to put the screen protector on my phone later, you go back first. .”

Xu Rong didn’t insist any longer and said goodbye to Lian Yin at the intersection, and went to take the subway with photographer Xiao Zhang.

Looking at the distant backs of his colleagues, he let out a sigh of relief. Then looking at the mobile phone in his hand, he temporarily decided to put a protector screen on it.

The protective screen shop was easy to find. Five minutes later, Lian Yin handed the phone over to the screen maker.

Unexpectedly, just as the screen maker took off the old protective screen, an unfamiliar number called. The master moved his hand across the screen and the call was connected.

The voice of the call was relatively loud. The shop was very quiet, and a soft voice belonging to a middle-aged woman was heard very clearly.

She hesitated to call Lian Yin’s name.

Lian Yin’s hand on the counter clenched suddenly.

It was his mother’s voice.

The author has something to say:

Mom is coming to make soy sauce.

Not really a fan of books, at least not before.

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