Not Obedient Chapter 42

 Chapter 42 Don’t cry, don’t cry, hug and touch the head 

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The drawer that was violently smashed was placed on the ground. Lian Tiancheng sat up on the bed, looked at Lian Yin, and smiled proudly.

“Lian Yin.” Lian Tiancheng pointed to the scattered drawers on the ground, “What is this, can you explain it?”

Lian Yin’s body seemed to be frozen, standing there, without responding for a long time.

Before he went to Lian Tiancheng yesterday, he hid some things that were more difficult to explain in the cabinet. At that time, because he was in a hurry, he didn’t expect Lian Tiancheng to live in his house, so he didn’t have time to lock up.

Lian Yin guessed that Lian Tiancheng would rummage through his things, but he didn’t expect this guy to be so mad to smashed his own cabinet and look through it overnight.

He was probably impatient because he thought there was something valuable in the locked drawer.

Seeing that Lian Yin didn’t answer, Lian Tiancheng seemed to have grasped some success  and said calmly, “I also found woman’s clothes in your closet. You have a girlfriend?

His words were voiced in a fake tone, so Lian Yin could see that wasn’t his true thoughts. He must have had some dirty guesses in mind.

There was no need to answer. Lian Yin pinched the palm of his hand to calm himself.

Sure enough, Lian Tiancheng didn’t care about Lian Yin’s silence. He said to himself, “But I don’t see any trace of someone else living in the whole house. The toothbrush, towel, and even the pillow belongs to one person. What the h*ll is going on?

  Lian Yin was too lazy to play guessing games with him. Ignoring his words, he squatted down, opened the suitcase, and started packing.

Lian Tiancheng saw that he was being ignored and became angry. He rolled over and got off the bed, grabbed Lian Yin’s shoulders, and stopped him from moving.

Lian Tiancheng pointed at Lian Yin’s nose, and his voice was heavy: “Tell me, are you doing activities neither for males nor females?”

A finger was swung in front of him. Lian Yin frowned irritably, turned his head away, too lazy to take care of Lian Tiancheng. This kind of person, the more you show him face, the more he dances.

Unexpectedly, Lian Tiancheng didn’t stop and asked Lian Yin, “Are you messing with your Teacher Lang?”

These words hit the minefield, and Lian Yin couldn’t bear it any longer, and raised his hand –

“Bang !”

Lian Tiancheng was pushed away suddenly. His butt hit the corner of the bed, making a loud noise. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes and he laid on the ground, clutching his butt.

“F*ck… are you rebelling? My son beat me?” Lian Tiancheng endured the pain, his voice trembling.

Lian Yin stood in front of him, looked down, and said coldly, “Lian Tiancheng, do you still think I’m that little boy who you beat and scolded before?”

Lian Tiancheng snapped and raised his head to barely see Lian Yin’s Face.

At this moment, Lian Tiancheng suddenly realized that Lian Yin was already an adult, but he was in his twilight years.

Lian Yin turned around, picked up the clothes that fell on the ground because of Lian Tiancheng’s mess and put them in the suitcase.

“F*ck, it hurts.” Lian Tiancheng gritted his teeth while leaning against the bed before he could relax.

He rubbed his buttocks, stared at Lian Yin fiercely, and began to swear in a low voice: “B*tch, little white-eyed wolf, butt-selling…”

Lian Yin moved his hand, gritted his teeth, and held back his anger. He endured it and continued to pack his things in silence, pretending that he was deaf.

A few minutes later, Lian Tiancheng, whose butt was sore, began to suspect again: “Lian Yin, why don’t you answer my question? Are you a Er Yi Zi (derogatory term for people who are neither male or female) who likes men?” 

Lian Yin didn’t answer him. The movement of his hands hurried up. He didn’t look at the clothes and the things, and threw them into the case.

“You’re packing your things to go to that Lang person’s house, right?” Lian Tiancheng snorted coldly, “Just like a woman. Being raised by a man, does it feel good?”

Lian Yin closed his eyes tightly. His hand picked up the lamp beside the bed and pulled it hard, and the wiring was torn off.

He raised his arm, pointed the lamp at Lian Tiancheng, his voice suppressing his anger, “Say one more word, and this thing will land on you.”

After shaking, he felt ashamed again, so he glared at Lian Yin and turned away.

Seeing that he was cowardly, Lian Yin threw the lamp on the ground. It rolled to Lian Tiancheng’s feet. He was so scared that he retracted his feet.

For the next period of time, until Lian Yin finished packing his things, Lian Tiancheng kept silent.

But when Lian Yin was about to carry the suitcase out of the room, Lian Tiancheng suddenly said, “This is shameful, isn’t it?”

Lian Yin stopped his feet.

“If your friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. knew that you were a Er Yi Zi raised by a man, how would they react?”

After speaking, Lian Tiancheng turned his head to look at Lian Yin. There was a gleam of calculation in his eyes.

“If you don’t want others to know about this…” Lian Tiancheng seemed to treat this sentence like chewing gum. He chewed it in his mouth, reluctant to finish. Then he interlaced his two fingers, rubbed it, and gestured to Lian Yin.

“How much do you want?” Lian Yin asked bluntly.

“Hehe.” Lian Tiancheng sat on the ground and stretched out five fingers, “Half a million.”

Lian Yin regarded him as a joke and looked at him blankly.

“This matter is not trivial, so it requires more.” Lian Tiancheng acted triumphant.

Lian Yin said lightly, “I don’t have any money.”

Lian Tiancheng leaned against the bed like a rogue, and pretended to say helplessly, “There’s nothing you can do about it then. It doesn’t matter if your friends know about it, right?

“Just say it then, Lian Tiancheng.” Lian Yin hid his trembling right hand behind him with a calm expression on his face.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Anyway, I’m your son. If I’m a Er Yi Zi, then your face won’t be that much better.”

This d*mn kinship entangled the father and son together as if they were inseparable forever. Clearly, Lian Yin had been in agony over this fact, but he never thought that he would still be able to use it to make him feel sick.

“Dad of an Er Yi Zi, I wonder how the others will laugh at you.”

Lian Yin finished with a smile, turned around, slammed the door, and left.


Lian Tiancheng, who was locked in the room, stared at the door with wide eyes, and even after Lian Yin left for a long time, he couldn’t react.

Lian Yin, who was outside the door, was not much better. He leaned on the railing in the corridor and slid weakly on the ground.

Five minutes later, Lian Yin was back to normal. He carried a suitcase and walked out of the building of the rental house.

As soon as he walked out of the corridor, Lian Yin’s cell phone rang.

He took out his phone and saw the caller ID: Teacher Lang.

Lian Yin swiped to answer, put the receiver to his ear, and listened to the person on the opposite side say: “Lian Yin, have you packed up? Come back for lunch at noon.”

Something got stuck in his throat, Lian Yin opened his mouth and found himself unable to make a sound.

“Lian Yin?” The opposite Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know what was going on.

Lian Yin swallowed his saliva hard, his voice trembling: “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Lang Zhuoyu took off his glasses, put them on the desk, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

He could hear Lian Yin’s trembling voice very clearly. He knew that there was something wrong with Lian Yin’s emotions, and he must have encountered Lian Tiancheng’s harassment again.

He should have insisted on going with him.

About forty minutes later, the sound of a key being unlocked came from the door of Lang Zhuoyu’s house.

Lang Zhuoyu had just put the food on the table when he heard the movement at the door and walked over.

With a “click” sound, the door lock was opened, and behind the door slowly revealed the appearance of drooping eyes.

Because of his lowered eyes, Lian Yin didn’t see Lang Zhuoyu standing at the door until Lang Zhuoyu called, “Lian Yin.”

Lian Yin raised his head, then saw a smile on the corner of Lang Zhuoyu’s mouth who had also opened his arms slightly. He stood at the door and looked at himself quietly.

The tall man was full of light, like a warm hut in a snowy night, something a wanderer for half his life was unable to refuse. Lian Yin couldn’t refuse.

Lian Yin’s nose was sour, he didn’t even change his shoes, and the box was thrown outside the door, and he plunged into Lang Zhuoyu’s arms.

Lang Zhuoyu tightened his arms and hugged the person tightly.

The tip of Lian Yin’s nose was filled with the fragrance of wood on Lang Zhuoyu’s body, and he felt as if he had fallen into a pile of books, but his whole body was warm and heavy, completely different from those cold and angular books.

This was an embrace, an embrace that was the blessing of three lifetimes that belonged to himself. 

He didn’t know how long it took, but Lian Yin was still buried in Lang Zhuoyu’s shoulder and refused to raise his head. Lang Zhuoyu sighed silently, lowered his head and leaned into Lian Yin’s ear and asked, “Crying?”

Lifting his neck and looking at Lang Zhuoyu, Lian Yin’s voice was clearly still choked, and he denied, “No.”

“Then why are your eyes red?” Lang Zhuoyu poked Lian Yin’s eyes with his fingers.

Lian Yin stubbornly said, “I haven’t completely woken up yet.”

Lang Zhuoyu stopped asking, patted him on the back, and said warmly, “Let’s go eat.” 

The two went to the table and sat down to eat. Lian Yin had breakfast at ten o’clock and hadn’t digested it yet. It was only one o’clock in the afternoon, he hd no appetite at all, but forced by Lang Zhuoyu, he still ate a whole bowl of rice.

Lang Zhuoyu’s cooking can’t be said to be particularly delicious, but his level was higher than that of Lian Yin. It was estimated that it was because he had lived alone longer than Lian Yin that he had more opportunities to practice.

After dinner, Lang Zhuoyu asked about Lian Tiancheng.

“You went to get something today, did your father say something?” 

The two were sitting on the sofa and the TV was playing sports channels, but no one was paying attention to the TV.

Lian Yin pinched his fingers and replied gloomily, “He asked me for money.”

“How much?”

Lian Yin pursed his lips: “Half a million.”

Lang Zhuoyu was silent for a moment. Lian Yin continued: “He knows that I don’t have that much money.”

“Then leave him alone, he will leave if he doesn’t get the money.” Lang Zhuoyu stretched out his hand and squeezed the back of Lian Yin’s head.

Lian Yin’s mind was full of confusion at the moment and he didn’t notice Lang Zhuoyu’s hand on the back of his neck. He took a deep breath: “He knows about my cross dressing and he threatened to tell the people around me about it. “

It doesn’t matter. In this day and age, it doesn’t hurt anything or anyone.” Lang Zhuoyu said with relief.

“He…” Lian Yin choked up, raised his head, and looked directly at Lang Zhuoyu, “He also guessed that I like men.”

“Is that still okay, Teacher Lang? I like men, is that not disgusting? Is that okay?”

Lian Yin’s eyes turned red and he looked at Lang Zhuoyu eagerly, as if his answer was a sharp blade hanging above his head and Lian Yin was waiting for the sharp blade to fall or disappear.

Lang Zhuoyu took a breath.

“How can it be disgusting?” he said without hesitation.

Lang Zhuoyu’s hand was lightly placed on top of Lian Yin’s head, pinching his soft black hair.

“It’s not disgusting and these things shouldn’t be a threat to you.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was steady, “Women’s clothes, whether you like men, these things are not shameful, they are not your weakness.”

Lian Yin was stunned and the tears that had swirled in his eyes for a long time fell.

Lang Zhuoyu raised his thumb and wiped away Lian Yin’s tears. He continued: “Don’t worry, some people will have opinions of you because of these things, those people are not important and they don’t matter. The people close to you who won’t hate you because of these things, they know how good you are and these things won’t change your essence, much less their attitude toward you.”

“And Lian Tiancheng doesn’t even know what friends you have in Beicheng or where you work. He doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t know anything about you, how can such a person threaten you?”

“I… I didn’t think about it that much.” Lian Yin replied dully.

“That’s the truth, you don’t have to be afraid.” Lang Zhuoyu handed him a tissue, “Are you afraid?”

Lian Yin took the tissue, wiped the tears from his cheeks, and shook his head.

The two sat relatively silently for a while, while Lang Zhuoyu quietly waited for Lian Yin to calm down.

After a few minutes, he noticed that Lian Yin had calmed down, and Lang Zhuoyu helped him throw the used tissue into the trash can.

Then, he said slowly: “Now, I need you to tell me something about Lian Tiancheng. For example, what did he do when he was in Xicheng?”

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