Not Obedient Chapter 47

Chapter 47 The cat you picked up is raised by yourself, but kept in my house 

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When Lang Zhuoyu heard this, he looked around Lian Yin’s body, but found no trace of the cat.

Lian Yin understood Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes and waved his hand to explain: “I didn’t bring it back. I found it in the grass in the community. It was a very small cat that was injured, but I didn’t know what I should do. I didn’t dare to move it easily, so I came back to think of a way.”

“Teacher Lang, do you have a cardboard box at home?” Lian Yin asked, walking into the bedroom without stopping, and took one of his own t-shirts out.

Lang Zhuoyu figured out the origin of the matter, and went to the study to get a small plastic box that was originally used to put books.

“Is this big enough?” Lang Zhuoyu held up the box for Lian Yin to see.

The box is not big, but it is very deep, and the kitten can’t easily climb out.

“It’s good enough.” Lian Yin replied, not at all distressed. He put his clothes in a ball and put them under the box.

After doing this, Lian Yin held the box and asked, “Is there anything like ham or sausage at home?”

The kitten was skinny and it should have been a long time since it had eaten well.

Lang Zhuoyu thought for a moment, and replied, “Ham is heavy with salt, and the kitten can’t eat well. I have chicken breast at home. I’ll go and boil a piece.”

Lian Yin was in a hurry to save the kitten, he was afraid the kitten would disappear after a while, so he went out with the box first, and had Lang Zhuoyu come to him after cooking the meat.

He ran back to the grass area just now, and Lian Yin leaned over to look, only to see the kitten still nesting in the same place, and he was relieved.

Lian Yin put the box at his feet, then squatted down, recklessly, and directly reached out to carry the cat.


Before the hand that just stretched out touched a single cat hair, the kitten was frightened by his action. It lifted its ears, opened its mouth wide and hissed at him, the whole cat shrinking into a small ball, shaking ceaselessly.

Afraid of frightening the kitten, Lian Yin immediately retracted his hand. He softly rebuked the kitten: “What are you doing to me, I’m here to help you.”

After speaking, Lian Yin tried to stretch out a finger to the cat’s mouth. The kitten tentatively stretched out her head, sniffed, and touched Lian Yin’s hand.

Lian Yin’s fingers were itchy, and the place where it touched the nose was warm and moist. This feeling was very strange.

He was touching a creature.

Lang Zhuoyu held a bowl with a small piece of chicken breast in it. He came to the grass and saw Lian Yin squatting there, poking a finger at the little kitten’s head and the box that was originally used to keep the kitten was left out in the cold.

This scene was really interesting. Lian Yin poked the kitten’s head, the kitten squinted, ears trembling. Lian Yin said to himself, “You silly, can’t you tell good from bad?”

Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t help laughing secretly before asking aloud, “What are you poking at? Why don’t you put it in the box? ?”

Lian Yin turned around and smiled at Lang Zhuoyu. Instead of answering his question, he urged, “Teacher Lang, where’s the meat? Quickly bring it to the cat.”

Lang Zhuoyu walked over and placed the bowl in front of the kitten, and at the same time, the kitten’s size was clearly seen.

A half-grown cat with a pointed mouth, a round head, and the fur on its back vaguely fluffy.

“This kitten should be three months old.” Lang Zhuoyu judged.

The kitten smelled the meat. Its nose twitched and immediately it abandoned Lian Yin’s finger massage, laid in front of the bowl, took the meat out, and licked it tentatively.

It was thin and small, not as long as a person’s forearm, and its mouth was wide open to bite the meat. It looked like it was very difficult to eat.

“You can tell the kitten’s age?” Lian Yin squatted on the spot, raised his head and said to Lang Zhuoyu.

“It’s an estimate.” Lang Zhuoyu said, he bent down and glanced at the kitten’s butt, and added, “It’s a little boy.”

“Hahaha, where are you looking?” Lian Yin kept smiling.

Lang Zhuoyu shook his head helplessly.

Lian Yin put his eyes back on the cat, watched the kitten eat, and asked, “It’s so small, will its mother be nearby?”

Lang Zhuoyu said, “It’s already big and was probably chased away by the mother or he was originally abandoned.”

Hearing this, he lowered his eyes and looked at the gnawing kitten, and said very softly, “So your mother doesn’t want you anymore. “

Lang Zhuoyu stood aside and heard these words clearly, but he didn’t show any reaction. It was because Lian Yin spoke in such a low voice so he didn’t want to be heard.

The kitten didn’t have much appetite,only a little bit of the chicken breast was gnawed off. After eating it’s fill, it began to lick its paws contentedly.

The action of licking his paws allowed Lang Zhuoyu to see the wound on its right front paw.

“Its right paw may have been injured while fighting with other stray cats.” Lang Zhuoyu speculated. He took out his mobile phone, “I have a friend who is a veterinarian. Put the cat in the box by the back of the neck, I will give him a call.”

Lian Yin, following Lang Zhuoyu’s words, stretched out his hand, grabbed the nape of the kitten, lifted it easily, and put it into the box.

The kitten struggled, calling impatiently: Meow meow meow!

Only then did Lian Yin realize that this little kitten had a special meow. Other cats all “meow”, while this kitten’s “meow” was followed by a long “an” sound, which sounded like “meowan meowan”. Called out consecutively, it was like “Mian Mian Mian”.

Lian Yin stared at it and exclaimed, “You’re a little guy with an accent.”

The little kitten turned it’s head, ignoring him.

Lang Zhuoyu briefly explained the situation to his friend, hung up the phone, and said to Lian Yin, “Carry it up, my friend can see him now and he will deal with the cat.”

Lian Yin picked up the box, poked the kitten in the head, followed behind Lang Zhuoyu, and went to the underground garage.

Half an hour later, the two came to the door of Lang Zhuoyu’s friend’s house.

Lang Zhuoyu stood in front and pressed the doorbell. After a while, the door opened and a young man of medium stature appeared at the door.

The young man was still wearing long-sleeved trousers in mid-August, and his entire body was pale, with fair skin and chestnut hair.

Lang Zhuoyu nodded to him, then introduced Lian Yin to the young man: “This is my friend, Su Yuemian; Yuemian, this is my former student, Lian Yin.”

Lian Yin was holding the box, unable to shake hands with Su Yuemian. He nodded and greeted him: “Hello, sorry for disturbing you.”

Su Yuemian avoided Lian Yin’s gaze and didn’t say hello to him. He shifted his body to the side and allowed the two to enter: “Come in.”

A small fence was installed to prevent pets from running out. Su Yuemian first opened the fence and walked into the room, turned around, and said bluntly to Lang Zhuoyu and Lian Yin, “Change shoes.”

Then he took out two pairs of disposable slippers and handed it to them.

Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, trying to find a place to put the box in his arms, but he and Lang Zhuoyu were standing in a small space surrounded by a small fence.

“Give it to me.” Lang Zhuoyu changed his shoes first and took the box from Lian Yin.

After changing their shoes, the two were allowed to enter Su Yuemian’s house, and the cat box was placed on the table. Su Yuemian briefly checked the kitten’s wound, then turned around and took out a medicine box.

In order to facilitate the disinfection of the wound, the kitten was taken out of the box. As soon as the little guy came out of the box, he became restless, struggling to escape.

Lian Yin quickly held it down. Su Yuemian frowned, pointed at the kitten, and said in a serious tone, “Don’t run, be obedient.”

The cat under his hand was miraculously quiet, and Lian Yin carefully released his hand. The kitten really didn’t want to run anymore, although it was still shivering with fear.

Su Yuemian didn’t say a word. He raised the cat’s small claws and began to disinfect it. After finishing the treatment, he put a cone around its neck.

He stroked the kitten’s back and said to Lian Yin, “The wound is not deep, but it is a stray cat. If you want to keep it at home, you need to have a physical examination and deworming. You can only wait for the clinic tomorrow. Deal with it after the door is opened. It is best not to move the cat around frequently, it will be stressed, so just leave it in my house, and I will take it to the clinic tomorrow.”

Lian Yin didn’t know how to raise cats, so he could only listen to the professional. He nodded to Su Yuemian and said, “Thank you, Dr. Su.”

“Then are you guys raising it?” Su Yuemian suddenly asked sternly.

This question was not something Lian Yin considered, and he hesitated for a while.

Lian Yin was still living in Lang Zhuoyu’s house, and there was no reason to continue to stay after this weekend. In his rental house, the landlord said on the first day that no pets were allowed.

The current Lian Yin didn’t seem to have the conditions for raising a cat at all.

The wisest choice was not to keep it, but what if he didn’t keep it, let it go wandering again?

Seeing that Lian Yin was silent for a long time, Su Yuemian was keenly aware of his thoughts, and frowned unpleasantly: “If you aren’t going to raise it, don’t raise it.”

Su Yuemian seemed to be a person who did not understand interpersonal communication at all, joy and anger was clearly written on his face. He was obviously unhappy because of Lian Yin’s hesitation, and showed his unhappiness without any cover.

This attitude was like a thorn and was very uncomfortable. It was not that he did not want to raise this kitten, but he did not have the conditions to.

Lian Yin subconsciously looked at Lang Zhuoyu.

It would be great if Lang Zhuoyu could adopt this kitten. Lang Zhuoyu’s home was very big, and his job determined that he was often at home and had time to play with the cat. Also, he would have an excuse to go to Lang Zhuoyu’s house to watch the cat.

Of course, Lang Zhuoyu received Lian Yin’s unconscious pleading gaze.

While Su Yuemian stood aside with a straight face, playing with the kitten with a cat stick.

His house had everything, not only because he was a veterinarian, but also because he had a cat himself. However, the cat was locked in another room at this time.

“Yuemian, I’ll discuss with Lian Yin.” Lang Zhuoyu finally spoke.

“Oh.” Su Yuemian responded, still focused on teasing the cat.

Lang Zhuoyu turned to Lian Yin and asked him, “What are your plans, do you want to keep a cat?”

Lian Yin nodded embarrassedly: “But my rental house does not allow cats. Teacher Lang, can you adopt it? I’ll just come and see it occasionally.”

Lang Zhuoyu looked at Lian Yin and didn’t speak for a while. He should be thinking.

After thinking about it, Lang Zhuoyu said without changing his face: “It can be kept in my house, but it is your cat. You have to take care of it by yourself, feed it every day, and help it shovel its poop. I don’t like cats.

Lian Yin blinked blankly, suspecting that he had heard it wrong, or misunderstood what Lang Zhuoyu meant.

What he meant was he had to take care of the kittens by himself – to continue to live in his house and take care of the kittens?

The author has something to say:

Teacher Lang, who knows cats well but says he doesn’t like cats, is a scumbag.

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