Not Obedient Chapter 48

Chapter 48 The kind of like that wants to kiss you

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After the two decided to keep the cat, they temporarily left the kitten at Su Yuemian’s house and asked him to take him to the clinic when he went to work tomorrow. At the same time, Lang Zhuoyu made an appointment to take the cat away tomorrow morning.

The next morning, Lang Zhuoyu came to the clinic on time.

The kitten was placed in a small cage. After seeing Lang Zhuoyu coming, the staff of the clinic took the cat out and started a routine physical examination with the consent of Lang Zhuoyu.

Most of the physical examination results came out on the spot. Except for malnutrition, fleas on the body and skin trauma on the paws, the kitten was healthy in other aspects.

Su Yuemian held the kitten’s face, pried open its teeth, and hurriedly threw the deworming medicine into its throat.

“Have you seen it clearly? In the future, you will need to deworm regularly. Just throw it in, hold it’s mouth, and don’t let it find a chance to spit it out.” Su Yuemian said to Lang Zhuoyu, who was watching.

After the deworming, the physical examination was over. Lang Zhuoyu bought an air box at a nearby pet supply store and put the kitten in the cone into the box.

“When the wound heals, it’ll have to come and get a shot.” Su Yuemian instructed.

“Okay, I will have to bother you then.” Lang Zhuoyu locked the air box.

Then he picked up the box and left the pet clinic.

After Lang Zhuoyu left, one of Su Yuemian’s female assistants held her face and sighed, “Wow, are all handsome guys so loving now? Kitty and big handsome guys together are too cute. Doctor Su, he is your friend, right? Does he have a girlfriend?”

Girlfriend? Su Yuemian thought for a while, and answered honestly, “No.” 

The female assistant immediately became excited, and urged Su Yuemian: “Can you give me his contact information? I can help him raise cats together, hehe…”

“No. Su Yuemian shook his head, “It’s not his cat, it is raised by another person in his house.” 

The female assistant was stunned for a while, but didn’t come back to her senses for a long time.

“He lives with another and raises the cat together.” Su Yuemian explained blankly.

The female assistant also reacted, shrugged, and said, “Isn’t that having a girlfriend? Dr. Su, you are still so disconnected. It seems that they have a good relationship that they even live together to raise a cat. Hey, why are all the handsome men who are more pleasing to the eye taken.”

Su Yuemian often didn’t understand his female assistants. For example, why is one a girlfriend just because they raised a cat together, obviously that person was a boy. But in order to show that he was listening carefully, he had no choice but to nod his head.

Lang Zhuoyu brought the cat back home, and when he just walked to the entrance of the corridor, he saw that the door of his house was not closed.

Two courier brothers were carrying things to the house.

Lang Zhuoyu was not surprised by this scene. Holding the cat, he waited for the people to move things in, and then walked into the room by himself.

In the room, Guan Shi was instructing a man to put things at the entrance. He turned his head and saw his boss standing at the door. He immediately smiled and began to take credit.

“Boss, all the things you asked me to buy have been bought and are here!”

“It must have been hard work.” Lang Zhuoyu said to Guan Shi and the courier.

After moving things, the courier guy left. Guan Shi patted one of the big boxes that was taller than a human, and tutted a few times: “Those who know will know that you have a cat, but if they don’t know, they will think that there was a young master at home.”

Lang Zhuoyu squatted, opened the box, and allowed the kitten to sniff it tentatively. It paced out of the box, and then slipped away and hid behind the sofa.

“This cat was picked up, so I don’t have any preparations at home. Thank you for helping me buy it.” Lang Zhuoyu stood up and said to Guan Shi, “Help me set the things together.”

Guan Shi glanced at it. Hiding in the corner, the curled up kitten with wide eyes complained in a low voice, “A human really is inferior to a cat.”

It took two people more than an hour to unpack all the packages. Cat climbing frame, cat litter, cat bowls, cat food, snacks and dens, a series of things for kittens to eat, drink and sleep were all laid out.

The cat climbing frame was placed on the edge of the living room balcony, where it can be basked in the sun.

After installing the cat climbing frame, Lang Zhuoyu stood by the balcony for a while, looked at the half-open balcony, and suddenly said, “We need to find time to seal the windows at home.”

Then he locked the balcony door with a “click”. .

Guan Shi wiped his sweat and said that he was very speechless. It turned out that the owner of the house also hid the attributes of a cat slave.

In the end, the two put away all the courier boxes and went downstairs to clean them up. After the end, Guan Shi said that he would not go up, and that there was still something for him to do at night. Lang Zhuoyu went upstairs alone.

Pushing the door open, Lang Zhuoyu found a furry little guy crouching behind the door, meowing at him.

The fatigue of the afternoon was suddenly swept away.

Lang Zhuoyu picked up the kitten with one hand and held it up high with his front limbs. The kitten didn’t look scared at all, and even made a “purring” sound.

Lang Zhuoyu stared at it silently for a while, and then remembered something: “You don’t have a name yet. When your master comes back, we will give you a name.”

After speaking, Lang Zhuoyu put the cat down and allowed it to run around the room, while he entered the study by himself.

After six o’clock in the afternoon, Lian Yin got home from work on time.

He knew that Lang Zhuoyu was going to pick up the cat today. He walked faster than anyone else after getting off work, got off the subway, and almost ran back all the way.

After opening the door, Lian Yin looked excited and started looking for the kitten all over the house.

After hearing the movement, Lang Zhuoyu walked out of the study.

Looking for a long time with his head down, he couldn’t find where the cat was. Lian Yin asked embarrassedly, “Teacher Lang, where is the cat?”

Lang Zhuoyu pointed to the cat climbing frame: “There.”

It turned out that the little guy climbed up and was basking in the sun. He just lowered his head and looked for it on the ground, so naturally he couldn’t find it.

Lian Yin walked over and stood beside the cat climbing frame. The kitten laid there dozing off, still purring in its throat, like boiling water.

“Teacher Lang, it doesn’t have a name yet.” Lian Yin touched the top of the kitten’s head and said.

“Well, have you figured out what it’s called?” Lang Zhuoyu asked.

It was shameful to say, but today, during his eight-hour workday, Lian Yin spent seven and a half hours thinking about what to name the cat, so at this time he had already had an idea in his mind.

“It’s meow is very unique, I don’t know if you noticed it, it’s not meowing, instead it calls out Mianmian.” The smile on Lian Yin’s face couldn’t stop, “So I want to call it Mianmian.” 

The kitten’s ears were shaking, this reaction fell into Lian Yin’s eyes, which meant it agreed.

“Look! Its ears moved, it agreed.” Lian Yin said lightly.

Lian Yin turned around and looked at Lang Zhuoyu.

The evening clouds were golden, and his eyes were shining.

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “You are its owner, you can decide.”

After playing with the cat for a while, Lian Yin finally noticed that there were a lot of cat supplies in the house. Lang Zhuoyu brought him to a cabinet, the door of the cabinet was open, and it was full of cat food and treats.

Lian Yin looked at the cabinet full of cat food in surprise, and then heard Lang Zhuoyu say: “I bought a bowl for fixed time feeding. After putting the cat food in, it will be delivered on time. You can add cat food before going to work every day and it will be fine.”

He pointed at the cat bowl and introduced, but Lian Yin’s eyes kept falling on Lang Zhuoyu.

After Lang Zhuoyu finished speaking, Lian Yin’s voice softened, and many words swirled around his mouth, then it finally turned into one sentence: “Thank you, Teacher Lang.”

Thank you for giving the kitten a home.

“It’s okay, these are all the preparations for raising a cat.” Lang Zhuoyu said calmly.

At bedtime at night, Lian Yin opened the bedroom door, poked his head in, and saw Lang Zhuoyu was still taking a shower in the bathroom. He exhaled, opened the door, and let in a little furry creature.

After Mianmian entered the bedroom, it raised it’s head and raised it’s chest like a king patrolling the territory.

“Miao’an!” The quilt was very comfortable, Mianmian was very satisfied, and called out, pressing her paws against the quilt and began to step on it.

“Shh!” Lian Yin put his index finger on his lips and whispered to Mianmian, “Don’t make a sound, be careful Teacher Lang will throw you out.”

After speaking, Lian Yin looked at the bathroom, and the rushing water had stopped. Lian Yin stuffed Mianmian into the quilt, took out his mobile phone, sat on the floor, and pretended that he had been watching videos.

Lang Zhuoyu walked out of the bathroom and saw Lian Yin sitting on the bed playing with his mobile phone, as if it was no different from every other night.

He wiped the water droplets on his cheeks with a towel, and asked Lian Yin, “Have you taken a shower?”

Lang Zhuoyu’s house had two bathrooms. In order to save time at night, Lian Yin usually used the bathroom outside.

Lian Yin nodded, and moved his body a little guilty, trying to block Mianmian.

As a result, Mianmian seemed to think that Lian Yin was playing with it, so when Lian Yin blocked it to the left, it flicked its tail from the right, exposing its head, and looked at Lang Zhuoyu.

Lang Zhuoyu was slightly short-sighted and wasn’t wearing glasses now. He blinked and saw that a cat’s tail suddenly appeared behind Lian Yin, and thought he was hallucinating. He didn’t react until Mianmian exposed his head.

Lian Yin couldn’t even see the cat behind him, and he didn’t know that Mianmian had already met Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes.

“Are you going to take Mianmian to bed?” Lang Zhuoyu asked, walking to the bedside.

Lian Yin was startled, turned his head to look, only to find that Mian Mian had already run after Lang Zhuoyu’s feet. This little guy seemed to be very interested in Lang Zhuoyu’s swaying trouser legs, stretched out his paws and jumped.

“Can I?” Now that it was exposed, Lian Yin asked honestly.

Lang Zhuoyu came to the other side of the bed, and as soon as he looked up, he saw Lian Yin kneeling on the quilt, leaning forward, his head raised, and staring at himself.

“No? It’s a cat sleeping outside by itself, won’t it be lonely?” Lian Yin said.

The sentence “No” was stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say anything.

Lang Zhuoyu turned away, didn’t look at Lian Yin, and wanted to refuse cruelly, but in the end, he met his big watery eyes again.

“Meow~” Mianmian squatted at Lang Zhuoyu’s feet and called out.

“…ok.” Lang Zhuoyu said helplessly.

“Okay!” Lian Yin smiled brightly, ran over, picked up Mianmian and hugged it into his arms.

“But it hasn’t taken a bath yet. Take it to wash it briefly and pay attention to the wound.” Lang Zhuoyu reminded when he saw this.

He listened to Lang Zhuoyu’s words, and took the cat to wipe it down. After wiping it, the whole cat became fragrant.

Back on the bed, Lian Yin touched the cat and teased it with his hands. After playing with the cat for almost an hour, Lang Zhuoyu reminded him that it was time to go to bed, so Lian Yin put Mianmian on the pillow and touched it soothingly to coax it to sleep.

“Good night.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

“Good night.” Lian Yin responded.

Lang Zhuoyu turned off the light. Lian Yin laid flat on his back. The bedding under his body was soft and warm as he listened to the constant “snoring” sound in his ears. He could feel the heat from the little life, and there was a gentle atmosphere that made his heart soft and sour.

He never imagined that he would have such a life.

If there was a specific picture of happiness, Lian Yin thought it must be this moment.

He peeked at Lang Zhuoyu in the dark.

In fact, Teacher Lang didn’t hate cats at all. On the contrary, he liked cats very much. It could be seen from what he knew about cats and all the preparations he had done for Mianmian today.

So Lang Zhuoyu wanting him to stay in his house naturally was not because he hated cats and that he must take care of it himself.

He just wanted himself to stay. Not because of the cat.


“Teacher Lang, why do you want me to continue living here?” He asked in a vague way.

Lian Yin’s voice floated gently in the quiet air.

Lang Zhuoyu did not answer him for a long time.

Just when Lian Yin thought he wouldn’t get z answer, Lang Zhuoyu spoke.

“Because I don’t want you to continue living in that place.” 

The cramped, damp, shabby rental house. How can you live in a place where you can even hit your head when you stand up straight?

Lian Yin pondered for a moment, rolled his eyes, looked at the ceiling, and deliberately said, “Now I don’t need to support Lian Tiancheng and I still have some savings, so I can live in a better place.”

“How about I’ll stay here for the time being. Stay here and then slowly look for a new house.” Lian Yin turned over, leaned on the bed with his chin on his hand, and made a gesture of asking Lang Zhuoyu’s opinion.


“Teacher Lang, why aren’t you speaking?” Lian Yin pressed on.

Lang Zhuoyu turned his back and said in a quiet voice, “Go to bed early, and we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

Lian Yin didn’t want to put the matter aside, he propped his arms up, got up and climbed onto Lang Zhuoyu’s bed.

Lang Zhuoyu felt the collapse of the bed, turned around and looked at Lian Yin.

“Why do you want to talk about it tomorrow? You don’t need to think about it for a long time.” Lian Yin came to Lang Zhuoyu’s side and sat down on his knees.

Lang Zhuoyu sat up leaning against the head of the bed, their eyes were level. He looked at Lian Yin, his expression could not be seen clearly in the dim light.

There was a deep emotion that couldn’t be read in his tone: “Do you think it’s inconvenient to live here? Or do you think I’m boring?”

Lian Yin’s pupils shrank slightly, and he got closer again, denying: “No, I don’t feel that here. It’s not inconvenient, and I don’t think you’re boring. What are you thinking about, Teacher Lang? I like staying here.”

The sound of the fabric rubbing sounded. Lang Zhuoyu suddenly retreated, but there was a wall behind him, and he had nowhere to go.

Lian Yin got closer and closer, and slowly, he spread his legs and straddled Lang Zhuoyu, with his arms on both sides, and raised his head slightly.

“I like to be with you.” Lian Yin said softly.

The hot air spurted out during the speech, and Lang Zhuoyu shrank his chin subconsciously. Lian Yin got too close. Looking up, opening and closing his lips, it was as if he was asking for a kiss.

Lian Yin noticed Lang Zhuoyu’s move backwards to hide. He frowned unhappily, reached out and grabbed his collar, so that he could no longer hide.

“Teacher Lang, can you be more frank?” Lian Yin’s face was gradually stained with blush, and even in the dark, he could clearly see the process of the red slowly oozing out.

Lian Yin took a deep breath and calmed his violent heartbeat. He said, “I said I like to be with you, which means, I like you.”

“The kind of like that wants to kiss you.” 

The voice fell and the room fell into silence, only the sound of the two intertwined breathing could be heard.

Lian Yin felt his heart beating like crazy, all the blood seemed to rush to his cheeks, making him unbearably hot.

In this silence, Lang Zhuoyu suddenly supported Lian Yin’s waist.

Lian Yin shivered all over, and being touched by his waist made him tense up, but he was able to overcome it through the clothes. He tried his best to remain calm and looked at Lang Zhuoyu.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” Lang Zhuoyu asked, brushing away Lian Yin’s scattered hair with one hand.

His voice was like a siren chanting in the dense ocean fog, making Lian Yin lose his senses when he heard it.

“I know.”

Lang Zhuoyu’s hand slid down Lian Yin’s cheek, lightly pinching his chin. Then, Lian Yin looked at himself reflected in Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes, feeling something in his heart, and slowly closed his eyes.

The next second, warm, soft lips fell down with a sultry breath.

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