Not Obedient Chapter 50

Chapter 50 The Old man has a strong desire to control 

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This was the fourth time that Lang Zhuoyu raised his wrist to look at his watch this morning.

“Lian Yin, are you ready?” Lang Zhuoyu put down his hands, got up from the sofa, and walked towards the bedroom.

“It’ll be fast, there are five minutes left!” Lian Yin’s voice came from the bedroom.

Likewise, this was the fourth ‘five minutes left’ that Lian Yin said this morning. Strictly speaking, it was not morning anymore, and it was just right to go straight to lunch after going out.

Lang Zhuoyu walked into the bedroom and saw Lian Yin putting on makeup in the bathroom of the master bedroom.

Lang Zhuoyu lived alone at home all the time, so there was no such thing as a dressing table. When Lian Yin suddenly wanted women’s clothes, he could only go to the washstand and put on makeup aggrievedly.

When Lang Zhuoyu saw the large and small bottles on the washstand, he realized for the first time that makeup was such a troublesome thing.

“Teacher Lang, how is this color?” Lian Yin finished putting on his lipstick, pursed his lips, and turned from the mirror to ask Lang Zhuoyu’s opinion.

Lang Zhuoyu looked at it carefully for a while, and replied, “It looks good.”

Then Lian Yin raised his hand to his lips again, and the back of his fair hand was also smeared with lipstick. He asked enthusiastically, “Is the one that looks good on the hand or the one on the mouth?”

Lang Zhuoyu was silent.

Both were red, but not quite the same. But Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t tell which one was better.

So he replied, “They all look equally good.”

Lian Yin saw that Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t give an answer, so he didn’t bother to change the color on his lips. He put away the makeup on the counter and ran out of the bathroom.

On the bed were the clothes that Lian Yin had prepared to wear early in the morning.

Seeing the clothes on the bed, Lang Zhuoyu quickly noticed that the clothes were not very good – suspenders, short skirt, and a sun shirt that was so thin that it was almost transparent.

Lian Yin took the clothes and peeked at Lang Zhuoyu frequently, wondering whether to have him go out. If he didn’t go out, he’d be a little embarrassed, but asking him to go out feels a little hypocritical.

Lang Zhuoyu’s attention was on the clothes, and he didn’t notice Lian Yin’s gaze. He hesitated for a moment, then finally said, “You decided to wear this outfit?”

“Huh?” The clothes swayed, and he asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Lang Zhuoyu walked over and took the clothes from his hand, not allowing him to refuse.

“It’s raining today and the weather is cold. If you wear too little, you will catch a cold.” Lang Zhuoyu hung the clothes back in the closet, pressed Lian Yin’s head, and said with a smile, “I’ll help you choose.

Lian Yin could read something bad from Lang Zhuoyu’s smile.

Five minutes later, Lian Yin wore a loose thin sweater, wide-leg sweatpants, and a messenger bag with disgust on his face, then followed Lang Zhuoyu out the door.

On a rainy day at the end of August, it would not be too hot to wear such a set. Lang Zhuoyu also added a coat, but this set did not have the effect of shining the audience even in his imagination.

In order to save this terrible match, he even wore a peaked cap and tied a high ponytail with a wig, and simply carried the sports style to the end. The ponytail was for the look, and the peaked cap is used to cover the face, for fear of embarrassment.

“Be happy, aren’t you going out to play today?” After the two got into the car, Lang Zhuoyu saw his face as black as charcoal and poked at him.

Lian Yin pulled down the brim of his hat to cover his face, and said angrily, “How is it different from what I usually wear! I even washed this sweater the day before yesterday after wearing it!”

Except for makeup and wig, the trousers, top, hat and even satchel were also worn when Lian Yin dressed as a man.

“Because the weather is cold.” Lang Zhuoyu explained patiently, “Don’t be angry, at least you’re beautiful with makeup on.”

Lian Yin was so angry that he lost his speaking ability. After glaring at Lang Zhuoyu, he looked away out the window, not wanting to pay attention to him.

When they first met, this old man expressed his dissatisfaction with his clothes several times. Sure enough, his nature was accidentally exposed at that time! Lian Yin was silently angry.

When he got to the place to eat, Lian Yin lost his anger. After all, he was out on a date. Although he was upset, he didn’t need to be angry all the time.

After eating, Lian Yin took Lang Zhuoyu to the script killing shop called “Truth Detective Museum”.

Looking at the investigation hall, which occupied a huge area and was decorated with suspenseful colors, Lang Zhuoyu sighed: “Young people really know how to play now.”

Lian Yin had read the script introduction on his mobile phone last night, and made an appointment for a supernatural horror book. This book required eight people to act, so it’s a carpool, and they’re going to be with six other strangers.

The staff was a young man, and while leading the way, the younger man introduced: “The other six players are together, they have chosen their characters to change their clothes, and there are two remaining characters, a duke and a duchess. Now I’ll take the two to change clothes.” 

The most important factor in the popularity of this store was the care of the props, so Lian Yin had long been looking forward to the dressing session. This was also the reason why he obeyed Lang Zhuoyu’s outfit without much struggle. Because it had to be replaced anyway. 

Lang Zhuoyu looked at Lian Yin’s gleaming eyes and understood. He smiled helplessly. 

Arriving at the door of the locker room, the younger brother said respectfully, “Please rest assured, our clothes are all sterilized and the size is relatively large, so you can put on your close-fitting clothes without taking them off.” 

The two nodded to the young man, then they entered the locker room. 

Lang Zhuoyu dressed quickly and came out in a few minutes. This was a European style book, so Lang Zhuoyu’s top was a high-necked jacket, with intricate patterns on his body, and shoulder pads, which make his figure taller. He also had an ornamental thumb ring on his hand, quite like a medieval nobleman. 

After coming out, he stood against the wall, waiting for Lian Yin to change his clothes. 

A few minutes later, there was still no movement in Lian Yin’s dressing room, and Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t help but urge, “Lian Yin, did you encounter any difficulties?”

After rustling for a while, Lian Yin stuck his head out from behind the curtain.

A little sweat dripped from the tip of his nose, and he whispered to Lang Zhuoyu, “Teacher Lang, can you come in and do me a favor?”

Lang Zhuoyu’s heartbeat accidentally beat a few beats, but there was no expression on his face. He still asked very indifferently: “What’s wrong?”

“Come in, come in.” Lian Yin hooked his fingers.

Lang Zhuoyu opened the curtain and walked in.

After entering, he realized that Lian Yin was actually dressed, but he couldn’t reach the zipper behind him. His outfit was a court-style skirt with a big hem and a tight top. His arms couldn’t move, and the zipper couldn’t be pulled up.

Lang Zhuoyu helped him close the zipper. Lian Yin breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this dress can be worn by many people, and the size was relatively large, which was much taller than ordinary girls. 

After getting dressed, Lian Yin began to be happy because the dress was beautiful. He opened the attached fan with a “snap” and stretched out his hand towards Lang Zhuoyu: “Lord Duke, help me go out.” 

Seeing him enter the role in a second, Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t help but laugh, took his hand and said: “Let’s go, my wife.” 

Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was low, natural and affectionate, so much so that Lian Yin slipped and almost sprained his feet in sneakers. 

The two walked out, and the young man came to lead the way again and led them into a huge room. 

The decoration of the whole room was modeled after the ornate style of the Middle Ages, two large sofas were placed on one side, and there was a model of afternoon tea on the table, which looked like a tea party. 

When Lang Zhuoyu led Lian Yin into the place, there were already six other players in the room. Two women and four men, all of them in their twenties. They should be college students nearby. 

Lian Yin swept over each of them silently, and suddenly saw a familiar face. He suddenly opened the fan, covering the lower half of his face.

The big boy in a tuxedo sitting on the sofa by the door was Mo Han.

Lian Yin and Mo Han didn’t have a good relationship in high school, but it wasn’t bad either. In fact, Lian Yin was busy studying and working part-time every day at that time, so he didn’t have any spare time to interact with other people. He had a very light impression of Mo Han and hardly ever spoke, it was only that his grades were comparable to his own.

At the class monitor’s birthday party a few months ago, Lian Yin met Mo Han again, and the two had an unpleasant encounter. Later, Mo Han also looked for Lian Yin to say some taunting words, and Lian Yin blocked him directly. 

He didn’t expect to encounter him here so coincidentally, the scene was really a bit embarrassing. If it wasn’t for the clothes being changed, and there were so many other people waiting to play the game, Lian Yin could not wait to leave. 

But thinking that when he left, this large group of people would be disappointed today, Lian Yin endured it. He covered his face with a fan and said silently: Don’t recognize me, don’t recognize me. 

Mo Han also looked over, his eyes widened, and he seemed to be surprised. He got up and greeted them. 

“Teacher Lang, it’s such a coincidence that I met you here, so you also come to play the script killing?” Mo Han’s tone was enthusiastic, and he approached Lang Zhuoyu to say hello. 

Lang Zhuoyu also recognized him and nodded slightly to him: “En, it’s a coincidence.” 

Lian Yin quietly loosened his hand and slipped to the seat to sit down. Mo Han didn’t recognize him, and concentrated on chatting with Lang Zhuoyu. 

“Today I’m with all my classmates at Beicheng University. We have a project during summer vacation. We came out for a get-together this weekend. I didn’t expect to see you, teacher.” 

Lang Zhuoyu smiled politely at him. When he wanted to take a step back, he pointed to the seat and said, “The game is about to start, I’ll go and sit down first.” 

Mo Han didn’t understand Lang Zhuoyu’s alienation, nodded, and even wanted to send Lang Zhuoyu to the seat himself. However, it was Lang Zhuoyu who pushed his hand to refuse, and got rid of him. 

After sitting down, Lang Zhuoyu let out a long sigh of relief. Lian Yin saw this and snickered while shaking his fan. 

Everyone was seated, and the lights suddenly went dark.

The host walked in wearing a knight costume and started the organization process: “Good afternoon, players, I am the host of this game ‘Shadow of the Evil Infant’, and my role is the Knight Commander. I came to the Duke’s tea party, But in the middle of the tea party, a priceless painting disappeared quietly and the Duke has entrusted me to find the person who stole the painting. So I gathered everyone here. Now, please start introducing yourself.” 

After the host finished speaking, everyone looked at each other in dismay. It took a while to open the script, and it could be seen that most of the people were playing it for the first time. After reading the script, the host pointed to a person, and that person would introduced themself a little coyly.

Soon it was Lian Yin’s turn, he stood up and saluted with his skirt, then covered his face with a fan, and said elegantly in pseudo-voice: “I am the Duchess, and the Duke and I are very affectionate.”

Immediately afterwards, he exaggeratedly sighed. His tone was regretful: “Hey! It’s a pity that we have been married for many years and we have no children.”

After speaking, he also pretended to be shy and glanced at Lang Zhuoyu who was playing the duke.

Although the lights were dim and his face was dark, everyone could still feel his act from the action. Lian Yin’s contrived extra drama made the later people let go a little bit, and also acted in their role.

After the introduction, the knight commander asked everyone to read the first act of the script.

Lang Zhuoyu was reading the script with a candle-shaped lamp, and while reading it, he suddenly felt that the people around him had changed.

Mo Han actually took this opportunity to sit next to Lang Zhuoyu, and whispered to him, “Teacher Lang, you should be playing this for the first time. I’ve played it a few times. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.”

Lang Zhuoyu ducked, and was about to reply, “No need,” when he heard the solemn voice of the knight commander: “Players please don’t talk to each other at this time.”

Mo Han’s face changed a bit, and he shut his mouth and read the script angrily.

The author has something to say:

Duchess Lian: (sighs) I have been married to the Duke for many years and have no children. Whose fault is it?

Lord Duke Long: It’s not me.

Duchess Lian:  …

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