Not Obedient Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Can I date you in women’s clothes? 

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 It’s not clear who came over first and facilitated the kiss.

The two breaths entwined, lips and teeth met. Lian Yin wrapped his arms around Lang Zhuoyu’s neck, closed his eyes and lowered his head, immersing himself in this deep kiss.

Lang Zhuoyu raised his chin slightly, his eyes fluttering. His hand was firmly on Lian Yin’s waist.

The temperature kept rising. Lian Yin’s pajamas were loose and soft, and the hem could be lifted easily.

Lang Zhuoyu’s hand slipped quietly into the hem of Lian Yin’s clothes. A hot, smooth touch came from the pulp of the finger.

The waist was touched, and Lian Yin wanted to hide unconsciously and his head retreated.

In order to chase Lian Yin, Lang Zhuoyu sat up straight and pressed the back of Lian Yin’s head with his other hand, making him unable to escape, deepening the kiss again.

The hand under the clothes came to the back. Lian Yin’s waist was very thin, Lang Zhuoyu’s hands were spread open and he could almost hold it all with one palm.

So inadvertently, Lang Zhuoyu came across a string of unknown scars on Lian Yin’s waist.

Different from the smooth and delicate touch around it, this area felt wrinkled and astringent to touch. Lang Zhuoyu was slow to perceive the abnormality in the confused kiss, and slowly opened his eyes.

Then he was pushed away again.

After Lian Yin pushed Lang Zhuoyu, he tightly pressed the hem of his clothes with one hand and looked at Lang Zhuoyu in panic.

The blush on his face did not disappear, but an emotion called fear flashed in his eyes.

Lang Zhuoyu was frightened by his eyes and wanted to reach out to give him a hug, but he didn’t know why his fear came, whether it was because of his abrupt actions or because he couldn’t accept being close to him. His movement can only be frozen in mid-air.

After regaining his senses, he realized that his reaction was too great. Seeing Lang Zhuoyu’s worried but not daring gesture, he felt a surge of sour guilt in his heart.

“I’m sorry…” Lian Yin lowered his head and explained, “I, my waist, can’t be touched by others.”

Lang Zhuoyu caressed his face carefully and said, “It’s fine.”

Still afraid of Lang Zhuoyu’s misunderstanding, he gritted his teeth and simply told Lang Zhuoyu the origin of the scars on his waist.

After hearing this, Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes sank. He embraced the back of Lian Yin’s neck, pressed the person’s head down slightly, and gently placed a series of soothing kisses on Lian Yin’s forehead and cheek.

Lian Yin was kissed and he closed his eyes, the sourness in his heart kept turning. Then he opened his eyes to look at Lang Zhuoyu, raised his hand, wrapped his neck around his neck, and hugged Lang Zhuoyu tightly.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Lang, I didn’t mean to.”

Lang Zhuoyu patted his back and sighed quietly.

“It’s okay.”

After hugging for a while, Lian Yin calmed down, but he still didn’t relax, but leaned in his ear and whispered, “I’ll get over this soon.”

“No hurry, take your time. Come.” Lang Zhuoyu smiled.

“Take your time? Really take your time?” Lian Yin looked at Lang Zhuoyu slyly and shook him.

Lang Zhuoyu laughed out loud and let Lian Yin sway him around, then hugged him tightly: “Okay, I was wrong, as soon as possible, hurry up.”

“Humph.” Lian Yin couldn’t tell if he was complacent or dissatisfied when he snorted.

Lang Zhuoyu hugged the person and laid down.

The next morning, Lian Yin was woken up by a soft object, opened his eyes and saw that it was actually Mianmian’s paws.

The kitten slapped Lian Yin’s face, and then meowed, not giving anyone a chance to continue sleeping. It was a very conscientious alarm clock.

Lian Yin rubbed Mianmian’s head, sat up, froze for a while, and then looked up at the bathroom.

The bathroom door was not closed, and occasionally there was the sound of water, it should be Lang Zhuoyu washing inside. Lian Yin got out of bed, discarded his slippers, and walked barefoot into the bathroom.

Lang Zhuoyu just finished brushing his teeth and wiped the water stains off his mouth with a towel. When he was about to lower his head to wash the towel, he suddenly felt his waist being hugged.

Turning his head to look, he saw Lian Yin grinning at himself.

Lian Yin was a head shorter than Lang Zhuoyu. Holding him like this, he can only look up at Lang Zhuoyu.

The movement of raising his head was easy to misunderstand, at least Lang Zhuoyu misunderstood that he was asking for a kiss.

So Lang Zhuoyu lowered his head and touched the corner of his mouth lightly.

In fact, Lian Yin didn’t mean to ask for a kiss. He was suddenly kissed and was stunned, and his face was hot.

He let go of the hand holding Lang Zhuoyu, put it on his mouth, and said incoherently, “I-I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned, then turned to laugh, and said, “It doesn’t taste like anything.”

Lian Yin felt very embarrassed, but also a little relieved. He woke up just now and thought that everything last night was just a dream. Although Lang Zhuoyu’s kiss came unexpectedly, it bluntly told him that all this was not a dream.

He confessed to Lang Zhuoyu and they kissed.

Thinking of this, Lian Yin buried his face on Lang Zhuoyu’s shoulder and rubbed against it.

“Wash up, do you want to hold me all the time?” Lang Zhuoyu urged him with a smile.

Only then did Lian Yin reluctantly let go of his hands, stood in front of the sink, and began to brush his teeth and wash his face.

After washing and eating, Lian Yin packed his bags and prepared to go out to work.

He didn’t forget to add food to Mianmian’s bowl before going out.

Lang Zhuoyu walked to the door and saw that Lian Yin was wearing shoes.

Lian Yin put on his shoes, then stood up. He stretched out his hand and was about to get the bag, only to find that the bag was not by his side.

“Lian Yin.” Lang Zhuoyu suddenly said.

Lian Yin raised his eyes and looked over, only to find that Lang Zhuoyu was standing facing him, holding the shoulder straps of the backpack in both hands. Lian Yin only needed to stretch out his hand to carry the bag on his back.

Wow, so thoughtful.

Lian Yin walked over a little embarrassedly, turned his back and put his hands into the shoulder straps. Lang Zhuoyu loosened the bag, but did not let Lian Yin go away immediately. He stopped Lian Yin with one arm from behind and held Lian Yin’s chin with the other hand, turned the person’s face over slightly, and pecked lightly from the side on his lips.

The kiss ended quickly. Lang Zhuoyu let go of Lian Yin and said to him, “Be careful on the road.”

Lian Yin felt the world was spinning, and he said goodbye to Lang Zhuoyu in a daze, going out and taking the subway in a trance. When he got to the station, his mind was still full of the kissing scene of himself and Lang Zhuoyu during the night and morning.

“Mmm…” Lian Yin covered his face and hummed in a complicated mood.

Xu Rong just came to the workstation and sat down. Seeing Lian Yin humming for a while, and covering his face, she felt strange.

“What are you doing, Friday’s syndrome has become so serious?”

Lian Yin moved his hand away, revealing a slightly flushed face, not sure if he was shy or from holding his breath. He struggled for a while, but he still couldn’t hold back. The corners of his mouth were lifted and he said to Xu Rong, “Sister, I’m in love.”

Xu Rong responded after half a second, and immediately smiled brightly. She patted Lian Yin vigorously on the shoulders and said with a smile: “Good boy, why weren’t there movements at all before!? Who is it? A person from your school or from our company?”

Lian Yin waved his hand: “No, he is older than me and has been working for a long time. “

Wow, the love between an older woman and a younger man, how wild!”

Seeing Xu Rong’s misunderstanding, he hesitated for a moment before whispering, “It’s not a love between an older woman and a younger man.”

But he still didn’t dare to tell the truth. Unexpectedly, Xu Rong suddenly turned serious. She approached Lian Yin and asked in a low voice, “Yin, tell me the truth, do you like men?”

Lian Yin’s eyes widened and he looked at Xu Rong in surprise.

His reaction was already the best answer. Xu Rong patted him on the shoulder reassuringly, and explained, “I have always had doubts. You are too different in temperament from the straight men in the company. I have several friends like you, so I’m more sensitive. But don’t worry, I won’t say anything.” 

Lian Yin nodded embarrassedly, and thanked: “Thank you, sister.”

She smiled and said, “Don’t be so nervous, what’s the big deal? Those friends of mine never hide their sexual orientation, and they live well, so don’t be afraid.”

In his mind, Lian Yin knew that in big cities, people were busy with their own business and young people didn’t care about others’ sexuality at all, even coming out publicly won’t have much of an impact. But because he was once threatened by Lian Tiancheng and lived in that closed town for 18 years, it was still difficult for Lian Yin to subconsciously show his differences in a situation where he “should behave like most people”.

Xu Rong’s words reminded him that there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“It’s okay, I’m not afraid.” Lian Yin said to Xu Rong with a smile.

The chat before work was over and both Lian Yin and Xu Rong went back to work.

At about 11 o’clock, Xu Rong said to Lian Yin, “The video we interviewed with screenwriter Lang has already been made, and it is going to be released at 12 o’clock today. Lian Yin, please help me keep an eye on the comment area and pick some to reply to.”

Hearing this news, Lian Yin’s eyes lit up and he immediately replied, “Okay.”

At 12 noon, Lian Yin clicked the video on time and started watching.

After watching the video, he knew for the first time that Teacher Lang was so photogenic.

The tall and straight man with three-dimensional features had a strong scholarly air. He had questions and answers for Xu Rong, who was in charge of the interview. His answers were relaxed and sometimes humorous.

Lian Yin couldn’t help but be fascinated. The nearly 20-minute video was finished without skipping a second.

After watching it, Lian Yin was startled to realize that he still had a task to do, so he slid down the page and came to the comment area.

Lang Zhuoyu had a considerable number of fans because of his delicate style of writing. And with the internet rumors that he was handsome, they were mostly female fans. But for so long, there was not a single photo of his face on the Internet. Even at the signing party, he was wearing a mask.

It was claimed to the public that he happened to catch a cold at several signing events, but in fact, they did not want to reveal their appearance because they did not want to be disturbed in their daily life.

But wearing a mask, fans can also see from the figure that Lang Zhuoyu can’t be ugly, and they have long wanted to see his real face.

Therefore, as soon as the gimmick of the first interview was played, countless fans were eagerly waiting, and in just ten minutes, hundreds of comments had already been written.

In order to grab the front row, most people commented before they had time to watch it, so the comment area for the first ten minutes was all: “Ah, ah, husband!!”, “Oh my god, husband is so handsome!”, “Please other women don’t covet my husband, I’m angry, he had coaxed me for a long time!”

Lian Yin looked at the comments one by one, and the corners of his mouth curled up proudly.

He snickered inwardly: What’s the use of calling him husband, hehe, he is already mine.

These “Ahhh” comments were not easy to reply to, so he picked one of the more interesting statements and replied with an expression. After that, high-quality comments appeared gradually, and he simply replied after they were selected.

The day’s work was over quickly. When the afternoon approached, the atmosphere of the entire company became impetuous. After all, it was the last few minutes of work on Friday, and no one was really thinking of working. 

Xu Rong slid her chair, came to Lian Yin, took out two coupons, and said, “Little Yin, in order to celebrate your separation from being single, I will give you a present. This is a 50% discount for a script killing shop (a place where people are given roles to re-enact and find clues to solve mystery; translated directly since I dont know the equivalent) opened by my friend. You can take your person to play. This store is very popular, and basically all young people in Beicheng know about it, don’t thank me too much.” 

Lian Yin saw the words on the coupon, “Immerse in exploration, thrilling and exciting.” He felt his heart moe.

At the same time, a bold idea emerged in his mind irresistibly: he had not worn women’s clothes for a long time…

He wore women’s clothes not only because of the needs of his previous work, but also because he liked the variety and how dazzling women’s clothes were. Compared with = men’s clothing, women’s clothing was much more interesting. Since his internship, he had not had the chance to wear women’s clothes out. If he can date Teacher Lang in women’s clothes, he can show his intimacy openly.

“Thank you, Sister Rong!” Lian Yin took the coupon and praised sweetly, “Sister Rong is beautiful and kind, I’m going to fall in love with you.”

Xu Rong waved her hand, pretending to be disgusted, “F*ck off, I don’t buy it.”

Lian Yin was enjoying himself when suddenly the phone rang. He opened it and found that it was a WeChat message from Lang Zhuoyu.

Teacher Lang: I came out to deal with things this afternoon. I passed by your company and wanted to pick you up. Go directly to the second basement after getting off work.

The happy things today came one after another, and the corner of Lian Yin’s mouth almost flew into outer space. He glanced at his phone, and he was still a minute away from getting off work. He exaggeratedly turned on the clock accuracy to the seconds, and began to stare at the remaining few seconds.

At 18:00 in the afternoon, no less than a second later, Lian Yin picked up his bag, got up to say goodbye to his colleagues, and left the company.

On the second basement floor, Lang Zhuoyu parked the car at the elevator entrance, and as soon as Lian Yin came out, he saw his car, and the wind was blowing under his feet, and he trotted over.

When he got into the car, he even forgot his seat belt in excitement. After the speed was increased, the warning bell rang, he responded and fastened the seat belt.

Lang Zhuoyu also noticed the happy atmosphere that filled his body, shook his head helplessly, and concentrated on driving.

At a red light, the car stopped steadily. Lian Yin finally plucked up the courage and was ready to tell the story that he had been holding back for a long time.

“Teacher Lang, let’s go out to play on the weekend.”

After saying that, he felt much more relaxed. He let out a sigh of relief and turned his head to look at Lang Zhuoyu earnestly.

Lang Zhuoyu was still wondering what Lian Yin was nervous about, but he didn’t expect him to be nervous about such a thing.

“Of course, have you decided where to go?” Lang Zhuoyu replied indifferently.

There was one more important thing to do, so he clenched his fist on his thigh tightly, and said with gritted teeth, “Then can I… go out with you in women’s clothes?”

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned when his voice fell.

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