Not Obedient Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Lumbar Desensitization Treatment 

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 It’s been more than half a month since the script killing date, and Lian Yin’s life had been very peaceful. Although Mo Han was annoying, as long as he didn’t appear in front of him, Lian Yin had no time to care about this person.

He heard a little bit of the conversation between Lang Zhuoyu and Mo Han that day, but it was too far away, so he didn’t really hear it. He only knew that they were reminiscing about the old times, and that Mo Han and Lang Zhuoyu’s family knew each other. Lian Yin didn’t take this matter to heart, because Xicheng was not big, and it was normal for interpersonal networks to overlap.

But the root cause was actually – he had encountered a little trouble recently, so he didn’t have the time to care about other things.

After six o’clock in the afternoon, Lian Yin, who had just returned home from getting off work, stood at the door of the house with the key in his hand. He raised his hand to open the door, put it down, raised his hand again, and put it down again.

After repeating this several times, Lian Yin beat his head and muttered, “Ah, it’s alright, Lian Yin, open the door!”

But the key hit the door lock, and Lian Yin squatted down, wrapping his arms around his waist. Resting his head on the door panel, he sighed deeply.

   He was still a little scared.

One night a week ago.

Lian Yin, who had taken a bath, was still steaming with moist water. He wiped his hair and walked into the bedroom. He saw Lang Zhuoyu leaning on the bed and smiling at him.

This smile made Lian Yin suddenly lose his ability to resist, and he walked to the bedside bewitched. Then Lang Zhuoyu took his hand, pulled him to the bed to sit down, and a soft hot kiss fell.

The two had not been together for a long time and it was the time for them to be sticky, so they always loved to kiss and hug.

Lian Yin’s heart beat fast, he didn’t know if he was holding his breath or he was shy and his breathing became short. The weight of the other person was on his body, giving him a strange sense of security, and he put his arms around Lang Zhuoyu’s back.

After a while, the kiss came to an abrupt end and Lang Zhuoyu got up. Lian Yin was a little excited, his head was dizzy, and he laid flat on the bed.

Very lightly, Lang Zhuoyu put his hand on Lian Yin’s waist through his clothes, and he asked in a low voice, “Can I touch your waist this time?”

Lian Yin felt a little nervous in his heart, but it was impossible not to let him touch him forever, so he nodded.

As a result, Lang Zhuoyu lifted the hem, and the moment his hand just touched his waist, Lian Yin suddenly curled up like a stressed cat. He even subconsciously slapped Lang Zhuoyu with his backhand.

Lang Zhuoyu’s hand was hanging in the air and he reacted by hugging his waist, looking at Lang Zhuoyu apologetically.

Lang Zhuoyu said nothing, stood up silently, and walked towards the bathroom.

Lian Yin stayed on the bed, listening to the sound of water in the bathroom, at a loss.

About half an hour later, Lang Zhuoyu came out with wet hair, saw Lian Yin still sitting on the bed, and urged, “Go to bed early.”

After speaking, he was about to sit down on the other side of the bed, but was caught. Lian Yin took the lead in holding his hand. Lian Yin felt the coolness of his skin, and his thoughts were distracted for a moment. He was worried that Lang Zhuoyu would catch a cold in the early autumn weather.

It’s all because of my own badness, I can’t even overcome the stress of my waist. He lowered his eyes, gritted his teeth, and said his decision: “Teacher Lang, can you accompany me to cure the problem of not being touched on the waist?” 

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned for a moment, and then asked, “How to treat it?”

“Just, just…touch there more.”

Time returned to this moment and Lian Yin had been squatting at the door for several minutes.

After that, Lang Zhuoyu really accompanied Lian Yin to the so-called “desensitization treatment” every day. First, he touched it through his clothes, and after getting used to it, he touched it directly. Although he was very happy to get a kiss at the end of each time, but the feeling in the process was not good at all.

After a week, Lian Yin felt a little conflicted and every time he went home, he had to prepare himself mentally for a while.

Don’t think about it! Lian Yin stood up, inserted the key into the door lock and twisted it. It’s useless to think so much, it’s better to face it!

Opening the door, the first thing that appeared was the fluffy Mianmian. The kitten had long heard the footsteps of Lian Yin’s return, and had been sitting at the door for a while. Seeing that someone finally opened the door and came in, he happily meowed several times to Lian Yin.

“Mianmian.” Lian Yin smiled unconsciously when he saw the cute kitten, then squatted down and touched it. Mianmian rubbed his hand, and arrogantly ran back to his den.

Watching Mianmian walk away, then looking up, Lian Yin saw Lang Zhuoyu who came out of the study to greet him.

Because of the desensitization treatment in the past few days, Lian Yin was full of images of stroking and kissing when he saw Lang Zhuoyu. He felt that he was about to become numb, and the first thing he did every day when he came back was to be rubbed by Lang Zhuoyu.

“How was work today?” Lang Zhuoyu took the bag from Lian Yin’s back and put it on the cabinet. Lian Yin replied that everything went well, and then followed Lang Zhuoyu to the bedroom very tacitly. 

Mianmian followed Lian Yin’s feet curiously, and walked to the bedroom with his tail erect, but as soon as he reached the door of the bedroom, one foot stopped in front of her. Mianmian looked up and saw Lang Zhuoyu lowering his head and smiling at it. 

Then the bedroom door closed gently in front of Mianmian, making a relentless “click” sound. 

In the room, Lian Yin pinched the corner of his clothes crampedly. 

The desensitization treatment had been going on for a week. From the very beginning, he couldn’t help but avoid it. Now he could accept Lang Zhuoyu’s short-term sticking of his finger on the skin. The whole progress was not slow, but Lian Yin was not satisfied because he felt that this matter was not so difficult, so how could he still not get used to it after a week of touch. 

Lang Zhuoyu looked at him with a smile, and asked softly, “Do you want to start?” 

He took a deep breath and nodded decisively. 

The shirt was unbuttoned, and the cool breeze of the early autumn evening softly brushed against his skin, causing goosebumps. Lian Yin raised his hand, lowered his head and dared not look at the person in front of him. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s hand slowly approached the old scars on Lian Yin’s waist. His slightly higher body temperature can be conveyed to the skin through the air, and he even shivered. Suddenly, the warmth turned into substance, and it was attached to the scar on the waist.

This was the level of yesterday’s touch, and the fingers were lightly attached to it for a while.

The entire back of Lian Yin’s neck couldn’t help but stand up with cold hair. He tried his best to control himself and he didn’t cry out or react excessively.

“Very good.” Lang Zhuoyu’s encouraging voice sounded, and along with these words, more of his fingers were attached, and slowly, his entire palm was resting on Lian Yin’s waist.

Lian Yin was already unable to support himself with his arms to keep lifted. Lang Zhuoyu noticed that he was shaking constantly, so he picked up his arm and put it on his shoulder: “You did a good job, hold me, it’s alright.”

His words were like a reassurance pill, making Lian Yin Immediately relax. He raised his hand around Lang Zhuoyu’s neck and his whole body almost hung on him.

Lang Zhuoyu raised Lian Yin’s chin and gave him a kiss: “Are you uncomfortable?”

Someone touched his waist, but this time, Lian Yin didn’t feel any strong discomfort. In his heart there was more awkwardness, an unknown sense of trying something for the first time. Now Lang Zhuoyu’s hand was well placed on his waist, and he did not push him away, nor was he afraid.

A strange feeling came to his mind, as if something heavy had completely fallen to the ground.

At that time, Lian Yin didn’t know that this feeling was called the dust had settled (sorted out). All the pains and traumas in the past have completely become “the past” at this moment, and he will never be entangled again.

Lian Yin’s nose was sour and Lang Zhuoyu pressed his forehead against his forehead, and said in a nasal voice, “Because it’s you.”

Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes flashed for a while, and then he understood what he meant.

Now that the most intimate person touched his waist, although he adapted well, it did not mean that the desensitization was really successful. He may still feel uncomfortable when he encountered it in the future with others.

“As long as I can touch it, that’s enough, isn’t it?” Lang Zhuoyu whispered in Lian Yin’s ear.

Lian Yin glared at him, but hugged him even harder.

“En.” He muttered.

After the kitten Mianmian was locked out of the door, he stood at the door and turned around a few times, and found that there was no movement in the room, so he sat down and licked his claws at the door. Claws licked for a while, he saw a furry tail, dangling in front of him, provocatively. It got up and pounced on it, but the tail was sharper than it, and it couldn’t reach it!

Mianmian was a little angry, “Meow!” With a sound, he gave up the tail chase and ran to the cat climbing frame to squint and sleep for a while.

After entering fall, the days become shorter, and soon the sky outside became darker. Mianmian was awakened by the change of light, and when she saw the living room that was still empty, she felt a little lonely.

“Meow…” The faint cat’s cry echoed in the empty living room for a moment.

Mianmian dexterously jumped off the cat climbing frame and sat down at the door of the bedroom again.

“Meow, meow!” Play with me! Mianmian called a few times towards the bedroom.

No one answered.

Mianmian lowered his ears in disappointment, and suddenly found a small flying insect and happily chased after him. But the little flying insect was not playful, and died after a while. Mianmian was alone again, and at this time it was already hungry.

In the cat bowl, the food added in the morning was eaten up after a whole day, and Mianmian needed to eat!

“Meow!” The kitten’s meow became anxious, scratching at the bedroom door.

Finally, with Mian Mian’s perseverance, the bedroom door opened.

Lang Zhuoyu had already changed clothes at this time, and when he came out, he saw a kitten that kept calling. He crouched down, scratched Mianmian’s chin, and said apologetically, “Sorry, I forgot to feed you.”

He patted Mianmian’s head comfortingly, and Lang Zhuoyu opened a bag of snacks for the kitten as compensation.

After eating snacks, Mianmian felt that he was full of energy again, and with a hook of his tail, he ran to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, the thick curtains were drawn tightly, and at a glance, he saw Lian Yin lying on the bed sleeping. The kitten felt it very strange. It’s not late, why is this lazy guy sleeping, doesn’t he want to play with him!

Mianmian jumped and wanted to go to bed, but was pinched by the back of his neck by Lang Zhuoyu, who was following behind.

“Let him rest for a while, I’ll take some toys out for you.” Lang Zhuoyu used a negotiating tone, but his movements did not allow rejection.

After about half an hour, Lian Yin’s eyelids trembled and he slowly opened his eyes.

He actually squinted for a while. He felt tired due to the sudden relaxation of spirit today, so just now when Lang Zhuoyu was talking in his ear, he fell asleep listening to it.

He sat up, opened his eyes, and stretched somewhat stiffly. Putting on slippers, Lian Yin stood up and opened the curtains, only to find that it was already dark.

“Gu…” His stomach protested.

Lian Yin touched his stomach, suddenly remembered something, then his face turned red. They didn’t even eat, just…

Others only thought about this when they were full, but they didn’t care even if they were hungry.

Fortunately, he took a shower just now, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go out to find something to eat right now. Lian Yin sighed and seriously reflected on his behavior.

Opening the bedroom door, Lian Yin found Mianmian squatting at the door, with a look of concern in his round cat eyes. Lian Yin smiled at it and walked to the kitchen.

It should be Lang Zhuoyu who had already prepared the meal. A warm aroma was drifting from there, followed by it’s smell.

Under the warm yellow light of the kitchen, Lang Zhuoyu’s face was gentle. He just put away his apron. Seeing Lian Yin approaching, a smile slowly bloomed on his face.

“Just on time, it’s time to eat.”

The food on the table was steaming hot, the cute kitten beside his feet was rubbing his trousers like a spoiled child, and Lang Zhuoyu stood not far away with a smile on his face.

Lian Yin’s heart seemed to be soaked in a hot spring and then turned into a pool with the warmth of spring water.

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