Not Obedient Chapter 53

Chapter 53 It’s snowing

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 Lian Yin walked to the dining table, and Lang Zhuoyu also came over with his rice bowl. He put the bowl on the table and slowly raised his eyes to look at Lian Yin.

The strange atmosphere flowed out silently, and Lian Yin suddenly felt a little awkward.

He avoided looking, not daring to look.

The smile on Lang Zhuoyu’s face deepened. Lian Yin kept his head down so he didn’t see it. He only felt the other party getting closer, then lowered their head and placed a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

“It’s a little late, are you so hungry you can’t even feel?” Lang Zhuoyu asked.

Lian Yin, who had just heard his stomach growl just now, was a little embarrassed, and nodded as he pretended to be exactly what he said.

The two sat down to eat, and Mianmian kept tugging at Lian Yin’s feet, pulling his trouser legs, and then settled down when Lian Yin carried him to his thighs.

“How is your video account?” Lang Zhuoyu asked suddenly.

A few days ago, Lian Yin created a video account to shoot some dress-up videos in his spare time. The first video has been posted. Lang Zhuoyu asked when he remembered it.

Lian Yin only wore women’s clothes because he thought women’s clothes were interesting. He used to work part-time under Lin Jiayu, so he could wear women’s clothes openly. Now that the part-time job was over, there was no chance to wear women’s clothes in life. Lian Yin wanted to create a video account and he got a bit addicted when filming.

So talking about this, Lian Yin was very happy. With a smile on his face, he replied, “It’s good, I think it already has a thousand likes today.”

Lang Zhuoyu’s smile deepened. He was very pleased that Lian Yin could boldly show himself on public platforms.

The previous Lian Yin was very fragmented. When facing classmates and people he met before, he was not willing to show his difference at all, and carefully guarded his secrets. It was because of this that he was threatened by Lian Tiancheng. In front of people who knew his women’s clothes and when wearing women’s clothes, he was dazzling and confident. He didn’t seem to care about other people’s opinions, so he was even a little arrogant.

This split state showed that Lian Yin held a negative attitude towards himself in women’s clothing. Now his willingness to show himself to strangers was a big improvement, showing that he was accepting every aspect of himself little by little.

After eating, Lian Yin played with Mianmian for a while with the cat stick. Originally, it was very late to eat. Half an hour later, near midnight, he went back to the bedroom after taking a shower.

The curtains were drawn tightly, Lang Zhuoyu laid back on the bed, looked down and saw Lian Yin was looking at him, his eyes sparkling.

He thought about it and smiled: “Do you still want to continue tonight’s business?”

Lian Yin’s eyes widened, wrapped in the quilt, he turned his back and stammered: “I, I have to go to work tomorrow, go to sleep! “

Lang Zhuoyu hugged the person and even the quilt into his arms from behind. He leaned into Lian Yin’s ear and said, “Then do we want to make a rule? We will follow the rule in the future.”

Lian Yin immediately understood the “rule” in Lang Zhuoyu’s mouth. What did he mean? His face blushed and blood dripped, he whispered tentatively: “Twice a week?”

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t speak, just looked at him and smiled.

“Three, three times?”

Still no answer.

“Four times, it can’t be more!” Lian Yin turned around a little anxiously and looked directly at Lang Zhuoyu.

 Immediately afterwards, his lips were pecked lightly, and Lian Yin ‘s head felt faint. He said vaguely, “Um… five times?” 

“Ai” Lang Zhuoyu sighed and rubbed Lian Yin’s head. “It’s fine, I won’t make it hard on you anymore, we won’t make rules.”

Lian Yin felt a little comfortable and did not react to the trap in Lang Zhuoyu’s words. He was naively relieved at the moment that he didn’t have to struggle a few times a week. It wasn’t until later, when he was exhausted every night, that he realized what no rules meant for Lang Zhuoyu.

But Lian Yin didn’t have much of an opinion afterwards.

The days passed quickly. In December, the weather in Beicheng was cold and windy.

This semester, Lian Yin went back to school after his internship, to prepare for his graduation thesis, and to deal with his final year at university. Although there were no classes at all and was basically staying at home and squatting with Lang Zhuoyu, he would occasionally still need to go to school.

For example, on this day, at the end of the semester, there was a lot of work in the school, so he even wore a coat of Lang Zhuoyu’s to go back to work.

The reason why he wore Lang Zhuoyu’s coat was because he found out that his coat had been urinated on before going out today. Lang Zhuoyu took Mianmian and trained him for a while. Lian Yin’s other coats had just been washed, so he could only borrow Lang Zhuoyu’s as an emergency.

Lang Zhuoyu’s coat was a bit big. If his hands were down, the sleeves would slide down, covering his hands.

On the way home from doing his work, Lian Yin received a text message. He raised his hand, shook his wrist, sliding down his sleeve to reveal his hand with difficulty, then he turned on the phone. There was no name for the incoming message, but the content easily made a person heated.

“Lian Yin, I know about you and Teacher Lang, and I want to talk to you. I’ll be waiting for you at the coffee shop in xx mall. – Mo Han”

Lian Yin squinted his eyes and put away his phone with a “tsk” sound. He walked to the side of the road, raised his hand to stop a taxi, and went to xx mall.

There was a lot of traffic outside the window and the pedestrians were wrapped thickly and walking in a hurry. Lian Yin opened the text message and glanced at it again, unable to guess what this guy Mo Han wanted to do.

The matter between him and Lang Zhuoyu can only refer to the fact that they were together. How did Mo Han know?

Lian Yin frowned. According to his temperament, he would simply ignore the text message and what Mo Han wanted to do, but after the script killing that day, Lian Yin learned from the conversation between Mo Han and Lang Zhuoyu that this guy knew Lang Zhuoyu’s family.

He and Lang Zhuoyu have been together for a few months, but neither of them told their family about it. There was no need to mention Lian Yin’s side. Lang Zhuoyu didn’t mention his parents in front of Lian Yin, so he probably didn’t plan to tell his family for the time being. 

But Mo Han, who knew Lang Zhuoyu’s family, knew. No matter how he learned about it, what if he told Lang Zhuoyu’s parents? Lian Yin was worried about this and decided to meet him.

In the cafe, he opened the foggy glass door, walked into the store, looked around, and saw Mo Han sitting by the window.

Lian Yin walked over, stood beside Mo Han, and said coldly, “What do you want?”

Mo Han was shocked, obviously startled by Lian Yin’s sudden voice. He raised his head and looked at Lian Yin, pointed to the opposite position: “You sit.”

“No need, hurry up and make it clear.” Lian Yin didn’t want to stay here any longer.

Mo Han smiled contemptuously and said, “Sit down, I can’t finish what I want to say in a while.”

“Then you talk a lot.” Lian Yin casually said to him, pulled out the chair and sat down, taking off his jacket and putting it down on the side.

Mo Han’s face changed a bit, but he kept his expression after holding back. After waiting for Lian Yin to sit down, Mo Han turned the phone that was originally in his hand and placed it on the table.

On the screen of the mobile phone was Lian Yin’s own video, playing a video of his women’s clothing.

“This is you.” Mo Han asked.

Lian Yin’s expression didn’t change. Since he posted the video on the Internet, he was ready to be seen by acquaintances. At this time, he just nodded: “Yes, what’s wrong?

“From last time at the script killing shop, the person with Teacher Lang, that was you, right?” Mo Han raised his eyes and looked straight at Lian Yin.

Lian Yin’s eyes didn’t avoid him. He looked at him, and then nodded slowly: “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Mo Han showed a “as expected” expression. A few months ago, in the script killing shop, Mo Han had not noticed a “woman” beside Lang Zhuoyu. It wasn’t until Lang Zhuoyu told himself that he already had a lover and Mo Han returned to the store to grab an umbrella and collided with Lian Yin in women’s clothing, which attracted his attention.

At that time, Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu reacted very quickly and Lian Yin’s face was only exposed for a moment. After Mo Han saw it, he just felt it inexplicably familiar, but he couldn’t remember where the familiarity was. Coincidentally, when he was swiping videos recently, he came across Lian Yin in women’s clothing. At that moment, Mo Han connected the “woman” seen in the script killing shop with Lian Yin.

Mo Han sneered in his heart. He clenched his teeth and leaned over, whispering: “What’s wrong? Did you forget that you’re a man when you were wearing women’s clothes? Teacher Lang is also a man.”

“What’s your business?” Lian Yin frowned. He said rudely, “I know I’m a man, and so is Teacher Lang. We are together. But how is it your business?”

Mo Han didn’t expect Lian Yin to speak out about homosexuality so legitimately, and choked up for a while. No matter how shocked he was, Lian Yin continued: “Aren’t you a top student from Beicheng University, how could you not know that there were men in the world who likes other men?”

Mo Han hurriedly said, “The other party is a teacher!”

Lian Yin shrugged: “Not anymore.”

Mo Han clenched his fists and finally said his trump card: “Aren’t you afraid that I will tell Teacher Lang’s family?”

At this point, he fell silent. He can confidently admit that he was gay and that he was with Lang Zhuoyu, but he didn’t know what attitude Lang Zhuoyu’s family will have on this matter. He didn’t know if Lang Zhuoyu was willing to tell his family about this. He couldn’t make a decision for Lang Zhuoyu.

Lian Yin’s silence gave Mo Han confidence. He leaned back on the back of the chair and folded his arms: “You shouldn’t know this, but our family has a good relationship with Teacher Lang’s family. It’s easy for me to contact Teacher Lang’s parents, even my sister was with Teacher Lang before.”

Lian Yin suddenly raised his eyes, his eyes were like knives and he shot them at Mo Han.

“Lian Yin, you can be a degenerate as much as you like, but Teacher Lang is different. He was originally a normal person.” Mo Han’s face became serious and he advised him in a righteous manner, “He can fall in love with a woman and marry that person. He can have a child with that person and have a successful life. He’s not the same as a pervert like you.”

“Keep your mouth clean, top student.” Lian Yin lowered his tone.

Mo Han felt that victory was in his hands at this moment and he didn’t care about Lian Yin’s tone and continued: “You should be more self-aware. Leave Teacher Lang, he will be better off without you.”

Lian Yin’s eyes rolled to the sky. He admitted that he had nothing to say to Mo Han, so he grabbed the clothes on the back of the chair and walked out without saying a word.

Mo Han grabbed his wrist and didn’t allow him to go.

“Let go.” Lian Yin turned sideways, glanced at his wrist, and ordered.

Mo Han smiled and didn’t have any intention to let go. He deliberately asked: “Are you angry?”

“Swish!” Lian Yin shook off Mo Han’s hand and tidied up his wrinkled clothes: “I don’t know your intention of saying these words, how does me being with Teacher Lang have anything to do with you. Don’t meddle in other’s affairs.”

Lian Yin threw a look at Mo Han, and didn’t want to say more, put on his coat and walked out again.

Mo Han clenched his fists and suddenly called out his name: “Lian Yin!”

Lian Yin didn’t stop for a moment.

Mo Han stood up suddenly, the chair screeched on the ground, and everyone else in the cafe looked sideways, but he ignored it and blurted out.

“Do you want to know how your phone appeared under your pillow back then?” 

Lian Yin paused and turned around slowly.

He looked at Mo Han from a distance of three or four meters, Mo Han laughed, and an extremely ominous premonition suddenly rose in Lian Yin’s heart.

——He would definitely not want to hear what Mo Han said next.

At almost the same moment when Mo Han and Lian Yin were talking, Lang Zhuoyu also encountered a big problem.

In the afternoon, he was writing with Mianmian in his arms when he suddenly received a call. There was no caller ID on the phone, only a string of numbers. Lang Zhuoyu occasionally received requests for cooperation, so he took it without thinking too much.

He never expected that it would be Mo Ling on the opposite side.

“Hey, hello, is that Zhuoyu?”

Three years later, Mo Ling’s voice had not changed, it was still cold, like a cold spring without waves in an ancient well.

When Lang Zhuoyu heard this voice, his heart seemed to be thrown into a thousand-foot cold pool and he frowned in disgust.

Afterwards, Mo Ling told Lang Zhuoyu that they had come to Beicheng and wanted to invite him to a meal, but didn’t know if they could.

Lang Zhuoyu refused without hesitation: “Someone at home is waiting for me to eat together.”

Mo Ling was silent for a long time. Lang Zhuoyu wanted to be polite and depart, but was preempted by her. Mo Ling lowered her attitude, something seldomly seen, and pleaded, “I came to Beicheng mainly because of you. Even if you don’t want to eat, please see me.”

“If you have anything, just tell me on the phone.” Lang Zhuoyu didn’t really want to go to the appointment, because today he had agreed to have dinner with Lian Yin. Besides, he didn’t think he and Mo Ling had anything else to say. He touched the back of Mianmian’s neck and replied casually.

Mo Ling’s tone was firm: “No, this matter is very important. I must see you again. I have already reserved a place in the restaurant and will be waiting for you.”

Lang Zhuoyu frowned, he didn’t like being threatened, But even if he was annoyed, he still maintained his demeanor and politely refused: “Don’t wait for me, I really can’t get out of my appointment tonight.”

“Zhuoyu.” Mo Ling’s voice seemed to come from a deep misty forest and was very calm, “You don’t have to keep pushing and rejecting. If you really have let go of me, why would you care about meeting your ex?”

Lang Zhuoyu completely lost all patience and said coldly, “We have nothing to say.”

“You will come, I’ll wait for you.” Mo Ling’s tone was full of determination.

After speaking, she didn’t hesitate for a moment, she hung up the phone and the next second, a text message with the restaurant address was sent to Lang Zhuoyu’s mobile phone.

After reading the address, Lang Zhuoyu held the phone, pondered for a moment, picked up his clothes and keys, left the house, and drove to the restaurant.

Mo Ling was in a quiet western restaurant. Lang Zhuoyu went in and reported Mo Ling’s name, and was respectfully led by the waiter to the window-side cubicle formed by the partition.

Walking into the cubicle, Lang Zhuoyu saw Mo Ling sitting behind the table. Holding a cup of black tea, she heard the movement and looked up.

Mo Ling was not the kind of beauty with a stunning look. She was born looking cold and there was a trace of sadness between her brows and eyes all year round. At the same time, her figure was extremely slender and she seemed to be able to levitate at any time. It was no wonder that everyone loved her dancing on stage.

“Come on, sit down.” Mo Ling put down the teacup and smiled peacefully.

At this moment, Lang Zhuoyu had regained his sense of normalcy, and sat opposite Mo Ling, and asked bluntly, “Tell me, what’s the matter with you?”

Mo Ling lowered her eyes and the sadness between her brows deepened: “I know you hate me, but there’s no need to say nothing. We haven’t seen each other for more than three years, how are you doing?”

“Very good.” Lang Zhuoyu answered briefly.

Mo Ling smiled helplessly, gave up chatting with him, and said indifferently: “You said it so lightly, but I’m shocked, how could you be with a former student and the other party is even a boy.”

Lang Zhuoyu’s face remained unchanged: “Anything is possible, not to mention he is very good.”

“Yeah, anything is possible.” Mo Ling sighed, “So it is also possible for me to beg you today.”

She said, “Zhuoyu, I have one thing to tell you. Although it has been a long time and the truth is now irrelevant, but for the sake of my brother, I must ask for your forgiveness.”

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t quite understand what she meant, and looked at her carefully. 

The two were sitting in the cubicle talking, and no one noticed that across the street, a young man was standing alone, with his hands in his pockets, standing on the side of the street, looking in this direction silently.

Lian Yin’s face was terrifyingly cold, almost more piercing than the cold winter of Shujiu (the coldest time of the year) in Beicheng. He thought that his mind was entangled at this time, but when he really saw Lang Zhuoyu and Mo Han’s sister meeting with his own eyes, he realized that the blank state in his mind really existed.

More than ten minutes ago, Mo Han stopped Lian Yin in the coffee shop and asked him if he wanted to know why his mobile phone appeared under the pillow in his senior year of high school.

It had been a long time since this happened, and it didn’t make sense to talk about it now. Maybe it’s because of his long obsession, even if it made no sense to know the truth of this matter, Lian Yin just couldn’t take the step to leave.

He didn’t really let go of it yet, he wanted to know the truth.

Mo Han’s expression was smug. He laughed wickedly, walked towards Lian Yin, and recklessly admitted: “Yes, I put it under your pillow.” 

His fists were clenched by the seam of his trousers and Lian Yin imperceptibly began to tremble: “Is this kind of thing very honorable? You are really thick-skinned. What’s the point of admitting this matter now, I don’t care anymore.”

After speaking, he turned, wanting to leave. Lian Yin’s inner anger was burning, but it was impossible to beat Mo Han in front of everyone’s eyes, so he could only choose to leave. Out of sight, out of mind. 

“Who said there’s no point? Don’t you want to know what your current lover really thinks of you?” Mo Han was like a dog-skin plaster behind Lian Yin, “At that time, Teacher Lang put away the phone and put it in the cabinet immediately. There was no one who intercepted midway and the lock of the cabinet was not broken, so how did it happen? How did I get your phone? Do I have the key to the cabinet?” 

“Don’t you want to know? It’s a rare opportunity, I’ll be honest with you.” Mo Han grabbed Lian Yin’s shoulder and whispered in his ear. 

Lian Yin struggled, but didn’t shrug him away. 

“I do have the key, and the key was given to me by Teacher Lang. He tacitly agreed to put your cell phone under your pillow.” Mo Han spoke very fast, his words shocking the world.

“Buzz—” There was a sudden roar in his head, and he stopped struggling and stood still, his eyes full of disbelief.

“Otherwise, how could you explain that your cell phone that you handed in obediently appeared under your pillow?” Mo Han’s voice made Lian Yin feel chills, “Otherwise, how would you explain that Teacher Lang, who has always believed in you and favored you, would not investigate that incident and believe it was you without looking into it?”

“Admit it, Lian Yin. For Teacher Lang, you are just something fresh for him to taste. He is a writer. You know writers always like to experience things, novel things, to enrich their experience.” 

“I am the younger brother of his girlfriend at the time, he was naturally leaning towards me, and naturally he wanted to find a way to give me the quota, so he acquiesced to me to do this. Even now, you are nothing to him.” 

“Crack!” A loud slap landed on Mo Han’s left cheek. 

The clerk saw them arguing, ran over to ask, and separated the two a little. 

After Lian Yin finished hitting him, he pointed to his chest and scolded: “You are so boring, Mo Han, what’s the point of you doing this?” 

What’s the point? 

Mo Han almost screamed out, you have no reason to get Lang Zhuoyu’s preference, so what’s the point of him doing all this? 

When he was young, he was always praised by Lang Zhuoyu, but when he got to high school, everything changed when Lian Yin appeared! 

Why does Teacher Lang always prefer Lian Yin? He was no worse than Lian Yin in high school, yet just because this guy’s family was a little poor, he was especially taken care of by Lang Zhuoyu. His sister became Teacher Lang’s girlfriend. Even when he had such a close relationship, he would not have Teacher Lang give him the quota due to their relationship! He wanted to compete fairly, but who didn’t know that Lian Yin’s grades were better than himself, and he can go to Beicheng University without the extra quota! The so-called fairness was not fair to him at all! 

Why is Lian Yin still being favored by Lang Zhuoyu even now, even though he is a man, even though he is a freak! 

Why can Lian Yin be happy and at ease?

If Lang Zhuoyu had given him the quota at that time, he would not have to carry that all the time…

Mo Han didn’t think about it anymore. He just sneered, pretending to be indifferent like a winner, he didn’t even care that he even slapped himself in the face. His tone returned to normal.

“You don’t believe it? Then you can go to the western restaurant on xx road now, and you will see Teacher Lang and my sister together. Even after so many years apart, he is reluctant to part. When you see it, you can’t help but believe it. “

After that, Mo Han glared at Lian Yin angrily and turned to leave.

Lian Yin stayed in place for a long time, until the clerk called him, and he staggered out of the cafe like a wandering soul.

That western restaurant was not far from here, to be precise, it was very close. Even if he didn’t go looking for it, he would pass by. Lian Yin wanted to take a detour instead of going there, but his feet were no longer obeying orders, so he decided to go there to see what was happening.

In Beicheng’s winter, the night came very early. It was just six o’clock, but the sky was no different from night. The thick and oppressive clouds were on the top and the ground was covered with hoarfrost.

Lian Yin huddled in Lang Zhuoyu’s large and heavy coat, standing across the street sluggishly, looking at the western restaurant with warm yellow lights, where a man and a woman sat opposite each other.

The woman’s facial features were very similar to Mo Han, but her temperament was very good and the movements of holding the teacup were full of charm.

She was born cool, and her smile was like breaking the ice in winter, which made people feel warm.

It must be warm inside the restaurant, everyone there was only wearing one layer shirt. But it was so cold outside, and the wind was blowing so hard that even his face hurt. The wet water droplets on his face were blown by the cold wind, and it would freeze almost immediately, making the face hurt. Lian Yin could only wrap Lang Zhuoyu’s coat tightly and hide his face under the high collar.

There should be Lang Zhuoyu’s smell on this coat, but his nose hurt so much that he couldn’t feel it, he couldn’t even smell it.

After watching for a while, Lian Yin quietly left.


He thought he should go home.

However, the rental house had long since been returned, and he had been living at Lang Zhuoyu’s place for a long time. He considered it as his home, was he a little self-indulgent?

Besides there, where else can he return to?

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