Not Obedient Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Little Lotus is sick and Brother Lang is distressed 

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The next morning, Lian Yin was awakened by a stomachache. 

When he went to bed last night, he felt that his stomach was uncomfortable, the food was not digested, and he panicked. But he was so tired that he lost consciousness after lying in bed for a while. 

The price was waking up early in the morning with a stomach cramp

Lian Yin covered his stomach and sat up from the bed, with a few strands of messy hair like a bird’s nest. On the bed, he curled up in an attempt to relieve his stomach pain. 

But this was nothing but psychological comfort, and the stomach pain has not been relieved in the slightest. 

Lian Yin knew that at this time he should drink a bowl of hot porridge to warm his stomach, but he didn’t have the time and he couldn’t cook porridge. Moreover, when his stomach hurts, he didn’t have any appetite. Lian Yin felt that he would spit out anything he ate at this time. 

After a while, the alarm clock also rang, reminding Lian Yin to wash up and go out quickly. 

He was going to see Tong Tong today. 

After returning home yesterday, Lian Yin sent a message to Tong Tong, saying that he might not be able to do her blind date job. He was willing to return the 1,000 yuan deposit he had previously given, and hoped that Tong Tong would hire another more qualified person. 

Tong Tong did not agree immediately, but only told Lian Yin to go to the 15th floor of Block D, Shengshi Building at lunch time the next day, she wanted to discuss in person with Lian Yin. 

Lian Yin still had a job at night. If he didn’t have classes usually, he would sleep in. After all, the bar was open until the early hours of the morning and he had to go to class occasionally during the day, thus he was very sleep-deprived. 

But Tong Tong said they had to meet face-to-face or he had to continue doing it, so Lian Yin had no choice but to go to the appointment on time.

At lunchtime, most of the people who worked here have ordered their meals in advance and it was delivered just in time, thus the whole floor smelt of greasy meat. 

The smell drifted into Lian Yin’s nostrils, making him feel sick for a while. 

He resisted the urge to vomit and sat quietly in the reception room. 

After a while, Tong Tong, who was wearing a mature, fashionable commuter outfit, appeared. The wind was blowing under her feet, and she quickly came to sit down opposite Lian Yin. 

“Sorry, it took a while.” Tong Tong said casually, and then asked without delay as always, “Tell me, why do you suddenly feel that you can’t complete the task? When I asked before, you said that the progress was relatively smooth.” 

Tong Tong was referring to the fact that before Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu met, she had asked Lian Yin how things were going and at that time Lian Yin was full of confidence and directly replied that he had no problem. 

According to the trend at the time, there should really be no problem, but Lian Yin never expected that the blind date was actually his former classroom teacher. 

But Lian Yin didn’t want to tell Tong Tong the truth, he didn’t want to tell anyone about his middle school days, a period he decided to cut out. 

So Lian Yin had to say very guiltily: “I’m sorry, it’s because I don’t have a correct understanding of my acting skills, I may not be able to complete the task.” 

Tong Tong raised an eyebrow and asked, “You like him?” 

Lian Yin was startled, he hurriedly denied: “No!” 

“Then I can’t think of the reason for your refusal. Is the price I offered not enough, how much do you want to raise it for?” Tong Tong regarded this as a business. 

“That’s not what I meant…”

“Xiao Yin.” Tong Tong suddenly interrupted him, “You must know that you can’t easily give up this job once you accepted it.” 

Lian Yin was stunned for a moment. 

“Originally, if you haven’t met, there is still a possibility of substitution. But you and the other party have already eaten together, haven’t you?” Tong Tong raised her forehead in distress. 

Her tone was serious: “If you give up halfway, it will bring me huge trouble. First of all, I can’t find someone else to do this work, which means I need to bluntly reject the person, my parents will be unhappy, and I will have to continue to deal with the next blind date arranged by them.” 

She raised her eyes and looked at Lian Yin coldly: “Besides, your attitude makes me very distressed, I will doubt whether you will do your next task carefully. In case you lay your cards on the table with the other party, telling him I lied to him, won’t I be completely passive?”     

Tong Tong’s tone was too severe, like the dean of his middle school, even more ruthless than the dean. Lian Yin unconsciously clenched his hands on his knees.     

“Jiayu said that you wanted to buy a brand-name lipstick recently, I can help you buy it.” Tong Tong increased the price again, “If you really refuse me, or this thing messes up, I think Jiayu will also be very embarrassed.”     

She even brought out Lin Jiayu. Lian Yin lowered his head, knowing that he had no room for rejection, not only that, but he had to make this thing perfect.     

“It’s okay, Sister Tong, I will do it well, I don’t need you to buy anything for me.” Lian Yin said embarrassedly.     

Tong Tong didn’t continue the conversation immediately, but looked at him quietly. Just at this time, a young intern ran over with two cups of coffee and handed it to Tong Tong.     

Tong Tong brought one of the cups of coffee to Lian Yin himself, and Lian Yin quickly took it with both hands.     

“I believe you will do it well, drink some coffee, it’s the best coffee beans in our office.” Tong Tong patted Lian Yin’s shoulder and encouraged him. After speaking, she turned back to the office area.     

Long after she left, Lian Yin sat on the reception sofa in a trance.     

Although Lian Yin never expected Tong Tong to treat him as a friend, he also never expected that Tong Tong would look down on him. She saw this as a business, and he was just a tool who didn’t need to have his feelings considered.    

Tong Tong’s attitude was like treating her subordinates. No, more accurately speaking, she was treating a little person who she wouldn’t look straight at. So she didn’t care whether Lian Yin had time today or why he wants to quit halfway.

She just needed to make sure that he can complete the task, then wave her hand and give him some money.

Lian Yin held the coffee cup in his hand and thought to himself: Sister Tong is really good at hitting him with a stick then giving him a sweet date (when superiors scold someone then at the end offer a few sweet words). He actually felt guilty for a moment because of this cup of coffee. 

But I can’t complain, can I? She gave the money and he contributed his effort, an employer has the right to be superior. 

Lian Yin put the coffee intact on the table in the reception room and left quietly. 

There was no class today, and he have to work all-night, so Lian Yin planned to go back to make up for some missed sleep. 

When he got home and went to bed, there was still a dull pain in his stomach. He regretted putting down that cup of coffee. Even if it wasn’t medicine, drinking something warm would make his stomach feel better. 

I can’t fall asleep if I go on like this, so Lian Yin send a message in his Moments. 

“Help friends, what medicine should I take for a stomachache?” 

He didn’t want to get up from the bed and go to the pharmacy. Now that he asked the people in his Moments, later, he would call an errand brother to deliver the medicine. 

A few minutes later, he received a few likes, but no one responded. Lian Yin was about to put down his phone when a voice call came. 

It was actually Lang Zhuoyu… 

Lian Yin looked at the words “A Gentleman like Jade” displaying on the screen of his mobile phone. His arms froze, he didn’t know whether to answer the phone or not. He hesitated for a while, but finally answered.

“Hello, Tong Tong?” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice sounded particularly nice even on WeChat calls.

He called Tong Tong’s name, and because of the meeting with Tong Tong just now, Lian Yin was a little reluctant to listen. 

“Do you have a stomachache? I bought stomach medicine for you. The errand boy should be there in half an hour. I don’t know your specific address, so I just left the neighbourhood address. When he calls you later, have him deliver to the door.” 

Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was gentle and low, just like when he patiently lectured students on topics in school. It was reassuring to hear. 

Lian Yin felt a warm feeling in his heart. No matter who Lang Zhuoyu was or what he had done before, if someone cared about him like this when he was not feeling well, anyone would be touched. 

“Thank you…” Lian Yin said sullenly. 

The opposite side chuckled lightly: “It’s okay. You must have a stomachache because you ate too little, and wearing such a thin layer made your stomach cold. Wear more, especially that skirt, it must be over the knee…” 

Here we go again! 

The corners of Lian Yin’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know what obsession this guy had with skirts, he kept talking about it! And what does a skirt that goes over the knee have to do with stomach pain? 

But he spoke out of concern, so Lian Yin wanted to obediently respond. Anyways, he couldn’t control himself on how to be clothed. But after thinking about it, he had to complete the task of persuading him to retreat. So for Lang Zhuoyu to hate him, he followed along. 

Lian Yin sighed helplessly: “Brother Lang, I need to for work.” 

The other side was silent for a while, until Lian Yin thought he had dropped the call, then Lang Zhuoyu said, “Okay.”

Hanging up the phone , Lang Zhuoyu sighed, took off his glasses and put them on the table, pinching the bridge of his nose. 

Why was he concerned about her? 

Lang Zhuoyu was at work, but he slipped away after a while, picked up his phone and flipped through it, and happened to turn to the Moments of Lian Yin. 

It stands to reason that they have only met once. Although they have a special relationship being blind dates, he was not obliged to buy medicine for Lian Yin at all. It was enough to leave a message in his Moments showing concern. 

But Lang Zhuoyu just couldn’t bear to leave Lian Yin alone. 

The girl he saw yesterday was not petite, because she could reach his ears in high heels. Lang Zhuoyu was tall, nearly 1.9 meters, so with heels Lian Yin must be about 1.8 meters in height.

But she was too thin. Lang Zhuoyu just held her for a brief moment and he felt her bones twitching. Her face was as pale as snow, and she was in bad health at first glance. 

She was wandering in a distant big city, unwilling to worry her parents, and now no one was taking care of her when she was sick. She even had to ask what medicine to take in Moments, what a strong and pitiful girl. 

Moreover… Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes dimmed, and he had to admit that the girl was very similar to a child in the last class of students he taught. Upon closer inspection, the facial features were eight or nine points similar. 

Lang Zhuoyu thought that this may be the reason for empathy. What he owed the child, he was paying it back to this person. 

Even if it was casually helping out, it was for the sake of a fellow from the same hometown. 

Lang Zhuoyu persuaded himself and returned to work.

 The author has something to say: 

I saw someone ask why the blind date was not given photos, I did not write it reasonably, so I will compensate here: Brother Lang is not willing to have a relationship with the blind date no matter what the blind date looked like, he didn’t care about it. Tong Tong temporarily asked not to give out photos because she was looking for someone to replace her. The parents of both parties knew each other and knew what the other’s children look like, and they were satisfied. Therefore, Tong Tong did not give photos for the time being and it was ignored and no one reminded him. Probably the situation at the time was: the introducer told Brother Lang that the other party was shy and hadn’t posted a photo yet, so they would add it later. Brother Lang felt that it didn’t matter, since he was confident that he could persuade them to quit before meeting, so he just said that. So…they didn’t look at the pictures. The reason why Lian Yin didn’t look at the photos here was because he was blinded by money, which was explained earlier and will not be repeated here.

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