Not Obedient Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Teacher Lang will give you a new blind date experience 

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Lian Yin quickly used his brain and thought of a perfect explanation. He pulled a lock of hair behind his ear: “I’m not his actual sister, but his cousin from his mother’s side.” 

This explanation was very good. It not only showed the blood relationship, but also made the fact that he did not have the same surname reasonable. 

On the opposite side, Lang Zhuoyu stared at Lian Yin for a few seconds, then smiled slightly, seeming fully accepting of this statement: “What a coincidence.” 

Seeing that Lang Zhuoyu no longer asked any questions, Lian Yin was relieved. As a result, just when he relaxed, Lang Zhuoyu asked again, “I wonder how Lian Yin is doing, which school did he go to in the end?” 

Lian Yin froze, his heart shouting loudly: Why are you asking these questions? Aren’t you here for a blind date? 

After screaming inside, he started to make up some stuff: “He went to a university in the south, but it’s definitely not in Beicheng!”

“Really.” Lang Zhuoyu lowered his eyes and thought, then said to Lian Yin, as if he finally remembered, “I’m sorry I made you wait for me for so long tonight, I had a little urgent matter at work and had to deal with it. To apologize, I will pay for this meal.” 

Lian Yin gave him a smirk: “Hehehe, sorry for making you spend.” 

Inside his heart: Stupid! I waited for you just for you to pay the bill! 

“Eat, you must be hungry.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

Lian Yin nodded, picked up the fork at hand, and started eating the salad in front of him in small bites. 

It’s not that he was reserved, but he was already full. 

While waiting for Lang Zhuoyu, Lian Yin ate a whole bowl of bibimbap plus a large portion of fried chicken, and his stomach was slightly swollen. 

Lian Yin regretted it a little. He didn’t eat yesterday, but he ate too much of what he liked today. 

He was probably going to have a stomachache when he got home tonight. 

Lang Zhuoyu noticed that Lian Yin only ate salad, and asked with concern: “Why don’t you eat something else? There are so many dishes, you don’t need to feel embarrassed, just eat whatever you want.” 

It’s not because I’m embarrassed Lian Yin thought. 

“Well… I’m on a diet, it’s okay, you eat what you want to eat.” Lian Yin was lying. 

Lang Zhuoyu frowned in disapproval. He picked up a cheese-baked lobster at hand, and put it in Lian Yin’s bowl: “You are not fat at all, you don’t need to lose weight, eat more.” 

Lian Yin smiled at him reluctantly. He didn’t touch the lobster: “I don’t eat this kind of thing that needs to be peeled.” 

“Why, are you allergic?” Lang Zhuoyu was taken aback.

“It’s troublesome and it doesn’t taste good.” Lian Yin said with a shriveled mouth. 

After listening to his explanation, Lang Zhuoyu showed a stunned expression, then took the lobster back, took an unused spoon, scooped the lobster with the cheese into a perfect ball, and then handed the spoon with the lobster ball to Lian Yin. 

“Eat it, it won’t look good if you reject it now.”

Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, looked at the processed food in front of him, a little lost in thought. 

This person really hadn’t changed… 

In high school, Lang Zhuoyu was very popular, because he was young and handsome and he never put on any airs with the students. He was humble and courteous, and treated everyone with courtesy. He was not at all like those men who were overconfident about themselves and had a feudalistic way of thought online. 

Why was he like that online? Lian Yin propped up one cheek in thought and put the lobster ball into his mouth to chew. 

Under the feeding of Lang Zhuoyu, Lian Yin ate two lobsters and a pair of fried chicken wings. He couldn’t hold it any longer. He felt that the food was going to come up from his throat, so he waved to Lang Zhuoyu saying he can’t eat. 

Unexpectedly, Lang Zhuoyu was still not satisfied. He said, “Your appetite is too small, girls should eat fat and look good.” 

Lian Yin wanted to cry without tears. 

After dinner, the original plan was to go to the movies, but Lang Zhuoyu said that he had work the next morning and wanted to go back to rest early, so he proposed to send Lian Yin home.

When he said this, Lian Yin was shaking with his arms. He didn’t hear clearly. 

On a March night, the temperature was not high and the cold wind from Beicheng blew on the bare skin between Lian Yin’s boots and skirt, like a knife. 

Lang Zhuoyu noticed that Lian Yin was absent-minded. His eyes smoothed out and he noticed that Lian Yin did not want to dress warmly for the sake of style. 

Without hesitation, he took off his windbreaker and put it on Lian Yin. 

The windbreaker wrapped Lian Yin tightly with body temperature and the refreshing and sweet smell of cologne on Lang Zhuoyu’s body. His body trembled slightly, frightened. 

Lian Yin raised his eyes to look at Lang Zhuoyu, his eyelashes like butterfly wings fanned out. 

Lang Zhuoyu smiled: “You’re wearing too little.” 

Lian Yin shrank his neck in his clothes unconsciously, feeling the warmth gradually spread from his heart to his limbs. Very warm, as if it was warmer than other clothes. 

“I said before that your skirt was too short, it should be over the knee.” Lang Zhuoyu finished. 

Lian Yin: … 

Why was he moved just now? Sure enough, this guy’s true face was an overconfident macho, who acted as a gentleman to cheat others. 

Although Lang Zhuoyu was wearing a sweater, it was still flimsy when it was only a few degrees outdoors. Lian Yin wore his windbreaker and asked with concern, “Then what about you?” 

“Huh? It’s okay, I’m not cold and in the car there are spare clothes, you can wear it.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

The two got into Lang Zhuoyu’s car and Lang Zhuoyu asked about Lian Yin’s residence. It was only at this time that Lian Yin reacted and he followed him into the car in a daze. He didn’t want to reveal his address at first, but now he has to say it. 

Lian Yin reported the address of the neighbourhood where his rental house was located. Lang Zhuoyu seemed a little surprised, but he didn’t say anything and started the car.

After the car drove a distance, Lang Zhuoyu finally asked hesitantly: “I heard from the person who matchmade us that you work in a listed foreign company, why did you tell me you worked in a bar?” Moreover, the place where you live is not the same as your income. 

Lian Yin was dumbfounded. At that time, he was just talking nonsense, trying to persuade Lang Zhuoyu to withdraw, forgetting that he needed to maintain Tong Tong’s character. 

What should I do now, white-collar workers who go in and out of high-end office buildings should not be renting small houses in particularly old neighbourhoods like his. Isn’t this the collapse of the character? 

Lian Yin started frantically thinking of excuses again, his eyes kept rolling, then finally— 

He lowered his eyes, made a look of grievance and guilt, clasped his fingertips, and said hesitantly, “I lied.” 

Lang Zhuoyu was startled, then he heard Lian Yin continue to speak. “I lied to my parents for the sake of face. In fact, I’m not working in a listed company, I’m selling alcohol in a bar.” Lian Yin’s eyelashes trembled, his voice innocent and aggrieved. 

He even held his face in the palm of his hand, full of acting skills: “I’m sorry, Brother Lang, I lied to my parents,and I lied to you. I don’t have a decent job, I don’t have a high salary, and those stinky men always tries to paw at me. Woo…” 

The last two sounds frightened Lang Zhuoyu badly. He had to keep an eye on the road while trying to confirm if Lian Yin was really crying. He had to turn the steering wheel and look for a place to pull aside. 

As a result, just after the turn signal flashed twice, Lian Yin sensed Lang Zhuoyu’s plan. He raised his head, and said calmly, “It’s alright, you can continue to drive.”     

Is it really alright? Lang Zhuoyu changed lanes, glanced at Lian Yin quickly, and after hesitating, decided to continue driving.     

“It’s alright, this is not a big mistake. You will always encounter some difficulties at the beginning of work. You explain it clearly to your parents. I believe auntie and uncle will understand.” Lang Zhuoyu comforted.     

A question mark appeared on the top of Lian Yin’s head and he asked Lang Zhuoyu in disbelief, “Don’t you think I’m a bad child?”

Lang Zhuoyu replied naturally: “Of course not.” 

“Don’t you think I am dishonest?” 

Lang Zhuoyu was at a loss, but still replied: “No, I know you lied only because you were afraid of your parents’ worries.” 

But I don’t agree with your night work. Lang Zhuoyu wanted to say this, but seeing Lian Yin’s grievance, he held back. 

Lian Yin froze in place, looking at Lang Zhuoyu suspiciously, as if feeling incredible. 

His blind date partner lied about his job and income, and changed from a decent and well-paid white-collar worker to a wine-seller in nightclubs. Shouldn’t 99.99% of the men in the country feel cheated when they found out? 

Why doesn’t this guy seem to mind at all? How did he change things to say that he was just worried about his parents?

Lang Zhuoyu looked forward intently, but he was thinking: I didn’t expect her to look so arrogant and willfull, but she was actually a very filial person in her bones. A girl, wandering alone in a place thousands of miles away from home, and the nature of her work is so special, it is indeed very worrying. 

“Hey.” Thinking of this, Lang Zhuoyu let out a sigh of relief, startling Lian Yin next to him. 

“If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can tell me.” Lang Zhuoyu turned around and said to Lian Yin while he was waiting at the red light. 

Lian Yin’s face was stunned. He didn’t know how long this guy’s brain circuit was. After being deceived by his blind date, he didn’t say anything and even offered to help? 

Okay, now I’ve got a task to ask you – please stay away from me! Lian Yin thought silently in his heart. 

He quickly arrived at the neighbourhood where Lian Yin rented his house. Lang Zhuoyu was even more worried about Lian Yin after seeing it with his own eyes. He had only heard about this old neighborhood before, but now that he came here in person, he found that it was even older and damaged than he imagined. 

Lian Yin pushed open the car door, took off his windbreaker and handed it to Lang Zhuoyu, wanting to escape quickly. Unexpectedly, Lang Zhuoyu pushed away his hand and said, “You wear it first. There is still a long way to go from here to your house, so don’t catch a cold.”

He said that, but Lian Yin didn’t want to get involved with him and interact much further, so he put the windbreaker on the seat and slipped away with oil on the soles of his feet. 

Lang Zhuoyu looked at Lian Yin’s figure who left in a hurry, and couldn’t help thinking: Is she shy? She seems so uncomfortable. 

Thinking of this, Lang Zhuoyu smiled, shook his head, and restarted the car. 

After Lian Yin returned home, he finally relaxed. After staying outside for so long, always payoing attention to his fake voice, behavior, and making sure that old man Lang Zhuoyu could’t see his flaws, he was more tired than last night’s shift. 

Lian Yin threw himself on the bed, laid face down under the quilt, and rested for a while. 

The mattress was very soft and Lian Yin, who had been tired all day, soon fell asleep. He woke up at the last moment when he was about to fall asleep. 

No, I haven’t removed my makeup yet, I can’t sleep with my makeup on. 

Lian Yin dragged his heavy body to get up, walked to the bathroom, took a cotton pad, poured on the makeup remover, and looked up to see himself in the mirror.

Although he only took off a bit of his makeup, his entire face was flawless, no different from a girl’s. The butterfly collar covered his Adam’s apple, so that the only dominant flaw in his body was perfectly hidden. 

Lian Yin lowered his eyes and rubbed the cotton pad on his face vigorously, almost rubbing his face red as if to vent his anger. 

Don’t get too close to Lang Zhuoyu, don’t forget the lessons you have learned. Lian Yin, don’t be deceived by that guy again. 

Lian Yin silently alerted himself.

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