Not Obedient Chapter 60

 Chapter 60 [Extra] The end, the end

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Lang Zhuoyu wanting to take himself to see his family made Lian Yin nervous for a month.

Lian Yin was not mentally prepared until the two were already standing under the Lang family’s building.

Lang Zhuoyu turned his head and saw that Lian Yin was obviously nervous. He didn’t talk much along the way, and now he was swallowing nervously, and suddenly he couldn’t help laughing.

Hearing Lang Zhuoyu’s laughter, Lian Yin turned his head and glared at him.

Lang Zhuoyu immediately stopped laughing and squeezed Lian Yin’s hand: “Are you nervous?”

“Of, of course I’m nervous…” Lian Yin was stammering as he spoke.

He kept flashing all kinds of bloody plots in his mind, such as Lang Zhuoyu pulling him to kneel to his parents, then Lang Zhuoyu’s mother fainting from crying, his father so angry that he threw the tea jar and so forth.

The more he thought about it, the more nervous he became, he even swallowed his saliva.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know that he was singing a big drama in his mind. He ruffled Lian Yin’s hair, and comforted: “It’s just a meeting, I won’t talk about our relationship.”

Hearing Lang Zhuoyu say this, Lian Yin’s tension eased a little, but he was still afraid of it being abrupt.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Lang Zhuoyu took Lian Yin’s hand.

Well, this was the end of the matter, and they could only move forward. Lian Yin’s heart was decided, his eyes closed, and he followed Lang Zhuoyu upstairs.

The house where Lang’s father and mother lived was located in a brand-new community, and it seemed to be a new building from the past five years. It was very convenient to take the elevator to reach the fifth floor, a height suitable for the living of the elderly.

Lang Zhuoyu stood in front and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door was opened, and a short, fat woman leaned out. Seeing Lang Zhuoyu, there was a wrinkled smile on her face.

“Oh, I just said that it was time to arrive and you’re here.” Mother Lang’s voice was very loud.

Lang Zhuoyu greeted his mother, turned to Lian Yin, and introduced to his mother, “This is my former student, we were both in Beicheng, and he is helping me right now.”

This is what Lang Zhuoyu thought of early in the morning, a good introduction, not abrupt.

Mother Lang didn’t think much about it, plus Lian Yin was good-looking and lovable, so she kept laughing when she saw him: “Hey, welcome, come in, I’ll get you slippers.”

Lian Yin bowed slightly cautiously to Mother Lang: “Hello, Auntie.”

Unexpectedly, Mother Lang was funny. She pointed at Lian Yin and joked: “Hey, why do you call me auntie, Zhuoyu is your teacher, so I should be your grandma’s generation.”

Lian Yin was stunned and almost bit his tongue. This cannot be his Grandma’s generation. He had an idea and hurriedly said: “You are too young, I can’t say grandma.”

Mother Lang smiled back. Sure enough, women like to be praised for their youth no matter what age group they are.

“Your mouth is so sweet, come and sit.”

Mother Lang welcomed the two in and sat on the sofa with Lian Yin. Lian Yin put his hands on his knees crampedly, his back straight.

Lang Zhuoyu took Lian Yin’s coat and his own to hang it, and then asked his mother, “Where’s Dad?”

Lian Yin also noticed that there was only Mother Lang at home.

After asking this question, Mother Lang waved her hand and said with disgust, “Him? He went out fishing early in the morning. He said that you were coming, so he was going to catch a big fish for you. I couldn’t stop him, so he will be back later.”

Lang Zhuoyu nodded.

Mother Lang turned to the kitchen, and soon brought out a fruit plate, in which the apples were cleanly peeled and cut into small pieces, and the grapes were still dripping with water.

She put the fruit plate on the coffee table, told them to eat, then said, “If I knew that Zhuoyu was coming back and was bringing a guest. I would have gone to the supermarket to buy chicken and fish early yesterday morning and the chicken would have been stewed this morning. Please don’t hold back Little Lian.”

Lian Yin was flattered, and answered quickly, saying thank you.

While Mother Lang was busy, she told Lang Zhuoyu and Lian Yin to eat fruit and watch TV. During this time,  the door was knocked. Mother Lang smiled and said to Lang Zhuoyu, “Your dad is back.”

Mother Lang opened the door to welcome her husband into the house.

Father Lang carried a large bag of fishing rods and utensils, and went to the utility room to put things away. When he came out, he saw Lian Yin.

Lian Yin stood up nervously and Lang Zhuoyu introduced him to his father according to the same words he told his mother.

Father Lang was quiet, he didn’t like to talk and just nodded slightly as a greeting.

Next, Mother Lang went to cook and Lang Zhuoyu also went to help. Only Lian Yin and Father Lang were left in the living room, staring at each other.

Father Lang made himself a cup of tea, then watched Lian Yin for a while.

“You…” Father Lang said suddenly causing Lian Yin to sit upright in fright.

“Yes, what did you say?” Lian Yin leaned forward and asked.

Father Lang took out a box of things from under the coffee table, put it on the table, and asked with a serious face, “Can you play chess, young man?”

Play, play chess? Lian Yin glanced at it and didn’t know if Father Lang was talking about Go or Xiang Qi. Anyway, he didn’t know any kind of chess.

Lian Yin was a little embarrassed and shook his head honestly: “I don’t know how to play chess, not at all.”

Father Lang seemed a little surprised by this answer. He opened the chess box, revealing the large and small pieces inside.

It’s actually Go! ?

Lian Yin was uncomfortable, the difficulty factor was a bit large. He was afraid that the old man would say he wanted to teach himself, and it would be too embarrassing if he could not learn.

As a result, Father Lang smacked his lips and said incredulously: “How is it possible, can you play Gobang?”

Lian Yin was dumbfounded.

So, until lunch, Lian Yin and Lang’s father played Gobang, and they were in full swing.

Lang Zhuoyu brought the last dish to the table, walked over to see the two people who were still playing chess in the living room, and reminded aloud, “It’s time to eat.”

Father Lang as soon as he raised his hand, signaled Lang Zhuoyu to wait a while, and continued to hold the chess piece to think about where he was going.

It’s good for the old man to do some of these puzzle games. However, his brain power has deteriorated and he couldn’t win against Lian Yin, who was a young man. Lian Yin made a suicide move in the last game and lost, allowing Father Lang to be happy when it was time to eat.

The four of them sat around the table.

Mother Lang took a chopstick of meat, subconsciously wanted to give it to her son, and then thought that Lang Zhuoyu once said that there was no need to pick things for him, and put it down angrily.

No one spoke at the beginning. Mother Lang started a conversation and asked Lang Zhuoyu, “Zhaoyu, how long are you coming back for this time?”

It was not only her who cared about this question, but also Father Lang, who had been silent. 

Lang Zhuoyu stopped his chopsticks and replied, “We still have a schedule, so we won’t stay here long.”

“Oh.” Mother Lang responded with a dissatisfied answer and responded casually twice.

Then she thought of something and said, “Because you were coming back, your eldest brother said we could get together too, but unfortunately Xin Er has been sick these two days. Your eldest brother has to take care of her and can’t leave. You should stay here for a few more days, at least get together with your brother before you go.”

Lang Zhuoyu smiled slightly: “When we leave, we will go to elder brother’s house to visit, don’t worry.”

Saying this, Lang Zhuo’s mother also can tell Lang Zhuoyu was determined not to stay at home.

After Lang Zhuoyu broke up with Mo Ling a few years ago, he probably found that there were too many differences in thoughts and his relationship with his parents became less warm. In addition, he was now independent, and even a lot of family expenses came from Lang Zhuoyu, so even if Father Lang and Mother Lang wanted to be stronger and tell their son to be closer to their parents, they had no confidence.

The relationship between parent and child became delicate and awkward.

Lian Yin couldn’t even join into the topic of their family members, so he opened his eyes to look left and right, and in the end could only eat rice silently.

Seeing that Lian Yin was eating deliciously, Mother Lang gave him a chicken leg and put it in his bowl. Only after giving it to him did she realize that this may be a bit over the top for meeting for the first time.

But Lian Yin didn’t think must of it, he was very happy to be served by this aunt, and grinned at Mother Lang.

This smile made Mother Lang no longer feel inappropriate, and she happily instructed Lian Yin: “Eat more, you are thin.”

“Okay, thank you Auntie.” Lian Yin replied obediently.

After eating, Lang Zhuoyu took Lian Yin to say goodbye to his parents and Mother Lang took them to the door, watching them enter the elevator before closing the door reluctantly.

After leaving Lang’s house, Lian Yin was still in a trance. He didn’t expect that he would meet Lang Zhuoyu’s parents like this. It could almost be called warm without all the crazy scenes he imagined.

Although all of this was based on the fact that they do not know his true relationship with Lang Zhuoyu.

Lian Yin was actually satisfied, he had no right to force Lang Zhuoyu or even Lang Zhuoyu’s family to accept him immediately and unconditionally.

Lang Zhuoyu and Lian Yin walked downstairs to the community together, then suddenly let go of each other’s hand and said, “I forgot something, you wait for me here.”

Lian Yin stood there, signaling him to get it.

Lang Zhuoyu turned around and entered the corridor.

Lian Yin was the only one left. He looked around at the surrounding environment. In recent years, new buildings have attached great importance to being more green. The roadside was lined with shady trees, so one can enjoy the shade here in the evening.

There was also a pedestrian greenway that surrounded the entire community, where owners can run and exercise.

Lian Yin stood there for almost ten minutes. After lunch, the owners of the community were all on their lunch break, and almost no one passed by downstairs.

The waiting time seemed extraordinarily long and Lian Yin took out his mobile phone to check the time.

How can Teacher Lang take so long?

Lian Yin was surprised in his heart, and then a thought suddenly appeared in his mind, and his face turned pale.

Would he go back and confess to his parents?

Lian Yin looked at the corridor and the figure of Lang Zhuoyu still did not appear.

Lian Yin felt more and more that his guess might happen. He walked towards the corridor.

If Lang Zhuoyu really wanted to confess, then he should be present and bear it together with him. If he stays at ease alone, he would be like a coward.

Lian Yin pressed the elevator button and watched the elevator slowly sink.

The elevator arrived on the first floor.

Lian Yin stood facing the entrance.

The elevator door opened slowly, and Lian Yin unexpectedly saw Lang Zhuoyu standing inside. When Lang Zhuoyu saw Lian Yin, he subconsciously smiled at him.

“What’s the matter, are you in a hurry?” Lang Zhuoyu asked gently.

Lian Yin noticed that Lang Zhuoyu was empty-handed, and asked him, “What did you take to be so long?”

Lang Zhuoyu also realized that his lie was clumsy, and simply said: “I didn’t take anything, I just told my parents something. “

Saying this, Lang Zhuoyu walked out of the corridor with Lian Yin in a trance, comforting him: “It’s nothing, don’t worry.” 

When the two walked out of the corridor and came to the green area of ​​the community, Lian Yin seemed to be guided by some force. He raised his head and looked towards the fifth floor.

Mother Lang was standing on the balcony on the fifth floor, looking down. The moment her eyes met Lian Yin, she was completely out of strength. She trembled and turned her head back into the room, closing the sliding door and pulling the heavy curtains without any leakage.

Lian Yin felt a piece of sour candy melt in his throat, and he asked in a hoarse voice, “You told them, they didn’t agree, right?”

Although it was a question, he said it very firmly.

Lang Zhuoyu’s attitude was very indifferent: “Everything has it’s process.”

Lian Yin lowered his head a little, his mood was complicated, not sad, after all, Teacher Lang’s attitude was firm, he only cared about what Lang Zhuoyu thought.

Maybe it was seeing two people who were originally so kind and enthusiastic, in just a few minutes, have their attitudes turned upside down. It was a little regretful.

Lang Zhuoyu tilted his head and put his hand on Lian Yin’s head.

The warm touch on his head made Lian Yin feel better, and then he heard Lang Zhuoyu say,

“Don’t worry about them, I don’t need anyone’s consent to love you.” 

The afternoon sun was bright and warm, and Lian Yin laughed.


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    • I thought the introduction of a new character (older brother) would ease things with at least one family member supporting him. I find it bittersweet largely because we do not get to see the couple love openly with the exception of the assistant and some cannon fodder. We never see justice for the Lian Yin. We never see the people who wronged either of them repent. I don’t mind this too much. This conclusion is a more realistic outcome than any of the above options.

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      What we do know is that his interest in LY started from a feeling of pity and protection whether in high school, as tong tong, or once the truth was revealed. We know that Ling cannot hold back his liking for Lian. We know that Ling finally initiated a real relationship with Lian after thinking things through. We know Ling likes Lian very much and panicked when he thought Lian might leave him. L even introduced LY to his parents and decided to stay by him despite opposition. Well, that isn’t entirely true. L actually likes that this new relationship has nothing to do with his mother so the opposition strengthens his determination. Teacher Ling seems to have a very strong sex drive and Lian’s gender does not seem to be a barrier to their relationship at all even if we don’t know Ling’s previous sexuality. Ultimately, this knowledge will have to be enough and I did enjoy reading !

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